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Ebel Watches for Men and Women

31 Oct

Ebel Watches for Men and Women

Super model, Gisele, is the Ebel ambassador to time, but you don't need someone this famous to see how luxurious these watches are, wow!

Ebel, who call themselves "the architects of time," have extensive lines of both men's and women's watches. I've selected a few below. Maybe it's time to hint around to you-know-who since the holidays are almost here.

Oh, something I thought was interesting on this site. Even though Ebel has a web site, they explain that you can't purchase any of their watches on line and that, in fact, if someone claims to be selling them through the Internet, then they are most likely fakes.

From the Beluga women's collection, here are some exquisite watches, and yes, by the way, I love Beluga carviar.
18kt gold and diamonds, mother-of-pearl dial
same watch, but this time 18kt white versus yellow gold
from the 1911 collection, 18kt pink gold, diamonds, and lapis
I think this one is my favorite.

Now for the guys…
steel, diamonds, Gator strap, from the Brasila collection
steel, gator strap, from the Tarawa collection

Bridget Troup Designs

31 Oct

Bridget Troup Designs

The jewelry design world is a tough nut to crack. There are tons of talented jewelry artists out there, so when I see someone new on the horizon, I totally understand how much guts it takes to put yourself out there. Actually, that's pretty much the case with any kind of artwork, but jewelry, especially, these days is so competitive.

That is what struck me about the story of Bridget Troup. She knew the pitfalls, but jumped right in….at it looks like the water feels great. She's gotten some great press, like this article from her local paper, The Decatur Daily: "I've always painted and done art, and when Fleming was born I wanted to do something creative that would also help earn money," she said. "When I learned that other people liked my jewelry as much as I did I tossed around the thought of starting my own business. Finally, after agonizing over the idea, I just did it."

Several months ago she launched Bridget Troup Designs and has been elbow-deep in semi-precious stones, gold-filled wire and faceted crystals since.

Her mission is to craft necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can be worn as easily with jeans as they can be with a formal gown. She describes them as "timeless but unique."

Here are a few pieces from her site:
78 " facetted carnelian and smokey topaz circle necklace
another long stone necklace

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/30/06

30 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/30/06

Starting off this week's link and fashion and jewelry packed blogosphere round up – aka blog snob picks – is Chick Alert with this wonderful earrings from Lila & Rain.

WhirlaGirl travels extra light with a new makeup compact that's got it all. She's also got a give-a-way deal, so check it out asap.
Coquette offers us some advice of picking some flats for fall.

Fashiontribes podcast-interview's the Design Director of to get the dish on the latest home decor trends.

The Bling Blog urges us to donate jewelry items as a way to help charity and for a few other reasons.

The Bag Lady spots us some Kate Spade key fobs, jewelry for your bags!


Stylehive's hot new product is a Liza Top by Katrin Schnabl.

Brrr…time to get your coats out and Second City Style has some suggestions for you.

Aesthetics + Economics urges us to earn our stripes for spring 2007.

The Bag Snob alerts us to a Net A Porter bag sale going on until Nov. 6th.

I'm Not Obesessed has a jewelry sponsor deal with a contest for a $150 certificate. Deadline is Nov. 2, so hurry up and enter.

Beauty News has some Halloween makeup ideas for us.

Stylebites has some suggestions for storing your summer clothes.

eBeauty Daily has the long and the short of it when it comes to hair extensions.

Jewelry and Beading reviews a filigree jewelry making book.

Blogdorfgoodman has all things Marie Antoinette, jewelry, soaps, makeup, you name it.

Kristopher Dukes has spotted some Peggy Li jewelry for 15% off.

Mattie Roberts has some Paris style for us, including a way out there yet cool necklace designed by Jean Phillipe.

Wow! I think I made an all time record with all these wonderful blog finds. If I missed you, just include yourself in the comments section. I post my round ups on Mondays, so if you have something to submit, just shoot me an email for future blog posts.

Bottega Veneta Total Fashion

29 Oct

Bottega Veneta Total Fashion

From jewelry to purses to gift items, Bottega Veneta gives you a total look.

However, while the jewelry journalist in me couldn't help but notice the jewelry, I also noticed the jewelry affects added to different accessory items such as shoes and purses.

Jewelry is not just for the body any more. It offers a way to add that extra touch to other accessory items as well, and obviously Bottega Veneta has discovered this.

Here are a few pieces from the company's web site that I noticed at that extra jewelry touch as well as a few jewelry items themselves.

Like…these braided bold chains…wow!

