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A Pandora’s Box of Jewelry

31 Jul

A Pandora's Box of Jewelry

Probably due to the influence of the mixed media jewelry movement right now, vintage pieces are still a strong trend in jewelry designs.

This is especially true when you can find some unique way to incorporate found vintage objects, components you don't normally expect in a piece of jewelry, into your overall design.

That's seems to be the approach of jewelry designer Jenifer Altman of Juniper Designs when she developed her latest jewelry collection, Pandora's Box.

From a company press release: Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the mythical legend of Pandora, Jewelry Designer Juniper ( has released an ethereal, vintage-influenced collection of limited edition necklaces, called Pandora's Box.

Using gorgeously unique found objects such as antique brass keyholes paired with semi-precious gems such as Peruvian opal and mother-of-pearl, each unique piece in Juniper's Pandora's Box collection evokes the beauty and mystery of this often misunderstood Greek maiden.

"I really love the overtly feminine shape of the antique keyholes, and the overall symbolism that the delicate but bold pieces call to mind," said Juniper owner and designer Jenifer Altman. "I was really inspired by the legend of Pandora and aimed to create a collection that spoke to the same characteristics of beauty, hope and curiosity that this woman from Greek mythology was alleged to embody," Altman continued.

With names such as "Eternity," "Desire" and "Secrets," each piece in the collection carries through its own connection to the legend as a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Prices for Juniper's Pandora's Box Collection range from $45 to $225 and may be purchased both online ( and at other fine boutiques throughout the country and abroad.


Brass keyhole with fresh water
Baroque pearl and vermeil accents on
a double 16" 14k gold-fill chain


Joie de vivre
Circa 1890 French antique keyhole on
a two strands of 16" 14k gold-fill chain
with mother of pearl accents. Keyhole
measures 4" across.


Brass keyhole with faceted crystal
quartz nugget, gold accents on
double 16" 14k gold-fill chain.


Antique brass keyhole with
rutilated quartz on a 18" 14k
gold-fill chain.

Pirate Jewelry

30 Jul

Pirate Jewelry

Pirate jewelry and accessories, from tiny skeleton charms to loads of chains and related baubles, seem to be every where I look these days.

I guess we can thank johnny depp for that considering his latest pirate movie is out this summer.

I did some jewelry research to find you some fun pirate jewelry styles to enjoy.

From Classic Hardware:


Skull Belt Buckle
Vintage image coated with epoxy resin in a sterling silver plated frame. Fits standard 1 1/2" belts.


Retrolite Skull Necklace

From Designer Exposure:

Beth Orduna Jewelry – Sterling Silver Necklace with Smoky Topaz Pendant

From Byron Bay Fine Jewellery:


Ruby and diamond ring

Free Go Red Pin

29 Jul

Free Go Red Pin

I found out about this cut little red dress pin that you can get for free, that's right, for free, while reading an excellent web site about keeping your heart healthy, A Hearty Life. I sent away for mine a few weeks ago and just got it in the mail the other day.

Isn't it cute?

Just head over to Go Red For Women, and sign up for a the free pin as well as a monthly newsletter and more.

They also have a shopping area where you can purchase additional pins and other items. Know of someone who needs to think more about her health? What better way to give her a gentle nudge?


Ginger Root Jewelry

28 Jul

Ginger Root Jewelry

What do you get when you have wire wrapped around lots of chunky funky gemstone beads? Gingeroot! Okay, well, not really, but that's the name of this jewelry company that designs some unique styles of jewelry doing just that.

Using very thin gauge wire the stone beads are connected almost as if the wire were a piece of thread, weaving beads together and wrapping them around one another.

Gingeroot describes its design philosophy as follows:

Gingeroot designs are inspired by the mysterious beauty of simplicity in women's fashion, and guided by the image of the ginger root: Natural, Understated and Potent.

Along with selling finished jewelry, this company also has a few other services including customized wedding jewelry and home jewelry parties.


Pink opal and parrot green chalcedony necklace


Coconut ring. Mother of pearl


Grape ring. Parrot green chalcedony, deep purple amethyst

Keepsake Jewelry

27 Jul

Keepsake Jewelry

The art of collecting and preserving memories is a very popular movement right now, especially in the crafts industry. In fact, memory-crafts is an area I'm currently researching for a school research project, so I've been amazed at how this concept seems to be all over the place now.

Memory recording is now even popular in jewelry with styles that include incorporating photographs and charms that have special meaning to the wearer.

Here is yet another jewelry company who bases their jewelry designs on the notion of memories. From a company press release:

Treasured Memories Inc., the Chicago, Illinois based supplier of specialist keepsake jewelry today announced a new collection of bracelets and matching pendants with sealable compartments designed to store a personal memento or keepsake.

With designs for both men and women, available in gold and sterling silver, the bracelets feature two removable end caps decorated with selected birthstones or mother of pearl, each revealing a hollow section within which a personal message, a prayer, lock of hair, or even a baby tooth can be safely stored. The matching pendants have a single cap which unscrews to reveal a tubular compartment suitable for a small scroll or similar keepsake.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. John Pink, Managing Director, Treasured Memories said, "We introduced this collection with the tag line "Jewelry that Keeps a Secret(TM)" to appeal to fashion-conscious consumers of all ages with a common goal – staying close to a loved one, or to a memory that holds a special place in their hearts. Wearing keepsake jewelry is a beautiful and stylish way of keeping the memory alive while maintaining its privacy and personal significance – only the wearer knows what it holds inside."

