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Estate Jewels for Charity

20 Nov

Estate Jewels for Charity
If you've been looking for some estate sales jewelry to give as some outstanding jewelry gifts this season, then you can double ding for your bling purchase over at Beladora right now. Check out these monster hoop earrings for example:

Exotic Gold Dangle Hoop Earrings

These exotic gold hoop earrings have a unique curve at the bottom which dangle tear drop and marquise shapes. These earrings hang 1 1/2 inches in length.
Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Design Period: Modern
Circa: 1995

For the holiday season, Beladora will be donating some of the proceeds for sales to Lynne Cohen Foundation:

Beginning this Holiday Season we are implementing a policy of Corporate Giving. We will be donating a portion of our online sales to the Lynne Cohen Foundation which funds groundbreaking research to support the survival rates for women with ovarian cancer.

We encourage you to visit the Foundation at and learn more about this very important cause.

Also, we would like to inform you of our Jewels for Charity program. If you have an item of jewelry that is worth minimum of $10,000 (as determined by a qualified independent jewelry appraiser) that you never wear and probably wont wear anytime in the future, you can convert that piece into a tax deductible charitable donation to the Lynne Cohen Foundation or charitable cause of your choice. If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact us at (800) 680-9569.

The Zen of Silver

19 Nov

The Zen of Silver
Jo Martin has recently announced a new jewelry collection called "Elements of Zen." It is made from metal clay so the end result is fine silver jewelry with lots of texture and unique elements:

"I have been referring to "Zen" for a few years now, but never in regards to jewelry. It was always said in reference to a state of mind. A calm and focused state of mind, as if I would turn a switch in my head and go into an immediate meditation or prayer and quiet the noisy world around me. In today's fast paced world, there are times throughout the day when we need to focus our energy (not only) into accomplishing the many tasks at hand, but into enjoying life as well. So I say, "Go to the Zen"! Introducing the Elements of Zen jewelry line! The inspiration for this line came from just that…. simple, focused, and rich with trouble-free texture and finishes. contemporary jewelry for the body (and the mind)." – Jo Martin/JBrady Designs

I especially like the rings and earrings with pearls set in the silver.

Jewelry and Beauty Holiday Show

18 Nov

Jewelry and Beauty Holiday Show
If you are in the Toronto area this coming holiday weekend, then you may want to give a little while you get a lot at The Holiday Season event held at the Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre and Spa. The shopping experience is part of the 18th Annual Celebration of Hope Breast Cancer Luncheon to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. The luncheon is sold out, but there will be plenty of shopping available for everyone, even if you missed out on the lunch. Over 60 boutiques and other vendors will be there including Ayala Raiter – Jewelry Couture with her unique nature-inspired creations such as some of the necklaces, bracelets, and more pictured below.


Swarovski Presents a New Jewelry Line

17 Nov

Swarovski  Presents a New Jewelry Line
Swarovski is ready to present a new collection for the autumn/winter 2007 season called Soul of Time: The Epic of Light. It was showcased this past August in Malta, and is not available on the company's web site through a pretty cool slideshow. The collection has some asymmetrical angles and gives a feeling of sort a fairy gone goth a little to me. The creative director explains them as follows:

Nathalie Colin Roblique, Swarovski's Creative Director said, "A study in asymmetry, a search for slightly savage effects, and a desire for irregularity that satisfies a need for authenticity and truth… I wanted to create versatile and nomadic jewellery that never stops moving.

"Alive and sensual," she added, "these jewels can be rolled up or draped. Their fringes echo human gestures and move with the body. Some jewels appear to be abstract sculptures – somewhere between jewellery and art objects – but they are neither narrative nor realistic."

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/16/07

16 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/16/07

Normally I do my jewelry and fashion blog round ups on Sundays, but next week being a holiday week for those of us in the States, I decided to double up this week.

Starting off with ring and lots more goodies. Be prepared for any party invite this season with's list of 10 holiday must-haves. discovers Celeb Makeup Artist Paul Starr's newest obsession.

Stylehive gives you a sneak peek of Marc Jacobs' Visionaire 52 Private – sultry, gritty, and edgy photographs of our favorite celebs.

Celebrity Makeup Artist – and new blogger – Sam Fine stops by 55 Secret Street with his makeup secrets – and red velvet cupcakes!

Stiletto Jungle found a Lush-ous way to do good while you shop: Lush Charity Pot Lotion.

Bag Bliss' newest obsession, the Knoxx Roan Weekend Handbag.

Bag Snob is obsessed with the Devi Kroell shopper bag!

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Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, Coquette shares her favorite hats to wear this winter.

Get the "Gossip Girl" look at Fashiontribes…even if you don't have a GG sized bank account.

