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Not Penny Pinching Jewelry

24 Oct

Not Penny Pinching Jewelry

Penny Preville has come a long way from stringing up hippy style jewelry using turquoise beads to creating jewelry with mega star power.

Her finely crafted jewelry designs are often seen complimenting the red carpet as it is draped or dangled from the bods of celebrities such as Maria Cross, Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, and Maria Menounos.

A little more about this jewelry designer, her philosophy, and her beginnings from Get personal with your jewelry MATTERS OF STYLE:

If you approach Preville for something special, she'll ask questions before showing jewelry. "I would talk to you, see what your job is, what your life is like. I try to learn all about you."

Preville became intrigued with the craft as a child. "My grandmother had a box of beautiful, fine vintage jewelry," she said. "It looked like a treasure chest to me." On Sundays she would visit and try on jewelry.
While still in college, Preville spent a summer on Fire Island, a beach resort near New York City, where she began styling turquoise and coral beads. Later she evolved from the American Indian aesthetic so popular in the '70s to sterling silver beads and eventually to stones.

Like many designers, she started her business after making jewelry for herself and then for friends. Her husband soon joined her in the company. Her first retail customer was New York specialty store Henri Bendel. Bloomingdale's soon followed, and with no showroom or office, she was entertaining store buyers in her apartment.
Although Preville's current work runs the gamut from modern, long diamond chains and diamond cuffs to pink sapphire designs, she is often inspired by the past. Art history and antique jewels fascinate her, she said. Egyptian, ancient Greek and, especially, Victorian designs touch her.

You can see the obvious influence of estate and antique elements in her jewelry. Take a look at a few earrings, necklaces, and rings from her collection.


A Mish Mash of Jewelry

23 Oct

A Mish Mash of Jewelry

BRIT Hostetler's fame began with a phone call out of nowhere asking about her jewelry and maybe if she'd like to include some her earrings in one of those goodie bags the celebs get at 2006 Emmy awards. Celebrities like Geena Davis, Debra Messing, Annette Bening would be wearing her dangling earring designs.

Of course, she said no….ah…just kidding….!!

That is where it started for this young jewelry designer, but she continues to get press for her designs and her company called Mish Mash Jewels.

Here's more about her experience from

"I got a phone call, and they asked to speak to the director of marketing," she said. "I'm the owner, the designer, the director of PR, finance, the secretary. I immediately called my parents and told them."

According to the artist, a secretary of the gift bag company found an ad for Hostetler's earrings in a blog. The secretary was so taken with the design she showed them to her boss and the rest, as they say, is history. Except, as with so many success stories, it really started much earlier — with seed bead necklaces in fifth grade.

Though Hostetler has no training, she learns from other artists and from books.

"In anthropology, I saw a lot of ornamentation from all over the world, from all times," she said. "Some of the breast plates and the layered pieces I noticed in my anthropology text when I should have been taking notes."

Perhaps her interest in anthropology also accounts for her appreciation of stones.

Check out more earrings and a few necklaces from this talented and lucky jewelry designer.
Microfaceted Clear Quartz on Large Link Chain with Asymmetrical Chain Accents
Red branch coral mixes beautifully with fluid silver chains and a hammered silver link
Faceted Tiger-Eye on a Sterling Link Chain

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 10/23/06

23 Oct

Fashion and Jewelry Blogosphere 10/23/06

Kicking off this Monday's Blog Snob round up is Kristopher Dukes, who says you may be over the bag and over the belt, but what about the Steel and diamond Fendi B watch (pictured)?

Second City Style has some cool fashion looks for less.

Aesthetics + Economics takes a thoughtful look at the idea of connecting color with product branding with worthly causes.

Fashion Tribe's Beauty Buzz gives us the scoop on a skin care line from PreVious by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy.

Papierdoll is over the fat, wide, tight Fendi belt. What about you?

The Bag Snob meets up with André Leon Talley, Editor At Large for VOGUE.

Elke from The Beauty Newsletter gives her professional view of the Dove Evolation Commercial.

Girlawhirl revisits Fashion 2006 with a cool collage of clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Welcome, Coquette, to The Jewelry Weblog blog roll, where Natalie combines her love of fashion with technology.

Another new addition to my super long, fabulous blog roll is Stylehive!

Beauty Addict gives us the low-down on some new Clinique that is coming out next week. Lucky girl already has it in her hands!

Blogdorf Goodman reminds us about a contest slash give-away to check into.

Fashion Tribes finds some unusual jewelry created by Courtney Galler's.

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Hoop earrings are one item Style Bites suggests for the hung over student.

The Trashionista is thrilled about the outcome of Project Runway.

eBeauty Daily is crazy about cosmeceuticals. Cosme what?

Show Some Heart Jewelry

22 Oct

Show Some Heart Jewelry

October is almost over, but you still have plenty of time to buy some pink bling to help pass on the word about Breast Cancer Awareness.

At the same time, many jewelry shops and on-line vendors are also passing on some of the proceeds on specific jewelry items to help with cancer research.

Bijou Boutique, for example, has this sweet piece of crystal bling.

