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New Jewelry by Laura James

31 Aug

New Jewelry by Laura James

Laura James has a new collection out, though right now it seems to be unnamed. If I were to name it, I'd call it "Heavy on the Metal," because this jewelry designer has incorporated a number of metal related elements in with a mixture of beads.

These piece, though, still seem to speak of her love of antique jewelry as well. She mentions in her bio that she plans on taking a few jewelry classes at Penland School of Crafts, which is well-known for its high quality crafting classes. Obviously, she didn't construct all the components in these designs, but it makes you wonder if she was maybe influenced some by her new ventures in metalsmithing.

Whatever she calls them, here is an assortment of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets recently added to her site:
Vintage black floral metal cross on dainty silver chain.
Moonstones and vintage brass fan charms.
Vintage filigree & green pearl dangles.
Vintage gold bracelet with green garnet stone.

Anne Maa Designs Mini-Collection

30 Aug

Anne Maa Designs Mini-Collection

Anne Maa Designs is announcing a new mini-collection called Golden Nature.

As the name indicates, you'll find lots of golden colored beads like citrine, mixed with loads of nature inspired chunky stone combinations such as turquoise, chalcedony, and aqua quartz. Jewelry pieces are accented with gold findings and wire.

You may be most familiar with the designer's large and lovely wire and gemstone rings.
However, this latest collection also includes earrings like these 24K gold dipped oak leaves and apatite with wire wrapped prehnite.
And necklace, such as this wire wrapped chrysacola and 24K dipped birch leaf with vermeil bead on 28" chain, perfect for layering.

Bunny Paw Pendant

30 Aug

Bunny Paw Pendant

A number of years ago I had a pet rabbit, Mr. Bunny. I know, really unique name, but if you know anything about rabbits then you know they don't mature for a while, so I thought he was a Miss there until I got a little surprise one day, thus the name change. Ebony was just to girlie for a Mister. Mr. B was with us for 11 years. He was a tough little guy, but very sweet. So I have a soft spot for this cute bunny paw pendant from Puppy Paws:

Puppy Paws Inc – fine jewelry for people who love animals – is pleased to introduce its new Bunny Tracks Pendant.

The Bunny Tracks Pendant was created after Puppy Paws received a special request from members of The National House Rabbit Society. "The members loved our Puppy Paws" explained Pamela Meltzer, President of Puppy Paws Inc. "Puppy Paws are paw-shaped jewelry that feature a simple paw in 14k or sterling silver. The paws are accented with gemstones or crystals that represent the dog or cat's birthday and the House Rabbit folks wanted something just as nice."

The Bunny Tracks Pendants are made in sterling silver and 14K gold, and can have gemstones added. 15% from every bunny pendant sold by Puppy Paws is sent to the national House Rabbit Society. "We left the back of the pendant flat so people can have the name of their rabbit engraved to personalize each piece." Bunny Track Pendants are about ¾" x ½" x 1/8". They retail from $29.00 in sterling silver to $249.00 in 14k white or yellow gold. A simple 18" chain is included.

The House Rabbit Society is a publicly supported non-profit organization with chapters in all 50 states. The goal of HRS is to educate the public about the responsibilities involved in keeping a companion rabbit before a rabbit is brought home often during the Easter holiday. Every year, unwanted, former Easter rabbits fill local rabbit rescues and humane societies. For more information about the National House Rabbit Society you can find their website at

Puppy Paws, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based designer of fine jewelry for animal lovers. The Puppy Paws Collection features a "uni-species" paw available in either sterling silver, white gold or yellow 14k gold, available online at, and in select jewelry stores and pet boutiques throughout the United States and Canada.

And, let me add my two more cents here. I loved my rabbit and he was with me for many years, but that is because I took really, really good care of him. And, care he did take. You'd think something so small (he was a dwarf rabbit of about 3 pounds) wouldn't take so much attention and care, but it is so not true. Therefore, unless you are ready to take on the huge responsibility, buy a gold fish, not a rabbit.

More Pirate Jewelry Booty

29 Aug

More Pirate Jewelry Booty

Pirate jewelry booty is still popular. Some of it I like, some I am not so sure about. The whole skull thing to me isn't real appealing. However, the nautical stuff, like ships or a treasure box charm, that I like. I also think these gold pistol earrings are cute.

I found some more pirate jewelry at Badali Jewelry. It is available in sterling silver or gold, and they have a pretty large selection of charms and earrings.

Along with pirate jewelry, this company has Licensing contracts to produce Lord of the Rings jewelry, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time jewelry, and Magic the Gathering jewelry.

Here are a few pieces from their pirate collection.


Emmy Jewelry

29 Aug

Emmy Jewelry

Did you manage to catch any of the Emmy Awards this past Sunday night? If not, no worries. Here is a little bling update for you. (Pictured left is Alfre Woodard with some stunning gold earrings and gorgeous big bracelet.)

From National Jeweler:
A-listers like Sandra Oh, Cheryl Hines and Heidi Klum all donned yellow gold jewelry, either worn alone or mixed with pieces and elements in white gold or platinum. Actresses accessorizing with gemstones included Tina Fey, Helen Mirren and Stockard Channing.

Jewelry styles overall signaled a continued withdrawal from over-the-top "bling" in favor of a more understated glamour.

While many celebrities, including ellen pompeo, Tyra Banks and Geena Davis, opted for diamond-intensive looks, they went for pieces that appeared more elegant than opulent.

Trends included navel-grazing necklaces, thick diamond cuff bracelets and oversized cocktail rings. No singular earring style emerged, as various celebrities selected studs, hoops, chandeliers and stilettos.

