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Merry Christmas Jewelry Lovers in 2006!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas Jewelry Lovers in 2006!

Before I head off to enjoy the rest of the day with my family, I wanted to send all of my readers at The Jewelry Weblog a "Merry Christmas" message.

I hope you all find that santa left you a little box with something sparkly inside!

Jewelers Give the Personal Touch

24 Dec

Jewelers Give the Personal Touch

If you've got the cash, then the bling is only secondary to the actual purchase of the jewelry. Customer service is also critical to the sale, and high end jewelry shops and indie jewelers know this. They want to mix and mingle with the "in" crowd who can afford their high-end baubles. One way to do this is through parties and other social events.

Here's more about this new trend in jewelry customer service from The Miami Herald:

Giving potential or existing customers the opportunity to try on sparkly baubles or designer watches is just one reason that upscale jewelers in South Florida and across the country are increasingly using special events as a key marketing tool.

Jewelers have learned that to reach this key consumer, it's just as much about sponsoring prominent charity events, cross-marketing with other luxury brands and hosting intimate parties to court potential new customers or thank existing ones.

This consumer has plenty of money and is willing to spend it. Sales of jewelry and watches are expected to reach $62.6 billion for 2006, marking a 6.3 percent increase over last year, according to forecasts from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

''If I'm spending $300,000, the least you can do is make [me] and my friends feel special,'' said Milton Pedraza, chief executive of the Luxury Institute, a research firm. “There's no question the wealthy consumer expects more. It just won't do to have a typical experience anymore. In the end they're collecting stories they can tell around the boardroom or the benefit parties.''

Moissanite – Gem or Gyp?

23 Dec

Moissanite - Gem or Gyp?

Moissanite is a new up and coming star in the world of gemstone jewelry, but actually, it is not a gem at all. It is a lab created crystal. Here is the actual definition from Charles & Colvard who developed this faux gem:

Moissanite, also known by its chemical name, silicon carbide (SiC), is a naturally occurring mineral found in very limited quantities or as minute particles in the earth. The rarity of natural moissanite crystals large enough for jewelry prohibits their use.

For years, scientists tried to re-create this extraordinarily brilliant material. Only recently, through the power of advanced technology, Charles & Colvard developed a way to produce in a laboratory, large gem-quality crystals which can be faceted into near-colorless jewels with incomparable fire and brilliance. Charles & Colvard created Moissaniteâ„¢ is truly a unique and beautiful blend of art and science.

I'd love to know if any of my readers have seen this in person. From the images (which I've included a few below) it looks pretty much like a diamond, but I have to wonder how much sparkle it has in person.

New Mom – New Jewelry Designer

22 Dec

New Mom - New Jewelry Designer

Like many women who find they need to totally rearrange their lives due to new members of the family – aka children – Lori Anderson turned in her high-tech day job into lo-tech mommy-hood, staying home to raise her son and also spend the rest of her time making and selling her hand-crafted jewelry which is a mixture of artisan glass, gemstones, wire, and fused glass.

The bracelet pictured left she calls "Italian Renaissance ":

This gorgeous chunky bracelet is made with 14mm rounds of deep purple amethyst and 12mm white Swarovski crystal pearls capped in Bali sterling silver. A lovely Bali sterling silver toggle and amethyst charm finish the look.

This necklace, "Rose Pearls," is a mixture of pink pearl, rose quartz, and Swarovski crystals.
Finally, her "Ballroom Dancing" earrings are loaded up with garnet briolettes.

Not Fussy Fuss Jewelry

21 Dec

Not Fussy Fuss Jewelry

Little touches really help, especially when purchasing jewelry items.

This pretty pouch is one of the touches from Fuss Jewelry:

fuss jewelry is limited edition, fashion jewelry. I create every piece and even make the clasp to complement each necklace. fuss jewelry is made from both natural and a few synthetic gemstones.
tiger eye, bronze pearls and turquoise heishe "mosaic" pendant with an imitation turquoise round. intricately wired turquoise heishe and tiger eye faceted rounds wrap delicately around the neck. gold filled wire
amazonite, amethyst, turquoise, smoky quartz and gold fill chain. 3 inch drop
a band of Blister pearl sticks are adorned with mother of pearl disks, oval drops and white jade teardrop dangles.

Original Hardware Jewelry

20 Dec

Original Hardware Jewelry

Designer Carrie Schafer stumbled into a bead store years ago, and that was the beginning of her road less traveled. On her web site, she explains her experience as follows:

We all have a little voice in our head that urges us to diverge off-course, try something new. Many times, we choose to ignore it in favor of the path that is comfortable, the path that is all-knowing and well worn.

But it is these little diversions that take us–if we let them–to the most unexpected, wonderful places.

That little voice spoke to me a few years back, urging me to make my way into a local bead store. I didn't have time, but the store lured me with its floor-to-ceiling inventory of colorful baubles and beads.

I left with an armful of supplies and spent a wintry afternoon making necklaces and bracelets for friends. It didn't take long before I was hooked. It didn't take long before this addiction became my passion, then a part time business and then a full time one!

And so the journey began, and Original Hardware was born.

While many of her piece use materials that may not be that common, some how she still manages to come up with a different feeling to her designs. For example, the green pearl bracelet pictured left from her Casual Chic collection – This three-strand bracelet features a unique clasp that slides and locks into place for security and beauty.

