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Cynthia Gales Geo Jewelry

24 Mar

Cynthia Gales Geo Jewelry

I saw some ultra cool jewelry of Cynthia Gales' in the latest issue of Modern Jeweler, so I had to go surf for her site and found it, Geo Art, along with a great interview of her posted at Ladies Who Launch:

Drawn to Indonesia

"One of my modeling stints took me to do fashion shows in Jakarta. I stepped off the plane and knew immediately that this would be one of those places where I wanted to spend more time… the smells, the sounds, the sights, the crafts.

"In 1991, I got the opportunity to return to Bali, Indonesia to learn about the Jewelry business through my fabulous West Coast brother-in-law who owned a small sterling silver business in Northern California.

"In New York I had been working for an Indonesian designer named Rita Mildred and when she found out I was traveling to Bali, she said, 'I have a friend. You have to meet him.' I learned he came from a family of 19 brothers and sisters and they were the owners of the key sterling silver factories in Bali at the time. We became friends and I really became close to his family. This up close and personal introduction to the world of Indonesian handicrafts allowed me to move quickly to establish solid supplier relationships, a key component of any import business."

Top Success Secret

"I always try to really listen and absorb what clients' needs are, what people are looking for, what women want. Women want jewelry that has meaning. My gal wants something today that she can feel fabulous about… and she can also pull it out in five years and wear it again… something reminiscent of a story or a place and time."

Words of Advice – Start Something

"You can plan and plan and plan but if you don't take the steps, you're not going anywhere. I see a lot of people doing that. You have to move… just move. When you're in the garden, you have to cut off the dead bloom for the new one to grow. Get out there and do one thing and three or four other things will grow out of that. Cut that first bloom and move. Once you start moving, you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier."

This is just a little of the article, definitely worth reading the whole thing.

Now for more jewelry. I love her use of Bali influences and techniques and the oxidation of metals mixed with gemstones. She describes this collection as follows: GeoArt is a collection of accessories inspired by both New York urban life and the Far East. Each piece is designed by Cynthia in New York and handcrafted by skilled silversmiths in Indonesia.

StyleBites Offers Jewelry Give-a-Way

23 Mar

StyleBites Offers Jewelry Give-a-Way

Rachel at Stylebites has a double wammy post about jewelry. First, she offers some great advice on how to adorn yourself. I especially agree with this statement:

Bigger isn't always better. Let your pieces speak softly. A delicate necklace or charm bracelet can add just the right amount of interest to an outfit you otherwise wouldn't accessorize. It suggests that you're wearing the piece because you love it, not because it matches.


Don't fake it. Whenever you can, choose real metals and stones. The investment will last a long time and you'll always notice the difference.

Now, to top off this great advice, she has a great give-a-way going on for this beautiful Peggy Li necklace. You can find out the details at the Stylebites site, and chop, chop because this is only running through April 6th. So get over there ASAP so you can enter to win.

Fiori Jewelry Collection

22 Mar

Fiori Jewelry Collection

You have probably seen jewelry by JewelMak all over the place in fashion magazines such as W and People magazine.

Since 1992, JewelMak Fine Jewelry has been creating jewelry using pearls, gems and diamonds in 18k and 14k gold marketing to major department stores and boutiques internationally.
JewelMak corporate headquarter and design studio are based in midtown 344 East 59th Street where all original designs and manufacturing are done in the premise. As a full-service design company, we are committed to supporting our valued customers with the leading design, fine craftsmanship, reliable service and impeccable quality.


Argento Vivo Silver Jewelry

22 Mar

Argento Vivo Silver Jewelry

Nothing beats sterling silver jewelry for affordable elegance, and with summer coming in just a few short months (hey, March is almost outa here…can you believe it?), this means time to toss on some sterling bangles and dramatic necklaces and earrings.

I love this hammered collection from the Argento Vivo web site:

The Argento Vivo signature collection is inspired by the most luxurious elements of life: high-fashion, exotic travel, timeless architecture and the ageless craftsmanship of artisans. Each Argento Vivo Signature piece is hand casted and hand polished to ensure the integrity and quality of the collection. To enhance the natural beauty of the silver, each piece is also e-coated, which is a high-tech anti-tarnish process, to maintain a lustrous, highly-polished shine.


