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Laura James Goes Eco

25 Jul

Laura James Goes Eco

Last time we looked in on jewelry designer Laura James, she was getting into heavy metal and had plans to take a metalsmithing class at Penland.

James' latest jewelry collection reflects many of the new metal working techniques she picked up going back to school as well as her renewed interest in eco-friendly jewelry and distressed designs:

The current Green Movement craze has bitten rising independent jewelry designer Laura James of Laura James Jewelry ( ). James aims ahead of the curve this season by merging high fashion with a recycled edge.

Known for her runway-inspired designs, Laura James introduces an eco-vibe to her latest jewelry collections for 2007. Continuing to create high quality, fashion-forward jewelry, James stays on trendy track this season with the environment in mind. The Cristalle collection offers a glamorous take on the Green Movement with vintage recycled crystals in every design. Her SoHo Collection offers daintier designs incorporating recycled vintage rosary beads and carved jade pendants. Both collections also have semi-precious stones and fine metals such as fourteen karat gold fill, sterling silver, and twenty-two karat gold vermeil intertwined throughout each piece. Lastly, the Metals Collection is a nod to the emerging Arts and Crafts revolution that is currently sweeping the runway. In this collection, James showcases her metalsmithing techniques learned at Penland School of Craft with handmade acid-etched floral brass discs that dangle from recycled vintage crystal and hand-forged wire.


"It is exciting to be able to create jewelry that is not only coveted to be worn, but ultimately benefits us in the long run." said Designer Laura James. "The education is out there teach us how to make this world a better place and utilizing that information in our own craft is the next step. The challenge of incorporating the latest runway trends into jewelry that women everywhere can have access to and to be able to make a difference simultaneously is ultimately my goal in this business."

Using recycled vintage materials, semi-precious and organic stones, gold and silver; James aims to create high quality jewelry with an affordable edge.

Prices in the Laura James Jewelry collections range from $30 to $300 and can be purchased both on-line at and in over thirty select retail boutiques in six states. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, James currently resides and operates Laura James Jewelry in Charlotte, North Carolina


Light & Airy Jewelry for Summer

24 Jul

Light & Airy Jewelry for Summer

Debbie Kuo, of Kuo Ting Jewelry, has a new collection out which is currently only available at Courture

For this light and airy collection, Kuo turned to gold-plated whimsical pendants, Freshwater pearls, and semi-precious gemstones as her inspirational elements.

This sort of jewelry is perfect for these hot days of summer.

I think this Baroque pearl and pink sapphire necklace is my favorite of the bunch.
For those who like an Egyptian theme….
Feel like a fairy princess…
And, of course, you need some gold swag earrings to match. Notice how all of these pieces can easily be mixed and matched.

Beach Jewelry – In or Out?

24 Jul

Beach Jewelry - In or Out?

The July 30th issue of Life & Style magazine asks about jewelry at the beach:

SUMMER JEWELS?-At the beach, hilary duff wears an armful of bracelets, Beyoncé wears her gold jewelry, and Mariah Carey wears a dazzling necklace. Does jewelry belong at the beach? You decide! Jewelry with a swimsuit: Love it or Hate it?

I didn't include the photo of Hilary because she just looks awful (trashy even) and I think is showing a little too much of everything, the good, the bad, the let it all hang out. Yes, Mariah is as well, but it's not hanging out. I think considering her age and full-figure she's actually looking pretty good, and I like the necklace she's wearing. Now, Beyoncé, does this woman know how to look bad? She looks great and those gold earrings just pop.


Now, as someone who spend years soaking up skin cancer on the beach, I usually just work small earrings because you can end up with some weird tan lines otherwise. Plus, at least in Florida, it is sticky and hot down here at the beach unless you go in January or February. So, jewelry just would not be comfortable.

Cherie Dori Fine Jewels

23 Jul

Cherie Dori Fine Jewels

Contemporary israeli jewelry designer, Nelly Cohen shows her love for jewelry and poetry as she creates fine jewelry pieces for her company, Cherie Dori. "Cherie" is French for love, and Cohen has a degree in poetry studies.

While the jewelry is primarily made with jewelry seen generally in fine jewelry, such as gold, diamonds, and precious stones, Cohen takes a different creative approach. For example, she often includes yellow diamonds in some of her designs. Something you don't see too often under the glass in an average jewelry shop.

