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Discounted Bling Jewelry

19 Oct


Per a recent press release: " Online bling bling jewelry retailer Quintessential Bling Fine Jewelry [...] announced the addition of their new artist-made silver jewelry line. [...] Customers can take advantage of the silver jewelry debut using an online 30% off coupon DEBUTOCT05 at checkout."

A lot of their jewelry may be a little too blingy for every day wear, but if you're looking for something special to wear during the holidays, then it might be worth a look, especially considering they have this 30% off deal going on!

Thinking About a Jewelry Career?

18 Oct


If you live in the New York City area and have been thinking about a career in the world of jewelry design, then you may want to take advantage of a special presentation by Jewelry industry consultant Cindy Edelstein: " Edelstein, founder and president of the Jeweler's Resource Bureau, will present "Tips and Tricks from the Trenches – Secrets of Building a Successful designer jewelry Business," on Thursday, Oct. 19, at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. The program is an annual career forum sponsored by the Jewelry Design Professionals' Network.

She is a speaker, competition judge, and workshop leader. Her company publishes books and guides, produces trade shows and conferences, and runs a Web site ( dedicated to improving designer businesses with information and insight."

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Tips for Virtual Jewelry Shopping

17 Oct


With the holidays approaching, it's time to start thinking of buying jewelry for people other than ourselves. Some of us will battle it out at the local mall, but more and more of us every year turn to shopping on line and via our televisions. Virtual shopping allows us the convenience of shopping when, where, and how we want, and these days, you can buy just about anything without actually having to make a trip to pick it out. Some of the more popular virtual shops include QVC, Home Shopping, and Jewelry Television.

If you are thinking of shopping for holiday gifts via the web or with your remote control in hand, here are a few tips to think about when selecting jewelry gifts:

  • Remember that items such as natural gemstones can vary a little when it comes to color because they are not man-made.
  • Be aware of the dimensions of a piece of jewelry. Normally, the width, length, and other measurements are provided in the jewelry item description, but the pictures provided are enlarged to show detail.
  • Check out shipping costs before you make a decision. Usually they range about $5 extra for each piece, but this still something to keep in mind while shopping.
  • Consider having a piece gift-wrapped and mailed directly to the receiver of the jewelry gift. It costs extra, but it may be worth it. Remember that postal services can also have long lines, just shopping malls.

Be Up on Your Beaded Jewelry Fashions

16 Oct


I'm a major fan of beaded jewelry, and it's not just because I make a lot of my own jewelry using beads. Beads are in fashion, always have been always will be. If you're a bead lover like me, one way to keep in touch with the latest in bead fashions is to keep an eye on the " Fashion Forecast" of BeadStyle magazine. If you don't have a subscription – no worries – just plug into their on-line update over at the Fire Mountain Gem and Beads website. You can also access similar bead jewelry fashion gems directly from the BeadStyle website, but they require that you become a member (it's free) in order to access this type of information.

Gemstones Go Big and Bold

14 Oct


I've been reading a lot about the latest bold gemstone trends – big and bright have been the predictions. After surfing around, I have found some evidence of this new trend. Are you bold enough for these big jewelry gemstone designed by Chanel for its Coco Collection?

According to the Chanel website " The "Coco" collection is expressed in a rainbow of colors that are positively flamboyant in the light of gold."

Some of the gemstones you'll find represented include: amethyst, iolite, garnet, aquamarine, and Tahitian pearls.

Jewelry Sales Predictions in Flux

12 Oct


Okay, I wish the jewelry industry would make up its mind! I reported a few blog posts ago " Holiday Jewelry Sales in Question." Now I read on National Jeweler that according to a recent survey from the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, "
Of the 2,864 people surveyed, about 21 percent plan to buy fine jewelry or watches for the holidays, with 80 percent of those describing themselves as "very likely" to purchase those items, survey results released Tuesday said. Among those choosing jewelry or watches, nearly 35 percent said they would spend more money this year with 63 percent planning to spend between $200 and $2,500 on jewelry or watches."

Now I'm totally confused. What's it going to be? Lots of sales or are we all going to stay away from jewelry counters this season?

Empowering Jewelry with Guts

11 Oct


Or….err…something else that shows you have guts. At least, that's what two entrepreneurs from Arizona are saying about their new line of jewelry, which they call Ballsies: " The jewelry isn't sexual. Rather, it's designed to show empowerment, as in when people say, "You've got guts," or, "I wish I had the guts to do that," but they say something else instead of ' guts.'"

Each pendant is made of sterling silver and can be purchased alone (with a jump ring) or you can buy a complete necklace that includes a chain or leather Cord in various lengths. Key chains and other related products are also available on their website:

Jewelry Designer Gets Stranded

10 Oct


Stranded, an on-line group of jewelry artists, announces a new addition to its design team, Nance Elmore: " She combines these east coast and southwest sensibilities to create pieces that range from vintage to modern. Her love of color inspires unique combinations of beads, stones and techniques into one-of-a-kind pieces each of which carries a personal message of the artist's vision."

You can see some of Nance's colorful work as well as other jewelry by Stranded artists on their website:

Holiday Jewelry Sales in Question

9 Oct


The Holiday season is coming, and that usually means a few small packages will be purchased, and I'm talking about the kind that come in those velvet boxes – jewelry of course.

Are you planning to purchase some special jewelry gift items this season?

Or better yet, are you planning on receiving any jewelry gifts?

Unfortunately, according to a recent survey reported on, don't count on it: " Higher fuel costs and rising inflation may impact overall holiday spending all together the report concludes. Two out of three consumers planned to reduce discretionary spending, Russell Research found after surveying 1,008 consumers. One in three specifically said they would reduce spending on jewelry, and 65 percent of respondents said they would either reduce or eliminate all together their spending across many product sets by year-end 2005."

Brides Say “ Yes” to Platinum

8 Oct


Jessica Simpson, Melissa Etheridge, and Gwen Stefani are just a few brides who have said " yes" when it comes to platinum wedding rings. Per a recent press release, platinum is still super-hot when it comes to wedding jewelry: " This year's trends in bridal jewelry are definitely bold and colorful, as colored gemstones continue to gain popularity. Think platinum rings with large white or fancy-colored diamonds."

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