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Atlanta Jewelry Show This August

31 Jul

Atlanta Jewelry Show This August

Time for those in the jewelry industry to get busy at the next Atlanta Jewelry Show in August 11th through the 13th at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees will be busy networking, taking seminars, and strolling isle upon isle of jewelry exhibitors.

For buyers, there is still plenty of time to register for this industry only show. If you want to do more than just buy jewelry for your shop, there are lots of seminars and other activities posted on the show's web site, such as:

Gem Wealth of Brazil at GIA Collection Booth During the Atlanta Jewelry Show!

Date: Saturday, August 11
Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Location: Point of View Gallery
The Southern Jewelry Travelers Association (SJTA) has partnered with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to give retailers the rare opportunity to preview a collection of Brazilian jewelry highlighting country's true spirit and soul during the Atlanta Jewelry Show, August 11-13, 2007, at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. As the only showing of its kind in the Southeast, this unique exhibit will be featured in the GIA's special "Collection Booth."

Buyer Gala

Date: Sunday, August 12
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Renaissance Waverly Hotel


SJTA cordially invites all buyers and exhibitors to our fabulous Buyer Gala! So come celebrate Sunday, August 12, 2007 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel. Admission to the Gala is free and includes complimentary light hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

Mokume Rings from Michael Daniels

31 Jul

Mokume Rings from Michael Daniels

If you've ever spend any time watching a jeweler at work, it is really amazing how they can turn a sheet of plane old metal into a fabulous piece of jewelry. Even some of the smallest pieces of jewelry, like a simple band ring, can take an amazing amount of time and craftsmanship to create.

Jewelry designer Michael Daniels has mastered the art of metalwork specializing in Mokume, which requires numerous layers of metal to be merged together and forged into – in his case – jewelry. He shows the entire process of making his gold and platinum Mokume rings, from cutting basic metal blanks all the way to final product on his web site. It's amazing to see how something like this pictred in the artist's hands turns into his wonderful rings.


Alex Woo Wow Bell Necklaces

30 Jul

Alex Woo Wow Bell Necklaces

Alex Woo is considered one of the rising stars in jewelry design, and she continues to meet these big expectations with her new bell collection.

Inspired by bells found at Buddhist temples, these very cool pendants dangle from a simple chain. It comes in a variety of metals and accented with different gemstones:

Siri Thai Bell Necklace

From a land where ringing bells magically send wishes into the air and there is no gift more valuable than a blessing, Alex Woo presents "Siri," the Thai Bell collection. Inspired by the spiritual bells that adorn Thai temples, the distinctive Siri Thai Bell Necklace hangs carefully sculpted bells on light chains with gemstone drops of lucky Thai colors sparkling against a delicate lotus petal, the symbol of eternal beauty and prosperity. Available on 18" or 20" chains, the lucky bells shine in silver or gold vermeil with: Citrine, Rose Quartz, peridot, Carnelian, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, or Garnet. This Thai Bell necklace is solid, hand sculpted, and made in New York. Approximate Dimensions of Bell: 1 1/4" long

Sterling Silver – $198
14kt Gold Vermeil – $218
14kt Yellow Gold – $1,298
Diamonds (.15pt) with 14kt Yellow Gold – $1,798

World Jewelry Center Goes Video

30 Jul

If you've been following the new World Jewelry Center currently under construction in Las Vegas, Nevada, then here's a fairly long informational video, 8 plus minutes. It includes a lot of big wigs, including the city's mayor, talking about the center, what they hope it will do, like bring in lots of jobs. They also announce some of the first jewelry companies to sign on as tenants:

World Jewelry Center Officials, in conjunction with the City of Las Vegas today, unveiled several jewelry industry leaders who have committed to becoming the first key occupants in this one-million square foot mixed-use World Jewelry Center (WJC). These ten high-profile business leaders are the first to commit to doing business in the fifty-plus story high-rise building. The World Jewelry Center will combine the corporate offices of domestic and international gem and jewelry companies in a trade tower that will be one of the tallest office buildings in Las Vegas, along with a separate, free-standing gallery of retail Jewelry Stores with broad middle-market appeal. The WJC is planned to open for business in late 2009 to mid 2010.