I found some pieces from her "new arrivals" via her web site for us to enjoy today.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 07/22/07

22 Jul

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 07/22/07

Some of my websnob fashion friends are gearing up for fall already while others are still thinking of ways to dress cool and comfortable during these hot days of summer, starting off with these quartz dangle earrings selected by

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Diamonds Get Sticky

21 Jul

Diamonds Get Sticky

I recently have had to remove peanut butter forever from my diet. I'm not one to eat a lot of protein, so I've often used peanut butter to help out with this issue. However, after realizing how fattening it is, well, the jar is now collecting dust in my pantry. Even my husband can't eat it because he does low carb, so that means no bread. Maybe this jar isn't a total loss though according to this news from and BBC. From Peanut butter diamonds on display:

Peanut butter is being turned into diamonds by scientists with a technique that harnesses pressures higher than those found at the centre of the earth.

Edinburgh University experts say the feat is made possible by squeezing the paste between the tips of two diamonds creating a "stiletto heel effect". [...]

Professor Malcolm McMahon, based at the Centre for Science and Extreme Conditions at Edinburgh University, is one of the scientists involved.

He said: "Pressure can cause extraordinary changes in all kinds of materials and can create completely novel materials.

"We are currently developing techniques that will create pressures of up to five million atmospheres, much higher than the pressure at the centre of the earth, to find the holy grail of high-pressure physics, the metallic phase of hydrogen.

"If we manage to make metallic hydrogen, the next step will be to make enough to study it in real detail, which would mean using much larger diamond anvils, about the size of your thumb, to squeeze it."

Spectrum 2008 Coming Up

20 Jul

Spectrum 2008 Coming Up

They don't have the deadlines listed yet on the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Awards site. In fact, it says it just says it is "coming soon!" So, any talented jewelry designers out there probably should just hurry up and get busy creating something fabulous if you want a chance to win this prestigious award:

Entries in the AGTA Spectrum Awardsâ„¢ will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished industry judges on the basis of overall beauty and wearability, innovative design, effective use of materials, quality of gemstones, quality of workmanship, broad-base consumer appeal and potential to generate positive publicity for natural colored gemstones. Spectrum Award categories include Classical, Bridal, Day, Men's and Evening Wear.

You can find out more details, and I hope very soon the deadline for this competition, along with a downloadable application and images of the jewelry that won in the past at the AGTA site.

Kenneth Fron Sale

20 Jul

Kenneth Fron Sale

The Birthday Week sale at Kenneth Fron's web site is about to end. You may know him as the necklace guy, a jewelry designer who specializes in one of a kind necklaces. Now you can get some super deals on his designs, but the clock is ticking:

This will be my ONLY sale of the year. It is a terrific opportunity to receive $25.00 for every Kenneth Fron necklace you purchase! Thru July 21, 2007 up until midnight, order any necklace as usual from my on-line Catalog and pay the listed price posted on the web site. Once you receive the necklace and keep it then I will send you a "refund" check! There is no limit.

All "Birthday Week" necklaces will arrive with a signed certificate in a luxurious satin-lined velvet folder, a classy "white" box with lid and chocolate brown logo-imprinted satin ribbon. You also will receive a FREE surprise gift with each necklace, as well! I have several necklaces posted that you can end up getting for an "up to" amazing 50% off! There really is no better time than right NOW!

To start shopping for "Birthday Week" and to start SAVING $25.00 off each necklace, please CLICK:

Dazzling Denmark Jewelry

19 Jul

Dazzling Denmark Jewelry

Fine jewelry artist, Troels D. Larsen has a long list of accomplishments, including received the American Gem Trade Association's 2006 Spectrum Award. Originally from Denmark, Larsen eventually made his home in Laguna Beach, California where he still creates his gorgeous jewelry of fine gemstones and precious metals such 18kt gold, 22kt gold, and platinum.

While most of the fine jewelry you see in a shop are made from wax molds that are carved, set in plaster, burnt out, and infused with hot metal, Larsen explains on his site that he does not use this technique, which is referred to as casting and can be very cost effective since the jeweler saves a lot of time and money.

Enjoy these miniature works of art! I think his pendants are my favorites. This one includes opal and diamonds.
Mandarin Garnet and diamonds in rose gold.
Gold and peridot

Black, White, and Fashionable Jewelry

18 Jul

Black, White, and Fashionable Jewelry

What's black and white and envied all over? Great jewelry from the folks at Elle, known for their fashion forward designs.

Much like clothing and shoes and other other accessories, jewelry trends can come and go, meaning you can end up with lots of never to be worn jewelry in your jewelry box if you aren't careful. But, when you hit on combinations like these that include sterling silver, black onyx, and white agate gemstones, you'll find these are forever being pulled from your box to your bod. They are jewelry stables. I've selected a few from the Elle web site, but they really have a large selection, so it's worth a look see. They also have a list of retailers available if you are trying to fine Elle jewelry locally.