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Jewelry for Fabric

24 Jan

Jewelry for Fabric

When I first read this press release, Woman Inventor Launches Fabric Jewelry Line at The Special Event 2007, I assumed it was about someone using fabric to make jewelry, meaning the fabric was actually an element of the jewelry. I had no clue that the jewelry was actually for the fabric. Coo-well! Now, that's brilliant:

Fabric Jewelry (, a division of Absent Fortune Inc. since 2003, announced today their woman owned company launched its Fabric Jewelry. Fabric Jewelry, Jewelry with a Purpose, is magnetic accents with jewelry accessories for table cloths, tabletops, chair covers, weddings and special events. The innovative product can be used as tablecloth weights, scallop and accent tablecloths, napkin rings, chair cover accents, place card holders, wedding arbors and more. Fabric Jewelry is the perfect accessory needed for the new and elaborate designs required and requested by customers. Brides from Canada to San Diego are adding Fabric Jewelry to their list of must haves.

The patent-pending Fabric Jewelry designs launched at The Special Event 2007 are grapes, martini glasses and Mediterranean designs. The company provides custom designs upon request. Each design comes with its own piece of jewelry, which will allow for scalloping tablecloths and to pull back draperies. They also come with a back plate that adheres to the Fabric Jewelry through fabric and holds together with a magnet. No need for pins and tape, making large gala decorating a lot easier. Fabric Jewelry can be purchased for $5 a piece.

I think the martini glasses are my favorite of her three designs.

Jewels of Hollywood Past

23 Jan

Jewels of Hollywood Past

I happened to find a wonderful page full of jewelry and celebrity stories, especially about stars from the past like Marlene Dietrich (pictured from

According to the International Colored Gemstone Association's web site, Dietrich loved jewelry and often worn her own emerald jewelry in many of her movies.

I particularly liked this story about how she almost lost a ring while baking a cake (could you picture Jennifer Aniston baking a cake?): Once when baking a cake at Katherine Cornell's house, Marlene thought she had lost her 37.41-carat cabochon emerald ring which she had removed in the kitchen. The house was turned upside down but the ring couldn't be found. It was only during dessert that the ring was discovered by one of the dinner guests inside a piece of the cake!

Other celebrities include Elizabeth Taylor (of course), Queen Elizabeth (again, no big surprise), Mary Pickford, Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson, who also has an interesting story:


Gloria Swanson had such extravagant taste in jewelry that she had to rent it. Inspite of paying only 10 percent of the value of her jewelry, one year her annual jewelry budget was $500,000. Gloria Swanson wore an important emerald, amethyst and gold necklace by Iribe in "Affairs of Anatole" in 1920, starting a fashion for colorful jewelry.

Nicky Hilton’s Built-In Bling

23 Jan

Nicky Hilton's Built-In Bling

I saw this new trend mentioned on The It Lists blog and thought it worth investigation.

Actually, I've noticed the trend of encrusting tops with faux gemstones popping up in the local malls already, but I was ignorant about celebrities like Nicky Hilton fueling the craze. Or is it one even?

I normally don't look to any of these "girls" for fashion forward thinking, or for that matter, thinking, but obviously, someone tells them what to wear.

Pictured are Nicky Hilton in a long green gown encrusted with jewels around the neckline. No need for a necklace, yet she seems a little over done with the bracelet and earrings. Maybe keep the bracelet and wear slightly smaller earrings?
Next is Sienna Miller. Hmm…maybe this looks better in person.
Mischa Barton – Again, I'm not impressed. The stone look too large for the size of the dress, and you can see her slip.
Now this dress worn by Lindsay Lohan is kind of cute. This works. The stones look good against the black material on this piece, and she didn't over do it with excessively large jewelry.

