Personalized Jewelry Creates Lasting Impressions

20 Aug

Personalized jewelry is any piece of jewelry (rings, charms, bracelets, pendants and necklaces, brooches and pins, earrings, cufflinks, tie bars, watches, etc.) created or customized with personal details which make it truly unique. Because the gift presented isn’t identical to any other item picked off the rack or shelf, the gift created a powerful, lasting impression. Because the gift is designed by you to meet specific individual requirements, your gift shows that you spent time to find that “just right” gift for the recipient.

Women, especially, appreciate the extra time and attention paid to the selecting and creating of gifts, and personalized jewelry fits that bill. But personalized jewelry isn’t just a “woman thing”; men, children, tweens, and teens also appreciate personalized jewelry.

The personalized jewelry spectrum runs from whimsical handcrafted pieces to fine jewelry pieces made by artisans. But many standard stock pieces of jewelry can be personalized with customization options such as nameplates, beads, charms, birthstones, and engravings.

Engraving, the process of cutting or carving words or a design onto jewelry, is a traditional favorite. The time-tested appeal of monogrammed jewelry dates back to as early as 350BC. A monogram technically is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters, usually a person’s initials, into a design. Even though a series of uncombined initials is properly referred to as a cypher, many people use the term monogram to refer to any use of initials.

One of the most important decisions in buying monogrammed jewelry is the order of the initials. In a traditional three-letter monogram (or cypher), the initial of the individual’s surname (last name) set larger, or with some special treatment in the center; the initial of the first name sits to the left, and the initial of middle name sits to the right. (An example: For a person named Martin Robert Lewis, the cypher or monogram would appear as “MLR”, with the “L” being larger or otherwise more notable in decoration.)

No longer limited to the classic name on an ID bracelet or the inscription inside a wedding ring or upon the back of a watch, engraving options have grown tremendously. Engraving is now so much more than name, initials, and/or a date. Today’s engraving options include personalizing jewelry with personal messages, like a sentimental saying or special quote. Lockets and other pendants offer opportunities for the gift giver and recipient to exchange, keep, and carry secret messages. Couple’s rings offer permanent intimate whispers of love everlasting.

But there’s more to personalized jewelry  than monograms.

Nameplates, in which a person’s name is sculpted or formed of metal, are hot right now. Celebrity-watchers as well as fashion-plates love the nameplate jewelry trend.

Popular styles in personalized jewelry for moms are mother’s rings which include birthstone gemstones in honor of each of her children. Similarly, mother’s bracelets and family tree pendants incorporate charms, beads, and birthstones in honor of family members.

The technology today makes creating and buying personalized jewelry much easier, faster, and less expensive than years ago. Many online stores offer online engraving, gemstone selection, and design tools which let you see what you are ordering before it is even made. This greatly cuts down on errors which lead to embarrassment and dissatisfaction — and it typically shortens the length of creation time as well.

Personalized jewelry commemorates and celebrates people, occasions, and events — birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, holidays, and the like. But most of all, personalized jewelry commemorates and celebrates relationships. The extra time it takes to find and create personalized jewelry is nothing compared to the extended life of such gifts. Such gifts leave lasting impressions; personalized jewelry items are worn and appreciated, passed along in the family as heirlooms, and treasured forever.

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How to get exclusive jewelry for a great price

19 Apr

Everyone loves a timeless piece of jewelry, but the price tag that comes along with it can be jarring. Even if you don’t have the budget for a large diamond, however, you can still afford a beautiful statement piece or an accessory that holds up through everyday use. Here is how to find the piece that sparkles just as much as you do.

Think outside of big name retailers. That little blue box from Tiffany & Co. has come to symbolise the very best in exclusive jewelry, but if you choose to shop here, you may be shelling out up to 80 percent more for the name alone. If you want to balance your love of finer things with your budget, try looking at other, more local shops, which not only offer high-quality jewelry at a lower price but are often willing to negotiate with you. And if you find a trusted retailer that sells jewelry, such as Achica, you could even check their online site for price discounts.

