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Learn About Vintage Costume Jewelry

31 Oct

Ever wonder what started the costume jewelry craze? War, that's what. There was a limited amount of metal then, so jewelry designers had to find other alternative materials to make their jewelry. That's just one of many interesting jewelry tid bits and historical information you'll find on this excellent article on Vintage Costume Jewelry History Designers, which I found, where else, but

This video will be especially interesting to anyone who has a collection, even a small one perhaps, of costume jewelry or maybe if you just dig around in your grandmother's old jewelry box, you'll discover some little costume jewelry artifacts in there as well.

Boo! Halloween Jewelry!

30 Oct

Boo! Halloween Jewelry!
Can you believe the end of October is tomorrow?! Yikes! And, me with no Halloween costume to wear.

If you are in the mood for some scary Halloween jewelry, then flip over to the new video posted at the Metal Chik web site. Victoria visits Halloween Adventure and Gothic Renaissance located in New York City.

Among the freaky stuff she checks outs in the jewelry department is this wacky cabochon necklace pictured above. Yes, that is a necklace! Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. As pictured, it looks like a bunch of wires tossed around a rock, but when you see it better in the video it does finally look like a necklace, or at least I think it does.

So, enjoy your candy and spooky day tomorrow! At the very least, I guess I can throw a lot of beads around my neck and hoop earrings on my ears and be a gypsy for the day.

CERF Helping Jewelry Artists and Crafters

29 Oct

CERF Helping Jewelry Artists and Crafters
With Southern California going through one of the worst fire seasons in a very long time, a huge number or residents have been affected, and that includes many of the artisans who live in the region. Luckily, there are organizations like CERF, Craft Emergency Relief Fund that exists primarily to help out in times like this.

Art Biz Blog is also spreading the word and asked fellow artists and art lovers to post the following:

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) is taking action to respond to the community of craft artists affected by the Southern California Wildfires. They say:

We are reaching out to artists, arts organizations, galleries, businesses and others in the affected areas to offer assistance and to locate information about the arts community. While it is still too early to know the extent of damage, we do know that the situation is severe as news reports indicate. We also know that this area of California has a significant population of craft artists. We have already heard from a jeweler who lost both her home and studio and CERF Trustee and clay artist, Lana Wilson, had to be evacuated from her Del Mar home.

Please help us spread the word that CERF is available to offer assistance to craft artists in Southern California. Please also be aware that your support of our work during these times is essential so that we can deliver aid quickly and effectively.


Does she want a diamond?

29 Oct

Those shopping for engagement rings or diamond rings this Christmas should think twice before purchasing. Conflict diamonds have been helping fund civil wars in Africa for years, ending the lives of millions in the process. is an organization dedicated to stopping this trade. Their website contains a list of jewelers, such as 77 Diamonds, who have pledged their support for the Kimberley Process and who deal only in conflict-free diamonds.
Consumers hold the key to resolving this issue, so purchase with your conscience this Christmas.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/28/07

28 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/28/07
It's not easy being green. 55 Secret Street braves stormy weather and spilled coffee to see beautiful handmade jewelry and fine crafts at Greenjeans in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood.

Style so inventive that Chanel tried to rip it off? Yep. Stiletto Jungle features the newest bracelets from Jessica Kagan Cushman.

Bag Bliss has fallen for the Limited Edition Handbag by De Couture. Only 50 in the world.

Forget the LBD, Bag Snob has the perfect LBT (Little Black Tote!) from Anya Hindmarch.

Beauty Snob gets a moisture boost for wintery dry skin with Awake Polyphection!

Kristopher's tough but no punk, so she loves this Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet.

My Fashion Life meets Abigail Lorick – the designer behind some of the amazing outfits on the new TV series, Gossip Girl.

Papierblog looks at the social implication of high end designers with collections for children

If you don't happen to live in NYC and missed the Princess Grace 25th anniversary hoopla, no worries. Second City Style has photos of the Sak's window display of unique Princess Grace inspired couture outfits by 6 amazing American designers.

So you're up on the latest trends but aren't sure how to put them all together? offers this chic cheat sheet to help you figure out what to wear today.

Serious cute overload! Check out Stylehive's slideshow of the most adorable infant and toddler costumes we've been awww-ing over.

