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David Tishbi and Two-Tone Metals

23 Jun

David Tishbi and Two-Tone Metals

Not everyone likes the look of two-tone metals, but I have to say that I do. To me, I don't bat an eye at the idea of wearing white and gold metals together. In fact, I have a number of two-tone jewelry pieces in my collection including a few necklaces and some earrings.

I like white metals and gold metals and oh, heck throw rose gold in there too. So, it's not always easy for me to decided what I want to wear, and with mixing metals, you don't have to decide.

One jewelry designer that has managed to create an entire collection around mixed metals is David Tishbi. Here's a little blurb from his web site along with some beautiful hand-craft jewelry pieces:

David Tishbi has dedicated years of work in finding and creating special and unique jewelry with the highest level of quality and workmanship. His designs are the result of the marriage between a rich imagination and the perfect use of materials such as silver, gold, natural and man made stones.


Sterling silver necklace with 14K gold Hammered cross.


Steling silver and 14K gold ring with a Carnelian stone. Available with Carnelian, Opalit, Blue Quartz


Sterling silver & 14K gold necklace with Mixed stones.


Sterling silver & 14K gold White Pearl earrings .

Caring for Opals

22 Jun

Caring for Opals

Opals have all kinds of all kinds of weird old folk tales connected to them because they are known for being fragile.

This makes them a little tricky for your average jeweler to work with when using opals in jewelry designs.

Even with this stigma, who doesn't love the power of an opal?

Kabana is well-known for its opal and other gemstone inlay jewelry. Along with some beautiful jewelry, a few pieces I've collected for you here, they also have some helpful opal care information available on their web site.




Celebs and Charlie Lapson Jewels

21 Jun

Celebs and Charlie Lapson Jewels

Get your celebrity fix and va-va-voom jewelry fix all at the same time at the LeVian website featuring a collection created by designer Charlie Lapson.

This interactive exhibit shows off his gemstones jewelry, including lots of diamonds and colored gems, and of course, beautiful gobs of gold.

If you click on the "celebrity look book," you can virtually turn the pages which show lots of celebs (who seem to have all the fun, no?) and jewelry.

Here are just a few I managed to pick up for you, but it's worth a look at the entire interactive exhibit.



Sophia Loren Jewelry by Damiani

21 Jun

Sophia Loren Jewelry by Damiani

Who else epitomizes luxury and glamour more than actress and super celebrity Sophia Loren? She is a glamour icon.

That and her beauty, even at age 72, may be why Damiani teamed up with her to launch a new jewelry line. You may be familiar with previous celebrity collections created by Damiani for Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow.

According to Modern Jeweler: The epitome of Italian glamour, Sophia Loren, is the muse for a new collection by Damiani. Sophia Loren and the three Damiani siblings, Guido, Silvia, and Giorgio Damiani, launched the new collection in Beverly Hills in March to an audience of international press in town covering the Oscars.

"We wanted to combine our style of classic diamond jewelry with the passion of rose gold, which we used to express her Italian spirit and warmth," says Giorgio Damiani, vice president of the Damiani Group. "She is the icon of Italian style, elegance, and sensuality. Because she is so glamorous, she wears jewelry naturally. She's exactly the right woman for fine jewelry."

The Sophia Loren collection by Damiani is seen modeled by Loren herself on this month's cover of Modern Jeweler. The earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants in the collection have a circle motif in 18k rose gold punctuated with Cascades of diamonds.

Enjoy a look at some pieces from this collection:




Eterna Gold Earrings

20 Jun

I caught a little of an Eterna Gold special the other night on QVC and I was really impressed by some of their earring styles. They seemed to have a pretty good price range, especially considering the cost of gold (even 14kt) these days. QVC has the corner on the Eterna Gold market, and describes it as follows:

EternaGold Jewelry – created especially for QVC – combines craftsmanship and durability to bring you genuine 14K gold pieces that are strong and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for your active lifestyle

It's nice to treat yourself occasionally to a fabulous pair of long, dangling, gold earrings.

Here are a few of my favorites from the QVC site.