Go for a birthstone. Diamonds aren’t the only way to achieve brilliance in an exclusive piece of jewelry. Birthstones like garnet, tanzanite, or peridot go well with smaller diamond accents to create a unique ring, earring, or other jewelry piece to make a stunning statement. These gems are usually less expensive than larger diamonds, as well.

Consider pearls. When thinking of classic jewelry styles that will last a long time, many minds automatically envision diamonds or other gem stones like sapphire, ruby, or emerald. While these gems are the cornerstone of most exclusive jewelry designs, pearls are a more affordable choice that can be just as elegant. In order to get the best pearls at an affordable price, look for cultured ones, which have been formed by inserting a piece of shell into a mussel or oyster and giving it time to develop into a pearl. These are much less expensive than natural pearls. Also, when searching for pearls, lustre is what you should be looking for, so avoid buying a strand that has cloudy surfaces.

Alter a piece that you already own. You can make a sentimental gift or keep a tradition in the family by taking older pieces of jewelry and upgrading them to a more luxurious setting. A silver or gold ring can be transformed into a beautiful platinum necklace or a set of matching earrings by resetting the stones in platinum, for example. This will cut your budget because you already have the pieces that you want to work with; all you have to do is pay for the upgrade.Shop around. Even with all of these tips, the best way to find exclusive jewelry for a great price is to talk to several different jewellers. No matter what kind of piece you are searching for, you are poised to learn a great deal of information about high-quality gems, which can help guide you during your shopping experience.

The key to buying jewelry at an affordable price is not to lower your standards but to think of alternatives that are just as beautiful. With these ideas in mind, your budget can cover a whole lot more the next time you go shopping for jewelry.


The Best Place to Purchase Colored Diamonds

5 Sep

Although most diamonds are colorless, some of the most prized diamonds are actually colored or “fancy”.  The famous Hope Diamond is a deep hue of blue, and another beautiful large diamond is the Tiffany Yellow Diamond.  Celebrities in recent times have also sported colored diamond rings.  One of the most coveted  is the pink diamond engagement ring given to Jennifer Lopez. Recently I found a site where you can purchase natural colored diamonds for your jewelry.  Here is a quick review.
The website is and it is operated by  Leibish & Co.  You can see diamonds of every color of the rainbow for sale.  The diamond search interface is quite easy to use and you can see a picture of the real gem you will be purchasing.  The price depends on the size and quality of the stone, but compared to other sites they are quite reasonable and there are many affordable pieces on sale.  You can also find matched pairs for earrings and all the diamonds are available in the most popular cuts.
The biggest selections at Leibish & Co. are of the yellow and pink diamonds.  I was totally impressed by the current inventory of yellow and pink diamonds and also happy to see that the GIA reports are available online.  So if you are interested in having a piece of jewelry set with a special fancy diamond, then Leibish & Co.  is definitely the best place to check out online.

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Novell’s GAME Puts Affordable Platinum in Jewelry Stores

13 May

Novell Design Studio’s Great American Metal Exchange (GAME) program allows qualified jewelry stores to trade in unusable precious metals for Novell’s new Studio Platinum bridal-classics collection. It’s a weight exchange with a minimal program fee. Acceptable precious metals for this special opportunity are platinum, gold, and palladium.  Is there a better way and time to profit from your under-performing, broken, and damaged merchandise? The GAME is a meticulously planned and executed bridal jewelry stimulus package. It meets the challenges of the hard economy head on!


How Do You Qualify for the GAME?

Qualifying for Novell’s GAME is easy. You must be a retail jewelry store with a strong bridal presence, or have a commitment to strengthen your bridal business. Candidates should have an active account with Novell Design Studio, but those that do not can apply for an account with a GAME facilitator.  GAME participants have to comply with a few very reasonable terms and conditions as well. Interested jewelry stores also need to have enough platinum, gold, or palladium to complete the trade.  Just call or e-mail any one of Novell’s GAME facilitators listed at, and they will make the confirmation process very easy for you.


