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Hair Jewelry

24 Aug

Hair Jewelry

When selecting your jewelry for a certain outfit, don't forget about your hair. Hair ornaments such as barrettes, combs, clips, and head-bands can add that something extra to your overall look.

I have very long, thick, fine hair, so it can be a major issue for me to find hair accessories that are both functional and fashionable. I recently discovered the France Luxe site and am very impressed with their huge selection.

France Luxe French Twist Comb with Swarovski
France Luxe Nacro Hair Stick Singles
France Luxe Voltaire Small Luxury Rectangle Barrette
France Luxe Swarovski Grid Rectangle Barrette

Bridal Party Jewelry

23 Aug

Bridal Party Jewelry

When it comes to weddings and jewelry, most of the attention is on the engagement rings for the bride and groom, especially the bride of course. But, what about the wedding attendants. You know, those women in the lime green foo-foo dress you thought looked great in the catalog and those guys in the too-tight tuxs.

They also need a little help with jewelry, and it is usually one more thing for the over-worked bride to do – pick out jewelry for them to wear at the wedding. has some advice for picking jewelry for those in the bridal party. I'll paraphrase for you:

  • Avoid trying to match jewelry exactly to the dress or tux. Instead, opt for something more classic that can be worn with anything such as small gemstone earrings.
  • Pearls are a perfect selection, go with anything, and are timeless. Again, stud pearl earrings or even a pearl strand are good choices.
  • For groomsmen, consider sterling cuff links accented with mother-of-pearl or onyx.


A Necklace for Mommies

23 Aug

A Necklace for Mommies

On a recent visit to see my two young nephews, Dalton 4 and Jake 1, I thought a few minutes before putting on a new pair of earrings I had just made for myself.

They are a pair of dramatic hoop earrings loaded with crystal beads, and while I think they look great, I imagined the boys pulling them out of my ears the first chance they got.

I decided to live dangerously and brought a little baggy to put them in just in case I changed my mind later, and sure enough, as soon as I picked up Jake, who weighs a ton now!, he went for the earrings, then my glasses, and back to my earrings.

Now Jake will soon be leaving the bottle behind, but still, young children love to grab for the bling. This common baby issue turned in to an "ah-ha" moment for Karen Blum who decided to design a necklace that was baby proof.

From the Mommy Blogger: Women give up a lot after birth. Say goodbye to free time, an active social life, sleep and, more often than not these days, your breasts.

New mothers are also forced to give up another important part of their former stylish lives: jewellery.

However, the pieces in the Mothering Rocks Nursing Necklace Collection, created by Karen Blum when she was a nursing mother, are not only stylish but entertain babies while they're being fed.

You can find this necklace collection on They are made using a mixture of gemstone and metal beads attached to leather cords.


Beach Mothering Rocks


Moonlit Butterfly – Mothering Rocks


Four Corners Mothering Rocks

Gorjana Disk Necklace Give-a-Way

22 Aug

Gorjana Disk Necklace Give-a-Way

Coutorture has teamed up with What Celebs Wear to give away this Gorjana Disk Necklace from ManEater Threads.

This necklace is a celebrity favorite and has been worn by Paris Hilton, hilary duff, Haley Duff, Shannon Elizabeth, Claire Daines, and Sophia Bush.

I can't say that I'm overly impressed with the Paris Hilton connection, but I like this necklace and layering is still pretty popular right now. So, I say go for it. Head over to Coutoture ASAP so you can enter to win.

I went to the ManEater Threads web site so I could get a better picture of the necklace for you.


Mythical Jewelry

22 Aug

Mythical Jewelry

The whole mythical slash fantasy slash nature trend is hot this season and the next, so expect to see lots of unusual mixes of materials (yes good ol' mixed media) and suggestions of fairies, nymphs, and the like.

Obviously in-tuned with jewelry trends, Juniper Designs, known for the cool key hole jewelry from the Pandora's Box Collection, has announced two new jewelry collections which build on the theme of mythology:

The Orion's Lover Collection uses fabulous vintage belt buckles and pairs them with natural gemstones such as Peruvian Opals as well as freshwater pearls. Each piece in the collection is one-of-a-kind. "I love creating one-of-a-kind pieces," said Juniper designer Jenifer Altman, "My customers love the fact that no one else will be wearing what they are – they are very discriminating." Each piece in the collection is named for a place, event or character in the tale of Orion and how he was destined to forever appear in the heavens.


The Calliope Collection, named for the Greek muse of epic poetry, is handcrafted of vintage pen and calligrapher pens. "I have always been such an avid reader and I love to write – this seemed like such a natural collection to create," Jenifer said. Each piece in the collection is named for the designer's favorite authors. The collection is particularly appealing to boutiques and retailers because though each piece is one-of-a-kind due to the nib itself, it can be reproduced in great numbers. "I really dedicated this collection to not only my favorite writers, but also all of the women who dare put pen to paper."


Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 08/21/06

21 Aug

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 08/21/06

August is leaving us oh so soon, and that means summer will be over in the blink of an eye. For some, it is already a memory as schools are starting up again and we all start cracking the books. But, that doesn't mean you still can't be stylish and wear all kinds of great jewelry while you've got your nose in a book. Here are some helpful hints from fellow fashion and jewelry bloggers.

First, Guise gives us the skinny on jewelry (pictured) by Karen Walker. As you can see, she's got the whole pirate, Johnny Depp, fantasy thing going on.

Busy with Style picks pearls as the ultimate classic fashion trend that never goes out of style.

Kristopher Dukes reminds us that we can adorn our shoes too with jewelry aka shoe clips.

The Bling Blog alerts us to a new show called Platinum Weddings.

Ring Rouge? How cool is that! Thanks to Sharp Lily for the heads up.

Style Bytes gives us the cure for fashion depression.

Fashion Tribes announces their long awaited magazines have new issues ready for you to read, and much of the content has been written by fellow bloggers.

Budget Diva found some very cool porcelain rings.

More Yummi Glass Jewelry

21 Aug

More Yummi Glass Jewelry

I talked about Yummi Glass Jewelry awhile back, and while I was able to find their jewelry on the net at various web retailers, I mentioned that their web site was still under construction.

Well, that really hasn't changed. It is still a work in progress, but the good news is that I was contacted by Yummi Glass and given the inside scoop on the designer behind the company as well as some jewelry images to show to my readers. So we can have our own private showing here on The Jewelry Weblog.

First, a little more about Yummi Glass designer allison Overbeke. While Overbeke livs in the U.S., her jewelry production is centered in Italy, a country long known for its quality glass artistry. She started her company in 1999, with the intention of creating simple yet elegant jewelry designs. Some of her collections include: Heart, Safari, Klimt, Pear, Stripe, Gold, Classic, Ribbon, and Crystal. You can find Yummi Glass in finer boutiques such as Blue Planet Malibu, Henri Bendel, and Fred Segal.

Now, sit back and enjoy more Yummi Glass eye candy.


Very Boni Jewelry Designs

20 Aug

Very Boni Jewelry Designs

Fun – that's how I would describe jewelry designs by Deborah Stein of Bonbon Oiseau.

Adorning ourselves is one way to celebrate life, to enjoy ourselves, and feel good, and that's as it should be. Stein seem to totally get this.

She describes her design philosophy on her site:

Deborah is seduced by one (and some)-of-a-kind vintage and antique notions, charms, glass beads and stones which she handpicks from markets all over the world. The history of the elements combine with modern components so that each Bonbon Oiseau piece is imbued with spirit, intimacy and mystery and each becomes a very meaningful little visual poem.

"I want the woman who finds my pieces to feel the excitement of coming across a rare little treasure and when she wears it, is confident sharing her enticing little 'story'."


le win
Coming in first in the ''2006 Derby Day Collection'': Antique glass square ring in pomegranite, a lustrous freshwater pearl with two vintage brass charms, a little racehorce above and a little crown below.
On 16'' sterling silver chain with toggle clasp.


glacon sans feuilles earrings
Icy blue kyonite stones and luminous white freshwater pearls match well with anything: any hair color, any eye color and these are just so easy to wear!
Two different vintage brass charms from sterling chain and french wires.


stars and fireflies ribbon
Sweet vintage brass giraffe charm, glass star button..dangling just below is a freshwater pearl and mother-of-pearl disk with a tiny vintage glass "firefly" ttached.

Candice Ang Bridal Jewelry

19 Aug

Candice Ang Bridal Jewelry

Though jewelry designer Candice Ang designs much more than bridal jewelry (such as the fiber and bead necklace pictured), I wanted to primarily spotlight her bridal collection because it is so unusual and contemporary.

These pieces are called "Classical/Bridal" on her web site, so obviously, they don't require a trip down the isle to be enjoyed. However, I felt they have a fairy-tale quality to the designs, so I could also see these as bridal pieces.


La Di Da in NYC

18 Aug

La Di Da in NYC

La Di Da boutique was recently given a little blurb in Accessories magazine, so I decided to take a virtual tour of the shop since I live a few thousand miles away from New York City. Much more convenient you know.

The magazine describes it as "cozy" aka "tiny," but the shop's web site at least seems roomy and full of wonderful jewelry and accessories.

These Teika earrings are wonderful! According to the web site, "earrings are made by embroidering delicate cotton or metallic threads integrating the gold-plated sterling silver and sterling silver hoops."


They also carry jewelry by accessories designer Candace Ang, who obviously is running out front with the found object and mixed media jewelry trend.


And here's a piece designed by Deborah Stein of Bonbon Oiseau. The shop describes her style as a narrative approach.


It is great to see little shops like this who represent local indie designers, and it's extra cool that we can all enjoy window shopping even though we don't live down the street.