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Rodeo Drive Trades Jewels for Jeans

26 Dec


Remember that scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts asks her friend where she can buy clothes " the good stuff" in Beverly Hills? Her friend replies, " Rodeo Drive, Baby!"

Back in the 80s, Rodeo Drive was known for its chic and snobby stores filled with beautiful clothes and jewelry for those who could afford it. Times are changing, however, according to an article by

" While De Beers LV opened on Rodeo Drive in November to sell diamond jewelry, Frances Klein Estate Jewels was replaced with women's apparel 'bebe' store in December. Bebe's launch was criticized by some in local press as "too ordinary" for the luxury market on Rodeo Drive.

The Times reports, "When bebe joined the lineup, it marked the end of an era: Gone for good was the fabled time when a glamorous crowd lingered in shops unique in the world. Now Rodeo Drive is yet another place for all of us to pick up designer knockoffs and jeans."

However, Harry Winston is setting-up a new shop on Rodeo Drive. With less than 1,000 square feet at its present location, it plans to expand to 6,000 square feet (across the street) in 2006.

Whether or not locals agree that Rodeo Drive remains an exclusive luxury retail boulevard, its three-block stretch of real estate is still home to many (not already mentioned) luxury brand jewelers such as; Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Judith Ripka, Gucci Jewelry Boutique, David Orgell, Chopard, Cartier, and Bulgari."


(Pictured: Jewelry reminiscent of necklace worn by " Vivian" to the opera.)

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Jewelry Contest Coming to a Close

26 Dec


December 31, 2005 is almost here, and that means the end of the first contest here on The Jewelry Weblog. If you haven't already entered, you still have a few days left. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our on line questionnaire and include your email to be automatically entered.

Here is the legal-stuff:
The contest will run from now (November 1, 2005) until December 31, 2005 midnight est. The winner will be notified by email within 10 days of the final date of the drawing, and the winner will have 10 days after notification to reply in order to receive the prize. Creative Weblogs (and that includes me) will not be responsible for any "lost" emails or technical problems that may occur.

The winner will receive the necklace pictured above: " The bouquet of Color Necklace," made with a mixture of chalcedonies, vesuvianite, freshwater pearls, and amethyst which dangle from colorful hand dyed organza ribbon, and donated by on our sponsor Heidi J. Hale.

Here's the link for the survey: Click here to take survey.

Merry Christmas Jewelry Lovers!

25 Dec


I just wanted to take a moment today to wish all of my readers here at The Jewelry Weblog a very merry christmas!

Jewelry Hot Spot

24 Dec

I stumbled upon a jewelry hot spot, Jennifer Kaufman. The web site sells more than just jewelry, and in fact, has a large selection of accessories for those of us who are also addicted to purses, shoes, and what-nots. I've picked out a few of my favorites for you, but overall, I have to say that I was kind of surprised this web site, which is the on-line shop for this L.A. boutique, wasn't a little more graphic friendly. I thought too many of the images were of poor quality, and if you are going to pay over a hundred dollars for a glass stretchy bracelet, one that supposedly Madonna wears, then I think you deserve to have a better quality picture of that bracelet before purchase. Maybe I'm (again) just being too picky?

Anais Pink EarringsLange Pepper
14kt gold-filled stems with rose quartz, peridot & pink tourmaline gemstones. $125

Peace Skippy Diggy
M2 Design International 14K with .03 CT diamond $375


Free Silver Jewelry

23 Dec

BlogPicture is offering free jewelry – that's right. If you go to their web site right now, you'll see that every few minutes a new piece of silver jewelry will be posted. You just pay shipping charges.

This seems to be legitimate, though I'm interested to hear from anyone who has taken them up on their free jewelry offer. Per the web site's FAQ section, this is why they are giving away jewelry:

"1. Is this really free?
Yes, we are offering the exquisite piece of jewelry to you Free . There is no catch, no strings attached and no future obligation to buy. Shipping and Handling fee of $5.99 applies!

2. Why are you giving away jewelry for free?
Giving away our jewelry for free is our way of introducing our products. We know the competition is fierce, and we want you to experience our jewelry. Wear it yourself or give it as a gift!"

