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Big Bad Bling

30 Jun

Big Bad Bling

No, I don't like this pendant, but after reading about, I felt compelled to pass on the information.

I mean this is some world record thing, but really, it's pretty darn u-g-l-y IMO.

Still here's the scoop from Diamondvues:

The Guinness Book of World Records has just added Rapper LIL' JON as the owner of the largest diamond pendant ever. The hip-hop star's, "crunk Aint Dead" pendant is 7.5 inches (19 centimeters) tall, six inches (15.2 centimeters) wide, and one inch (2.5 centimeters) thick. It weighs almost 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms) and features 73 carats of diamonds – with 3,756 round-cut white diamonds encrusted in 18-karat yellow and white gold. The diamond pendant has been valued at about $500,000.

As the saying goes, bigger is not always better.

Fine or Funky Jewelry?

29 Jun

Fine or Funky Jewelry?

I had a hard time defining this jewelry when starting to blog about it. Does it belong in my "fine jewelry" category? What about the fashion jewelry section? Basically, Geri Jewelry is a mix of the two, combining fine with the funky (and I do mean that in a good way).

On the one hand, you've got fine metals and gemstones, such as 18kt white gold, diamonds, onyx, and mother-of-pearl.

But rather than your usual jewelry store fair (yawn), you've got some funky designs, like a pair of monster-sized hot lips from her Kiss Me collection:


Then the Hug Me collections has got some of that old fashioned flower power:


Bell Up to the Gem Bar

28 Jun

Bell Up to the Gem Bar

As a jewelry lover, jewelry designer, and bead shop fanatic, I fell instantly ga-ga over this very cool idea from Sonya Ooten, a gem bar (pictured):

Sonya opened the Gem Bar in the heart of Larchmont Village in the center of Hancock Park. Just East of Vine and several blocks from Paramount Studios, Larchmont is the best kept secret in Hollywood.

Sonya Ooten Gem Bar fits that vibe just fine. Sonya believes in the beauty and power of jewels and founded her brand 9 years ago with the goal of making well priced, fashion forward, fine jewelry accessible to everyone. And, that's what she's done in Sonya Ooten Gem Bar, purveyor of health food for the soul. No artificial ingredients allowed. No base metals. No artificially stimulated gemstones. No faux pearls. Just well priced, fashion fine jewelry with a deliciously luxuriant attitude.

Love that – "health food for the soul." Of course, if you are like me and live a few thousand miles away from her jewelry shop, you can also purchase her jewelry from her web site. I've blogged before about Sonya Ooten's jewelry. She tends to have a mixture of texture, bead work, and mixed-media take on jewelry.

Like this fishnet Turquoise Pendant


And these Crochet Hoops Earrings


Me & Ro for Men

27 Jun

Me & Ro for Men

Men's jewelry is still gaining in popularity, but normally, when I do find jewelry collections for men, it's pretty limited as far as the number of pieces. Not so over at the Me & Ro web site. They have loads of jewelry for your guy.

Of course, most of it tends to be designed for the earthy-tree-hugger type, but that is sort of the Me & Ro perspective, which as a tree-hugger myself I tend to like. Oh where oh where are my Earth shoes?

This first bracelet pictured I think could be worn by a woman as well:

Men's Silver Solid Jumpring Bracelet on Natural Leather
Classic and comfortable…small sterling silver jumprings strung on natural leather create a simple yet substantial feeling. The leather ties around the wrist with a sterling silver button closure. Bracelet measures 8 inches in length.

They also tend to use a lot of 10kt gold, which normally, I'm not thrilled about, but considering how most men can be pretty tough on their jewelry, this might be a good idea. Again, I'd definitely wear this necklace:


Men's 10k Gold 'Four Immeasurables' Medallion Pendant with Diamond – The Tibetan vow of 'The Four Immeasurables' encourages us to focus our attention on helping others. The vow is engraved in Tibetan on this 10k gold disc, and set with a single diamond in the center. The 'Four Immeasurables' include Love ('Maitri'), Compassion ('Karuna'), Joy ('Mudita') and Equanimity ('Upeksa'). The disc, which measures approximately 1 inch in diameter, hangs from 20 inch 10k gold chain with a lobster claw clasp.

Hooping it Up with Toby Pomeroy

27 Jun

Hooping it Up with Toby Pomeroy

A search for the Toby Pomeroy web site provides just a picture (posted left) and email address, so I had to do a little more surfing for you. I guess, for whatever reason, Toby P doesn't feel the need to have a real web presence. Maybe it's because there are lots of places on line to view and purchase this jewelry.

For example, I found lots of the designer's fabulous hammered hoop earrings at Moon Dance. Pictured are a pair measuring 32mm and made from 14kt gold. I know. It's a pretty basic design, but can't you see yourself wearing this a lot? At 32mm, I'd say they are about the size of an old 50 cent coin.


Manika Jewelry offers hoops as well as this hoop style cuff bracelet.


An added bonus of this site is some information about the designer that I found really cool:

Toby Pomeroy's art has always drawn upon global influences and principles of sustainability. Conflicted by the intolerable impacts of conventional precious metals mining, Toby asked the nations largest gold suppliers and refiners if they would provide pure gold and silver derived entirely from reclaimed sources. They agreed, and this ground-breaking initiative became Toby' Pomeroy's source of 100% reclaimed gold and silver.