Diamonds on the Right Hand

21 Mar

Diamonds on the Right Hand

One of the most popular consumer-based web sites for diamonds, A Diamond is Forever, is now promoting the idea that the diamond ring is not meant only for the left hand – as in the finger you wear your wedding ring on – but that they are also very suitable for the right hand as well.

According to them, this is the next "hot" jewelry trend, which of course, makes a lot of sense in their view point because, hey, they sell diamond rings, right? Here's their promo:

Women of the world are celebrating the Diamond Right Hand Ring!

Blend your distinct love of design with your passion and desire for eternal style. The Diamond Right Hand Ring is the perfect piece of diamond jewelry to reveal your unique personality. So take the Ring True Test to find the ring that reflects you best. With so many styles and designs to choose from, the options are nearly as irresistible as you are.

While I don't buy that this is some world-wide trend, per say, I do like their ring styles. I would actually like to see some of these same designs with colored stones, such as some yummy rubies.


American Idol Jewelry

21 Mar

American Idol Jewelry

I watch this sometimes when my husband is out of the room or during commercial. One of the things I noticed is that while talent is the major player in the American Idol competition, it doesn't hurt to also look like a big star, and that include lots of bling.

Most recently Idol contestant Lakisha Jones showed off her sparkle and her talent, choosing to wear over a million dollars worth of platinum and diamond jewelry:

"Star" Necklace: 26 carats, $150,000

Earrings: 11 carats total, $75,000

Brooch (worn in hair): 33.5 carats, $250,000

Right Hand Ring: 3 carats, $10,000

Cuff Bracelet: 28.5 carats, $100,000

Oval Cuff Bracelet: 24 carats, $145,000

3 Line Bracelets: 42 carats total, $295,000

You can read her bio here. Unfortunately, her latest performance didn't go that well, even with all this great jewelry, as reported by the Lansing State Journal:

Michigan's favorite Idol may have hit her first bump in the road.

Flint native LaKisha Jones, one of 11 ''American Idol'' finalists on Tuesday's episode, sang ''Diamonds Are Forever,'' the Shirley Bassey song for the 1971 James Bond film of the same name.

Her hair worn in tight curls, and clad in diamond or faux-Diamond Bracelets, earrings and necklace, the 27-year-old single mother drew applause from audience members but left some judges feeling flat.

''I don't know if it was my favorite performance but at the end you showed you had that big old voice, it's just… I didn't feel enough LaKisha in it, you know what I mean?'' said judge Randy Jackson, whose comments elicited boos from the audience. ''It was just all right for me.''

Added judge Simon Cowell: ''I thought everything from the hair to the dress to the mannerisms, the choice of song … it was like seeing you really in 50 years time. It wasn't my favorite performance.''

Only Paula Abdul reacted favorably, telling Jones ''you picked the right song and you're a very, very smart girl.''

Green Jewelry Cleaner

21 Mar

Green Jewelry Cleaner

For a good deal of my jewelry, I use a polishing cloth and some elbow grease. I also have an ionic cleaner that I have learned to love, but there are all kinds of products on the market these days to clean jewelry. For the most part, I try to stay away from ammonia based products. While I haven't tried it yet, I recently heard about a new jewelry cleaning product that is supposed to be safe for the environment. It's called Purosol. Here are the details per a press release I was sent:

PASADENA, Calif. (March 21, 2007) – Origin Laboratories LLC (Origin Labs) today introduced the third in its line of advanced, enzyme-based cleaning products specifically formulated for today's advanced consumer wares. Called PUROSOL Jewelry (, the cleaner is a revolutionary product specifically designed to bring out the luster in today's fine jewelry while cleaning valuable gems and precious stones on the molecular level for a safe and effective way of cleaning and protecting valuable investments and heirlooms. The solution starts at $7.95 for a one-ounce bottle and is available online immediately and in specialty retail stores nationwide.

A first of its kind, PUROSOL uses an environmentally friendly, enzyme-based formula that cleans at the molecular level – neutralizing the bonds that dirt, oil, makeup, food, and grime use to adhere to precious metal or gem surfaces. This unique solution has been specifically designed for use on soft stone jewelry, such as opal, pearl, coral, amber, turquoise and precious metal settings as well.

