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Good-Bye Jewelry Weblog Readers

30 Nov

Good-Bye Jewelry Weblog Readers

Today I say a very reluctant good-bye to my jewelry weblog here as well as the other work I've done with Creative Weblogging over the past couple of years. I can't tell you how much I have learned as a writer slash blogger and how much I will miss everyone who makes up this wonderful and supportive network.

This has not at all been an easy decision for me, but due to a general increase in my workload that includes a new full-time teaching position starting next year and two jewelry book deals that will carry me into the early summer, something had to go, and unfortunately that means my home here at the Jewelry Weblog. I have no doubt they will soon find a fabulous jewelry-loving replacement for me, so the blog will continue on and I hope readers will continue to return to see what's new here. I know that I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure.

I'll still be on the web. You can find me at Jewelry Making at,, and of course, my personal wacky blog, Fatand40.

I wish everyone at Creative Weblogging continued success.

Go Jewelry Shopping at Ruby Lane

29 Nov

Go Jewelry Shopping at Ruby Lane
Time to go holiday shopping and you can shop down Ruby Lane and find all kinds of great hand-crafted jewelry for sale. Pictured above is a fine silver and genuine ruby box pendant crafted by jewelry artist Laura Hastings of Eclectica.

This is just one of a number of artisan created jewelry pieces I saw over there, so get yourself a cup of java and be ready to do some relaxing shopping at home while everyone else is elbowing their way through the mall and icky discount stores!

Jewelry Stocking Stuffer Bargains

28 Nov

Jewelry Stocking Stuffer Bargains
Who doesn't love to have a tiny gift or two in your stocking, especially something that glitters? Or maybe you are looking for some affordable baubles to give to a few special co-workers or your child's teacher or the baby sitter. So, you want something pretty and not pretty pricey. I found a number of little bargains over at the Relios Jewelry web site in their gifts under $24 section.

These earrings are only $9.99.

Turquoise Chip and Sterling Flower Earrings

These sterling silver earrings display the beauty of mosaic inlay. The sterling silver design is a slim rectangle with a sterling silver floral design in the center. Natural turquoise chip inlay surrounds the flower.

Here's a bracelet for $11.99.

fresh water Pearl and Pastel Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

Simply elegant, one size fits most stretch bracelet has a unique combination of fresh water pearls interspersed with genuine gemstones. Stones include purple amethyst, green garnet, yellow citrine, rose quartz, turquoise and a sterling corrugated bead.

Some Perfect Jewelry Presents

27 Nov

Some Perfect Jewelry Presents

Amanda Jaron spent years designing for other big name companies like Avon, Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jones New York before she decided to open her own company and make jewelry for her own customers. I like the fact that while she's got plenty of high-end jewelry for those that can afford it, she also has a large selection of more affordable jewelry designs from her Studio Sterling Collection.

So she has a range of prices and tastes for everyone, thus making gift-giving – which is mucho important right now folks – a lot easier. For example, there's her Perfect Present Ring in platinum with white and black diamonds.


But, then there is also her Perfect Present Ring in sterling silver and semi precious stones.
In fact, she's got a lot cool rings like this one from her Atlantis Collection – Mother of Pearl Ring:
Plus, she's a blogger to boot!

Metal Clay Artists: Where Do You Work?

26 Nov

Metal Clay Artists: Where Do You Work?
While working on my next book project, a how-to on making jewelry with low-fire metal clay, I thought it would be interesting to include a chapter on how to set up a work area as well as show where other metal clay jewelry artists work. So, I'm looking for anyone who might want to send me pictures of their metal clay setup.

Now, it does not have to be a super fancy set up at all. In fact, I hope to show that you don't have to have a big time studio to do this type of jewelry making. Heck, I use my guest bathroom to form my metal clay pieces because it's one of the few places I can keep my cats out of! Cat hair and clay do not mix!

Below is my updated Call for Entries, which includes a call for artists to share pictures of where they form and fire their metal clay. I'm starting on this chapter really soon, so please feel free to send me your pictures asap, and forward this to anyone you think might be interested. I think it will really add a lot to the book, and it's an excellent way to promote yourself too boot.

Call for Entries

Book Title: Picture Yourself Making Metal Clay Jewelry: Step-by-Step Instruction for Forming, Firing, and Constructing Finished Jewelry
Publisher: Thomson Course Technology
Series: This text will be part of the publisher's "Picture Yourself" series.
Author: Tammy Powley
Contact Information: tammypowley [@]

Estimated Publication Date: May/June 2008

Call for Entries Deadline: There are two deadlines: studio/work area pictures December 10; projects/gallery pictures January 7, 2008.

Book's Focus: The focus of this book is super simple to make metal clay component projects (charms, pendants, beads) teamed up with basic jewelry techniques resulting in projects which allow readers to make finished jewelry pieces showcasing their metal clay creations.

Audience: The audience is the interested hobbyist who has very little if any metal clay or jewelry making experience.

Project Descriptions: All metal clay projects will be designed to use low-fire metal clay (either PMC3 or Art Clay 650) and will be small enough to allow firing by either a hand-held butane torch or hot pot. The projects will include instructions for both making the metal clay component (such as beads or a pendant) as well as incorporating this item into a finished piece of jewelry (such as earrings or a necklace). Therefore, other jewelry techniques including basic bead stringing and wire work will be covered as well.

