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Jewelry & Fashion Blogosphere 09/30/07

30 Sep

Jewelry & Fashion Blogosphere 09/30/07

We end the month with our regular Sunday installment of jewelry and fashion items from around the blogosphere starting of with….

Diamonds are a typical girls BFF, but atypical Type A's like Kristopher invest in a cheap and chic Kenneth Jay Lane ring.

55 Secret Street says hello to Vogue India and wonders – Should Halle Berry play Aretha Franklin when Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah are available? Probably not…

Spotted: <a href=">Cameron Diaz in a Christo-look frock. Stiletto Jungle shows you where you can snag the artistic dress for yourself.

For the men in our lives, Bag Bliss loves the db clay green-friendly guy wallets.

Bag Snob hangs out with Brigette Romanek, Designer of Romanek bags!

Beauty Snob tests out the Soia & Kyo's belted coats.

If you (like 2000 other people) didn't make it into our magazine launch party, do not fret. We have the video of what you missed. See it here!

fred astaire wore their neckties as sashes, while F.D.R. donned their capes to make history in Yalta. Brooks Brothers has been rebranding of late as a luxury house it once was, and Fashiontribes picks the best looks for female dandies from their new high-end the sexiest Versace collection to date.

As the dust settles after NY Fashion Week, My Fashion Life asks if Marc Jacobs is better off Noble Youth Design

Even celebs know it's all about menswear chic this fall. Second City Style takes you shopping for the must-haves.

Ready to step out in style for fall? Check out's essential Fall Shoe Guide for the hottest pairs of the season at every price.

Summer must-have fashions for fall? Stylebites decodes this tricky wardrobe transition!

Stylehive HiveSlides: watches so expensive, who cares of they keep time?

Jewelry and Beading has the scoop on a design school director, perfect for those want to be jewelry designers out there.

Jewelry at Marissa Collections

29 Sep

Jewelry at Marissa Collections
More and more traditional boutiques are branching out onto the Internet and one of the latest I discovered is
Marissa Collections. From jewelry to shoes to clothing, you can get that total looking now on line. Pretty cool!

From the web site: "The most important style of each season is individual style" so says Marissa Hartington.

Her notoriety precedes her. There is no other store like Marissa Collections – no other woman like "M". She oozes creativity. Whether it's her flamboyant personality and eclectic style, or the extraordinary application of art and form to the merchandising of her intriguing windows and store displays she is a master at creating subtle but effective statements. She is passionate about everything visual.

The store has a modern, hip look about it, nothing department storish about 9,000 square feet of exquisite space, and now our new Online store is striving to achieve the same stimulating shopping experience. Whether you enjoy the store in Naples or here online we hope you have a fabulous time.

Welcome to the Web! One nice thing about such a web store is that you can find merchandise available from a variety of designers, such as this rutilated crystal drop necklace from Sonya Ooten.

Or even a Breil leather mother of pearl watch with rose gold frame

Thus, your selection, even though this site seems to be a work in progress at the moment, is greater than you'd expect.

Cuff Enough Bracelets

28 Sep

Cuff Enough Bracelets
How does that saying go? If you have to ask the price then you probably can't afford it. That came to mind when I was surfing around jewelry designer Chad Allison's web site. Under his couture collection, there is simple a dollar sign ($) and the words "please call." We'll just have to be content then will some virtual window shopping – sigh. Many of his designs are studded diamond upon diamond with 18kt wite gold. I especially like his cuffs, even his non-couture cuffs. So that's what I'm focusing on today.

Pictured above: – Beaded edge cuff with bezel set rounds in a vine design

Below – Scalloped, high polished edge cuff with a bead set swirl design and round diamond accents


And – finally – "wrist tiara" diamond cuff with bead set daisies connected with diamond swirls and bezel set rounds


Fresh and Passionate Jewelry

27 Sep

Fresh and Passionate Jewelry
I like this little story about jewelry designer, Megan Thorton. I too once sewed, though I can't say that I traded my needle and thread in to create my own fine jewelry company and to make some of the great modern jewelry designs that she has going for her:

In 2005 Texas designer Megan Thornton founded the fine jewelry company Megan Thorne. After studying apparel design and working in the fashion industry, Megan left fabric behind to pursue a new medium…metal. Sewing machines and buttons gave way to torches and gemstones, and Megan at last found her passion.
With a hint of grandmother's finery and a glint of modern freshness, Megan Thorne jewelry is at once an everyday essential and an evening out indulgence.

Right now her web site is pretty minimal. You can't buy anything directly from it, but it does promise a list of boutiques some day.