"Precious gems are hard to come by and deserve special care; PUROSOL is the first of its kind: a product that will clean, protect and preserve the value of your jewelry while adding sparkle and gleam to its appeal," explains Steven D'Antoni , vice president of Origin Labs. "Our unique formula uses state-of-the-art organic plant enzymes to clean your precious jewelry, while protecting your health and the environment. It gently wipes away and dissolves most everyday stains from soft, semi-precious and precious stones."

Unlike ordinary off-the-shelf cleaners, which are made up primarily of alcohol, ammonia, harsh solvents and colored dye, the PUROSOL line of products is completely organic and environmentally safe. This advanced cleaner is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, contains no CFCs, no detergents and no solvents of any kind (including alcohol, ammonia and chlorine) which can eat away at porous jeweled surfaces.

PUROSOL Jewelry is also non-toxic, unlike standard cleaners that can produce damaging fumes and cause allergies and health problems. In addition, PUROSOL Jewelry is a sterile solution. It is bacteria-free and exceeds Federal EPA and OSHA Health and Safety Standards.

As part of its unique formula, PUROSOL Jewelry neutralizes the molecular charges on the stone's surface, which normally attracts dust and dirt particles, thereby extending the life of the cleaning.

PUROSOL Jewelry is available at fine jewelers and retailers nationwide. In addition, PUROSOL Jewelry can be purchased by visiting

Any readers out there try this yet?

New Wedding Band Collection

20 Mar

New Wedding Band Collection

Guertino is announcing its latest wedding band collection (both his and hers) called Ariana:

We're expanding our branded Ariana Collection. Choose from five new gents wedding bands designed to match our most popular styles. These beautifully crafted four-square bands are available in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold and in platinum.

The platinum set pictured upper left includes a diamond sort of on the side of the ring. It is too bad they don't show this on someone's finger because I'm curious about how well you can see the diamond.

Here are some other rings from this collection.


Judith Ripka Speaks at WJA Conference

20 Mar

Judith Ripka Speaks at WJA Conference

Judith Ripka is a well-known designer of fine jewelry, winning many prestigious awards such as the DeBeers' Award for Diamond Design. Recently, she spoke at the Women's Jewelry Association's Women in the Know Conference at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I would have loved to have been there, as I'm sure many aspired jewelry designers would be. Nothing beats getting advice from someone who has already made her way to the top. Here is a little of what she had to say according to National Jeweler Network:

Being persistent and surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging friends and associates can catapult your business into the big time, jewelry-design powerhouse Judith Ripka told attendees of the Women's Jewelry Association's Women in the Know Conference at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Friday.

Passion for creating jewelry can also take your business a long way, she added.

"Even if it had not become my business, I would still design jewelry," Ripka said. "Persistence is one of the keys to my success. I've sketched two days a week religiously for 34 years."

Ripka told the story of her business, the Judith Ripka Companies Inc., a multimillion-dollar wholesale and retail jewelry company that now employs 150 people (90 percent of whom are women) and is opening its 13th retail store in Las Vegas this year. [...]

But when Ripka started out, she was a struggling mother of three running her business out of the living room of her house in Long Island, where she was one of the few working mothers in her neighborhood at the time.

She balanced caring for the children with sketching during all of her free moments, initially selling jewelry out of her own living room from a $12 case she bought in the Bowery section of Manhattan.

Her business got off the ground with a $1,000 loan from a dear friend who was among those who encouraged her as she began making jewelry at a manufacturing facility in 1973, Ripka said. Other friends lent her cars to get around since she didn't own a vehicle.

"Don't have anyone around you who doesn't wish you well," Ripka said. "There were countless people along the way who told me to give up, that the chances were slim. But I am telling you, the chances are not slim."


Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 03/18/07

18 Mar

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 03/18/07

Stylehive starts off my weekly jewelry and fashion blogosphere round up right with this interview of Jennifer Sarkilahti for Odette NY jewelry who handcrafts elegant and pretty jewelry with an artisan feel from wax carving and casting.

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eBelle5 the designer handbag blog recommends hitting the courts in style this spring with the designer Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Badminton Set and Pouch.

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Jewelry and Beading has the low-down on a bead expo going on next month.

Lacey Bruno Frisoni Shoes wrapped in peach-pink satin and midnight-black lace, KRiSTOPHER's sure these shoes are pure you.

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