Studio/Work Areas Submission Instructions: One chapter of the book will describe how to set up a place to form metal clay items and one to fire metal clay items. Therefore, I am looking for artists to share pictures of where they work, from the super simple to the ultra fancy from neat as a pin to messy as all get out. Images must be sent in digital .jpg format, min. 300 dpi, emailed to tammypowley [@] by December 10, 2007. Please include "metal clay book" in the email subject line.

Gallery Format Submission/Instructions: All items submitted for the gallery must be sent in digital .jpg format, min. 300 dpi, emailed to tammypowley [@] by Jan. 7, 2008. Please include "metal clay gallery" in the email subject line. Along with the image of the finished jewelry piece, include type of clay used, form of firing used, and any other materials information. Though low-fire clay items are encouraged, since that is the focus of this book, other types of clay items will be considered for gallery inclusion. Those artists selected for the gallery (included in the final published copy of the book) will be required to sign a release for publication form and will have their names and contact information (if desired) included in the gallery section.

Project Format Submission/Instructions: Though the author will create the majority of projects for the book, some projects by guest artists may be included if they are deemed appropriate for the scope of the book. Entries should include projects using low-fire metal clay (either PMC3 or Art Clay 650) and should be fired using either a butane torch or hot pot. A list of supplies and basic techniques should be included along with step by step digital color images of the process. (The author will write up complete instructions for any accepted projects.) Images should be clear, high quality, .jpg format, min. of 300 dpi, and emailed to tammypowley [@] by January 7, 2008. Please include "metal clay book project" in the email subject line. Those artists selected for the projects section (included in the final published copy of the book) will be required to sign a release for publication form and will have their names and contact information (if desired) included in the text. The author will also send them a free copy of the book when it is released for publication.

Disclaimer: The author will accept submissions in good faith and as she deems appropriate for the book; however, this does not in any way guarantee publication since other issues such as space, page numbering, page breaking, etc. can require the publisher to make alterations to the finished text without the author's knowledge.

Stone & Pottery Jewelry from James Olson

24 Nov

Now, this video needs a little zing, but it is interesting to listen to southwestern jewelry artists, James Olson, discuss his unique work. It's not your typical turquoise jewelry (not that there's anything wrong with that). But, I like how he isn't trying to make native american jewelry but instead is using materials such as river stone and pottery pieces as part of his jewelry designs.

You can see more close-up style images of his work at such as a few of the pieces below.
Stone & Pottery Jewelry from James Olson

Ayala Raiter Goes Video

24 Nov

I recently mentioned a holiday show in Toronto where you could find, among many other vendors, jewelry designer Ayala Raiter and now you can also see her jewelry in a video she has posted over at

I think this is an excellent way for jewelry designers to get themselves out there more on the Internet and connect to their customers. You can really get a good look at her gemstone and beaded jewelry designs, and you get the added touch of having a mini-interview with the designer herself.

Chunky Wire & Stone Rings

23 Nov

Chunky Wire & Stone Rings
Michelle Tamoush of has a lot of interesting jewelry on her site, but the rings I thought were really outstanding. Most are made with large gemstones and then wire wrapped with gold-filled wire to create the ring shank as well as secure and also add extra ornamentation to the stones. Along with gold-filled wire she also uses sterling silver wire and chains as part of her unique approach to hand-crafted jewelry.

Pictured above is a ring with a large amethyst nugget in the center. Below is one of her citrine rings and green grossular garnet and wire rings.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/22/07

22 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/22/07

Get ready to shop till you drop after you eat till you drop. Here are some tips on both counts to help you out from around the jewelry and fashion blogosphere.

Just in time for holiday shopping, Stiletto Jungle found 13 Junk Food vintage-look rocker tees on sale for 42% off.

Goyard caught the go-green bug with the new environmentally conscious Goyard St. Louis Shopper Tote. Bag Bliss has more..

Not sure what to wear this holiday? Grab a bit of Bottega Veneta from Bag Snob!

Beauty Snob explores the sexy Scent of Elle from YSL.

You can DIY your wedding without skimping on style. Enter to win a free copy of The DIY Wedding by Kelly Bare at Coquette.

Stay gorgeous & skinny by shaving an extra 1,000 fattening calories off your holiday feast without giving up the good life…Fashiontribes shows how.

KRiSTOPHER likes boss black leather and lapin.KRiSTOPHER loves boss black leather and lapin D&G Dolce & Gabbana gloves for winter.

Now that there is finally a chill in the air Second City Style has your winter wardrobe essentials and even tells you where to buy them. How easy is that?

Over at, the editors share what they're loving now.

Celebrity Styleaholic Najwa Moses gets up close and personal with Jennifer Hudson.

Browse through Stylehive's slideshow of the ten hottest (well, warmest) resorts and hotels to visit this holiday season.

WE LOVE is intrigued by the new beauty collection from Coach – especially the three lipsticks.

Mondera Gift Ideas

21 Nov

Mondera Gift Ideas

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, then time is a' wasting and there is lots of shopping to be done! I'm actually in pretty good shape so far this year as far as my gift list, but I'm still looking for a few last minute items, so web shopping is the way to go. I hate shopping in crowded stores.

One place I've been looking around today is the Mondera web site. They have a really wide range of price points as well as jewelry styles. For example, pictures left is a "Sterling Silver Geometric mother-of-pearl and Coral Pendant," that goes for $120. But, if you want something with more glitz, possible for yourself of course, then these hoop earrings may be the way to go. They've got a lot of sparkle going on to say the least. They are made of 18kt white gold and diamonds.
I usually think of pearls when I think of Mondera, so it was just interesting to look at some of the other jewelry they sell too.