These photos are form who have this to say about this jewelry slash clothing trend:

Call it built-in bling. L.A. lovelies are donning duds with gems sewn right into the neckline for instant, easy chic. Super-stylist Rachel Zoe helped Mischa Barton choose a jewel-bedecked Burberry Prorsum dress for an appearance with the brand's creative director, Christopher Bailey. "It was perfect for her," Zoe said. "Mischa loves anything with sparkles." As for how to wear the youthful style, Zoe has a firm recommendation: "Keep everything else simple." Barton and fellow Zoe client Lindsay Lohan followed her advice, choosing sleek hair and understated accessories to go with their embellished minidresses.

Fine Jeweler Turns 105

22 Jan

Fine Jeweler Turns 105

You hear more and more these days about people living to 100 and beyond; such is the case with talented jewelry designer Jack Tamis, who recently celebrated his 105th year. Wow!

From Jewelry designer marks 105th birthday:

Four generations gathered yesterday amid clicking cameras, hugs and laughter to celebrate the birthday of their Eldest relative, Jack Tamis. The avid golf and pool fan, who is 105 today, was quite talkative when the subject turned to sports.

Tamis was an athlete and remained active well into his 90s. He played golf until a few years ago, said his daughter Edna Goldin. Andrew Tamis admitted his great-grandfather was "an amazing pool player. He could probably still beat me."

[...] And after more than eight decades, his heart and soul are still in his work.

Tamis credited his passion to John Tanner, a cigarette-case maker from Europe.

"My father always felt he had something to contribute and had a certain kind of will about him," said Tamis' son, Bill. "He wanted to find a way to be useful, and still today when I see him, he's always asking me about the business."

[...] During his career, Tamis developed a new type of adjustable backing for clip-on earrings and created a basket-weave design that the company now uses for gold bracelets. Until a recent shoulder injury, he was working on a gold woven bracelet.

"He has a bench in his room and still makes earring backs," said daughter-in-law Sherri. "Today, handmade jewelry is a dying art."

I was curious, so I looked up the company's web site, Louis Tamis & Sons. Here are a few pieces from their collection of gold and gemstone jewelry, though I'm not sure if the birthday boy made any of these or not.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 01/22/07

22 Jan

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 01/22/07

Yet another Monday is here and that means more blogosphere jewelry and fashion links for you.

First, silver is the easiest color to update your wardrobe with! Check out Bag Snob's latest Lanvin obsession.

Aesthetics + Economics takes a look at pastels for spring.

Viva Italia! Shawn Henderson,'s Home & Garden Design Director, talks to Fashiontribes in a podcast interview about looking to Italy for home decor inspiration.

Girlawhirl joins's virtual march.

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Winter sun, beach chic. My Fashion Life finds the perfect Beachwear for those escaping to warmer climates.

Eva ponders the whereabouts of designer near and dear to her heart , Kate Sylvester, on Papierblog.

How to save Britney from herself. Second City Style has 6 Fashion Tips that could save the starlet.

Kristopher Dukes – Gift your boy gorgeously this 14th, a la Versace's spring '07 bag.

Bust-Haves:'s ultimate guide to finding the perfect bra for every body.

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Fashion illustrations by Saeko on Stylebites, find out how you can become a fashion illustrator too!

Style Hive – Get cozy chic with Henry Hall Designs Cocoon Hammock designed to hold up to 4 adults and perfect for stylish lounging.

eBeautyDaily – Christina talks about her brush with skin cancer.

Galliano, the creator of the Dior Saddle Bag is celebrating 10 years with the Fashion House and will release 12 LE Saddle Bags. eBelle5 gives you a close up.

Phat Diamonds & Russell Simmons

21 Jan

Phat Diamonds & Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons, known as a hip hop fashion mogul with his hip line of Phat clothing and previously known as a rap star will soon be known as a diamond mogul and philanthropist .

Introducing The Simmons Jewelry Company, co-owned by Simmons an his wife/business partner Kimora Lee Simmons.

