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More Tips on Cleaning Jewelry

24 Jan


It's not fun to clean your jewelry, but jewelry maintenance is really important if you want your jewelry to look its best – which means you looking your best, right?

A few tips from " Proper cleaning and maintenance can keep jewelry sparkling:"

" Store fine jewelry carefully; don't just toss it in a jewelry box. The metals, gemstones and other materials can get scratched, especially if they are softer gemstones. The hardest stones — such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies — are the least vulnerable to scratching, but they still need to be handled with care. Wrap pieces individually in tissue paper or velvet, or arrange them carefully in a jewelry box so that they do not touch each other.

When getting dressed, try to apply perfumes and hair sprays and let them dry before putting on jewelry, so that it doesn't develop a residue; this especially applies to pearls. Also, make sure all body lotion has absorbed into the skin before putting on jewelry.

Do not wear jewelry — particularly rings or bracelets — while doing any household cleaning, gardening, or other dirty work. Even wedding rings, which people often do not take off, will be in better condition if they are removed before chores. Over time, the household soaps can cause stress and fatigue in the metals."

Another Jewelry Contest Reminder

24 Jan


Have you entered our January 2006 contest yet?

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Thank you to our sponsor, Dawn Campagnola, who is donating this " Root Chakra" necklace (pictured) with sterling silver Celtic triangle charm for our prize.

Costume Jewelry Valuable

23 Jan


Admittedly, I tend to prefer the " real thing" when it comes to jewelry, but believe it or not, costume jewelry is valuable in a different way when it comes to those who collect it. Many costume jewelry items may be valuable due to the time period they originated. Other factors may be the materials, such as bakelite, that are not as readily available these days.

If you have some costume jewelry items tucked away in your jewelry box and have wondered if they are worth keeping, then you might find this article on of interest: " Value often sparkles for old costume jewelry"

Here's on tid bit from the author: " Interest in good costume jewelry is quite strong, and has been for several years, though it is apparent that it's still news to many folks. But there are many variations in the quality and value of costume jewelry, with a number of factors determining market value."

Brides Say No to Diamonds?

23 Jan


Wow! I can't believe how far ahead I am with this trend – seems more and more brides these days are opting for gemstones other than diamonds. 17 years ago I chose a ruby ring for my engagement ring. Why? Well, I can't say that I had a clue about trends back then. I just fell in love with my ring (pictured…and…hmmm..looks like I need to get it cleaned!)

According to an article from the Chicago Tribune, " Don't need no diamond ring," today's brides are starting to catch up to me:

" About 80 percent of brides get diamond engagement rings, according to the Diamond Information Center. And the carat weight for the upper crust keeps rising–"no less than 2 carats for the average successful New Yorker, whereas it used to be a carat or a carat and a half," said gem and jewelry expert Antoinette Matlins, a consumer advocate and frequent national media guest.

Some couples, however, are rocking the world of engagement rings, choosing anything from nothing at all to Technicolor gemstones instead–with a key trend of more brides participating in the selection.

As in the past, cost might weigh into the decision. But nowadays, taste just as likely holds sway."

Bead Museum

22 Jan


Beads are some of the oldest forms of ornamental artifacts, so at least for me, it wasn't surprising to hear about this bead museum in Washington. But, if you aren't circulating in too many bead-type circles these days, this may be news to you. From the Washington Post, " History on a string:"

" The Bead Museum in Washington's Penn Quarter gets about 8,000 visitors each year. How can there be so much interest that a museum can be devoted entirely to beads?

First, the museum is housed in a single room, and second, beads play a much more important role than most people think, says Hilary Whittaker, vice president of the museum board. [...]

As cultures got more advanced, artisans learned to drill and polish harder materials to create beads, says James W. Lankton, a bead researcher who put together the museum's temporary exhibit "Bead Timeline of History," which will continue through March."

Looking for more on the history of beads? Check with your local library.

