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Special New Year’s Jewelry Wish

31 Dec


I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful New Year. I'm really looking forward to everything that 2006 has to offer, which includes continuing to write about jewelry on The Jewelry Weblog here at Creative Weblogging.

Last Day of Jewelry Weblog Contest

31 Dec

That's right. This is the last day to enter to win " The bouquet of Color Necklace," made with a mixture of chalcedonies, vesuvianite, freshwater pearls, and amethyst which dangle from colorful hand dyed organza ribbon, and donated by on our sponsor Heidi J. Hale.


Before heading off to your New Year's Eve bash wearing your fabulous jewels, take a few minutes and fill out our on line survey. While filling it out, you'll be asked to leave your email address. Those who fill out the survey and include their email addresses will automatically be entered into the contest.

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Jewelry Becomes Movie Stars

31 Dec


Scenery, costumes, and yes, jewelry are all important elements that make up the " reality" created by a movie. They help suspend our disbelief. As a jewelry fan, of course, I always pay special attention to jewelry worn by characters in movies. Recently, I watched the movie Tombstone, starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, and it started me thinking about memorable movies and their jewelry.

I'll start with Tombstone. While the women aren't the main characters in this movie, so you don't get to see a great deal of them, when you do see them they are all wearing wonderful pieces of jewelry. Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer), for example, has a girlfriend who wears a beautiful black beaded choker. Wyatt Earp's (Kurt Russell) love interest is an actress/entertainer, so she is often shown wearing long drop earrings, similar to those pictured here from Antiquing Online.

I have a few other movies I'm thinking of discussing in future posts. What about you? What is favorite jewelry movie pick?

Jump on the Jewelry-Web Bandwagon

30 Dec


The time may be right to open up your own jewelry web store. According to a press release from, luxury goods, including jewelry, were way up this past year:

" Retail Jewelry and Luxury Goods sites grew faster than any Internet category in November 2005, according to the latest monthly analysis from comScore Media Metrix. While many retail subcategories saw significant growth thanks to the start of the holiday shopping season, Jewelry and Luxury Goods led the list of top gaining categories with 39-percent growth over October 2005, yielding 16.4 million visitors in November."

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What Jewelry Did You Buy Yourself?

29 Dec


It doesn't matter if you were naughty or nice this year. According to a survey conducted by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, many of us bought ourselves jewelry this holiday season. This was especially true over Thanksgiving weekend when the majority of shoppers start off their official holiday shopping:

" About a third of respondents to the holiday survey report for Dec. 3-5 said they shopped on Friday, Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Nearly 20 percent of those consumers bought jewelry, more than half were spontaneous purchases and 35 percent were self-purchases, the survey found. About 35 percent spent less than $100, while more than 25 percent spent over $300.

According to the monthly survey, earrings and rings were the most popular style of jewelry purchased in November. About 56 percent of these purchases were below $100. department stores, mass merchandisers and national jewelry chains were the top three retail venues, with the Internet a destination for nearly 25 percent. EBay topped the list for more than 37 percent, the survey said.

"In the fine jewelry area, we've seen a large growth in the female self-purchaser, and how they're shopping for themselves anytime they're in jewelry stores," noted Chatelain."

Did you take the plunge this holiday season and buy some jewelry for yourself?

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Vegas Jewelry Shows Expand

29 Dec


Las Vegas is known for its night life and the motto " whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." But, for jewelry lovers and those in the jewelry business, there's a lot more glitter in Vegas than casino streets signs and show-girls' costumes. Vegas is home to Las Vegas market week, when jewelry vendors flock to the city to buy, buy, and well, buy more jewelry. There are shows all over town, and recently, a new show has been added to the list:

" The Las Vegas International Jewelry Show, slated for June 2-5 at Mandalay Bay's convention center, expects to draw 300 to 500 vendors. The show plans to offer a service called "Speed Shopping," allowing buyers to work with a concierge to go directly to the vendors that carry goods they might be interested in.

The show will also host a celebrity jewelry contest, inviting attendees to match up baubles by jewelry houses like Tiffany, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels with celebrities who have worn the pieces. Retailers who correctly make a match will win the privilege of borrowing a celebrity jewelry collection for an in-store promotion."