Emitations Celeb Jewelry

26 Sep

Emitations Celeb Jewelry
We saw lots of glam and glitter recently at the Emmy's, and who doesn't want a little of the sparklies sometimes? Normally, many stars can't even afford the diamonds and platinum they wear, let along little old normal folks like ourselves. But, they get to borrow their bling.

The idea behind Emitatons jewelry is kind of clever for those of us who have to buy or own bling. You get the celeb glam look at a price we all can afford:

Regardless of their Emmy nods (or lack thereof), the actresses at the Emmys dazzled us with their red carpet style. We'd like to honor those women who truly demonstrated grace and class with their award show fashions! Find out how to steal their style, with sterling silver and cubic zirconia versions of their award show bling. For those of us who aren't paid millions per episode, these faux jewelry designs are the perfect way to accesorize!

On the company's web site, they include some pictures of the stars, their real jewelry, and then the knock-offs, such as the honker bracelet above:

ali larter channeled the best of her Heroes characters for the 2007 Emmys – good girl Nicky would approve of the elegant jewelry and makeup, and bad girl Jessica would certainly appreciate the sexy red dress! Ali wore diamond dangle drop earrings, and her hair was worn sleek and shiny – no updo for this super-babe! She had a brilliant diamond cuff bracelet on her right hand, which perfectly complimented her pear shaped right hand ring. This piece of jewelry is worn to celebrate a woman's independence – something any of the Heroes women would be proud to flaunt!


Then there is Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy."


Aqua Nomination Jewelry

25 Sep

Aqua Nomination Jewelry
This is part of the semi-precious topaz gemstone collection called 4 Elements by Nomination. Coming out of Italy, of course, you can expect some beautiful craftsmanship.

I found this and loads of other pieces for Nomination at an Ebay store of all things, called Just Originals. I guess shoppers can buy cars on Ebay, why not high-end gemstone jewelry as well? Of course, the site is Italian, and even though I used the translation option in Google, I still really could understand what it said, but you don't have to read to appreciate this jewelry.


New Vintage Jewelry Addition

24 Sep

New Vintage Jewelry Addition
After seeing that Earthly Adornments added a new line of vintage jewelry to their inventory, I realized, duh!, I should have a category for that here. Funny how I can write about jewelry year after year and never get it completely covered.

So, onto their news though….They are announcing this new addition of vintage jewelry, originally acquired from a large estate jewelry collector:

Webstore owner, Caryn Naiditch, recently traveled to the east coast from the Sebastopol, California based Earthly Adornments to acquire the jewelry collection from the estate of lifetime collector and world traveler. This unique collection of high quality vintage jewelry will delight customers.

"Finding a collection of this caliber is always exciting. One of the most fascinating pieces in this new Collection is an Egyptian revival jeweled collar that Katherine Hepburn reportedly wore in a theatrical production of Cleopatra in Connecticut. Imagine wearing a piece that was worn by a screen legend. The history of these pieces is part of the fun in owning them," said Naiditch. "My mother and sister were avid jewelry collectors and this woman's collection rivaled theirs in the uniqueness and variety if not the sheer volume. I work hard to find the most wonderful and distinctive pieces to offer at This amazing vintage jewelry collection certainly fits the bill."

The bracelet pictured above is art deco constructed with filigree brass with a Czechoslovakian glass cabochon in the center. Here are some more items from the collection, but to see it all head to the site. There's a lot there!
Carved from a solid block of midnight-black onyx, the body of the locket holds a recessed compartment hidden in the back that can hold a memento, photo or painting.
Vintage earrings of faceted Czech jet glass suspended from tiny black jet beads. New sterling silver earwires.

Jewelry & Fashion Blogosphere 09/23/07

23 Sep

Jewelry & Fashion Blogosphere 09/23/07

Beauty Snob discovers the ancient art of magnetic healing with diamonds!

55 Secret Street loves Beau Soleil's Eco Chic at Shop Bop.

The Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel names their 9 favorite lip balms for keeping your pout kissable all through fall.

Bag Bliss loves the cheap-chic heidi Klum Handbag Line at Monsoon Accessorize.

If little things in life make you happy, you'll be thrilled with the Theory Olive Patent bag says Bag Snob!

Coquette knows it's all about personal style! Give us a style tip and be entered in to win one of five free copies of The Little Black Book by Nina Garcia.

Transparency, escapism & old Hollywood Glamour! Fashiontribes dissects the Top 10 most interesting trends from the recent Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week.

Exclusive! GlamChic gets intimate with Elle Macpherson .

