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Break Your Heart Glass Rings

23 Apr

Break Your Heart Glass Rings

These are just so clever! This is a great example of someone who can take something that seems relatively simple and create a wonderful, wearable piece of jewelry art with it. These glass rings incorporate glass beads, also known as lampwork beads, and some sterling silver wire.

Using some skill and talent, jewelry designer Paula Nishitani of Silver Style combines them – Just a bend and twist and voila! You have an ultra cool glass ring. Wow!

Have a friend that needs a little love? How about a glass heart ring?

It looks like cupid shot his arrow through the center of this Heart Ring. I love the way the red and white glass ripples out to the edge.

This is Heart Ring is handmade from red and white glass and wire-wrapped in sterling silver. It measures slightly larger than 3/4" diameter – you can't be shy about wearing this – it will get you noticed.

Or be a flower child!

A vibrant red glass disc is sprinkled with colorful flowers – so much fun to wear! The ring was hand-wrapped with sterling silver wire with a black patina added to bring out the details.


21st Century Jewelry Designer

22 Apr

21st Century Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designer, Laura Gibson, has been named one of the year's "Designers of the 21st Century" by JQ magazine. Reports Diamond World:

Jewellery designer Laura Gibson, known for her gold, silver and colored-gemstone fine jewelry, has been named one of the year's "Designers of the 21st Century" by JQ magazine.

The award is given annually to an exclusive group of fine-jewelry designers who "exemplify the creation of fine jewelry and true design for the 21st century."

With extensive knowledge and expertise in colored gemstones, Laura Gibson not only uses some of the finest exotic stones in her pieces, but has a unique ability to create unexpected color combinations that set her work apart and make it instantly recognizable.

She will be showcasing her collection at the Couture Show in Las Vegas from May 30-June 4 in booth #367.

I surfed around and found some images of her jewelry creations available on Touch of Class.


Surfs Up for Jewelry

21 Apr

Surfs Up for Jewelry

Along with thinking of buying a new bathing suit (eekkk!) for this next summer season, what is much more fun is thinking about the jewelry you plan to wear this summer. Even if you can't fit into that itty bitty little yellow polka dot bikini, you can at least find some fun jewelry. One company called Stricky Boarding have jewelry as well as clothing and other accessories for the beach life. Pictured is Miss Transworld Surf winner, Jenna Putnam, wearing one of their jewelry designs:

Transworld SURF Magazine Swimsuit Model Contest winner Jenna Putnam is wearing the [Barrel Pendant] from Strickly Boarding in the centerfold pull-out poster in the Transworld SURF June Issue. Checkout a snapshot of the poster signing (here) along with some more info about Jenna, and be sure to pick up latest Issue of TWS for all the great content that Transworld SURF provides!

Here's a closer look at the necklace she's wearing, which is made of sterling silver (chain is extra…but not that much extra):


Jewelry Channel Expands to Austin

21 Apr

Jewelry Channel Expands to Austin

Residents of Austin, Texas have a new neighbor, The Jewelry Channel. They are moving in and that means jobs opportunities for those in the jewelry and/or entertainment field. Right now, they just started to hire, but they have big plans for the area according to this news article, Jewelry Channel lands in Round Rock, 700 jobs planned over 5 years:

The channel has established a corporate office and live studio in 30,000 square feet of space, and has plans to eventually expand to 100,000 square feet. The Jewelry Channel's parent company, publicly traded VGL Group of Jaibur, India, expects to make an initial capital investment of $3 million in the project's first year and $20 million over the next five years. The company's Austin operation has already hired 140 people in jobs ranging from on-air talent to warehousing.

Manoj Shrimali, senior vice president with VGL, says the company wanted to establish its U.S. channel in the central time zone and have access to an educated work force in a business-friendly environment. Austin, he says, provided all of the above. "Everyone in the U.S. wants to move to Austin," Shrimali says. "Everything that our channel is about we can find here."

VGL is an integrated corporation that manufactures jewelry in locales across Asia. The Jewelry Channel will mostly market and sell the company's own products, Shrimali says. Last year, VGL Group launched two other jewelry related channels in the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition to live programming, the channel will also run short documentaries about jewelry setting and various aspects of the jewelry business. The company is already broadcasting nationwide through DirecTV on channel 226 and is in final negotiations with Time Warner Cable to begin broadcasting in that carrier's markets. Shrimali says the company hopes to bring the channel to all U.S. markets, but there is no firm timeline on when that may be accomplished.

Strand Mom on Her Day

20 Apr

Strand Mom on Her Day

Mother's Day is on the way, and that means you BETTER get something m-o-m like n-o-w! Jewelry, of course, is always appreciated. If you are not exactly sure what to get for her, consider a jewelry piece that incorporates birthstones from all of her beloved children.

Stranded has all kinds of gemstone beaded and wire jewelry, so I went virtual shopping over there. Pictured is a necklace full of different colored tourmaline gemstone beads.

Even if you don't know for sure whose birthstone is whose, you can get her something colorful to just cover all the bases.

This is another necklace with a mix of gemstone colors, this time all made of quartz.

These earrings use a similar approach, again with multi-colored quartz chip beads dangling from pieces of chain.


