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New Anchor Jewelry

22 Oct

New Anchor Jewelry

Jules Smith Designs has announced a number of new pieces added to their web site collection.

Pictured left is their Seastar Anchor Pendant, pictured in 18kt yellow gold vermeil. It's also available in sterling silver, like these cool hoop earrings, also similar in design with the sparkles all over them.

The hoops are pretty good sized, 2.25 inches in diameter.

I noticed they have a pretty long list of retailers on the site, so if you are the type that would rather touch and feel and try on before you buy, this may be an option over buying off the web.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/21/07

21 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/21/07

Music, fashion and bling! Fashion Rocks 2007 had it all. My Fashion Life examines the red carpet hits and those unfortunate misses.

Papierblog looks at the dearth of models of color during fashion week and looks at racism in the industry.

Second City Style loves black, but it's so expected and grey can get drab. Why not dress like the jewel you are in shades of amethyst and emerald?

From dramatically lined eyes to fall's red lip, shows us how to achieve the look of the season in their Fall Beauty Trend Report.

Must have! Top 5 reasons Stylebites loves nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style

Check out Stylehive's slideshow of our favorite one-of-a-kind handmade spats, scarflets, gloves and more for fall!

Ask We Love Beauty's Ben Bennett: What are baked powders?

eBeautyDaily gives 50 beauty related uses for a tub of good old Vaseline.
Stiletto Jungle asks: Would you "Cosabella Thong" for the cure?

Bag Bliss discovers the Marc Jacobs Denim Jazz Handbag at a steal of a deal.

Bag Snob dishes on The Louis Vuitton Joke Bag!

Beauty Snob continues a love affair with T3- The Science of Fabulous!

Take a break from your stilettos, but don't skimp on style with Coquette's picks for the most stylish flat boots.

ATTN: WebSnob Readers. Thursday, October 25th we're filming a reality show at our Punk Vs. Rockabilly Halloween Party. We're giving all WebSnobbers tickets at $10 bucks to come and rock with Fashion Indie and Click Here for tickets.

The clever Fragrance Finder makes finding a new scent easy & fun, says Fashiontribes.

Got big weekend plans?GlamChic gives pointers on what to wear on a date with a baseball fan.

Kristopher digs boss Givenchy shoes that are a little bit country club, and a little bit rock n' roll.

Jewelry and Beading has some bead babe blogging posts collected for your beading blog pleasure.

Metal Chik has some tips for color selection when it comes to your jewelry this season.

Some Weekend Jewelry Classics

20 Oct

Some Weekend Jewelry Classics
Today I'm in a class jewelry mood, so I took a tour of the Melody NYC jewelry site, and boy, what a great find! They carry all kinds of great vintage jewelry organized per period: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Art Moderne. So, there's something there for just about any vintage jewelry taste you might have. Pictured above is a Austrian/Hungarian Necklace: Elaborate, texturized, enamel, garnet, pearl, lapius, necklace. Originally mounted in silver, vermeiled.

Arts and Crafts semi-precious necklace
Czechoslovakia Necklace

Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry

19 Oct

Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry
You may have seen Kathleen Lynagh's jewelry company also referred to as KL Jewelry Designs. Whatever you want to call it, she's got lots of wonderful necklace, which includes a collection for the bride along with plenty of designs us old been there post brides can still wear.

Pictured above is a double strand pink pearl necklace with a sterling leaf clasp. It is chocker length, so great to wear with something off the shoulder when you are ready to show a little skin.

Here's another choker, combining pearls set in in sterling swirls that resemble leaves and branches.


And finally, this is an adjustable pearl and gemstone necklace, though it looks like it could be worn choker length with no problem.


Selfridges’ Wonderful Wonder Room

18 Oct

Just where do you buy the person who has everything something wonderful? Maybe you'll find it at the Wonder Room, but of course, may sure you line your pockets will before you go shopping there. Luxe is on the list – major luck according to the press release I got:

This month, Selfridges opened The Wonder Room at its Oxford Street store, a new 19,000 square-foot space dedicated to luxury items, fine jewelry, watches, wine and other precious gifts. The Wonder Room is a luxury emporium with the buzz of the bazaar, offering customers a unique mix of products in an imaginative setting.

Anchoring the space are world class luxury brands – including Hermes, Chrome Hearts, Tiffany & Co and Bulgari – housed in an "arcade" of boutiques around the perimeter of the room. Alongside, The Concept Store takes inspiration from the tradition of the Wunderkammer or "Cabinet of Curiosities" with constantly updated stock showcasing all that is new, special or intriguing – from the latest technology must-haves to cult books to exclusive gifts.

Wonder Room Products

In addition to gorgeous products that each of the brands will stock, there will also be individual items that are unique and out-of-the-ordinary, to bring the concept of wonder to life. For example, Hermes has created a hand-crafted winged saddle inspired by their celestial namesake, crafted from some of the World's finest skins; while rock n' roll jeweler, Chrome Hearts, a favorite among Hollywood and music royalty, has elevated the everyday sink plunger by adorning it with brilliant diamonds.


Victoria Magazine Is Back!

16 Oct

Victoria Magazine Is Back!

I was so happy today to discover the latest issue of Victoria magazine stuffed inside my mail box. This publication has finally returned to us for what I hope is a very long time. I used to subscribe to it years ago, and for some reason (I guess it wasn't popular enough) it stopped publishing. I had my subscription already paid up and ended up getting stuck with some idiotic magazine about living on the coast – Coastal Living – I think. I do live on the coast, but I just couldn't get into the magazine. It wasn't the same as Victoria.