From Diamond News:

Benjamin Chavis, who accompanied hip hop mogul Russell Simmons to southern Africa, told a standing-room only press conference that the media's "disturbing portrayal" of diamonds and Africa distort reality.

Chavis, co-chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, along with Simmons and seven others arrived in New York from a nine-day fact finding mission in two of Africa's largest diamond producing nations.

"I saw the impact of diamonds — and Africans working, learning computer skills, being trained on diamond polishing," Chavis said of his observations, and "the real story is not told" in the United States.

There was no denying that poverty is of great concern, but Chavis, Simmons, and Scott Rauch (president of the Simmons Jewelry Company owned by Simmons) discussed highlights of how the diamond economy, especially from Botswana, has benefited the local residents.

"Eight-five percent of diamond proceeds go back to that uncorrupt government," Simmons said of Botswana, where revenue from the diamond industry funds education and HIV prevention and anti-viral HIV drugs.

Simmons said –upon his arrival in New York only hours earlier– that Nelson Mandela informed him the Blood Diamond movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly were on board with the message that diamonds play a critical role in building Africa.

"Diamonds are very important," Simmons said. "I'm not here today to defend history. The process today is transparent — as it was to me…

"Everyone around us has an agenda," he said. "But my agenda is to boost my people — lifting people up."

[...] Blackie Marole, managing director of Debswana, added that diamond revenue in Botswana enables the country to have an effective HIV/AIDS program for employees from the standpoint of prevention, testing, and long-term heathcare. "We are not comparable to anyone else and have shown (such a program) can be sustained."

"Every child in Botswana has free education to the age of 13," paid for with diamond revenue Marole said.

The fact-finding mission was Simmons' first trip to Africa. He observed extreme poverty in Cape Town, South Africa. "I want everyone to be like Botswana. I hope it becomes a reality," Simmons said and added that similar regulatory measures to the Kimberley Process should be placed upon oil, coltan, and gold — all of which are natural resources in the region.

The Simmons Jewelry Company used the press event to launch its Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF,) which will raise money for the development and the empowerment of those in diamond-areas of Africa. Specifically, the DEF would support educational and skill development schools and colleges in Botswana and South Africa to start.

One way in which Simmons will raise funds is with a Green Initiative diamond jewelry line through Simmons Jewelry Company. Twenty-five percent of proceeds on Green initiative jewelry sold will fund DEF. Simmons said he was attracted to the green diamond found in Botswana, which will be the source used for the new jewelry line.

While the delegation was in southern Africa they met with Botswana's President Festus Mogae, and Mandela; they visited orphanages, HIV clinics, schools, and diamond mines.

The group observed sorting and cutting factories.

"I even saw skilled African workers in Botswana sorting, cutting, and polishing diamonds, a complete contradiction to what Americans believe about the diamond mining process," Simmons said.

"This is a shining example of how all extractive industries should operate in Africa," Simmons concluded.

Hmmm… I don't know. Does this sound too good to be true? Can one trip educate these "green" jewelry sellers on the politics of diamonds?

Image from Style St. Louis

Anthony Alexander Designer Jewelry Fashion Show

20 Jan

Here's a showing of Anthony Alexander's jewelry and belts. Combining design elements from both jewelry pieces – bracelets and necklaces especially – with belts really works in this collection. I could do without the guy yapping, but it's worth watching for the jewelry.

I actually managed to find his web site called Cowboy Outfitters of all things. Funny because I would have never thought of his work as "cow boy" like. It comes off as kind of edgy to me. Maybe that's becaue of the models he used – no cow girls or cow boys there. But he describes himself as: Anthony Alexander western cowgirl jewelry. Cutting edge jewelry designs from leading jeweler Anthony Alexander.

So what do you think? Cow boy style? Or more up-town?

Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show This April

19 Jan

Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show This April

April 12th through the 19th Baselworld will be in full swing with thousands of exhibitors, buyers, and journalists checking out all the latest jewelry and watch trends in Basel, Switzerland. How cool would it be to be there!? Any Swiss readers out there?