Today’s Etsy Jewelry Finds

19 Apr

Today's Etsy Jewelry Finds

I haven't been over to Etsy in a while, and it's one of my favorite places to virtually shop for hand-crafted jewelry (and other goodies), so I figured I was past due for a visit today.

Right away when I surfed over I found this wacky, fun bracelet made by Kathi Parker. It looks almost dangerous to wear, but according to her description, it's plenty safe:

This bracelet is a favorite in my booth. Each spikey actually ends with an end which has been drawn up into a ball by placing a torch at it. As it heats up it draws itself together into a raindrop shape.

The entire bracelet is handmade from 16G wire. The spikes hang loosely and flop around as you move.

It's NOT SHARP! It's just called that because the name "bent wires ending in round balls bracelet" was just too long.

It is tumbled in stainless steel until it becomes bright and shiney and comes in a beautiful velvet bag.

A little more cruising turned up this bright purple shell earrings from Jing Jing Design.
Continuing on the earring phase, I found these Murano glass heart earrings. Ah…Italians and their talent for glass!
Finally, let's end this shopping trip with a necklace. It's amazing the detail that talented artist like etsy member JGB can get these days with polymer clay.

Gold Demand Slows in India

18 Apr

Gold Demand Slows in India

Perhaps because of the cultural significance of gold in India, this country tend so be a meter for others in the gold and jewelry industry. Seems like they are going through a little gold slump right now according to the article, Gold jewellery demand dips:

Indian women are no longer dipping into their grandmas' jewellery box to get inspired for buying gold. Platinum, diamonds and rubies for them apparently shine more.

According to the latest report released by London-based precious metal consultancy GFMS, India saw a 90 tonne drop in demand for gold jewellery in 2006.

The fall in gold demand was not limited just to India. The report states that World jewellery fabrication demand fell 16 per cent to a 15-year low of 2,280 tonnes in 2006.

GFMS report further adds that the demand for gold jewellery worldwide in 2007 is expected to decline further with India been no exception.

"Globally, gold demand was affected due to a shift toward lower gold weights and more gem-set ornaments. This led to the fall in jewellery segment," says Philip Klapwijk, executive chairman, GFMS.

Though jewellery houses refuse to accept that the demand for gold jewellery is coming down, they do agree that the demand for stone-based jewellery is on the rise.

Besides the increase popularlity of gemstone jewelry, I have to also wonder about the trend in platinum we continue to see.

Bezame Jewelry for Brides

18 Apr

Bezame Jewelry for Brides

Variety Gem has a fairly new bridal jewelry collection called Bezame. Like many of the engagement rings I see these days, they are heavy on the diamonds and white metals. In fact, it is starting to seem odd to me to even see yellow gold for brides. Nothing wrong with that, just a sign of the times. Back in my day, yellow gold was the thing. Now, it's platinum. Ah well, I still love my little ol' ruby ring. But, here are some stunners for you from their Bezame collection just the same.

From the Bezame line, this classic comfort fit Engagement ring has 2 Baguette and 40 round stones for a more comfortable fit. The ring is available in Platinum, 14 or 18 karat white gold and in all sizes.


From the Bezame line, this classic comfort fit Engagement ring has 2 emerald cut and 2 round stones for a more comfortable fit. The ring is available in two tune, Platinum, 14 or 18 karat white gold and in all sizes.


From the Bezame line, this classic comfort fit Engagement ring has over 40 round stones for a more comfortable fit. This ring is available in Platinum, 14 or 18 karat white gold and in all sizes.


Indie Fashion and Jewelry Show

18 Apr

Indie Fashion and Jewelry Show

Indie designers, including both clothing, jewelry, and other accessories, are finding alternative ways to promote themselves these days. We see it a lot on the web. Another approach is their own fashion shows, and if you are in the Seattle, Washington area tomorrow, you can see one for yourself at Velouria.

Here's the when/what/where from Velouria puts spring fashion on the runway:

Ballard boutique Velouria will host the show with models sashaying down the runway in all this fair-weather garb on Thursday, April 19, at 8 p.m. at the Crocodile Cafe.

Velouria owner Tes de Luna's fashion philosophy focuses on independent designers who create and produce their own pieces. No mass-manufactured stuff from overseas here. Many of the featured clothing, handbag, and jewelry designers and labels are from the Northwest including Liza Rietz, Holly Stalder, ZUZUPOP (de Luna's label), Frocky Jack Morgan, Kimmi, Jenny Yule, Amy Tavern, RikaRika and House of Spy. More than 30 designers will be featured in three fashion sets. Listen to local bands ghost stories and Siberian between the sets.

Advance tickets are $10 at Velouria or Sonic Boom Records locations. Tickets will also be available at the door for $15.

Jewelry Trend Branches Out

17 Apr

Jewelry Trend Branches Out

hillary duff is one of a number of stars featured in the April 30th issue of Life & Style magazine, showing off the trend toward nature in their leaf-themed jewelry selections.

Duff is pictured here wearing a long gold chain and green jade pendant, which has been carved into a leaf. Nature inspired jewelry is for sure not a "new" trend, but it looks like it's getting hot again this spring.

Rings and bracelets are also highlighted in this issue, such as this gunmetal ring (thus the dark color) from Allison Daniel Designs, which also comes in antique gold, matte gold, and antique silver.


This mulit-strand bracelet with leather and 14kt plated leaves is from WinkNYC.