Introducing Studio Platinum

Novell’s Studio Platinum collection is specifically designed for the Great American Metal Exchange. Studio Platinum is a registered and branded Novell Design Studio creation.  The new-product line will be wholly marketed to consumers and trade. Studio Platinum’s styling targets the nouveau-classic tastes of today’s bride.  It is a collection of the traditional bridal jewelry standards, made to be most relevant for your customers.  All designs are artfully crafted to be affordable in the best metal the world has to offer – platinum.  Although Studio Platinum samples will feature platinum, styles will be available in other precious metals by special order.  Customization is easy through Novell’s Custom Shop representatives. Novell manufactures the entire collection in their 24,000 square foot New Jersey facility. Their reputation for flexibility, quality, and serviceability is unequaled.


Why Tout Platinum Bridal Jewelry?

The new social-network consumers, both male and female, conduct extensive online research before committing their hearts and dollars to their bridal jewelry purchases.  But during this discovery phase, what do they find out about platinum?  They find out that as a setting, no other precious metal will be as durable or as protective of diamonds. Platinum is the only precious metal that doesn’t wear down and decrease in content over time.  Consumer research tells us that 81% of women about to be engaged want platinum,* while the primary reason consumers purchase something other than platinum is because the product was not available at the store.** The GAME solves this problem by positioning your store to make your customers’ dreams come true – and earn you a more profitable sale in the process. Please visit for more information. But act now, as Novell’s GAME is for a limited time only!


*Condé Nast Bridal Group Wedding Study

** Platinum Guild International’s Mystery Shopping Research


Rick Mulholland – Marketing & Advertising

Novell Design Studio

888-668-3551 ext. 103

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Perfect Anniversary Gift Ideas

3 May


It’s that time of year again. The day is fast approaching and you are short on time to find the perfect gift. Yes, it’s your anniversary. All men have been there and all men know that the one thing that never fails is a timeless piece of elegant jewelry. Well, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas to keep you on the right track.

There’s no need to pay big bucks for a brand name when you can get quality jewelry from names you know and trust without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. Robbins Brothers, known as the engagement ring store, offers more than just rings to pop the question. One of their most timeless and beautiful pieces will surely knock her socks off. It’s the “white and rose gold diamond flower ring” which features beautiful rose gold flowers set in incredible white gold with elegant touches of diamonds. If white gold isn’t her style, there’s no need to fret. This feminine beauty comes in yellow gold, white gold and platinum to match all styles.

If your blushing bride is more subdued, then perhaps a nice set of diamond studded earrings or heart pendant necklace will suit your needs. Robbins Brothers has an array of gifts just for your special day. And with no money down financing, more than ten locations in California and Texas and an extensive online store, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift.

Still not sold? Check out your local diamond wholesaler. They’ll be able to take the right cut and make any piece of jewelry you need. Upgrade her engagement ring; create a stunning tennis bracelet or a pair of drop earrings for her to wear out for your special night.

Don’t know who your diamond wholesaler is? Go to Blue Nile. They have everything from beautiful pendants to striking watches for day or night. Charm bracelets are the latest in jewelry fashion and Blue Nile has myriad options. The perfect gift, charm bracelets allow you to keep giving with new additions for Christmas, birthdays or Valentine’s Day.

Jewelry is always the perfect gift. It’s something that will catch her eye and capture her heart.

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HSN Free Shipping on Jewelry – Mine Finds by Jay King

30 Apr

Mother’s day is coming up on May 8th, 2011.  Have you picked out the perfect gift for mom yet?  I would love it if my baby gave me some jewelry in the future, but now he is still a little snot nosed monster.  Anyway, here are some of my picks from HSN’s Mine Finds collection.  HSN is also offering some great coupon codes for this week.  They are:

New Customers get 15% off with Coupon C50842

Get Free S&H on Jewelry with Coupon C51899 at HSN

Now onto the jewelry!