But, then notice the stone accents, little cabochons, on these sandals.
Even their purses have chain accents and dangles attached. I love the tiny purse attached to the big purse – very cute.

Georg Jensen Watches and More

28 Oct

Georg Jensen Watches and More

Georg Jensen designs for your life. That includes jewelry, watches, even home accessories.

His work is elegant, deceptively simple looking, and timeless. This is the type of watch or jewelry item you will wear on and off forever because it doesn't follow a trend. Instead, it has a classic character to it.

Enjoy some of this talented designer's watches and jewelry pieces….

Like this pocket watch slash pendant
And this watch with a calfskin leather strap, resembles a cuff style bracelet
An 18kt gold and citrine ring
Sterling silver and rock crystal earrings

I like how these are jewelry and watch items you could wear every day, comfortable and classic, but they still have that designer touch.

Pitt Jewelry Shops While E! Canned

27 Oct

Pitt Jewelry Shops While E! Canned

I don't usually follow celebrities all that closely, but I thought this was an interesting story for a few reasons. First, it talks about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shopping for jewelry in India, and I thought that was kind of interesting since they tend to be globe trotters. Wouldn't that be cool to pick up a jewelry trinket as you hop and skip around the world?

The second reason I thought this was interesting is non-jewelry related. I just thought it was weird how people can think it's okay to walk into someone else's home uninvited because they are celebrities. If you do that in anyone else's home it's called breaking an entering.

Here's a little more about this meddled story from

Two employees of television channel E! Entertainment were sacked after they were accused of trespassing a Hollywood Hills estate belonging to actor Brad Pitt, who is currently in India. The 42-year-old actor, who is in Pune with girlfriend Angelina Jolie for the production of slain journalist Daniel Pearl's biopic 'A Mighty Heart', has threatened to sue the two employees, who were nabbed by construction workers at the estate. [...]

Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt are making the most of its India trip, accompanied by their three children, Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh Nouvel. The family went to Rajasthan, a state known for its cultural heritage, to shop for jewelry. Pitt and Jolie arrived in Jodhpur on October 20 and spent two days shopping for gemstones and jewelry the state is famous for.

"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, along with their son, visited our showroom and purchased traditional Kundan and Minakari jewelry from us. The couple spent over two hours here and showed keen interest in emerald and silver jewelry too," said D R Singhvi, who owns Gems & Art Plaza, a jewelry showroom in Jodhpur, referring to some local styles. Jolie picked out gemstone jewelry and was fascinated by other traditional styles as well.

Photo from

Instore Picks Another Jewelry Winner

26 Oct

Instore Picks Another Jewelry Winner

InStore magazine has another pick for fabulous jewelry shops with their latest focus on Simmons Fine Jewelry located in Meridian, Idaho.

According to, Simmons was ranked the 7th coolest jewelry store in the nation:

Simmons' new store, at 1220 N. Olive Ave., Meridian, is five times larger than the former Boise store. It employs 14 people and generates more than $4 million a year in sales, Simmons said.

The store houses 72 jewelry cases and the 300 linear feet of display area divide the wares by gem: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz and pearls among them. Simmons also carries Breitling and Cartier watches (Simmons' personal favorites), Seiko clocks and, of course, scores of wedding rings. A curved ceiling inlay mirrors the u-shaped main jewelry display.

A large wrought iron chandelier dangles from a recess above the entryway, shining down onto the Simmons logo inlaid in the tile floor.

In the wake of the Instore award, Simmons has received increased attention from jewelry vendors worldwide.

"We pretty much have everything we want," Simmons said.

With two graduate gemologists and three custom jewelers on staff, Simmons does all its own custom work on-site in a basement lab. An ultra precise computer cuts the most intricate custom designs – from family crests to athletic team logos – into molds before they're cast into metal. Simmons also started selling its own brand of diamonds, with a microscopic Simmons "S" (reminiscent of the Superman logo) laser-cut into the diamond.

Here's a look at the inside of the store – check out all those fabulous jewelry-filled glass cabinets.

World Jewelry Center

25 Oct

World Jewelry Center

I've been saying it for years now – Jewelry is BIG – and now, we jewelry lovers are going to get our own big beautiful World Jewelry Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the city of bright lights and glitzy bling.