For more information, contact Arnold Duke at (301) 212-9220 or visit: www.lvijs.comRead more: New jewelry show added to mix in Vegas

No Transit Equals More Jewelry Web Sales

28 Dec


We all expected some fall out from the New York City transit strike. (You may remember my report on this: " Jewelers Miss NYC Transit." ) While jewelry sellers expected a loss in sales, especially since the strike happened merely days before the biggest shopping period of the year, a few days before Christmas, I'm not sure if any expected people to turn toward the web for their jewelry buying needs (per JCK):

" During the first two days of the New York City transit strike, the share of total U.S. online spending generated in the metropolitan area jumped 28 percent, rising from 3.3 percent to 4.4 percent of online spending, according to the latest figures from Overall, non-travel spending during the first 51 days of the Holiday season (Nov. 1- Dec. 21) totaled $17.5 billion, a 24 percent increase over the $14.1 billion posted during the same period in 2004- according to the Reston, Va.-based company, which provides insight and analysis into consumer behavior and attitudes. For the week ending Dec. 18 online spending rose 29 percent over the same week in 2004. 's 2005 Online Holiday Shopping Update.

"It is clear that consumers turned to the Internet for their last minute shopping needs," said Tal Zamir, director, comScore Networks. "Without question the ability to order online and receive products in advance of the holiday was a major attraction to New York residents at a time when it was difficult to reach their favorite retail stores."

Overall, non-travel spending during the first 51 days of the holiday season (Nov. 1- Dec. 21) totaled $17.5 billion, a 24 percent increase over the $14.1 billion posted during the same period in 2004- according to the Reston, Va.-based company, which provides insight and analysis into consumer behavior and attitudes. For the week ending Dec. 18 online spending rose 29 percent over the same week in 2004."

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Intelligent Jewelry Designs Meet Marc Jacobs

28 Dec


Anna Sheffield is making a big bang, literally, with her " Bing Bang" line of fabricated metal jewelry. Fabrication is a termed used to describe the process of taking metals, such as silver and gold, and using hand tools like a hammer, anvil, and hand-saw to form jewelry designs. Sheffiled's background in blacksmithing and sculpture may be one reason her designs are being lauded by the likes of fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, who recently selected Sheffield's Bing Bang collection to team up with his own spring 2006 clothing collection.


A number of celebrities have also become Bing Bang converts: " Celebrity clients include Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore, [...] Reese Witherspoone, Cameron Diaz and the oddly fascinating Simpson siblings, Jessica and Ashlee."


You can see more of this jewelry designer's jewelry on her web site: more:

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Stack Your Jewelry

27 Dec


You know, this new " stacking jewelry" trend is something I've actually noticed, but it didn't sink in that it was a trend. I have seen a lot of celebs and regular folk wearing multiple pieces of jewelry " staked" one on top of the other, but for some reason I didn't label it a trend because it's not really all that new. However, per a recent article I found on line, " The Jewelry Stacking Trend is Taking Hold," I've just been out of the loop, like many other jewelry Designers:

" It's taken a while for jewelry designers to catch on to what local women have recognized for years — the beauty of stacking. That is, wearing all the jewelry you own all at once. [...] Designer Lizzie Scheck said she's been encouraging her clientele to layer for about two years. [...] the Hollywood-based designer is known for her delicate, trend-setting charm necklaces and bracelets, starting at $350, and she said she began stacking them herself due to plain old indecision."

Three seems to be the magic number when it comes to stacking jewelry. I'll keep a look out for more stacking, but for now, I can't help but give this trend (be it old or new) a thumbs-up. Hey, it allows you to wear more jewelry, right?

(Pictured are three diamond necklaces from Lizzie Scheck.)

Computer Jewelry

27 Dec


Gold, platinum, and diamonds are not just to adorn your body. Now you can carry a " jewel" of a computer around with in this laptop by Tulip:

" It is inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates and brilliant cut diamonds totaling 80 carats, the price is a whopping $336,557.

This expensive piece of computing jewelry has been manufactured by Tulip and called E-Go, it may also have the potential of boosting the ego of its user. The Tulip E-Go laptop is inlaid with microscopic diamonds set with surgical precision and also features 2 unique square cut rubies that are inlaid in the Tulip logo.

The circular shaped notebook resembles a ladies handbag, E-Go is definitely not a showpiece item, it features a an AMD Turion 64 processor, ATI Radeon Xpress 200 graphics chipset, 1GB of PC3200 DDR RAM, 100GB SATA hard disk drive, and 12.1-inch widescreen WXGA (1280×800 pixels) display."

Tulip calls this a " lifestyle notebook." I'm not sure why, but that phrase strikes me as funny. You can see more " lifestyle E-Go notebooks" on their web site.

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