WE LOVE BEAUTY Celebrity Stylemaker's top eyeshadow picks for Fall

See Christina at eBeautyDaily getting rid of her wrinkles with the Rejuvawand home laser treatment!

Halloween fun is still in full swing at the Jewelry and Beading blog, including some cute black cat beaded earrings.

Metal Chik has some tips and tricks for hunting down wholesale jewelry shows.

For Earring Lovers Only

27 Oct

For Earring Lovers Only
Jewelry designers are known to specialize. For example, they may only use certain types of gemstones and metals. Or, they have may lean toward a particular sort of technique or jewelry style. But, jewelry designer Mary E. Pongonis has a unique specialization – earrings. She even has a patent for a certain type of ear wire design. Her company is called Meya2s, where the 2 is square, not a 2 right next to the other letters, and she sells finished earrings designs (pictured above is Beaded Amy A's) as well as just earring wires, which are unique wire designs in themselves. Here are some more earrings from the Amy A collection.


Fine Fashionable Silver

26 Oct

Fine Fashionable Silver
Sarah Peacock creates her jewelry with care, and as a way to expand on that notion, she offers customers a chance to send 5% of the proceeds from their purchase to a number of different charities such as the Human Society, lance armstrong foundation, and Susan G. Komen.

Her jewelry is fine silver versus sterling silver, which means instead of being made of 92.5 percent silver it is made of 99.9 percent pure silver. Is there a big difference though? Yes, actually. With pure silver jewelry, you'll notice right away that it is much brighter than sterling. Another added benefit is that it doesn't tarnish as quickly.

Here are a few of her hand-crafted designs to oogle over.

Aspen Necklace with Moonstone & Pearls
She also offers a number of personalized piece such as this "I Love…" Necklace on Sterling Chain

Alex Soldier Inspirational Jewels

25 Oct

Alex Soldier Inspirational Jewels
Alex Soldier is inspired by old Russian legends when it comes to his impressive fine jewelry designs. His work mixes colorful gemstones with 18KT gold and platinum. Perhaps one reason this connection to folklore may be why his jewelry is so legendary today, winning him numerous prestigious awards and becoming valuable collectibles:

Soldier's jewelry and objets d'art are sold by upscale jewelers and galleries that attract customers looking for the atypical. "Individuality is the most important feature to my clients," he describes. "They are not looking for jewelry only for fashion's sake; but for the soul, that which stays with them forever, like a favorite work of art."

Appealing to the collector's mentality, Soldier's work, while expressing his identity, is always fresh and new. "Every time I create something I strive to find a new composition or finish of metal, unusual forms, or unique stone settings to create a piece that is beautiful and distinctive, that can be appreciated as a finished work of art. I want my jewelry to be recognized as the original works of a designer like no other, as well as for their own individuality."

Oh La, La Paris Jewelry

24 Oct

Oh La, La Paris Jewelry
I spotted this this gem of a jewelry and antique shop in my copy of Victoria magazine, the Paris Hotel Boutique. The real shop is not located in Paris but in San Francisco, California, so those from the Bay Area may want to stop by some time if you are into vintage jewelry and decor.
Pictured below is one of their jewelry pieces, and I was surprised to find a pretty good selection on their web site:
Lovely antique English award fob necklace designed by Tamara Berg. Necklace consists of an antique sterling silver Scottish medal attached to a sterling link necklace with 6mm taupe pearls and aquamarine teardrops. Front of fob has fancy monogram.
19th c. Enamel Seed Pearl Mourning Brooch

November Elle Fashion & Jewelry Tips

23 Oct

November Elle Fashion & Jewelry Tips
Elle magazine's November issue is already on news stands in case you have picked up a copy yet. Not really looking a head I guess since it's October already which mean fall has begun, this issue give you fashion and style tips for dealing with your relatively new fall wardrobe.

Among the tipsters if fashion maven, nina Garcia, who tackles the notion of less is more – as in you can dress for less and get a whole lot more these days. Among her picks are accessories, including jewelry of course, though I would have liked to see a little more emphasis because honestly that's one of the great things about having lots of jewelry. You can have a totally different look with many of the same outfits with just the addition of a small number of baubles.

Pictured above are some of her mix and match ideas for day, evening, and weekend. She leans towards classics when it comes to clothing and jazzes them up with some trending additions such as funky fun shoes and beaded jewelry. You can find more fall fashion picks from Nina at the Elle site.