Here are the details if you think you can swing a trip:

BASELWORLD – The Watch and Jewellery Show

BASELWORLD is the leading event for the watch and jewellery industry. A unique opportunity where 2,100 exhibitors – specialists in watches, jewellery, precious gems and related brands – showcase their latest products to those in the industry. Visitors can browse through a select assortment of products in luxurious surroundings covering over 160,000 m2 of exhibition area on several floors. Many world-famous names in the watch and jewellery industry choose to show their products exclusively at BASELWORLD. Basel is your only chance to see their very latest creations.

The selection of products showcased at BASELWORLD is unique. BASELWORLD is the only place where you can find such a broad cross-section of products from the entire industry all in one place. Products sectors are clearly segmented and divided between the six exhibition halls. Watch brands, jewellery brands and related brands have their own halls and there are also national pavilions. A show designed to give you a complete market overview and provide you with an ideal business platform.

Every year in spring time, over 94,000 retailers and wholesalers from all over the world make the journey to Basel to visit this presentation of the latest trends and creations offered by the watch and jewellery industry. Don't miss the unique business and networking atmosphere at the world's leading watch and jewellery show. Don't miss BASELWORLD.

Noor Jewelry Collection

18 Jan

Noor Jewelry Collection

The Noor jewelry collection has a unique method for setting the stones in each piece.

All diamonds, you can see that the settings are sort of a mixture of bezel and channel. The bezels are diamond shaped, but the stones are set into the setting like a channel setting usually is set.

On the company's web site it states: "its true carat size is your secret." I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Bigger doesn't always mean better, and I actually like some of the designs from this collection. I don't feel comfortable wearing large or fussy jewelry, so this is the type that you could put on and wear every day.

I think many of the designs are perfect for wedding jewelry since you normally need to find a balance between the dress, the jewelry, and the bride.

Here are some piece I found on the site that really like.

X-Ray Nabes Jewelry Theif

17 Jan

X-Ray Nabes Jewelry Theif

From the weird and the wacky! This is so, so, so gross. I just couldn't help myself. I had to blog about. It is just too weird.

Seems some idiot in Britain decided to steel a ring from a local jewelry shop by pretending to be interested in buying it, and then when the jeweler turned around, the thief swallowed the ring.

I can't help but wonder who will some day have this ring on her finger?

From X-ray exposes ring-swallowing thief:

A jewellry-swallowing ne'er-do-well who tried to make off with a £1,750 Engagement ring from a shop in Dorchester, England was collared when police ran a metal detector over his stomach.

And when Simon Hooper, 28, denied he'd swallowed the ring, police subjected him to an X-ray which confirmed its presence, The Telegraph reports. They then had to "seek an extension of his custody time limit and wait three days outside his cell until the ring passed and they were able to recover it".

Hooper went to the Clock House jewellers on 23 November last year and asked to see the offending ring. Jeweller Fred Burgess duly obliged, but when he turned his back, the perp "put the ring into his mouth and swallowed it".

Burgess recounted: "He walked in and told me his girlfriend had just had a baby and so he wanted to ask her to marry him. He seemed quite plausible and I had no reason to believe that he couldn't afford it. As he held it in his hand I turned back to the window to get two more rings but when I looked at him again the ring had disappeared.

"I asked him where it was and he claimed he had given it back to me. But the box it was in was empty and I asked him to empty his pockets. I still couldn't find the ring and I could only assume he had swallowed it because there wasn't anywhere else it could be."

Burgess alerted the police, who carried out the ring-detecting tests. [...]

Regarding the ring, Fred Burgess reckons he'll cop a £1,000 loss on it because he can only sell it to another jeweller. He lamented: "I don't want to sell the ring in my shop now I know where it has been so it will be polished up and then sold through the trade for about £600 pounds."