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Vogue Reports on Men’s Jewelry

22 Apr

Vogue Reports on Men's Jewelry

"Ubersexual" is a new term they are throwing around at Vogue Gioiello. His sexuality is ambiguous. Perhaps this is a throw back to the 1980s. Either way, one thing it seems to mean is that jewelry – macho or not – is still growing in popularity for men's accessories:

The aesthetic obsession of the declining Alpha type – David Beckham – shows up in a narcissistic gym attitude that can run into fanatical personal grooming, not to mention an ornamental code bordering on the effeminate. The rising Beta type – george clooney – has a healthier vision of himself, not too showy, but always well groomed, emphasizing perhaps the true nature of the contemporary male: good-looking and trustworthy, confident and reassuring. This is what we're told by Marian Salzman, the American trendspotter, always a step ahead of others in her predictions. In the book she recently co-authored The Future of Men she describes the ubersexual as a man of refined tastes who is very self-confident. He could be gay or straight and frankly doesn't care what people think.


Pictured: Chantecler VIP cufflinks with oval stones surrounded by a diamond-set rectangular border and Ponte Vecchio Gioielli
Profili ring in white gold and diamonds Takes on New Jewelry Designer

21 Apr

This relatively new on-line boutique – Peak Uniques – which obviously is catering to women – specializes in accessories (yes, that means jewelry, yah!), baby items, and yoga goodies, and they are announcing their newest jewelry designer, Amenda Tate:

Amenda is based in Colorado and has been designing and creating jewelry since 1996. She studied Mechanical Engineering at iowa State University (ISU) before realizing that her interest "how things work" would be better satisfied in a more creatively aesthetic mode – jewelry and metalsmithing.

Here are a few earrings I particularly liked made by this designer: Takes on New Jewelry Designer


Royal Jewelry

20 Apr

Royal Jewelry

Wow, wee, wow! Jewelry company Tanishq is announcing its latest collection called The Colors of Royalty, and you can really imagine your royal highness in these bad boys!

At least, I know I can see myself with one of those fabulous crowns on my head and ruby necklaces around my neck, even when I'm sitting here typing in t-shirt and shorts most of the time.


The company describes its inspiration as follows: The collection is inspired by the various aspects of the Victorian era. The classic essence of this period can be found in the then prevalent architecture, fashion, furniture, wrought iron, drapes, floral pattern, chandeliers, etc. The beauty of this evergreen styling has transcended through generations and found expressions in a variety of art forms cutting across various cultures. We can find traces of Victorian era in Indian culture as well.


April Jewelry Contest

19 Apr

For our April contest, ZN Creative Arts is generously donating two – count 'em – two pieces of jewelry, so yes, that means we will have two winners over here. Someone will win the beautiful red enamel flower earrings, and another winner will receive this pretty enamel flower necklace. These are both perfect summer jewelry pieces.



What do you have to do to win? Easy – Just make sure you fill out this on-line survey and include your email address. Two winners will randomly be selected from everyone who participates.

Watches Get the Boot?

19 Apr

Watches Get the Boot?

The LA Times is reporting that the younger generation is not so fond of wrist watches and instead teens and 20-somethings are more inclined to spend their money on techno-gadgets like cell phones or iPods that include a time piece on them:

Many older people too would make the cellphone their primary timepiece if it didn't mean digging around for their reading glasses, said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for the NPD Group, which tracks consumer trends.

"Once the cellphone manufacturers recognize that not everybody has X-ray vision, they'll begin to make the cellphone clock a little bit bigger and it will very quickly replace the fashion watch as the No. 1 timepiece," he said.

Cohen began polling consumers about watches after he realized that he had stopped wearing one a couple of years ago.

His conclusions were corroborated by the Piper Jaffray investment bank, which produces a semiannual report on teen preferences. In the latest study, teenagers who said they never wore a watch rose to 59% from 48%. The number of teens who said they wore a watch daily declined to 13% in this spring's survey, compared with 18% of those polled in the fall.

And 82% said they didn't plan to buy a watch in the next six months, compared with 76% last fall.

I find this sad. A watch, at least to this well-over-20-something, is a wonderful piece of jewelry that is functional as well as fashionable.

Pictured is a turquoise and sterling watch from Fossil Inc.

Clickable Jewelry Catalog

18 Apr

Ross-Simons has a new jewelry catalog available for viewing on its web site, and at first, I was like, okay, big deal, but then when I started playing around I realized that not only can you virtually flip through pages and pages of jewelry, you can also click on specific pieces.

