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10 KT the New Standard?

31 Aug

10 KT the New Standard?
Metal prices have gone out of this world over the last year to the point that the average Jill can't afford platinum any more, and the average Jo has to buy her, what? Can it really be happening? Is 10 kt gold the new 14 kt gold? Is it the new American standard these days? Oy, I hope not! But, I sure seem to see more and more of it.

Now, a few years ago, I'd say, that's fine. 10kt gold is sort of like high-end costume jewelry: it has its place. But, with the prices I'm seeing these days on items like the pendant pictured above ($1250 from, I have to shake my head with wonder and sadness.

This is a cool pendant, but consider the gold in it or lack there of, it's just sad.

Mondera Circle Sale

30 Aug

Mondera Circle Sale
Circles are still pretty much "in" for the jewelry lovers of the world. They aren't the hot craze that they were a few months ago, but I still see a lot of people wearing circle pendant necklaces. If you've been wanting one for yourself but balked at the price, then check out Mondera's circle sale going on right now. They have a small collection in both white and yellow gold, which are accented with diamonds and most aroud about 50% off their original price.


Fair Trade Diamond Video

29 Aug

This isn't a fancy video, though it does have some semi-interesting camera shots, but what Martin Rapaport, CEO of the Rapaport Group, has to say I think is nice to hear. The Rapaport Group is also the publishers of by the way.

In this video clip, Mr. Rapaport address conflict diamonds and the idea of fair trade, in general, for diamonds and jewelry. He makes a connection between the guy digging the diamond from the Earth, which we often tend to forget about, and the salesman behind the jewelry store's counter where we might purchase the diamond.

I'd like to see more videos like this!

JIS Miami Beach Show

28 Aug

JIS Miami Beach Show
This October the Jewelers International Showcase will be held in Miami Beach, Florida. This is a wholesale show not open to the general public. This means that you need to either own a store or retail jewelry from some other outlet and have to present the proper credentials, which normally include a tax ID certificate at a minimum.

However, if you are lucky enough to ever get into a jewelry show like this, be ready to go ga-ga over loads of gemstones, fine metals, pearls, you name it. I haven't been to this particular show (normally I go to one in Orlando), so here's the description from the JIS web site:

Jewelers International Showcase (JIS) now in its 29TH year of serving the Jewelry Industry has become the largest Independent Jewelry Tradeshow in the Western Hemisphere. World-Wide Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Jewelry market and sell their products and services to the Jewelry Trade Attendees primarily from Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America plus now many other USA States.

At JIS' largest show in October, buyer attendance is typically over 4000 Jewelry Firms (12,000 Attendees) with approximately 30% of those coming from about 50 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, 55% from Florida and 15% coming from other USA States. One major uniqueness of JIS shows is that JIS allows the delivery of Jewelry right on the Show floor, leaving the decision for factory shipment or delivery on the Show floor to buyers and exhibitors alike.

The site also includes a seven minute informational video about the show in case you seriously think you may want to attend some day.

Konstantino Treasures Today

28 Aug

Konstantino Treasures Today
It's not difficult at all to understand how the word "treasures" was selected as part of this jewelry collection by Konstantino, as he manages to cull from his ancient Greek heritage. I mean, Wow!, can't you just imagine some Greek goddess or lady of royalty wearing some of these super-ornate designs? The engraving and etching techniques used result in the detail that covers each piece of jewelry. He describes his approach to design as follows:

Konstantino was born in Athens and raised amid the beauty and majesty of one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

"My father was a huge influence in my life… he taught me constantly about Greek philosophy, history and art."

Enthralled with Greek history and the rich legacy of Greek gods and goddesses, Konstantino developed an endless fascination with the artisanship of the earliest Greek jewelry designs.

"This is why our jewelry is different from any other. Our designs are timeless and universal. They come from the core of civilization and the elements of the modern world."

Throughout time, artisans have paid homage to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. In his own tribute to this magnificent goddess, Konstantino has devoted a lifetime to creating modern expressions of ancient greek jewelry.