One limitation is that this is available for U.S. customers only. The company is based in Los Angeles, California.

Another Jewelry Website Goes Video

23 Dec


I've seen a few jewelry vendors adding video to their websites lately. The last time I reported on this, the videos were aimed at giving you a better look at specific pieces of jewelry. The most recent company to start incorporating video, Ross Simons, has taken this a step further. While you get a good look at a few of their jewelry pieces, they have the addition of a celebrity spokesperson, actress Lauren Koslow of NBC's " days of our lives."

Right now, there are only 2 videos available on the site (at least that I could find). You do get a pretty good look at the jewelry pieces featured (a gold necklace, cuff bracelet, hoop earrings, and a ring), and though I found it to be a little of a " hard sell" on the part of Koslow, I would describe the videos as more like infomercials than commercials.

Pick a Color & Your Gemstone

22 Dec


Selecting the gemstone of your choice usually depends on the colors you prefer. For example, if you like blue, then you have the options of blue topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and sapphire. Tanzanite is also a sort of blue/purple color, so you may even have that to consider as well.

While surfing around, I found a helpful gemstone color list from the folks at Kas a Find Jewelry Designs. It is a glossary of gemstones arranged by color:

GIA Involved in Jewelry Industry “ Certifigate”

21 Dec


Diamond grading is big business, even for non-profit organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) who reported a total income of $104 million dollars last year. That's why reputation is everything in the world of jewelry and diamond grading, but the reputation has been tarnished recently for GIA in a scandal dubbed by some as " certifigate."

According to CNN: " The institute's internal probe started after a jewelry dealer who was also the former head of retail operations at luxury jeweler Harry Winston claimed that the institute and two diamond dealers conspired to inflate the grade of two diamonds that he sold to members of the Saudi royal family.

The diamonds, which were sold for $15 million, were taken to an independent appraiser and found to have a lower grade that made them worth much less, the paper said.

The dealer alleged that lab workers took bribes to inflate the quality of diamonds in grading reports, according to the news report, which cited people familiar with the situation."

The following statement has been issued on GIA's website: " Free GIA Diamond Grading Report Verification: If you would like to confirm the authenticity of your GIA Diamond Grading Report or Diamond Dossier, or the information your report contains, you can request a free verification. Simply submit your diamond along with its original report to the GIA Laboratory. The diamond will be re-assessed and the results of the new analysis will be returned to you, along with your diamond and its original report."

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Found Jewelry

21 Dec

Jewelry made with found objects is a fun trend in jewelry that has become pretty popular, especially in the realm of mixed media artwork. One jewelry company has taken the theme of mixed media jewelry combined with found objects, especially game pieces, and run with it. Eclectic Elements makes jewelry from guitar picks, bingo calling numbers, scrabble pieces, mahjongg pieces, dice, and dominoes.

Here are few examples of the fun jewelry they create from recycled objects:




I think these are all really clever. My favorite, though, would have to be the guitar pick earrings.

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Jewelry for the Dinner Table?

21 Dec


Martha Stewart wanna-bes please step forward.

What does your dinner table look like right now? Is it dressed appropriately? What are your napkin rings looking like these days? Are they up with the latest fashion in dinner table jewelry?

You heard me Рjewelry РThat's right, jewelry for the dinner table is a new trend in home d̩cor. I know this may sound crazy, but honestly, I've seen this idea mentioned in a number of sources lately. The most recent is from the Miami Herald:

" From skinny bands to wide cuffs that look like wrist bangles, napkin rings can be bold or understated. Many resemble stylish earrings, sparkling rings or sassy bracelets, so you might consider them jewelry for the table.

Handbag diva Kate Spade has added sleek napkin rings to her tabletop attire. Fashion designer Vera Wang has translated the look of grosgrain ribbon to her silver rings. And former jewelry designer Jay Strongwater, now known for exquisite picture frames, boxes and gift items crafted from enamel and dotted with Swarovski crystals, has expanded his line with magnificent napkin rings."


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