For example, on page 2, there's this cuff bracelet: 18k Wide Textured Cuff bangle With Multi Semi Stones 12.50 c.t.w of citrine, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot and garnet dot a 18k gold cuff.

When you go to that page, move your cursor over the bracelet, and then click for detailed information, which includes an option for a larger view of the bracelet.

Here are a few more jewelry piece picks from their catalog:


Multi-Gem Beaded Necklace – The look is layered. A mingling of 3-3.5 mm cultured freshwater pearl strand with labradorite, chalcedony, and blue topaz beads. Sterling silver clasp. From Italy. Three lengths: 16", 18" and 20"


18k White Gold Fancy Diamond Dangle Emerald Tassle Clip/Post Earring
Thirty-five c.t.w gathered in fancy 1.55 c.t.w diamond caps. 18k white gold. Clip/posts. Dimensions: 0.5" and 2.75" hanging length.

Fashion Bloggers Update

17 Apr

Fashion Bloggers Update

Here's my Monday update from the jewelry and fashion blogosphere:

Almostgirl is thrilled that spring time means the return of spring fashions. is so over celebrity designers.

The Bling Blog agrees…enough already with paula Abdul and the rest of the celeb wana-be-designers.

Fashion Tribes picks out a pair of super cool link earrings (pictured). Links are "the" big jewelry trend right now by the way.

The Fashionable Kiffen is going to host the next round of the Cranivale of Couture.

The Jewelry and Beading Blog has a new link bracelet project posted.

The Manolo offers shoe advice for the young. I think his pick isn't just for pre-teens though.

Paula Abdul Jewelry Designer

16 Apr

Paula Abdul Jewelry Designer

Yet another celebrity has thrown her jewelry designing skills into the shop at home ring. Paula Abdul is announcing the launch of her new jewelry line. There wasn't much as far as pictures or detailed information on her web site about it:

Paula Abdul has her designs on you. After launching a small collection of jewelry on idol as gifts for the contestants, the word got out that not only can this girl sing, dance, choreograph, teach and inspire the next generation of pop sensations – she can really design!!! The jewelry was hot in demand so Paula Abdul hooked up with QVC – for a nationwide launch – and the collection is set to air April 21, 2006. She is set to have her first live hour with a studio audience to show the collection which will feature several pieces from bracelets, earrings and rings to necklaces that are meant to be layered together to get the look that Abdul herself has made famous with her signature style on the show.


There's a slide show of photos of the star on her site, but whether or not the jewelry she is wearing is designed by her, who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait to see when she exhibits on QVC.

Bling Big in Malaysians

16 Apr

Bling Big in Malaysians

Who doesn't love the bling? The bigger the better, the more sparkle the more we love it. This is true the world over, including Malaysia.

From Stoned on gems: As for this year's trend in Malaysia, he [Meer Habib] says solitaires are still "in" and something they introduced last year – "chandelier""earrings – is still popular. In fact, any type of long earrings is still flying off the velvet-lined trays.

For Habib's Malay customers, the long chain is very much in vogue; it is well-liked by women who wear the tudung. Meer also says that it's not just plain diamonds but coloured gemstones that are very much the rage. [...]

Meer says that what is popular now are rose-cut (meaning uneven) diamonds but his company is also making an effort to popularise uncommon coloured gemstones such as tanzanite (the blue zoisite), tsavorite (green garnet) and rubellite (red, pink, peach and purple colours). [...]

Malaysians are getting more demanding, knowledgeable and cosmopolitan as they are seeing more trends through the media, movies and the Internet, notes Meer.

Bijoux Opens New Jewelry Store

16 Apr

Tina posted a comment about this new on-line jewelry store, so of course, I had to go take a look at Madame Bijoux. They specialize in hand-craft jewelry made of crystals, gemstones, pearls, gold, and silver.

Here are a few picks for you to drool over:


Kathmandu Sky
Express your personality with this truly unique necklace. A hand painted turquoise seashell pendant gently suspended from an adjustable twined cord along with an eye catching pearl charm & a gold star that represents YOU!


New Delhi Fall
The vibrant city of New Delhi has inspired us in this piece. This charm gold necklace is a mix of a unique cloisonné and a cluster of faceted pink quartz roundels. Be ready to dazzle!