Jay King Puzzle Agate Double-Row 17-1/2″ Necklace

Jay King Puzzle Agate Double-Row 17-1/2

Jay King Puzzle Agate Double-Row Necklace Solve your wardrobe puzzle with this final (and most important) piece. The neutral hues of each agate stone and grandiose silhouette add the perfect finishing touch to your sophisticated workday ensembles and savvy nighttime looks. Stone Information (all sizes and weights approximate) Color-Enhanced Agate: Freeform (18x13mm – 31x30mm); mined in India Design Information Two graduated strands of multisized, multitonal, faceted freeform agate nuggets Jay King Puzzle Agate Double-Row Necklace Details Measurements: Approx. 17-1/2″L x 1-7/8″W with 2-3/4″ extender.

Jay King Green Agate Nugget Bead Stretch Bracelet

Jay King Green Agate Nugget Bead Stretch Bracelet

Jay King Green Agate Nugget Bead Stretch Bracelet Envelop your wrist in beautifully soft color. Faceted green agate nuggets create a chunky style on this stretch bracelet. Buy more than one and stack them for a layered look. Stone Information (all sizes and weights approximate) Green Agate: Nugget (16x13mm to 21x16mm); mined in India Design Information Bracelet has faceted green agate nugget beads Jay King Green Agate Nugget Bead Stretch Bracelet Details Measurements: Approx. 7″L x 5/8″W Metal Type: Sterling silver Metal Stamp: .925 (quality tag only) Additional Features: Stretch fit.


Jay King Cultured Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelet Set

Jay King Cultured Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelet Set

This set is on clearance right now for only $66. What a great deal! Finally, we also recommend that you look at Povada Jewellers to see a fine collection of gemstones and jewels!

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How to Sell your Jewelry at Fairs and Shows Effectively

8 Apr

Are you an independent jewelry artist who goes to art fairs and shows to sell your pieces? Do you want to boost your sales at these events? Here is a great guide that teaches you how to do this:

How to Sell Jewelry like Crazy!

This guide will teach you how to find the shows that will be more profitable for you, displayyour jewelry for maximum profitability, prevent shoplifting and much much more.


Rings, rings, rings

1 Apr

Today’s feature are gemstone rings. Diamond rings are not the only things that make girls happy.  Colored gemstones are just as popular, and cost much less than diamonds.  Here are some great examples:
Ramona Singer 4.97ct Swiss Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Diamond Sterling Silver “Clover” Ring
Ramona Singer 4.97ct Swiss Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Diamond Sterling Silver

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Ring

6.01ct Aquamarine Sterling Silver Cluster Ring


“Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie 4.62ct Citrine and Diamond 10K Ring
Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie 4.62ct Citrine and Diamond 10K Ring


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

17 Mar

As March nears its end, many brides are preparing for June weddings. Dresses are chosen. Veils are selected. Flowers are picked. Dining halls and fancy hotels are booked. Invitations are sent.


The finishing touch is bridal jewelry. Selecting the perfect pieces to accentuate the bride’s dress is all-important. How does one choose from the many options available?


If the bride-to-be keeps with current trends, sterling silver and gemstones of green and blue hues are popular selections today. The Oscar runway contained several accessories with these attributes. Be a star on your big day with jewelry from West Coast Silver.



Another recent trend in wedding attire is a new color blue. For the classy bride, try jewelry in a navy tone. Sterling silver accentuates the deep, dark blue.





Fine jewelry has also become a classic bridesmaids’ gift. Brides often offer a small token of their appreciation for all their friends have done to see them through the planning process and preparations. West Coast Silver has a wonderful selection of unique jewelry certain to express thanks to your maids in waiting.

This is a sponsored post from West Coast Silver


Friday Favorites from Charm and Chain

4 Mar

Did you know that Anne Hathaway was paid $750,000 to wear Tiffany’s jewelry all throughout the Oscars? Other stars were also paid to wear jewelry that wasn’t theirs! Only if we were so lucky. For now here are some beautiful pieces from Charm & Chain for your Friday:

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
Brave New World Earrings by Erickson Beamon:



Brave New World Earrings


Vintage Ring
Vintage Ring, 54.9

Woven Citrine Hinge Cuff

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