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Jewelry Combines Art with Science

29 Oct


What do you get when you mix two parts leftover bug goop with one part semi-precious stones? You get what has got to be some of the most unique jewelry components ever made by man and beast.

As explained on the jewelry designers' website: " We raise Caddisfly larvae in a predator-free simulated stream environment and provide them with gems and minerals in place of natural stream materials. Our Caddisflies then produce a case that they use for protection, respiration, and Camouflage. When the Caddisflies emerge as adults, they leave behind their unique cases."

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Jewelry for the Crafter on Your List

28 Oct


Do you have an avid arts and crafter (or two) on your holiday shopping list? You know, the type of gal that makes her own hand-stamped birthday cards and has a glue gun in one hand and a sewing needle in the other? Then these cute little rubber stamp earrings might be the perfect gift. And, talk about unique, the vendor claims they actually work like real rubber stamps. Find out more about the different types of stamps offered and ordering information on their website: Neato Stuff.

The Wearable Art & Jewelry Debate

27 Oct


How do you define " wearable" art, and is jewelry included in this definition?

The debate continues in this article, " Jewelry Called ' Wearable' Art:"

" Just like a painter approaches a blank canvas, a wearable artist approaches his materials in the same way. "A broach is like an empty canvas," [Marty Reynard] says. For Reynard, who dislikes the term "jeweller," experimentation is a key element for an artist."

Piece pictured is from Marty Reynard's Titanium Collection. You can see more of Reynard's fabulous jewelry slash wearable art on his website:

Jewelry Appraising

26 Oct


When do you need to have jewelry appraised? How do you get it done? Who is the best person to appraise your jewelry? These are some of the issues covered by Jillian Van Volkenburgh, of MIR Appraisal Services Inc., in this article entitled " Be an informed jewelry appraisal client."

Gambling Meets Glitz in Poker Jewelry

25 Oct


Seems like a good mix – the glitz of jewelry with the glamour of gambling:

Per Poker News: " With Christmas and the holidays right around the corner players or their loved ones, might find some of these gifts as the perfect stocking stuffer. WPT jewelry available at the [Jewelry Crossings] site features things like sterling silver charm bracelets that spell out "POKER" or featuring diamond, hearts, clubs, or spades charms fashioned with cubic zirconia. For those looking more on the high-end gifts, the site also sells a drop necklace with all four suits sparkling the chain or a diamond-shaped pendant featuring the four suit symbols known so well to card enthusiasts."

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New Jewelry Rules for the NBA

24 Oct


Some are calling it racist; others are just calling it proper attire. Either way you look at it, NBA players will need to be a little more careful about showing their bling this season: " Among the seven lines of no-nos there's the combustible fifth line that prohibits "chains, pendants, or medallions worn over the player's clothes." Some NBA players see that as a battle line."

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Men Join the Bling Generation

23 Oct


Men are finally getting turned on by bling, and not necessarily for their better halves. Newsweek reports that " Men's pieces now account for more than 10 percent of jewelry sales in Britain- double that of a few years ago. In the United States last year, men's jewelry accounted for more than 11 percent of the $57.4 billion jewelry market, making it the industry's largest growth sector."

Some of the designers and fashion houses now catering to new male customers include: Tiffany & Co.,De Beers, Gucci, Christian Dior and Prada.

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Diamond Bra is No Secret

21 Oct


Every year around holiday time, Victoria Secret comes out with its fantasy bra, a gem-incrusted wonderment! From a recent announcement: " The centerpiece is a dangling 101 carat flawless pear-shaped white diamond with 29,000 other pave diamonds, and 22 rubies set in 18K white gold." This year's lucky diamond model is Gisele Bunchen.

I’ll Have My Jewelry Shaken Not Stirred

21 Oct


You can shake up your own concoction of gems and silver at Matisse designs' new Mini-Jewelry Bar. According to a company press release: " The Mini Jewel Bar serves up petite pendants, gemstones and silver chains in martini glasses allowing customers to do the designing and walk away with a special gift tailored to the personality of the person receiving it. [...] Inspired by friendship and driven by fashion, The Mini Jewel Bar is an irresistible gifting concept for women everywhere whereby each buyer mixes their own necklace from an assortment of limited edition petite pendants and an array of gemstones and pearls displayed in martini glasses."

You can also mix up your own jewelry designs on their website: Matisse Designs

Jewelry Lady Reports on Emmys

20 Oct


Read about it from someone who was there. The Jewelry Consumer Opinion Councils' own " Jewelry Lady," debbie Yonick, gives us the inside scoop on stars like Stockard Channing, " American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, Nicollette Sheridan, and Terry O'Quinn who picked out their Emmy jewelry while
visiting the Emmy jewelry suite hosted by the Platinum Guild International (PGI) in the penthouse at the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive.

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