Chandra Wilson
Cheryl Hines
Heidi Klum

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 08/2806

28 Aug

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 08/2806

Oy! A hurricane is headed our way here in Florida, but before I lose power and my beloved Internet, here's a quick tour of the fashion and jewelry blog world for you.

Couture in the City reports on some jewelry fashion trends including this onyx horn pendant pictured.

Sharp Lily is going to miss the big beaded necklace trend.

Almost girl can't figure out how or when she became a bitchy fashionista.

Guise has fallen in love with some hand bags which have the look of chanel but for a younger crowd.

Kristopher Duke selects some sterling silver drop earrings for us.

My Fashion Life announces a new fashion blog just started by Drapers.

Style Bytes declares that mixing metals such as silver and gold is no longer a fashion no-no.

The Bling Blog tells us all about Ellen Barkin's jewelry sale at Christie's.

Jewelry and Beading has made a gorgeous crystal beaded flower necklace.

Elle Accessories Fall 2006

28 Aug

Elle Accessories Fall 2006

If you don't already have a subscription to Elle magazine, then keep an eye out for the magazine's special accessories issue for fall 2006.

I so don't need one more fashion or jewelry magazine to fill up my office, so I have to admit that I don't have an ELLE subscription. However, I've been eagerly awaiting this issue. Luckily, I found it in my local grocery store of all places.

Jewelry fans will find tons of big bold jewelry, massive rings, cuff bracelets, and layers and layers of chain necklaces.

Also on the extra large size are chunky style shoes and hobo bags you could carry everything you own in.

And don't forget watches in loads of bling sparklies and rich colors.

Fun and Funky Recycled Jewelry

27 Aug

Fun and Funky Recycled Jewelry

Christy Fisher is an Arizona designer whose fashion roots began in the 70s when she designed and constructed clothing for a number of rock groups. An expert seamstress and knitter as well, her talents eventually morphed into jewelry designing, and her jewelry, just like her garments, make unique fashion statements.

You'll find a mixture of all kinds of techniques from glass fusing to metal work in her jewelry which is an unusual mix and match of colors and materials.

For those who love color, her recycled glass work is appealing.


13mm necklace and 13mm bracelet

metal and glass cuff bracelet

Robin Steele Jewelry

26 Aug

Robin Steele Jewelry

Most jewelry designers cull from their own life experiences and interests when creating. Robin Steele uses her background in history as a starting point for developing her rich looking jewelry designs.

I love the look of her pieces and also the fact that many of the necklaces are adjustable in length and can be worn in different ways such as wrapped around the neck or lariat style.

Here is how she describes her design approach:

Robin likes to create contemporary pieces that are steeped in the influence of art from earlier centuries, often drawing inspiration from ancient architecture, ornamentation and mythology.

Every design is meticulously hand crafted and is available in a "limited edition", due to the rarity of the vintage stones used.

The timeless quality of each design is achieved through the use of: vintage European intaglio, antique glass cabochons or European matt crystal cameos. Combined with freshwater pearls or European glass beads, each piece is as unique as the women of today who collect them.

Teal faceted freshwater pearl and European glass bead double strand necklace. Victorian center front finding with European matt crystal charm drop.
Handmade bead chain necklace with silk blue European glass bead stations. Toggle front close. Silk blue matt crystal and brown buffelhorn charm drops.
Smoky topaz chandelier earring.

Unfortunately, Robin Steele only sells to wholesale customers, but you can contact the company to locate retailers in your area.
Vintage hematite and glass intaglio bracelet

Anne Koplik Jewelry & Watches

25 Aug

Anne Koplik Jewelry & Watches

I love the look of antique jewelry and have always envied those who have grandmothers who leave them treasured heirloom jewelry pieces which were passed down from one generation to another. My family roots date back to farm country, so most of my ancestors where hard working folks who lived off the land and didn't have a lot of extras when it came to dressing up and heading to the big city.

However, you don't need to have a rich old great aunt in order to score some antique-style jewelry. That's what I like about the jewelry style of Anne Koplik Designs; it's got the look of old-world but it was made in the new.

Here's a little more about the designer and her family who now help run the company:

Anne Koplik, founder and head designer, has always loved antique jewelry. Anne's initial inspiration stemmed from her mothers successful hat design business ambitiously established in New York City during the roaring twenties. For over 20 years, Anne has been combining her innate sense of style and design with her vast knowledge of glass jewels and brass findings to create original works of art treasured for their heirloom quality.

It seems this family tradition will remain strong throughout generations to come as Anne works side by side daily with her two daughters Jill and Kara. Jill is the lead designer and helps produce and create the innovative 200 piece collection each season. Kara ensures all business and financial operations run smoothly.

Together these three women have combined their exceptional talents to develop one of the most successful fashion jewelry companies in the world.

Along with antique-style jewelry, they also design crystal watches. Since I'm a ruby lover, I fell in love this with red crystal watch:

This sterling silver plated watch features Seiko movement and stunning Swarovski crystals. Known as the "gradation" watch because of the different shades of red, experience the envy of your friends with this dazzling timepiece.

Interesting how the nature look is back in now, yet here's a piece that looks like it is Art Deco inspired.
This gorgeous dragonfly brooch is hand-enameled with blues, greens and browns and glimmers with matching Swarovski crystals.

More of the nature theme is evident in the subtle use of a leaf motif.
This gorgeous earring features metallic and black multi-faceted beads complemented by leaf themed antiqued brass bead caps.