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Technology Trends in Jewelry

21 Mar

Technology involves more than just banging away at your computer terminal all day long. Today technology is actually a new trend in jewelry and accessorizing. No longer content with adorning our bodies, we now need to embellish our peripheral equipment, and that includes cell phones of course. What cyborg doesn't want to look chic these days as she chit Chats on her cell while ticking away on her PDA?

This new wave in trend mixed with technological fashion was also noticed by Suzanne Dandeneau, owner of C'Elegance. Here are a few selections from her site, cell phone jewelry which combines beads and charms:



Brides Say “Yes” to Palladium

21 Mar

Brides Say "Yes" to Palladium

Platinum and other precious metal prices have just gotten crazy-expensive these days. So, how do you get the look of white metal (platinum and white gold) without first winning the lottery? Try palladium, the new trend in white metal that is growing in popularity.

Palladium is actually part of the platinum family of metals. According to a definition posted by Google palladium is "somewhat less expensive than platinum, it also does not tarnish, has good working properties and weighs only a little more than half as much making it a favored for use in large earrings."

Novell Design Studio, a jewelry company who specializes in engagement rings, is banking on the new found popularity of palladium with this latest addition:


"The May/June issue of Bridal Guide (on newsstands in March 2006) features a preview of Novell's latest palladium product. The product will be available by the JCK Las Vegas Show in June 2006. This ring has 20 x .10 round diamonds. An approximate suggested retail price is $3600."

Touchy Watches

21 Mar

Touchy Watches

Seiko has a new, Limited edition, watch out that requires only a slight touch to change the settings. The company has named this new design piece the Spectrum. Only 500 hundred of these sleek watches have been made and are now up for sale on Ebay from March 19th to the 24th.

From Seiko to flog E Ink wrist watch on ebay:
"Called the Spectrum, the limited edition (only 500 are being made) watch features a microcapsule-type Electrophoresis display module, offering a thin flexible design that could bend around your wrist.

The model features touch-sensitive buttons, which require no physical force (to push the button in). Simply touching the area around the button with the tip of your finger can activate the sensor to carry out any operation of the watch."

Dreamy Jewelry

20 Mar

Dreamy Jewelry

I love this new jewelry by brother and sister artistic team Nico and Catalina Estrada. Nico explains the use of this sweet character, Katika, in the jewelry collection:

"Katika's World is a more romantic work. It is my first collaboration with Catalina Estrada, my sister. Here I use her wonderful illustrations as an excuse to frame an ideal world where girls smile, birds sing, bunnies are white and deers look blissful as Bambie. A dream."

I say "dream on!" I love this work. There just aren't that many enamel jewelry designers around these days.



See more of this talented brother and sister team's work (mainly pendants and some earrings) at

You can also see them featured on The Cool Hunter.

Spring Time Jewelry

20 Mar

Spring Time Jewelry

Spring is here, and that means lots of new jewelry collections are coming out right now. Here's one from Jeweled Elegance. Inspired by nature, you'll find lots of bugs (the good ones though), flowers, leaves, and pastel colors.

From a company press release: "Jeweled Elegance, an online boutique, is dedicated to creating fiercely romantic, yet utterly modern jewelry. Their Spring collection, now at, invokes the Art Nouveau period with airy organza necklaces, swinging ladybug earrings, and charming garden bracelets. Like all their handcrafted creations, pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited in nature, so it's first come, first served."


Personally, I'm not sure if I get the "art nouveau" influence in this collection, but non the less, it's still worth a look (or two).

Jewelry to the Stars

19 Mar

Jewelry to the Stars

Notice a pattern yet? Of course, now I had to take a look at Leslie Greene's jewelry web site. Her work is very high-end (diamonds, gold, precious gemstones), and a number of celebrities wear her jewelry; for example, Kristin Davis wore a medallion from Greene on the show Sex in the City.

One of the questions from the interview that I thought most interesting was if there are any new jewelry designs. I've heard so many jewelry designers pitch a fit about people copying them. In reality, I agree with Greene: "Everything designed today is taken from vintage. The detail and the way things are made are vintage."

