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Moms’ Jewelry Score?

23 Jun

Moms' Jewelry Score?

So how did the mom's out there do this Mothers' Day with their jewelry haul? Did you bring in some bling or did you just get an empty card with best wishes?

JCOC has releases its post-Mother's Day report:

There was a noticeable difference between what consumers planned to purchase just a few months ago and what they actually bought for Mother's Day, according to a study of 2,767 e-panelists of the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC) conducted May 30 to June 8, 2007. A big shift, from 2006 and March 2007 Mother's Day studies and post-sales reports, was in the prevalence of silver jewelry purchases.

In March, just 16 percent of JCOC panelists who intended to buy jewelry for mom thought they'd purchase silver, while a quarter said they actually did-twice as many of those who thought they'd buy silver and six percent higher than those who actually did in 2006. Consistent with last year, though, yellow gold jewelry remains a favorite gift for mom for about one third, but sterling silver beat out white gold as second best this year. Moreover, while earrings and necklaces remain the top two most preferred jewelry gifts in both pre and post studies in 2006 and 2007, this year more watches and bracelets were purchased.

Read more of this report at the JCOC web site.

Dish on Dangle Earrings

22 Jun

Dish on Dangle Earrings

When you are running out the door and have little to no time to select a complete compliment of jewelry – darn that time clock at work! – consider grabbing a knock-out pair of earrings and be done with it. Make sure they are extra long and have some kind of color if possible, but the more dramatic the better in order to make up for lack of time to select the perfect bracelet, necklace, and rings to match.

I found some WOW dangle earrings over at Novell Designs, starting with these from their Rose Veltri Jewelry company:

The RVK-161E earrings are specially hand crafted in palladium with .62 carats of round diamonds and orange carnelian smooth drops. Rose Veltri draws her inspiration from unpredictable sources, detaching ordinary objects from their usual function, and uniquely reinventing them as visually stunning jewelry art.

Yellow is starting to become the new black:

The RVC-132E earrings are specially hand crafted in 18kt white gold with .14 carats of round diamonds and 22 carats of white beryl briolette clusters.


The RVS-147E earrings are specially hand crafted in sterling silver and 14kt rose gold with a knife edge and two 3mm pink tourmaline round faceted stones.


Oh Gee, OGI Jewelry

21 Jun

Oh Gee, OGI Jewelry

Fine jewelry designer, Osnat Gad literally wrote the book on wedding rings, entitled, no big surprise – Wedding Rings:

OSNAT GAD has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of wedding rings for more than 25 years. Her company, OGI, is the purveyor of Gad's signature stackable wedding bands, which have been featured in major fashion magazines.

But, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at her other fine jewelry, such as these 18kt gold, enamel, diamonds, and coral earrings.

She takes a similar approach, mixing semi-precious beads with fine jewelry materials such as gold and diamonds, with this pair of enamel, gold, diamond, and turquoise earrings.
Finally, here's a carnelian bead necklace with links of gold chain

Platinum at the Day Time Emmys

20 Jun

Platinum at the Day Time Emmys

I managed to catch a little of the 34th Annual daytime emmy awards this past weekend. While I'm a fan of a few day time soaps, for the most part, I tuned in for the glam and the sparkle, which I was glad to see plenty of.

Check out Mackenzie Mauzy with these double duty platinum bracelets. Along with these cuff bracelets, she's wearing a platinum and diamond ring and earrings. She definitely did not leave the bling at home!

Then Leven Rambin opted for multiple platinum bracelets (noticed many celebs are still doing the bracelet on each wrist thing), cocktail rings, and earrings.

Finally, not to be left out, Vivica Fox wroe platinum and kunzite earrings and a platinum and aqua bracelet.


Thank you to the Platinum Guild for the great pictures.

Topaz Gone Wild

20 Jun

Topaz Gone Wild

On first glance as I pulled up and started cruising through the Color Craft web site and saw things rings, I thought – oh, opals. Then I thought – oh not opals. Hmmm? The description below them revealed what the heck these gemstones really are – topaz:

Colored Topaz is a new high-tech gem available in an amazing array of colors, including gems that show many colors at once. This beautiful natural topaz is enhanced by the gem cutter's art and a touch of rocket science: high-tech physical vapor deposition of a metallic layer which creates amazingly vivid tones. The coloring is durable and will last for years with proper care. Colored Topaz is available in an amazing palette of fashionable colors. Blues that echo the ocean and sky. Greens that are as lush as the fields and forest. Yellows of the sun and sunset skies. pinks of tropical blooms and delicate blossoms. Purples of the twilight skies. Add more color to your life with this gem that matches your every mood.