Eterna Gold Earrings

EternaGold Fancy Bold chandelier French Wire Earrings, 14K


EternaGold Marquise Drop Threader Earrings 14K Gold

EternaGold Polished Triple Circle Drop Earrings14K Gold


EternaGold Polished Teardrop Lever Back Earrings, 14K


EternaGold Polished Byzantine Hoop Earrings 14K Gold

Necklace Layering Tips

20 Jun

Necklace Layering Tips

The look for necklaces right now is layered, but this can be tricky to do and I don't think everyone is able to pull it off all the time. Plus, let's face it – it is not always practical either. For example, if you have a fairly conservative work environment, then you don't want to go to work looking like a hippy chic.

Then there's the idea of comfort. If you have a busy lifestyle where you may be picking up children constantly or running around most of the day, lost of necklaces hanging around your neck may just not be that comfortable.

Here is a little helpful advice I found on line from an article entitled "Bling Time:"

The trick is to look as if you threw your jewels on as an afterthought. But just between you and me, it takes careful consideration to pull it off well.
First you need to think about the length of your chains.

No matter how many you layer on they should all fall at different points.
Opt for a heavy, longer chain (like the link chain pictured) and team it with a choker of your favourite gemstones. Then add another mid- length necklace with one stand-out stone or feature.

If you have a job or lifestyle that doesn't work with loads of necklaces hang off of you, then consider still getting the layered look only toned down a little. For example, here's a set I wear a lot when I work at my library job.

Some times I toss on another longer chain as well depending on the neckline of my shirt, but even just these two pieces – one fairly good sized textured gold chain and a thinner, longer chain with a gemstone pendant – is enough to add a little updated style to even the most conservative outfit.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 06/19/06

19 Jun

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 06/19/06

I finally added a bunch more jewelry, fashion, and general style-related blogs to my blog roll. I've been meaning to do this for a good while, but so many things to do these days you know.

For this week's blogosphere linking, then, I'm just going to bop around and see what's what when it comes to jewelry and blogging. My picks are totally random, so if you want to add your own jewelry and fashion links, feel free to do so in the comments.

Also, if you know of a blog that I should look at and maybe add, let me know, again, just add it to the comments.

Sharp Lily offers this stylish yet delicat pearl bracelet as a fashion pick.

My Fashion Life says to shop independent and shows off some super cool rings by designer Anna Chan.

Oh Joy! is crazy about some faux antique looking jewelry pieces.

Papier Doll has some window shopping information, including a cool cell phone charm.

Style Bytes laughs about some funny 80s style jewelry, including a brooch and pair of earrings she recently purchased.

Bling Blog has some advice on how not to wear jewelry like britany spears.

Fashion Tribes has the dirt on some cute little 14kt gold change purses.

More on Jewelry Magazine Trend Watching

19 Jun

More on Jewelry Magazine Trend Watching

I have already spoken about how helpful a resource I find Modern Jeweler when I'm doing my jewelry research, and I have to say that it is at the top of my list. However, it is pretty hard core when it comes to jewelry and the industry. The casual jewelry and fashion reader may find it a little too much. So another pick I have for you is W magazine.

As the name indicates, it is not just about jewelry but a magazine that covers all areas of style – jewelry, purses, hats, clothing, travel, and beauty. At a mere $15 subscription price, I think it is well worth the cost if you want to keep an eye on fashion trends.

Steel Jewelry

18 Jun

Steel Jewelry

Happy Father's Day to all you great dads out there!

More and more I have been finding some wonderful men's jewelry out there in cyberspace, so if you didn't get something extra cool this Father's Day for dad, maybe for an up coming birthday or a just because gift some time?

Here are some pieces, a few bracelets, a ring, and a pendant, from Steelx, a company who makes jewelry from surgical grade stainless steel.

Luscious Gemstone Jewelry from India

17 Jun

Luscious Gemstone Jewelry from India

Abhay Navinchandra's say they make low-weight jewelry, but I think you'd call their precious metal and gemstone jewelry anything but light-weight.

Not loads of information on the company website but loads or luscious gemstone eye-candy.

That's okay, though. Sometime it's just fun to window-web shop and not read. Just dream….

Peridot Earrings

Diamonds, Emeralds, and Green Onyx Necklace

Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

Diamond and Sapphire bangle Bracelet

Ruby, Amethyst, and Diamond Ring