Kristopher's sure the only way you should box your life in is with this Devi Kroell box clutch.

Falling out of fashion? My Fashion Life reviews the recent novel by Karen Yampolsky

Dissed & Dismissed: Second City Style catches celebrity style disasters.

To have and to hold: hunts for the hottest fall handbags for every budget.

HiveSlides: Check out Stylehive's slideshow of some of the most luxurious, over-the-top products in the Hive.

eBeautyDaily thinks Nina Garcia's new book, The Little Black Book of Style, is just perfect for the beauty-obsessed budding fashionista.

iPapier looks at and reviews Peter Jensen's Spring 2008 collection at London Fashion Week.

Jewelry and Beading is talking up some of her free jewelry making e-courses, from beading to metal, learn at home via the web for free.

Pink Zulugrass Jewelry for Breast Cancer

22 Sep

Pink Zulugrass Jewelry for Breast Cancer
With this jewelry you get a two for one deal as far as jewelry that helps out a cause because purchases of this jewelry during the months of September and October will help two groups. It's from The Leaky Collection, and during the next few months a percentage of the proceeds from certain jewelry items will go help pay for Breast Cancer research, and at the same time, since the company is founded on the idea of helping the Maasai women in Kenya through commerce, it helps them as well:



June 2007 – During September and October, The Leakey Collection is donating 5% of its sales from a designated group of Zulugrassâ„¢ jewelry to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Leakey Collection will introduce a limited-edition, multi-strand necklace specially designed by Katy Leakey, co-founder with husband, Philip, of The Leakey Collection, and handcrafted by the Maasai women in Kenya. Created from sustainable resources abundant in the Kenyan bush, The Leakey Collection reflects the natural elegance and beauty found in Africa.

Five percent of sales from the multi-strand necklace, along with individual strands of pink Zululgrassâ„¢ beads from select pink colorways will go toward supporting breast cancer research. The company also will continue to put 5% of gross sales back into the community in Kenya for education, infrastructure, and medical needs, with a particular emphasis on the Women's Health Initiative.

This September and October, the purchase of select Zulugrassâ„¢ jewelry not only gives the gift of opportunity to the Maasai women of Kenya, but it gives the gift of hope to women throughout the US whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Now, the web site is cool and all that. This jewelry is neat too because you can wear it lots of different ways, but I had a hard time understanding which items of jewelry were considered the "designated group" as mentioned in the press release. However, you have to purchase the jewelry through a retail outlet rather than directly through the web site, so you can probably find out from the retailer. I was pleasantly surprised to discover when I put in my own zip code into their store locator that my local junior college bookstore carries this line. You'd of thunk it :)


Gearing Up for October and Rings

21 Sep

Gearing Up for October and Rings

I've reported before about the push for right hand rings, as in buying your own darn diamond ring and putting it on your left hand versus waiting for Prince Charming to buy one for you. Now, plans to devote an entire month to this ring campaign. For the third year now, they are proclaiming October (which is just a few weeks away folks) as Ring Hand Ring Month:

In October 2006, comparable store sales of diamond Right Hand Rings increased by up to 105% compared to preceding months, as of result of the October Is Right Hand Ring Month campaign. Last year, the campaign attracted over 6.2 million people to

"The success of October Is Right Hand Ring Month underscores the importance of this market segment," said Ofer Azrielant, Chairman of "Consumers are looking for fashion-forward, high-quality diamond jewelry and clearly results from the previous promotions indicate that this is a market segment with great growth opportunities."

The program is supported by a series of print ads, retail promotions, and two online sweepstakes. The Diamond Promotion Service (DPS) is further underscoring the importance of the fashion diamond ring category with a series of promotional activities and national print and online campaigns. Print promotions include a four-page advertorial in glamour magazine which hits newsstands September 11th. The advertorial highlights 11 new Right Hand Ring styles that will be the featured prizes in's online sweepstakes at Suggested retail price points for the collection range from $349 to $1,599.

This year also includes the introduction of Glamour magazine's Make A Statement competition. The diamond Right Hand Ring celebrates a woman's unique radiance and independent spirit and Glamour wants to know what makes their readers a diamond Right Hand Ring woman. Readers are encouraged to submit their video statement through the Glamour website. The winning submission will receive a diamond Right Hand Ring.

I have no issues with this other than I think you shouldn't limit yourself to diamonds. I think you should get yourself a fabulous ring for your right hand, but it should be made from your favorite gemstones and metals. If you prefer rubies, for example, than pass on the diamond and go with a ruby.