EK Designs – Jewelry for Us All

19 Jun

EK Designs - Jewelry for Us All

What struck me about EK Designs jewelry is that it is very wearable. Many pieces I could see wearing to just about any where, from the office to the grocery store, but they still make a fashion statement. As I read the bio on this jewelry designer, I couldn't help but feel it might be inspiring to other want-to-be famous and successful jewelry designers out there:

What started out in 1992 as a fun hobby that fulfilled an artistic need, ek designs has morphed into a premier jewelry design firm. With little more than a good word of mouth chain, ek designs has grown into a company with revenues that continually double each year. Our lines of jewelry can be seen in over 45 retail locations throughout the United States and we make frequent appearances at local trunk shows, home parties and community events. Every woman will find the ideal jewelry accessories in the assortment developed by owner and designer, Elizabeth Kissick. The entire collection is created with the finest of precious metals, Austrian crystals, exclusive hand blown beads, and our custom designed silver bead frames, befitting these distinguished designs. In its ten years of existence, the business consistently has held excellence in materials, workmanship and service in the highest regard.
She has put a lot of thought into the designs, like this Great Expectations Birthflower Bracelet, which you can customize:
Delicately glass blown beads with the flower of the birth month of your child or children create a unique and distinctive bracelet. Each flower was created as a watercolor drawing and then interperted in glass. The symplicity of the sterling silver beads make the birthstone bead or beads stand alone. The bracelet is finished with our exclusive "ek daisy toggle".

Pearl Perusing

19 Jun

Pearl Perusing

Okay, so if you aren't in the jewelry trade you won't get to find out details like how much this beautiful pearl jewelry costs, but hey, we re just window shopping, so price is not an issue. This wonderful pearl ring can be found (along with loads of other pearl goodies) at the ASBA web site:

Founded in 1983, ASBA has quickly proved to be a guiding force in the U.S. market place with fine quality goods at exceptional prices. Mr. Israileff's lineage in the cultured pearl business can be traced to his father's work in Kobe, Japan, in the 1950's, where he aided in the expansion of the cultured pearl industry outside of Japan. This expansion of knowledge of the industry outside Japan has enabled us to broaden the vision of retail jewelers all across the U.S.

ASBA joined forces with two major manufacturers of fine 14 and 18 karat gold diamond and colored stone jewelry, in 1990 and 1997, to compliment our incredible cultured pearl selections. ASBA & Dangler, located in Sarasota, Florida, operates from a 10,000 square foot facility. Purchased in 1993, this facility allows us direct control over quality while keeping manufacturing costs low.

Hey, these folks are almost in my neck of the woods. Of course, they are on the other side of the state from me, but still (mental note).

Here's some more of their pearl jewelry to enjoy, a few earrings and a nice, classic pendant.


Sterling or Platinum?

18 Jun

Sterling or Platinum?

Now that platinum has become so popular, white metal has really made it's way into the "in" jewelry crowd over the last few years. I've always liked silver because you can buy so much of it for so little, and of course, who doesn't like platinum or white gold? But, they can be kind of pricey, especially now that the cost of precious metals have skyrocketed. So, companies like Sterling Reputation have found a good middle ground, using sterling silver metals but giving them a rhodium finish. Their slogan then is "The look of platinum with a silver price tag." Rhodium is part of the platinum family of metals and thus keeps it nice and bright and low on tarnish.

Pictured is their Vine Bracelet with Clear Crystals Bracelet. And, of course, they have a necklace and earrings to match. These are just a few of a pretty large selection you can find on the Sterling Reputation web site.


Virtual Jewelry Shopping at Etsy

18 Jun

Virtual Jewelry Shopping at Etsy

Every once in a while I like to do some virtual shopping over at – This web site has come a long way, and I still think it's one of the best places to pick up unusual hand-crafted jewelry and other accessories.

Pictured left is a necklace from Rusalka: Approximately 30" of vintage copper charm chain with a nice weight and detailed texture.

Dangling from this opera length chain is a black vintage lucite sea star / starfish. The starfish pendant is about
45 cm. across and is beautifully detailed on both sides.

Wire-wrapped dangles include cream-colored baroque glass pearls, green goldstone beads (Venetian beads where tiny copper flecks are suspended in the glass), glittery vintage Japanese glass beads, and vintage moonglow green lucite beads. The necklace fastens with an s-shaped copper hook and jump ring.

Here are a few other interesting finds today.

Fine silver chain necklace from mylenefoster


Oxidized sterling and Czech glass bead earrings from crazy4jewels


Sterling hand-fabricated "poetry" bangle bracelet from deliasthompson


Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 06/17/07

17 Jun

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 06/17/07

This week's blogosphere link love starts out with something unusual – a hand bag designed by a company we normally think of when it comes to fine jewelry.

Bag Snob asks: Should Cartier stick to jewels and watches?

Check out's picks for the hottest summer jewelry for every budget.

eBelle5 loves Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh Strike purse. Same bag but different price.

Instead of a tie, gift dad with a visit to a luxury spa. Fashiontribes gets the scoop on the top five man-friendly spas from Gary Walther, EIC of Luxury SpaFinder magazine.

Beauty Snob investigates products hyped by Celebrity Doctors!

She Finds The Best Waterproof Makeup

Papierblog looks at American Apparel's infatuation with the underage set.

Scrap your fat platforms–that girl named Kristopher's digging the boss minimalism of Gianvito Rossi shoes

Want to know how to look like a million bucks without spending it? Second City Style explains the high-low concept of wardrobing, with examples!

Stylehive has put together a list of wedding dresses that won't break the bank at under $500.

Coquette takes you along on a special tour of the new Nan Kempner American Chic exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

My Fashion Life asks could you wear an eyelash wig?

Girlawhirl -Chic candles from Jonathan Adler keep the vacation vibe going on all summer long.

55 Secret Street has a Q&A with Novelist Meg Cabot.

Jewelry and Beading exhibits a woven pearl bracelet any bride would love, or maybe the members of the wedding party too?