Here's the info from the web site:

These beautiful Swarovski crystals make this puffy heart charm a definite eye-candy accessory.
Heart pendant measures 3/4" long x 1/2" at widest

The cost is $50 each, and BijouBoutique will donate 20% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation!

This cute little pendant would look perfect on a small silver chain.

Simon Alcantara’s Pearl Power

21 Oct

Simon Alcantara's Pearl Power

Simon Alcantara shows that you don't have to wear your grandmother's pearls all the time.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but with the wide selection of pearl shapes, textures, sizes, and colors, the jewelry design possibilities, as he so aptly shows us, are limitless.

First, a little about this talented jewelry designer: originally a ballet dancer, Alcantara started making jewelry as a young teen and selling it to all his little ballerina friends. Eventually, a severe injury changed his plans from becoming a famous ballet dancer into becoming a famous jewelry designer.

He is a self-taught artist and specializes in using natrual materials such as pearls (see his yummies below), natural stones, wood, and metals.


keshi pearls on gold wire


Both earrings – gray agat with pink Biwa pearls and 18kt gold

ryholite, citrine, keshi pearls, tiger-eye, 18kt gold

Key Into Jewelry

20 Oct

Key Into Jewelry

The "key" theme in jewelry has been pretty popular over the past year or so, connecting to the idea of using unusual objects, sometimes found objects, in jewelry designs.

But, keys have come a long way from the type Madonna used to wear as a single earring, baby! Check out this wonderful jewelry collection, called of course "Keys of Life," by jewelry designer Barbara Bixby (pictured).

Made of gold and encrusted with gemstones, these key style pendants are beautiful, showing that you can catch onto a trend but turn it around into something unique at the same time.

Breuning Jewelry for Brides

19 Oct

Breuning Jewelry for Brides

Wedding jewelry continues to amaze me. It is so different than the jewelry I had to choose from as a young bride, so many (many) years ago.

While net surfing, I discovered a wonderful line of bridal bands by Breuning. They have a large selection of bridal jewelry, but this particular collection is called "Inspiration."

Great name, no?

What I like about this collection is the mixed colors of Precious metals, especially the inclusion of rose gold. You hardly ever see white and yellow gold mixed, but rose gold is especially rare even though I keep hearing about how it's growing in popularity.


Hotel Jewelry Shop on a Different Level

19 Oct

Hotel Jewelry Shop on a Different Level

Granted, my fancy smanshy hotel experience is limited. In fact, it's pretty much non-existant. I can't even remember too many hotels that I stayed in even having a gift shop, let alone a jewelry shop inside.

The first place that comes to mind is the tiny shop at the T-Water Hotel in Jamaica where we spent our honey moon a few million years ago. It was full of plastic mugs, beach towels, t-shirts, and shell jewelry. I did buy jewelry there, but I purchased mine from a Rasta named "Five" who lived on the beach.
Obviously, the jewelry shop called 1700 Ocean located in the in the lobby of the Loew's Santa Beach Hotel in Southern Californian is worlds away from the T-Water!

Their mission statement: It is 1700 Ocean's, Debra Savage, Earl Allen and all employees' mission to provide every customer either in our store or on our website with absolute best quality jewelry and gemstones available on the market.

The products designed by us or artists we choose to represent will be brought to you via a visible supply chain. In other words we will not, or can not support anyone or company who takes advantage ecologically, economically or inhumanely to bring their products to market.


I especially like the use of writing on these rings and pendant.

The Colorful World of Richard Palermo

18 Oct

The Colorful World of Richard Palermo

Welcome to the colorful gemstone-filled world of jewelry designer Richard Palermo. I'm dying to jump into showing off his gorgeous gold and gemstone jewelry collections, but first, here is a little information about this talented designer from the Color Craft web site:

Palermo began his jewelry design career creating fabulous jewels with fabulous price tags for Fifth Avenue jewelry houses like Cartier and Tiffany.

Although he enjoyed designing for the rich and famous and the celebrities who wear his pieces, his art doesn't depend on a price tag. In fact, his specialty is creating designer jewelry that women can buy to express their own style.

"There is a definite lack of designer jewelry that is affordable," Palermo says. "Most designer jewelry is priced out of reach of the average pocketbook. High-end designers usually cater to a small niche of women who can afford extravagant prices for a name. But I want my jewelry to be worn by lots of women. Well-designed beautiful jewelry should be something that every woman can own."


Photos from the Jewelry Designer Professional Network.

Upscale Diamond Pirate Jewelry

18 Oct

Upscale Diamond Pirate Jewelry

The pirates have some upscale booty finally with jewelry designs from KC Designs.

This stuff is not your bone pendant on a strand of leather, folks. We are talking diamonds and gold, like this 14K Gold Diamond "Skull and Crossbones" bracelet with a total carat weight of .07, and nine diamonds around the charm.

While I think the pirate craze is fun, and I loved the movie, I haven't been overly impressed with the jewelry. Some I like; some I think is a little on the "dollar store" venue.

Here are some more great gold designs – many of which I think men might enjoy as well – from KC Designs "Downtown Diamonds" collection:

14K Gold Diamond Dog Tag Necklace – Carat Weight – 94 Diamonds – .34ct tw
14K Gold Diamond cross necklace – Carat Weight – 92 Diamonds -.80ct tw