The developers of this gem (sorry, couldn't help myself there) is Probity International Corporation. However, even though the first brick hasn't been set for this huge undertaking, there is already a World Jewelry Center web site where you can find out future plans for this major jewelry undertaking:

The World Jewelry Center, with approximately one million square feet of mixed-use space, will be one of the largest jewelry hubs on the planet. Located in Las Vegas, the new Center will combine the corporate offices of domestic and international gem and jewelry companies in an iconic, state-of-the-art trade tower adjacent to a spectacular free-standing gallery of retail jewelry stores with broad market appeal. The mixed-use project will also feature a world-class museum, exhibition space, and exclusive luxury residential condominiums. Designed to house manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, and retailers, the World Jewelry Center is poised to revolutionize the global jewelry industry and become a progressive business focal point for international trade and commerce.

The World Jewelry Center will be a one-stop shop for both gem and jewelry professionals and the consuming public. The convergence of key trade leaders that span all industry sectors and international boundaries will bring innovative ideas and best practices, setting new standards for quality and integrity in the trade. The project is unique in that professionals will have the opportunity to purchase their own office condominiums. The public will also benefit from a unique, service-oriented shopping experience that is educational in nature and promotes consumer confidence. The World Jewelry Center truly is the new global marketplace for gems and jewelry.

South Africa Bead Show

25 Oct

South Africa Bead Show

Since so many beads come from places like Africa, it's nice to see they are entering the world of bead shows. I can't tell you how many emails I get from jewelry and bead lovers outside the United States that are disappointed that they have such limited access to jewelry making products.

So, this article "South Africa's first Beading Exhibition scheduled for May 2007," was great to see.

South Africa's first exhibition dedicated to the beading industry, Beadex Africa, will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 11 to 13 May 2007.
Organised by the Thebe Exhibitions and Events Group, Beadex Africa will expose beaders to new techniques and trends so that they can grow their businesses. Leading international teachers will provide workshops and kits and suppliers will showcase their products at the exhibition.

Group Managing Director Carol Weaving says beading is a growing international industry. "With Beadex Africa we aim to truly bring the industry together and to life in South Africa. International buyers will meet local suppliers and workshops will set the tone for the future of the industry."

Workshops at Beadex will, among others, focus on art claywork, silverwork, wirework, weaving, crochet, lampwork, glass bead making and gemstones, with a strong emphasis on international trends and techniques as well as traditional African techniques.

Beads of all kinds – crystal, wooden, glass, clay, silver and seeds – and from leading beaders in Austria, the Cheq Republic, Venice, China and Indonesia will be on display. Consumers will be amazed at the kaleidoscope of products displayed that incorporate beadwork.

Weaving says Beadex will not be a traditional exhibition, but a true 'buyer meets seller' platform. "Beadex will match suppliers with markets that suit their profile. In the end, a growing beading industry will also help other industries grow, such as tourism."

Special events at Beadex will include a 'meet the teachers' reception, fashion show, social evening and a live auction.

For more information contact alison Schaffer on tel 011 549 8380.

Ethnic Ethos Men’s Jewelry

24 Oct

Ethnic Ethos Men's Jewelry

I’m really not sure what I think about this men’s jewelry collection from Ethos.

On the one hand, I like the ethnic quality, use of materials, and unusual shape combinations. But, on the other, it comes off as a little “clunky.” Maybe it’s also that I’m not attracted to the unshaven, needs a shower….er…earthy type of guy.

What do you think? Stylish? Or just too far out there for your man?

Obviously, some in the entertainment industry enjoy wearing this jewelry, which by the way, is no available at Barneys New York. From a company press release:

Ethos, whose trendsetting fashion accessories were a hit at last spring’s Cannes Film Festival, introduced its “Ethos Men’s Collection” recently in Barneys New York. The composition of the pieces, which are hand made in Paris by a Senegalese artisan, incorporates Ethos signature mix of beautiful and exotic materials such zebu bone from Kenya; leather amulettes, Ethiopia; ebony and cocoa shells Mali; hippopotamus horn, Ivory Coast; bronze and glass Ghana; and antique shells and bakelite from Nigeria.

After a chance viewing of the women’s collection, Barneys senior men’s buyer, Jay Bell, challenged Ethos to design a collection that would appeal to the aesthetic of Barneys special yet demanding clientele. The result is both a timeless and versatile collection. “These are culturally- significant statement pieces that also correlate with today’s fashion stories,” asserts Bell.
Actor, Ethan Hawk, wears an Ethos
Men’s Collection necklace of zebu bone from
Kenya and bakelite from Nigeria

Nikki Beach co-owner, Eric Omores, in an Ethos
Men’s Collection necklace
Actor, Director, Mario Van Peebles, sports an Ethos Men’s Collection piece