The first ten tenants of the World Jewelry Center include: Lucent Diamonds, Inc., with CEO Alex Grizenko; Robert Wan Tahiti, with CEO and founder Robert Wan; Estet Jewellery Company with President and founder Gagik Gevorkyan; Kazanjian Bros., Inc. with CEO and Chairman Michael J. Kazanjian; Chow Tai Fook Group with Owner Dr. Yu-tung Cheng; Super Bell Jewelry with Principle Lo Huang; Tycoon Inc. with President Toros Kejejian and CEO Toros Z. Kejejian; SimplexDiam Inc. with Chairman and CEO Yogesh K. Madhvani; Alan Friedman Designs with President Alan Friedman and Vice-President Layna Friedman; and JPI Packaging., Inc. with President Paul Gao.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 07/29/07

29 Jul

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 07/29/07

With August almost here, many of us in the jewelry and fashion blogopshere are getting our fall wardrobe in order. Time to go shopping! Fashiontribes picks the top 10 fall fashion must-haves, such as this "statement" necklace made of Gold, silver, brass and stainless steel thick-braided chain.

New dress code rules at the White House piques Papierblog's interest.

Second City Style is gearing up for our favorite fashion season. First on the fall fashion radar? Femme-fatale for one and all.

No need to pack away your favorite summer items once the temperature drops, tells us 10 summer pieces to wear into fall.

Styleaholic Najwa Moses takes us on a stylish, photo TATTOO journey.

Gotta Getaway: Stylehive says you gotta getaway to Rayavadee Hotel in Thailand, a luxury seaside resort flanked by majestic cliffs, beautiful white sands, and clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

Girlawhirl thinks Stella McCartney's Glastonbury tank is the epitome of summer cool.

You can be nicer to animals than Vick, and rock a boss Stella McCartney bag, says Kristopher.

LA-Story rocks the mod, edgy, "old-world" vibe of the hot jewelry from Soffer Ari. Check out these earrings, and then head over to LA story for the rest of her jewelry finds.


Those high waist jeans have well and truly comeback! My Fashion Life gives readers a heads up on how to win a pair from Earnest Sewn.

Nichelle at 55 Secret Street weighs in on the mystery and the magic of The Dominican Blowout.

Does the amazing variety of "It" jeans have you all confused about what's right for you? Stiletto Jungle has a helpful video that spills the who – what – wear of 5 super hot, must-have denim styles.

Bag Bliss reveals the war between Forever21 and Gwen's Harajuku Purses.

Shop Fall trends with Bag Snob, 5 tips to update your Bag Wardrobe!

Beauty Snob asks: Can you really walk your way to lean legs with the "Fit Flop"?

Coquette loves it when high-tech meets fashion luxe with the debut of Louis Vuitton's new line of iPhone cases in New York.

Jewelry and Beading spotted a shell earring project to make before the summer season is gone.

Jewelry That Rocks

28 Jul

Jewelry That Rocks

I'm always interested in the stories jewelry designer tell about how they found their passion for creating jewelry, the journys they've taken to get where they are now, the inspiration that hit them, that eureka moment.

Many of the more successful jewelry designers also have a niche they fill that is often connected to past careers. Such is the case with Leslie Homan, owner of Femme Metale.

From "Rockabilly bling: Femme Metale creates dramatic jewelry:"

Creator and designer Leslie Homan fell into making jewelry seven years ago, after giving up her job as a makeup artist and stylist for infomercials.

The 47-year-old now lives in Corona, Calif., with her yappy Italian greyhound and giant white cat.

