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Free Shipping at SpoonFed Art

20 Sep

Free Shipping at SpoonFed Art
I have more news about SpoonFed Though September is almost over, you still have time to get a great spoon art pendant and manage to get the shipping charges waved. Here's the low-down directly from the company:

SpoonFed Art is currently running a FREE SHIPPING sale for all orders placed before the end of September 2007 please let your readers know so they can get their holiday shopping done early!

Karin Collins is now designing her gorgeous wearable art necklaces using cool new SMALLER, MORE OVAL-SHAPED SPOONS in addition to her classic SpoonFed Art spoon pendant shape [...] There are many brand new designs as well!

The SpoonFed Art site has just been given a fresh new look featuring model Jessica Lee Garrison (from the ultra-hip Silverlake art gallery GhettoGloss, which now stocks SpoonFed Art!) photographed by nylon magazine cofounder Mark Blackwell with styling by Tommi Zabrecky!


Looking Back at Fashion Week & the Jewelry

19 Sep

Looking Back at Fashion Week & the Jewelry

Of course, it's no big surprise that NYC Fashion Week was all about the clothes. But, as a jewelry junkie, I have to consider the jewelry as well.

I took some time to dig through the zillions of images on Flickr to get an idea of how jewelry was – or in many cases was not – represented last week.

These macho bangles are from the Alexandre Hercovitch show.

His prints and colors and general narrative was pretty far out there, so these bracelets I think worked with his show, though I don't see many of us sporting around multiple bangles of this size. However, maybe this could be a new way to lift weights?
Temperley seemed to follow the long necklace trend, which I found a lot of. If there were any necklaces, and many times there were just bare necks instead, but if there were necklaces, they were long.

vera wang seems to be figuring out the importance of jewelry now. Too bad it is hard to really get a good look at the jewelry in the photos I found. Many of the fabrics were dark, and it seems the jewelry sort of blends in with them. Perhaps in person, the affect is very different.

Jules Smith Designs Bold Bangles

18 Sep

Jules Smith Designs Bold Bangles
Hoop earrings and bangle bracelets are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. They can be worn pretty much for any occasion.

So when I'm racing around and need to get myself out the door in a hurry, I often slip on hoops and bangles for a quick pulled together look. No one (but you) needs to know that I really didn't have to time to think through my jewelry selection that day.

Jules Smith Designs is a bangle lovers dream come true. Yes, you'll find hoop earrings there as well, but I found the selection of bangles to be outstanding. Pictured above is one of their stackable bangles that includes wraps of gold wire.
You can also buy bangles in sets, such as this rose gold bangle from their "drop it" collection. I think this is a great idea because if you have thinner bangles like this, you really need to have at least two. The same textured bangle design is available in yellow gold and sterling as well.
But, if you really prefer to just wear one bangle, this double "drop it" design has two bangles connected via little iolite bezels.

Clarabella Trunk Show & Local Shop Night

17 Sep

Clarabella Trunk Show & Local Shop Night
A trunk show is a great way to get your hands on some unique hand-crafted jewelry and also meet up with the jewelry designers who create the jewelry. Normally, the shop will host trunk shows and designers will come to hang and chat with customer as well as bring extra merchandise to tempt them with.

This Thursday, Sept. 20th, those in the New York area can shop the Lower East Side, pick up some designer jewelry and other bargains, and help out a good cause. Here are the details from the Clarabella weblog:

As a part of the Lower East Side shop night, Clarabella will be host to 3 gorgeous designers: Kristen Aronsson (bags), Nicole Gagne of Leoworks (jewelry) and Page Sargisson (jewelry). These lovely women will all be here with the very best of their collections both old and new. Items will be available for roughly 25% less than normal retail, so it's a fantastic time to stock up on some new accessories. Not to mention, we'll be offering 10% off all other items in the shop for one night only!

Here's a little more info from a press release I received:

The Lower East side is host to an array of shops, bars and restaurants – an eclectic mix of the historical and the trendsetting. While the neighborhood has undergone some changes in recent years, one thing remains the same: a love and appreciation for New York's downtown and the truly special shopping experience it provides. Vintage, emerging designers, eco-friendly, local, hand-made, European, South American – the collective of shops in the L.E.S. offer it all.

The owners of a selection of boutiques, bars and restaurants have decided to band together to celebrate the neighborhood with a series of monthly events. The first one will be host to designer trunk shows and exclusive sales held throughout the neighborhood. Select bars and restaurants will offer drink specials. Additionally, each store will donate 10% of the evening's sales to the L.E.S. Girls Club of New York. So put on your walking shoes and join us in what we hope will be the first of many neighborhood events featuring local boutiques, bars and restaurants.

When: Sept. 20, Shops from 6 – 10pm, Bars & Restaurants from 9 – midnight!

Where: Lower East Side

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 09/16/07

16 Sep

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 09/16/07
Thanks to my Web Snob friends, you can catch up on all the fashion and jewelry news from NYC's Fashion week.

Where is Fashion Week located? At 55 Secret Street of course!

Shop like a rockstar with Stiletto Jungle's list of links to where you can buy goodies from the official MTV Video Music Awards talent Swag Bag.

Bag Bliss reveals that the Celine (Song Hye Kyo) "Miss Song" Bag is coming to America!

The Bag Snob is delighted by another Oscar de la Renta exotic, this time a Python doctor bag that is fit for a snob worthy collection.

Beauty Snob discovers Decleor Vitaroma Body Cream will make your stretch marks disappear, seriously!