This pearl ring is from the Delphi Pearl Collection.
This sterling silver cuff bracelet is from the Omorphia Collection.

There is tons more gorgeous jewelry on Konstantino web site, so if these few pieces appeal to you, it's definitely worth a trip over there.

Jewelry Web Job Board

27 Aug

Jewelry Web Job Board
I just discovered what might be a great resource for anyone in need of a job in the jewelry or watch industry or anyone who needs to post about a job as well. It's a web site called, and as the name suggests, it's got, well, j-o-b-s: was developed to bring together companies in the jewelry and watch industry with industry experienced employees. We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect job to utilize your experience, or how hard it is to find an employee with the experience necessary to fill your needs. At our goal is to make your lives a bit easier.

I looked around a little, and there are already a number of jobs posted. My only beef is that the screen options on the site require me to scroll around a lot, which I hate that on web pages. But, if you are serious about a job in the jewelry industry, you may want to join. It's free, and you can add your resume. Right now, they have 302 members, so it's a little on the small side still.

Dive Into New Men’s Watch Collection

27 Aug

Dive Into New Men's Watch Collection
Shano has a new watch collection out for men, and especially for men who are into diving. A little off time since the summer is over, but still, even if your guy doesn't have time to hit the water, he might enjoy this very sporty collection.

The watches are Swiss-made, of course, and water resistant to depths of 100 meters. They are stainless steel with a sapphire crystal. Pictured is the Diver Noir, but they have several models as well as some matching stainless steel bracelets. I'm not so sure the average guy would want both, but maybe one or the other.

Justin “Rings” It Up?

26 Aug

Justin "Rings" It Up?

Will it be a nice shiny new platinum wedding band with wedding bells ringing in the background for Justin Timerlake and jessica biel?

Life and Style Magazine reports that the two have been out and about shopping for some bling, the kind that goes on that one particular finger on the left hand. Supposedly the Hollywood hot-shot (Justin solo) has been seen shopping for platinum, diamonds,and sapphires at Neil Lane and Rafinity. Though he's not ready to drop down on his knee just yet and pop the big question, he wants to be prepared. What a boy scout!

Jewelry & Fashion Blogosphere 08/26/07

26 Aug

Jewelry & Fashion Blogosphere 08/26/07

The styles of the roaring 20's is a hot trend for fall. Second City Style hows you how to put the look together and bring out your inner Garbo, which includes this Michele Coquette jewel diamond watch.

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Hive Interview: Stylehive talks to Zooey CEO Alice Heller who 's becoming a lean, mean, green machine, committed to taking her whole Zooey line organic.

eBeautyDaily is once again grumbling about the current eyebrow trends and Sienna Miller on the cover of Vogue.

Looking for a luxe makeup line made just for Asian complexions? Check out Stiletto Jungle's spotlight on the very glam Thi Cosmetics.

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KRiSTOPHER's sure that these tiger Christian Louboutin shoes are less an "F*ck me" heel and more a "F*ck you" heel.

Jean's aren't just for skinny girls! C.enne.V jeans will fit up to size 24 and is a fave of Mia Tyler, celebrity plus size model says

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Sundance Jewelry for Macho Men

25 Aug

Sundance Jewelry for Macho Men

Nothing says "guy jewelry" like leather and metal or any combination there of, and Sundance Catalog, who okay has great jewelry for women as well, has some spot on jewelry designs for your macho man.

Even if you can't talk him into this way cool cuff bracelet created by Charlie Favour which combines braided leather and silver, how about a watch? You never know.


This Tioga watch is even in the right price range at just under $100:

tioga timepiece
A well-made watch with a rugged bent, our stainless steel timepiece pits bright white numbers and glow-in-the-dark hands against a bold, black face. Sweep second hand; green ribbed nylon strap.

Here's another bracelet that looks all guy:
braided leather bracelet
masculine lariat bracelet, hand worked with eight strands of leather, accented with solid pewter beads at the knot closure.