"Keepsake jewelry makes a perfect gift at birthdays, christenings, and weddings, and also provides comfort and solace to the recently bereaved," he added.


Bold and Beautiful Jewelry

26 Jul

Bold and Beautiful Jewelry

One of my favorite daytime soaps is Bold and the Beautiful on CBS, and one reason I like this soap is that the characters are always dressed so fashionably and that includes jewelry.

Pictured left is Ashley Jones, aka Bridgett, wearing some long and "wow" gold earrings.

The main premise surrounds a family who are fashion industry giants, The Forresters, so of course, it makes sense that the characters are always wearing the latest styles and have some of the most fabulous jewelry. Earrings, especially, long, dangling, fabulous earrings seems to be a B&B favorite. I'd love to know the designer or designers they use.

Here are some pictures of Katherine Kelly Lang, aka Brooke, wearing some different pieces of jewelry.





I found Katherine Kelly Lang modeling jewelry for jewelry designer, Deborah Kennedy, though I couldn't find out if Kennedy's jewelry is ever used on the show.

Even the more mature characters have great jewelry on this show.


Darlene Conley, aka Sally


Susan Flannery, aka Stephanie

Even if you aren't a B&B fan or even a soap fan, it's worth some channel surfing to check out this show once in awhile if for no other reason to enjoy the jewelry.

Rock Your Body with Jewelry

26 Jul

Rock Your Body with Jewelry

New age folklore and gemstones have been popular since the 70s, perhaps before then if you really think about how long ago people started wearing gemstone jewelry and the historical lore that surrounds many stones.

This idea of gemstone powers is mixed with an Asian flair at Body Rocks Jewelry, the brainchild of two designers.

From a company press release: That gemstones have healing power is an age-old idea. Since the dawn of time man has held a mystical relationship to rocks and crystals found in nature. What is new is the idea of bringing the spiritual power of gemstones into the mainstream and world of high fashion. See

"We love fashion accessories and it occurred to us that we could combine fun and funky pieces that did double duty as energy sources and powerful healing tools. Everything I'd seen was either too cliché or too yoga inspired. There was nothing available for the fashion junkie with a spiritual side," said Deira Gerritsen, Founder and CEO of Body Rocks Jewelry.

The line features a wide variety of designs incorporating more than 50 gemstones that possess distinctive healing properties. The collection includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and belts in styles that range from the funky and chunky to decidedly feminine.

I don't think I buy into this concept as "new" to the fashion world. Heck, that's how I got involved in jewelry and designing jewelry in the first place. I used the "power" shtick myself back in the 80s and early 90s. None the less, they have some wonderful jewelry on their site.


Smoky quartz earrings


Peridot, aventurine, pink & white freshwater pearl earrings


Gold Spike Bracelets


Turquoise 8 String Necklace

More Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere This Week

25 Jul

More Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere This Week

Like I said, there's so much wonderful fashion and jewelry content out there in the blog world, I thought it was worth a second go round. Jewelry Making announces the winner of a bead grant.

Almostgirl makes a stand against what she terms as "the glam culture."

Blogging Project Runway has a great photo (pictured) and information on The Miss Universe Pageant and Tara Conner who was wearing this bejeweled gown created on the show.

Brown712 picks out a watch for every day, the Pedre.

Budget Diva gives us the "rap" on fashion, a pretty mixed media (ribbon, chain, and beads) necklace.

Bunnyshop has some info on the sale at Anthropologie, which includes some great beaded necklaces.

Coutorture has a growing list of community members including the already mentioned Craft section and also a Perfume section.

Fashion Tribes shows off an adorable charm bracelet.

Couture in the City displays some skull jewelry – seeing this all over the place, aren't we?

Fashionable Kiffen is already looking towards fall and the soon to be here fashions.

For Watch Fanatics

25 Jul

For Watch Fanatics

Constructing the perfect watch is not a simple feat. It is really a science when you consider all the little gizmos inside a watch and all the mechanisms that must work perfectly to make a fine time piece work and work well.

I have to admit that while I find time pieces interesting, I've always been more interested in the aesthetic qualities of a watch than the inner workings. However, for watch fanatics, there's a new web site, an on-line magazine really, called The Goldarths Review, which includes some in depth watch, or for those in the know – horology – information.

Yes, I feel like a dolt, but I did have to look that word up. I'll admit it!

From Wikipedia: Horology is the science and study of timekeeping devices. clocks, watches, and chronometers are examples of instruments used to measure time.

The Goldarths Review covers various types of luxury items, mainly focusing on the male market, but anyone who has a fascination with horology will find their current list of feature articles on this subject very interesting. They also have a mailing list you can sign up for.

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 07/27/06

24 Jul

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 07/27/06

Wow! There is so much wonderful fashion and jewelry content on the blogosphere this week, I may just have to do two of these round-up style posts.

The Bling Blog shows us some adorable puppies wearing pearls.

The Bag Lady enjoys some beaded jewelry (pictured) from Lori Anderson.

Omiru offers some outfit advice for nighttime fun, including a beaded black necklace.

Oh Joy! displays some fun finger baubles – aka rings, rings, rings.

My Fashion Life reports on the movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

Kristopher Dukes picks out a bronze metallic hand bag for us.

Kiss Me Stace has some metallic shoes to go with K's metallic hand bag.

Jewelry and Beading covers controversy when it comes to some cool earrings.

Guise says the gold rush is on in fashion, and not just for jewelry.