These earrings are from her "Bold & Contemporary" collection – Citrine stones glimmer like little pieces of sunshine in this pair of hand-forged earrings. The citrine are wire-wrapped inside a hand-made trio of sterling silver links that have been hammered and gently oxidized for a little personality.
And, finally, here's a necklace from her "Hand Forged" collection – This fine silver necklace pays homage to the wanderlust in each of us. A beautiful handmade fine silver pendant with a geometric pattern dangles from olive green leather cord.
She has a 15% off deal going on right now too, but it's only good through Dec. 21.

Paper Jewelry by Anna Sofia

20 Dec

Paper Jewelry by Anna Sofia

Finding a jewelry designer who uses unique materials in his or her jewelry is always a pleasure, and since I'm a crafter as well as a jewelry designer myself, I really have an appreciation for all kinds of crafting mediums, including paper. Anna Sofia of Anna Sofia Designs has also become a paper addict and eventually turned her love for beautiful paper into a method for designing light weight and beautiful paper jewelry.

Much of her paper is Japanese, and she has some excellent information on her web site about the materials she uses:

We use a variety of papers in our jewelry designs. It's so fun treasure-hunting for paper. Here are a few of our favorites from Japan and Nepal. If you're feeling inspired by these gorgeous patterns, there are all kinds of ways you can be creative with paper.

Japanese Chiyogami Paper

Chiyogami is a beautiful silkscreened paper made in Japan. Many of the incredible colors and patterns found in Chiyogami have been inspired by Kimono textile designs. We love the lush floral patterns – chrysanthemums, lotus flowers, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, and hibiscus.

Chiyogami paper is filled with images of nature – bamboo, climbing vines, rippled waves, dragonflies, and cranes – as well as more abstract and geometric prints. Japanese cranes, one of the most fantastically graceful birds, are a symbol of long bountiful life, and good fortune.

Now for a look at some of her colorful paper jewelry such as these earrings called "Dorothy" made from silkscreened Japanese Chiyogami paper.
Here's the Mi Cosa Bracelet made from paper plus sapphire Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads. It's also reversible.
The pendant on this necklace (Biryani Necklace) is made from Katazome-shi paper from Japan. The strap is made with mahogany obsidian beads and red jasper beads.

Jewelry & T-Shirt in One

19 Dec

Jewelry & T-Shirt in One

Do you have one of those friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, who just "get" you?

No matter what happens in your busy lives you still manage to find time for an occasional lunch date or shopping trip. No matter what other people come and go in your social circle, you know you can count on her. And visa versa. She knows she can count on you.

Friends like this deserve extra special gifts this time of year, and that's just what two good friends where thinking about when they created the Best Friends Necklace T-Shirt and Tank (pictured).

Creators Marlene Salcido and Kristopher Dukes collaborated on this fun fashion item: Tell the world who your best friend forever is with a best friends necklace airbrushed on the front of Mignon's BFF necklace T-shirt and tank.

For an added touch, it's even embellished with Swarovski crystals.

World Jewelry Center Update

19 Dec

World Jewelry Center Update

Here's more news about the World Jewelry Center project in motion for Las Vegas.

Now they are on a serious hunt for tenants, traveling around the globe to rent out all that space to the top jewelry leaders in the industry.

Here's more from

A delegation from the future World Jewelry Center project, which is planned for Las Vegas, is visiting Israel on promotional road show aimed at marketing the new jewelry complex to israeli jewelry manufacturers and diamantaires. The tour is part of a larger multi-million dollar marketing effort which includes Italy, India, Hong Kong, and the United States.

In a meeting with diamantaires on December 17, Bill Boyajian, the project's managing director, provided details of the center and described the benefits of purchasing office space in the new complex, which is due to open in 2010.

The complex will offer two structures one of which is a prominent 60 story tower for jewelry dealers and manufacturers. The top floors of the tower would be reserved for residential condominiums. The center will also hold a retail jewelry center for approximately 60 retail stores.

Following the meeting with diamantaires, Boyajian told journalists he has received "positive feedback" from potential customers in Israel and in India.

"If we can get 10 to 15 really good quality Israeli firms in the next several months, I would be delighted," he said. Boyajian noted he already received letters of intent to purchase office space in the complex from industry leaders Avi Paz and Shmuel Schnitzer. "Our aim is to have the whole world represented, with the entire range of industry catering to retailers, manufacturers, dealers and wholesalers in the gem, jewelry, pearl, and watch industries."

Jewelry Gift Etiquette

18 Dec

Jewelry Gift Etiquette

Jewelry is one of the top gift categories during this holiday season. I pretty much expect of find at least one small box under my tree or in my stocking, even though my husband constantly jokes about how I couldn't possible need any jewelry since I already have so much.

But when is it not okay and is it ever not okay to give jewelry as a gift?

According to this article, "Monday Manners: Giving the Gift of Giving," it may not always be the right gift depending on the situation:

Friends can buy each other jewelry. Family members can buy each other jewelry. But you need to be really, really careful before you buy jewelry for your significant other. Fun, trendy jewelry is one thing, but I'm talking "fine" jewelry: gemstones, precious metals. Diamonds. Do not get your new girlfriend diamonds. Any gift of jewelry is seen as a sign of serious commitment. It's an investment. Not just in the gift, but in the future: you don't want that girl to flush your three months' salary down the toilet if things don't end well.

I think if you are already counting on someone flushing your diamonds down the john, then obviously, don't buy them something like that. However, I don't think you need to be ready to walk down the isle either.

What do you think? Are diamonds taboo if you aren't super serious?