In other words, it's been done, so get over it already.

Here are some pieces from Leslie Greene's site – enjoy!



Beader Becomes High-Fashion Designer

18 Mar

Beader Becomes High-Fashion Designer

According to the article I mentioned yesterday published by The Houston Chronicle, jewelry designer Kim Rouse has roots similar to my own when asked about her beginnings:

"I was doing what everyone was doing: stringing beads. Then I started casting metal and stones from my designs. I wanted to create designs that fit me, my life."

This statement prompted me to take a look at her web site to see how far she's come from a bead stringer. I liked what I saw!

From her Vineyard Collection:


From her Peridido Collection:


Her latest collection is called Labyrinth, and along with some of the following jewelry items, she also has a cool t-shirt for sale with the saying "Life is a labyrinth, Follow your heart." Other than the fact that the t-shirt has a comma splice on it, I love it! This is such an apropos mantra for us all. Don't you think?



Finishing Touch of Jewelry

17 Mar

Finishing Touch of Jewelry

I found this great article from The Houston Chronicle which interviews three jewelry designers and discusses how jewelry is basically the finishing touch to an outfit. This is very refreshing to see. While I realize designer jewelry doesn't have the clout that couture jewelry has, I don't think it receives enough attention either.

From Jewelry designers share their inspiration:

"A defining look in fashion is nothing without jewelry. Whether its fine or faux, jewelry adds the finishing touch. Much like clothing, jewelry also can follow trends. For spring, lengthy chains and bold, brilliant necklaces and bracelets will accent a neutral fashion palette. Also, colorful gems and diamonds will continue to sparkle."

Jewelry Tells a Story

16 Mar

Jewelry Tells a Story

Kate Betts, Editor-in-Chief of Time Style and Design, believes that jewelry today does more than add some style to a person's wardrobe; it tells a story.

From National Jeweler:

"Speaking Friday at the Women's Jewelry Association's annual Women in the Know Conference, Betts told attendees that understanding the shift can help them market and sell jewelry.

"I find a lot of the stories behind some of the top jewelers are not told enough," said Betts. "Today, people are really looking for meaning in their investments, and a more individual means of expression."

The newest jewelry stores convey stories of their own, with intimate, customer-focused boutiques that emphasize the shopping experience as well as the sale, she said. The boon in the luxury market has benefited jewelry, according to Betts, as fashion houses and other luxury companies have begun to try their hand at jewelry collections. fine jewelry has also become like fashion, Betts said, in that many designers offer a new collection each season instead of just one per year."

I find it intriguing fine jewelry manufacturers may start taking some tips from the smaller jewelry designer who puts out collections, just like clothiers, and who understand that when they market their jewelry they are telling a story about themselves as well.

Practically Peridot Found in Space

15 Mar

Practically Peridot Found in Space

NASA's Stardust space craft has discovered some really unusual minerals while it was snooping around the comet named Wild 2. Word from NASA is that some of the minerals and other elements they found unexpectedly include: olivine, titanium, aluminum, and forsterite (pictured), which is a silicate mineral common found in the gemstone peridot.

"Samples from comet Wild 2 have surprised scientists, indicating the formation of at least some comets may have included materials ejected by the early sun to the far reaches of the solar system.

Scientists have found minerals formed near the sun or other stars in the samples returned to Earth by NASA's Stardust spacecraft in January. The findings suggest materials from the center of the solar system could have traveled to the outer reaches where comets formed. This may alter the way scientists view the formation and composition of comets.

"The interesting thing is we are finding these high-temperature minerals in materials from the coldest place in the solar system," said Donald Brownlee, Stardust principal investigator from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Scientists have long thought of comets as cold, billowing clouds of ice, dust and gases formed on the edges of the solar system. But comets may not be so simple or similar. They may prove to be diverse bodies with complex histories. Comet Wild 2 seems to have had a more complex history than thought."

Read more: NASA's Stardust Findings May Alter View of Comet Formation