Peachy Jewelry

21 Jan


The Juvio Corporation has announced its latest jewelry line: The Peach Collection. Per a company press release: " Featuring sterling silver jewelry designed by renowned master artisans in Italy and Mexico, the Peach Collection promotes both classic and Contemporary sophistication to the discriminating buyer. Each piece is expertly fashioned from .925 Sterling Silver so as to afford the customer years of satisfaction and value based in quality. The company also provides a convenient monthly automated recurring order program whereby a new item is shipped to the customer each month. Using this helpful ordering service ensures the customer of an ever-growing portfolio of stylish fine jewelry pieces. Single orders are also available through the website,"


I took a tour of their website – the style of this jewelry collection is very clean and sophisticated, but you could wear this every day just the same.

Philadelphia Craft Show Opens with Jewelry

20 Jan


If you are a big-name jewelry artesian, then one of the venues for selling your work is through large craft shows. These are the types of shows that gallery and boutique owners shop at to find unique merchandise for their stores. On of the largest of these shows, the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft, will giving jewelry a little extra attention this year:

From JCK magazine: " A jewelry preview will kick off the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft. The preview begins at 4 p.m. on Feb. 16 and will feature handcrafted jewelry by 350 artists from across the United States and Canada. The biannual craft trade show will be held Feb. 17-20 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

"With major brands demanding more space in fine jewelry stores, design-centric customers have to search harder to find unique jewelry," says Show Director Rebecca Cason. "Retailers have a great opportunity to capture that market with handcrafted inventory."

With a 20% increase in new jewelry exhibitors, the Premier Jewelry Pavilion will likely be a main attraction for retailers seeking to attract mid- and high-end customers. The pavilion features nearly 100 premier jewelry designers working in high-karat gold, platinum, diamonds, and precious stones."

Jewelry You Can’t Live Without

19 Jan


This post is for round 3 of The Manolo's Carnivale of Couture. This round is hosted by Shangri Law. The topic is " You are stranded at a lifelong party on The Island of Superfantasticness. What are the fashion items you simply cannot live without?"

Here are my " must have" jewelry items:

  • Gold hoops – not too big – medium sized, about 1 or so inches in diameter
  • A gold chain – rope is probably best for hanging shells I find on the beaches surrounding the island
  • My ruby ear studs – I wear these all the time, so they will probably be on me any way when I become stranded on the island.
  • Wedding rings – of course!

What about you…what jewelry could you simple not live without?

Woman Trades Law for Jewelry

19 Jan


Denise Couling finally listened to the creative voice inside of her and traded in her career as a lawyer for that of a jewelry designer. She has her own web site, but she also opened a jewelry store, which is an unusual step for many beginning designers. Couling also had a little extra something in her corner – a cool idea for interchangeable jewelry.

From The Detroit News: " Couling grew more and more frustrated. "I just could no longer stomach every day doing something that I wasn't excited to get up and do." She also knew that she would be beside herself if, someday, she opened a jewelry catalog to see someone else had brought her interchangeable jewelry idea to market.

She found herself reading Po Bronson's "What Should I Do With My Life?" Then one night she was watching a taped episode of "Oprah" that featured a federal lawyer who had chucked his Washington career to open up a cake bakery.

"After that show was over," she recalls, "my husband looked at me and said, " 'You just picked the wrong job.'"

Read more: For frustrated designer, jewelry career rings true

New Jewelry Designers at BuckarooStyle

19 Jan

Take a look at some of the latest jewelry designs from some of the new designers that have joined up with Buckaroo Style.

Courtney Filer-Dougal – Glamourpuss Garnet Chandelier Earrings $59


Stephanie Faith Herman – Carl Necklace $40


debbie Carroll – Gray Pearl Necklace with Smoky Drop $100


Heidi J. Hale – Wire Wrapped South Sea Shell Pearl Earrings $48


Grace Chan – Dancing Pearl and Gem Drop Bracelet — Pink Pearls with Lilac Chalcedony Drop $108