GlamChiczooms in on Victoria's Secret's Surrealist-inspired runway show.

KRiSTOPHER gives away a gift certificate. And she doesn't even want brain in exchange.

My Fashion Life takes a look at the most recent concept in eco-chic – "Chopstick bras".

Papierblog deconstructs the new season of Project Runway and plays Vegas bookmaker

Second City Style asks celebrities: Does middle age mean a fashion meltdown in "WTF Was She Thinking?": Grandma Jezebel edition.

Project Runway is Back!

15 Nov

Project Runway is Back!

I totally forgot it was back and last night as I was about to head off to bed I did one last flip through the channels. Oh, yawn, I was so tired and was thinking about the early morning I had to deal with when, bam! there it was – Project Runway was back and I'd already missed ten minutes of it. Crisis! Do I say up and drag around tomorrow?

Well, of course, I would, and I was not disappointed , except for the fact that those darn designers are still not using the accessories – as in jewelry especially – as they should be.


Here they have a wall of jewelry, shoes, purses, and more to pick from provided by and what do they do? Create some ugly flowers with fabric and slap them on.

I'm still hooked, even if there isn't enough jewelry to suit me. What did you think of last night's episode? Love it? Glad to see it back? Or should I have just gone to bed?

Jewelry TV News

14 Nov

Jewelry TV News
The jewelry channel is announcing a face lift for its web site. Along with the enhancements, they even have a blog now. Welcome to the Blogosphere jewelry folks!

From The Jewelry Channel:

The Jewelry Channel, a leading television jewelry retailer, today announced it has completed a major redesign of its online site, The company has enhanced the site to offer not only online jewelry "Web Drop" auctions but also an array of information and retail options for consumers.

"The site enhancement represents not only an improvement in function and usability but also atmosphere and options," said Sri Burugapalli, president of the Jewelry Channel. "We sought to provide a complete shopping experience whether the customer is purchasing via TV broadcast, online retail or an interactive auction."

The new site includes multiple enhancements specifically created for online customers. The major added value improvements include:

• A jewelry store for browsing and purchasing available items at a set sale price, rather than a drop-auction format. Customers can search and sort items by type of apparel, metal, gemstone, shape, price or name.

• Interactive and social media content including user forums and a blog by The Jewelry Channel hosts

• A home page "Spotlight Item" featuring a luxury jewelry piece at a significant reduction in price

• Video brochures featuring the high-end Illiana Collection and new Rhapsody line of platinum jewelry

• Live broadcast of The Jewelry Channel 24-hours a day

Pure Silver Collection

13 Nov

Pure Silver Collection
The Pure Collection created by Hot Diamonds is an interesting twist on diamond jewelry. Normally, diamonds are teamed up with some of the higher end metals such as gold and platinum, but this collection includes a combination of sterling silver and sprinkles of diamonds set throughout the various designs. To add a little somethign else extra, the company limits each piece to a production of 925 – as in 925 silver – get it? Of course, I can't help but think if they had gone with pure silver, which considering the name it seems a little odd that they didn't, would there be a limited edition of 999? But, still, a cool idea. Also, they've rhodium plated the pieces, so this cuts down on tarnish, a major issue with silver jewelry, especially sterling silver jewelry.

You can see a lot more of the collection on the company's site; however, here are a few pieces I picked up for you, a ring, pendant, and bracelet.


Furniture Jewelry

12 Nov

Furniture Jewelry

I know. It looks like a charm bracelet for a giant. But it's not. It's actually furniture jewelry, a weird trend in the furniture accesorizing industry.

From Furniture companies push clients to accessorize:

At J. Roaman, a home-furnishings store in East Hampton, N.Y., a painted white iron bed wears a giant charm bracelet over its left head post. The bracelet isn't there because the bed wants for visual interest; it's already enveloped in a brightly colored quilt by Lisa Corti, a Milanese designer, and topped with four pillows, five throw pillows and a bolster.

The reason for the jewelry, according to Judi Roaman, a former fashion retailer who opened the store in May, is that furniture, like any carefully curated outfit, should express its owner's personality. "Accessories make the bed into who you want her to be," she explained.

The idea that furniture should wear jewelry may strike some people as, well, nuts. But the notion behind it – that the kind of personal style associated with fashion can and should be expressed through home accessorizing, in ways that go far beyond throw pillows – has become a guiding principle of the furnishings industry.

The article goes on to call this "A merging of design worlds," which I find interesting even though I feel a giant-sized charm bracelet may be a wee bit over the top.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/12/07

12 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/12/07

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Vintage style is great but the fit can be tricky, so Fashiontribes tracked down the Top 10 Vintage Reproduction websites.

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