So, what does this magazine have to do with jewelry? Not a lot but some – and that's one of the things I liked about this magazine before. It has a little of everything. It covers home decor as well as clothing and a little jewelry too for those who are interested in fashion but may not want to read a full fashion magazine. They also had great articles about women who started their own companies, like jewelry companies, or maybe they started catering service, or there was even one about making and selling hats:

Serenity awaits you in every issue of Victoria magazine. Unabashedly feminine, Victoria offers the best in charming home décor, gracious gardens, entertaining touches, intimate profiles of inspiring women, and off-the-beaten-path travel destinations. Leave the every-day behind with Victoria!

The new subscription rate is a tad more pricey at about $20 versus $12 in the old days, but hopefully, it will be worth it and Victoria will be around to stay this time! Hmmm…maybe I should write to them and offer to be their jewelry editor. What do you think?

Novice Jewelry Designer Stumbles Into Beads

15 Oct

Novice Jewelry Designer Stumbles Into Beads

Such a story book ending for this beginning jewelry designer – she discovers beads one day and the next is flying of to Paris to show her collection along with some of the big name clothing designers of our day. It's enough to make a beader aventurine-green with envy. From Beginner's luck works for McClintock:

Karen McClintock didn't set out to become a jewelry designer.

In fact, no one could be more surprised by her success than McClintock herself.

"I still can't believe this is happening," the 43-year-old Ottawa-based designer said repeatedly during the week we shared in Paris recently with Canadian fashion icon Linda Lundstrom.

"How did I get here? It's surreal," she said, her utter amazement – and delight – evident.

Things just seem to keep falling into place for McClintock, who has quickly become known as one of Canada's hottest up-and-coming jewelry designers.

It all started about two years ago – as a bit of a fluke, actually. While getting ready for a garage sale, McClintock came across an old necklace, which she was convinced she could "improve."

"I knew nothing (about making jewelry)," she admitted.

So she headed over to the craft department at her local Wal-Mart and picked up what she thought she'd need to re-string a few necklaces for the garage sale.

They sold like hotcakes. And she was hooked.

I couldn't find her web site – she may not have one – but I did find some of her jewelry over at Sheperds's Fashions. It's very chunky and full of lots of luscious beads with some chain here and there as well.


Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/14/07

14 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/14/07

We Love Beauty goes behind the scenes at an Allure Magazine Photoshoot.

eBeautyDaily reviews the newest beauty book on the market, Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh (better known to us blog lovers as Jolie in NYC).

Lusting after Blake Lively's grey Gossip Girl boots? Stiletto Jungle shows you where to pick up a pair.

Bag Bliss has the latest on the Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton Designer Handbag Project from the Spring 2008 runway.

Ice ice baby! Bag Snob exclusive- the Ice Cube by Chanel!

October is Pink Month- Do you think before you pink? Beauty Snob gives tip on how to pink wisely!

Coquette loves the stylish Origami Bijou by Cindy Ng.

The Breed have been making the indie scene seem really lux with their collection of must have knits and layered looks. Check out Fashion Indie's Breed-iful Picks.

Forget about It-Bags and Must-have heels! Tattoos are the accessories du jour for the fashion crowd. Glamchic points out the best of the bunch.

Kristopher says this boss Devi Kroell box clutch is how every woman should style.

It's all tantrums and tiara's in the fashion world and yet again Marc Jacobs is in the middle of it. Get the lowdown at My Fashion Life!

Papierblog looks at their favorite fall fashion week items in photos.

It's a smackdown between Milan and Paris! Second City Style picks a winner in the battle of the Spring RTW fashion weeks.

Get ready to click for a has collected a slew of guilt-free goodies benefitting various Breast Cancer Awareness charities for the month of October.

Need a vacation? Check out Stylehive's TravelSlides: The Hotel at Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas where you can get spa services amidst outdoor pools and gardens, indoor steam caves, and waterfalls.

Jewelry and Beading has the low-down on the Big Apple Glass Art & Bead Festival coming up this weekend.

Some Think Pink Jewelry Time

13 Oct

Some Think Pink Jewelry Time

October is that time of the year – Time for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and lots of jewelry is being sold around the web with some proceeds going to breast cancer research. One company doing that right now is Luxe Jewels with their special Think Pink Boutique:

Every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Luxe Jewels will be donating 10% of sales from this boutique to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Think Pink and we can help make a world without breast cancer a reality.

Pictured above is their Kaleidoscope necklace: Amethyst, rhodonite, fluorite and kayanite gemstones sparkle from double strands of 14kt gold-filled chain. But, they have loads of other great beaded jewelry baubbles.

Sadie Bracelet – Marrakesh: Delightfully chunky bracelet that can be transformed into a necklace simply by adding chain.
Kaleidoscope Earrings: Amethyst, rhodonite, fluorite and kayanite gemstones sparkle from double strands of 14kt gold-filled chain

“Watch” for Jane Austen Book Club

12 Oct

"Watch" for Jane Austen Book Club
What does jane austen have in common with watches? Err, well, I don't really know. Probably nothing – except for the very weak excuse I have to mention one of my all time favorite authors while I also take a look at some high-end, to drool over timepieces.

Even the new movie, based on the book The Jane Austen Book Club has a pretty weak connection to Jane, but some of the stars from the movie got to get their hands on some fabulous Parmigiani watches at the movie's premiere and after party in Los Angeles.

So, after reading this news, I wanted to see what the stars scored. Since most of the cast are women, I took at look at the Parmigiani ladies watch collection, a number of them in gold accented with diamonds.