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Bling at the American Music Awards

24 Nov

Bling at the American Music Awards

Loads of bling and sparklies were present at the American Music Awards on November 21st.

Pictured is the gorgeous beyonce wearing a pair of long platinum and diamond drop earrings and a platinum and diamond cocktail ring from Lorraine Schwartz.

Carmen Electra and Tori Spelling also showed up in platinum jewelry.

Carmen opted for diamond hoop earrings, as well as a platinum and diamond bracelet and a platinum, diamond and sapphire cocktail ring.
While pregnant Tori showed up wearing a pair of platinum and diamond drop earrings, a platinum and diamond bracelet and a platinum and diamond cocktail ring, both by Neil Lane.

Happy Thanksgiving Jewelry Lovers!

23 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving Jewelry Lovers!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers out there. Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day and maybe take a few moments to think about what you might be thankful for this year.

For me, I'm very thankful that I get to write about my love of jewelry. And, believe it or not, I actually managed to find some Thanksgiving related jewelry, in the form of turkeys no less!

These charms are from the Generous Gems website, and are made of 14kt gold.

TomKat Wedding Ring?

23 Nov

TomKat Wedding Ring?

Has anyone seen the ring up close and personal yet? I checked out the on-line wedding photo spread of the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise wedding, aka TomKat, from People magazine, but no go as far as the ring.

Word has it according to site like the Hollywoodscoop they may have had a double ring ceremony:

The couple is expected to choose from five versions of the wedding ceremony, ranging from the Traditional to the Double Ring. Each includes traditional vows and lasts between 20 minutes to one hour.

In the old-fashioned language that marks the Traditional version, the groom is reminded that "girls" need "clothes and food and tender happiness and frills, a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat," and is asked to provide them all. The bride, in turn, is told that "young men are free and may forget" their promises.

No big surprise, Scientology was made up by a guy. We get a comb and they get to be free? Hell, no!

Okay, leaving my rant and back to jewelry, or how about a fab watch?

According to People: Katie was out shopping last week — and now we know what she bought: A $23,000 watch for her new husband from Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, PEOPLE has confirmed. Holmes had the timepiece engraved with an "I love you" message on the back. A nice way to start a marriage.

A Journey of Pearls

22 Nov

A Journey of Pearls

I've already written about journey diamonds, now some clever jewelry designer had the idea to use similar designs from the Journey collection and combine them with pearls.

What an excellent idea! You know my passion for pearls by now.

You can find all kinds of great jewelry designs using this take on the diamond Journey collection turned pearl journey on the web site.

Here are just a few I selected for you.

14K white gold cultured freshwater 7.5-8mm pearl and diamond
14K white gold earrings with graduating freshwater cultured pearls and diamond (.17 ctw) accent
14K yellow gold earrings with four graduating freshwater cultured pearls and diamond (.07 ctw) accents

Made It Jewelry

20 Nov

Made It Jewelry

One jewelry artist working away at a jeweler's bench – that's really what it's all about – the nuts and bolts of jewelry crafting.

It's this type of jewelry designer and artist, people like Ari Kuperman, who works as a team with his wife Lisa Kuperman, to create truly hand-crafted works of art.

Though Ari has worked in various media, most of the jewelry you'll find on his new web site Make It Jewelry uses precious metals.

Like this sterling silver beaded bracelet
Now, here are some gemstones – opals – mixed with sterling silver in this pair of earrings
Finally, here's a clever reversible necklace. On one side is a blue topaz stone and on the other is an onyx stone. The bezel is sterling and the pendant hangs on a strand of pearls.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/20/06

20 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/20/06

Second City Style's, Lauren Dimet and Stacy London of "What Not To Wear" (pictured) talk shoes for fall.

Beauty Buzz says it's time to hit the dessert menu hard –sans calories– with Bath Ice Cream Pedicures!

Aesthetics + Economics informs us about luxe leggings, from $14 to $1000.

Bag Snob says you can sparkle this holiday season if you have the right bag.