Her company now has 450 wholesale accounts across the country, as well as international visibility online. To come up with the jewelry designs, Homan uses reference books on Victorian Art, pop-culture icons and music to inspire her own creative mind.

Homan also creates fine jewelry rings using 14-karat white gold, pave diamonds and various gemstones like sapphires and rubies. The rings come in various shapes: skull and cross bone, pirate, burning heart, and crown, to name a few.

So, she sort of connected her entertainment backgroud with hip metal jewelry. Very cool.

Thistle & Bee Silver

27 Jul

Thistle & Bee Silver

Summer is the perfect time to wear all your sterling silver jewelry. Maybe you aren't a sun goddess (it is bad for the skin you know), but most of us have at least a tiny bit more color this time of year, so silver is a great way to show that off. Thistle & Bee, a company also known for products like silver frames, has some summer silver jewelry finds:

Thistle & Bee maintains a longstanding reputation as a producer and purveyor of fine heirloom quality sterling silver. Our full range of sterling silver products incorporate designs both classic and contemporary, with styles both whimsical and sophisticated. We take great pride in our ongoing commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality. Each Thistle & Bee offering is carefully assembled in dedicated production facilities around the globe, using only the finest materials available today. We will continue to provide our customers with sterling silver goods that excite their tastes, and personalized customer service that meets their needs.

I was especially impressed with all the cuff bracelets they carry. The sterling and gemstone cuff pictured top/left has amethyst, rhodolite and peridot set in 18K gold vermeil bezels across the silver base.

Here's their oval swirl cuff – open designs are great for showing off a little skin.

This honeycomb texture cuff has a 18K gold vermeil bee.

K. Amato Jewelry Designs

26 Jul

K. Amato Jewelry Designs

K.Amato believes every girl should have a great piece of jewelry. Her site's mantra is "every girl should have one." That seems like a good attitude when it comes to jewelry. K. Amato's designs for the most part are geometric, so they seem to be both classic and a little edgy at the same time:

"My jewelry line is based on the premise of looking great without having to spend a fortune. The designs are trend conscious, yet sophisticated in a fun way. I truly believe you can dress up or down an outfit based on your accessories."

Pictured above/left: Medallion Filigree Necklace, $66
(17 inch gold fill chain and 18kt gold plated medallion | also available in sterling silver)


Double Hammered Tassel Earrings, $165
(2.5 inches in length, 14kt gold hammered disk and 14kt gold fill tassel chain | also available in sterling silver)


Hoop Earrings in Smoke, $40
(2.5 inches in diameter, gold fill hoop | stones available in black, aqua, brown and olive Swarovski)

Yeah for Necklaces!

26 Jul

Yeah for Necklaces!

It is so refreshing to see celebrities wearing necklaces at a red carpet type event or party or whatever you want to categories them.

I mean, really, when jewelry designers hand you over fabulous baubles to wear and they don't think to add a necklace? Unless you go with the double bracelet trend or some really large earrings, the bare neck thing does not work.

Normally she seems to be pretty clueless, but shown here Jessica Simpson at the Cannes Film Festival is looking good and wearing a beautiful sapphire necklace. For those of us who don't get handed free jewelry, here's an alternative. for Sears has a Cheviot(tm) created blue and white sapphire necklace in 10K white gold for $499.99.


Jennifer Lopez at El Cantante Premiere

25 Jul

Jennifer Lopez at El Cantante Premiere

Jennifer Lopez was looking hot and cool all at the same time at the San Juan, Puerto Rico film premier of El Cantante.

Should be interesting to see hubby, marc anthony, and Lopez in this story that semi-mirrors their lives. He's a singer that makes it to the big time and she's the little woman behind the man. Okay, well, maybe it just mirrors his life a little. We know that Lopez is in no way the little woman type. The film is due out in early August.

Anywhoo, check out this wowie! earrings she's got on, platinum "Caviar" earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. Now, this is when it's okay to not wear a necklace.