Coquette gets inspiration on the many ways to be fashionable with scarves from NY Fashion Week.

Snazzy Snorkel Blue, regal Rococco Red & ultra-feminine Spring Crocus…Fashiontribes has the dish on the Top 10 colors from the recent Spring 2008 NYC Fashionweek.

Kristopher rocks hooker heels to Home Depot, and flirts like a Krissy to get what she wants.

My Fashion Life interviews Dawn Bebe, founder of, the latest social networking site for fashionistas.

Day 7 of Papierblog's fashion week diary looks at Milly, Nili Lotan, and Sylvia Heisel

Celebrity Styleaholic Najwa Moses gives NPR and YOU a sneak peak of Spring 2008 LOOKS live from NYC Fashion Week!

Second City Style hit as many New York Fashion Week Shows to review as we possibly could. Here are the trends for Spring '08…fresh off the runways.

Finding an affordable boot that's chic, comfortable and affordable sounds like a tall order. searched the Web to find the hottest boots made for walkin' – all for less than $200.

Tyra Banks sets up a runway in a bus station! Stylehive was there to give you a sneak peek with a video of the show!

eBeautyDaily begins tackling her biggest beauty foe – her weight.

Jewelry and Beading has some suggestions for learning how to design jewelry.

Jewelry Definition

15 Sep

Jewelry Definition
The Chamilia catch phrase is "Jewelry that defines you." And, as you can see by the photo above, a lot of celebrities are defining themselves lately with this fun idea in interactive jewelry. The idea is that you buy the basic bracelet or necklace. Then you start your collection of beads to add to it. Each bead locks into the other beads, so even if you don't have a full bracelet of beads, you can station them in different areas on the bracelet.

The beads are made of an assortment of materials such as gold, silver, glass, and crystals. Prices vary depending on the materials in the beads, of course.


This is a cool idea and an neat gift idea because you could buy the basic bracelet and a few beads and then continue to buy beads for your giftie every now and then to help her fill it up. Though, actually, guys wear these too.


Jewelry for Book Lovers

14 Sep

Jewelry for Book Lovers
Everyone has the book lover on their gift giving list. But, the problem with buying books for book lovers is that they may already have the book. Though I count myself as a Bibliophile, I also don't like people giving me books unless I can give them my wish list of books because invariably they won't buy something I like. Not that I haven't gotten one now and then that hit the mark, but on the whole, it's better to steer clear of book buying for others and stick with jewelry buying.

I saw this bracelet (pictured above) at the Acorn web site, and it just seemed like the perfect book lover's gift, or teacher, or librarian as well:

I Read Banned Books Bracelet

Fight censorship and show your support for the right to choose. Designed with the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom, this bracelet features six books that have often been banned or challenged, including The Color Purple, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 1" wide bracelet on strong, stretchy elastic fits most wrists.

Celine Dion Jewelry for China

13 Sep

Celine Dion Jewelry for China
celine dion is moving into the Asian market, and this time, it's not via DVDs. Instead, she – like so many celebrities – is supposedly designing a line of jewelry that will be marketed only in China. Right now, the line called Blue Heart will concentrate on diamond rings.

I've seen this reported at a few different places, and Waleg Style:

Celine Dion isn't only good at singing … it seems she's good at designing jewelry as well! Dion has launched her own jewelry line, under the name 'Blue Heart'. The collection contains diamond rings with classic designs. Each ring has name & each name consists of a musical note; Do, Re, Mi … etc. At the moment, Dion's collection is sold in Asia, specifically in China, but it's unclear when it'll be introduced to Europe & America.


At the moment, she seems to be getting a big yawn from everyone – er, diamond rings, how original. But, I'll keep you posted on anything else I happen to find out about her new jewelry biz venture.

Copper is Cool

11 Sep

Copper is one of those metals you don't see a lot of when it comes to your average jewelry design. In fact, most metalsmiths learn the jewelry making ropes on copper, and then graduate to silver, then gold, then platinum, and well, you get the picture.

So, I guess since copper is a rather inexpensive metal compared to gold for example, that may be one reason it's not considered as valuable to most jewelry designers. Yes, I get that it doesn't cost a lot, but that doesn't mean you can make some cool jewelry with copper, such as they very cool copper earrings from City Details.


Diamonds at Fashion Week

10 Sep

Diamonds at Fashion Week
Fashion Week is gearing up in the Big Apple, and while there will be lots of frocks and hand bags making headlines, don't forget the jewelry folks. You may look great in that couture dress, but you are still not complete with out the right baubles to go with it.

If you are lucky enough to be among the fashion forward crowd in New York, then take some advice from New York Post's Liz Smith, and get in on the diamond action courtesy of the Diamond Information Center:

IF YOU need to take a break from the fashion tents next Tuesday in New York City, just cross the street to the Bryant Park Hotel on W. 40th, and slip up to The loft suite.

There you'll find the Diamond Information Center displaying the latest trends in baubles. Little things to wear with those drop-dead clothes being strutted down the catwalks nearby. The DIC offers breakfast, lunch and cocktails (don't drink too much – diamonds are forever, and some take forever to pay for!) The setup will boast a lot of glittery right-hand rings, and more classic pieces. Neil Lane for DeBeers, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels – the usual suspects. Remember the immortal words of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" heroine Lorelei Lee: "I just love finding new places to wear diamonds!" That should be the DIC's new catchphrase, if you ask me.