Bon Bons in the Bath suggest some stocking stuffers for the beauty lover in your life.

Coquette takes fashion to the bookshelves with her fav fashion book picks.

Fashiontribes alterts us to the woman in a red dress! Get Kelly Clarkson's festive, ruby hued holiday frock for less.

Girlawhirl brings home the Asian spa experience with Akhassa.

Glamour on a Budget asks: Would you rather have the same fabulous bag for a few years or several so-so ones?

LA Story announces that Joshua Radin & Hotel Cafe Tour hits the last leg of the tour.

Looking for fashionable winter boots? Stylebites has the perfect pairs at every length!

For Stylehive the hottest brand is Orla Kiely – who is a pattern above.

The Bling Blog has an wonderful interview with jewelry designer Geoff Thomas.

Sharp Lily has found some adorable little sterling beaded earrings for stocking stuffers.

Jewelry and Beading shows how to jazz up your icky old badge you have to wear to work.

Rachel Leigh Jewelry

19 Nov

Rachel Leigh Jewelry

It's probably a good bet that you are already familiar with the Rachel Leigh jewelry line. Even if you don't know it by name, chances are you've seen jewelry from this company in one of the countless magazines they continue to collect press from or maybe from one of the slew of boutiques and shops that sells their work.

Originally created by Rachel Bravman, who was once (no big surprise) a Yves Saint Laurent publicist, the Rachel Leigh jewelry company has the following jewelry mission:

Designed for the girl with confidence, who is always in command, does not take herself too seriously and is the life of the party. She's versatile with an ever changing look to fit her mood; one night she is uptown chic sophistication with a bit of an edge, the next night she is downtown trendy glamour and by day she is refined casual. She mixes it up with the perfect balance – always feeling confident and making a statement. The Rachel Leigh girl knows who she is and uses her wardrobe and jewelry to play off of her personality.

Brights: oval enamel forest green "locket" pendant with pale yellow firefly, pearl chain, 22"
filigree half moon hoop earrings
Bangles Gold: set of 11 bangles in various shapes

Efe Jewelry Collection

18 Nov

Efe Jewelry Collection

Efe jewelry currently has three collections available for viewing on its web site: fibula; lal; and mountings.

For no real reason other than I liked it best of the three and I noticed they didn't talk about it much as far as describing the focus of this collection, I'm picking the "mountings" collection to look at a little closer in this post.

Here are some earrings, a ring, a lovely woven-looking bracelet, and a brooch.

Jewelry Shop Goes to the Dogs

17 Nov

Jewelry Shop Goes to the Dogs

If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area this weekend, then stop by one of three jewelry shops in the area operated by Underwood Jewelers.

While I didn't see any animal-themed jewelry in their on-line catalog (though I did find some other nice jewelry pieces – see images below), they will be showing and selling it this weekend as a way to benefit the local humane society. Here's more from First Coast News:

Dog chains are taking on a whole new meaning for the First Coast.

"The World's Largest doggie Charm Show" opens in Jacksonville this week. The show features animal-themed jewelry.

Underwood Jewelers created the charms to show off all sorts of different animals' features. They're donating 10 percent of the sales to the Jacksonville Humane Society.

The makers say they decided to branch out into pets after 30 years in the jewelry business. They'll be taking on cats next.

The show runs through Saturday at all local Underwood Jewelry stores.underwood2.jpg

White Agate Jewelry

16 Nov

White Agate Jewelry

Though white agate, or really any kind of agate gemstone, is actually a fairly common stone, you don't see it often used in jewelry.

I'm not sure really why that is so.

But just because a gem is not made of high-end elements like diamond doesn't mean it can't go far when it comes to style.

Elle jewelry illustrates this with their white agate and sterling jewelry collection.

For example, the necklace to the left is a flow of ruffles and dangles with sterling loops and agate beads.

And, what about this massive junk of stone on this cab and sterling bracelet? Notice the detailing on the toggle clasp.
These earrings are long and lean looking, sort of teardrop shaped.