So, basically, he's using recycled (aka reclaimed) metal in her finished jewelry pieces. Clever.

Celebs Loving Aquanautic Wathces

26 Jun

Celebs Loving Aquanautic Wathces

I couldn't help but get a few chuckles when I looked through the photo gallery at the Aquanautic web site.

I purposely selected the link to photographs of the Sundance Film Festival because the other two events they have pictures of aren't in the United States, so I figured I wouldn't know anyone in the photos for those. I guess I'm out of touch because even for the Sundance photo gallery, I was at a loss to know who everyone was.

Now, of course, there were two pictures of Paris Hilton (bet she's watching the clock a lot these days), and then there's this adorable picture of jenny McCarthy, but whoever else was there sure seemed to be digging the wathes. Can't blame them either. Here are a few of my favs from their Bara Cuda watch collection. Both have diamond accents (sigh).



Summer Jewelry Trends

26 Jun

Summer Jewelry Trends

With the weather heating up – now almost into the 90s most days down here in sunny Florida, I'm starting to see more and more summer fashion. Now doubt – summer is here!

According to one of the latest issues of In Store magazine, these are some of the trends (a number of old ones and a few new) that we should expect to see for jewelry this summer:

  • Green is still going to be popular; though, honestly, I haven't seen as much green a I thought I would be seeing these past few months when it comes to jewelry. Stones to keep an eye on include prasiolite and prehenite.
  • Medallion style pendants hanging from chains is still hot. I agree. Now, this I have been seeing a lot of, both as medals and coins set off in metal bezels.
  • It still continues to be all about the circle; this includes bangle bracelets, pendants, rings, and just about anything round such as some jewelry from Staurino Fratelli pictured below.
  • Ethnic inspired jewelry is supposed to be gaining momentum. Due to the increased cost of gold, we'll see more filigree type designs, which look great but cut down on the gram weight. Now, this sounds interesting!


Jewelry Diva Blog Rant

25 Jun

Jewelry Diva Blog Rant

Time out for a jewelry diva rant folks! And, I'm really talking to those wonderful designers, manufacturers, and other folks in the jewelry business world. Listen up!

The time of the blog is here. In fact, we are well entrenched in the electronic apparatus and are quickly over-taking the old hardcopy media that you are so familiar with.

I'm not saying hard copy magazines are out, but what I am saying is that you need to tune your brains into those of us on the cutting edge of new media – those of us in the blogosphere who are here trying to get the word out about your jewelry.

I can't tell you the number of times I'm surfing around, discover a great site with Fabo jewelry that I know my readers (and I got a lot of 'em!) would love to read about and, yes, SEE, as in view. Yet, I'm stopped by some kind of ridiculous copyright statement: "The images on this site are not to be copied without permission. Yada, yada, yada."

Okay, so yes, protect yourself. But, also give us blog press folks something in return or you will continued to be ignored. The digital world is a mixture and text and images. We are like a big beautiful interactive scrapbook for readers to pick and choose what they want to read and look at.

When you have a web site but have no information available for blog media folks like moi, that means you want to be ignored. Am I right? That you want us all to just click on by. See ya! (Somehow I don't think this is the case.)

So, get a clue. It's the age of the blog, baby, and that means either have a media area with downloadable images and maybe a press release even, or get over yourselves and get rid of that has-been hardcopy-mindset copyright BS on your sites.

Okay, rant over…back to blogging about brilliant jewelry folks who want to been seen.

Glam Gold Protection

25 Jun

Glam Gold Protection

I imagine I'm not the only jewelry lover to do this, but when I am selecting my jewelry for the day, I often consider safety because there are a few areas of town that I have to travel in (due to my real icky day job – though I just gave my notice last week – yah!) that aren't exactly the safest in the world. These are days that I don't opt to wear my platinum coin pendant, which is set in an 18kt Gold bezel, or my super big gold chain with loads of diamond cutting. Instead, I opt for a thinner gold necklace and maybe some basic gold hoop earrings. Sad, but true.

Now, I'm not saying to wear your flashy bling and then walk into the nearest pool hall, but still, there's a lot to be said for being prepared and fashionable at the same time, so I thought this product from is worth considering, maybe even giving as a gift for a lover of fine jewelry.

Thier top of the line 18kt gold-plated model is called Glamorous Gold, and they also have a number of options, such as crystal covered pepper cans as well an attachable bracelet.


So, are these over the top? More dangerous to the wearer than the criminal? Or totally worth it and a brilliant idea?

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 06/24/07

24 Jun

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 06/24/07

My fellow fashion and jewelry websnobs have been very busy this week.

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eBelle5 discovers Fendi's Neon Electric Shock Clutch

Learn more about the King of Fashion suggests Fashiontribes, with a rare trove of published & previously never-before-seen works by and about Paul Poiret, the revolutionary early Twentieth century Paris couturier.

Cocktail Mixers from Stirrings keep Girlawhirl and her Super Pals busy shaking things up.

Not all sunblocks and skincare are the same. Check out serious skincare from MD SKINCARE.

My Fashion Life takes inspiration from Cameron Diaz and goes back to black in this seasons LBD.

A Papierblog editor has a simple message to the endless stream of "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" bloggers.

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SheFinds editors tested and picked the best women's tees including tees to hide your tummy.

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