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New Spring 2008 Jewelry

31 Mar

New Arrivals at Neiman Marcus
jewelry designer
Stephen Dweck Carved Quartzite Ring
• Blue quartzite with carved floral detail.
• Sterling silver setting with floral detail.
• Made in the USA of imported material.

About Stephen Dweck
Known as The Romancer of the Stones, Stephen Dweck is strongly influenced by his love of art and nature. This passion even inspired him to collect stones and minerals from around the world for his one-of-a-kind designs. Each is adorned with Adam, his signature beetle, symbolizing his affinity for nature. This devotion is what makes him one of jewelry's most widely recognized names today.

spring 2008 jewelry
John Hardy Padi Silver & Gold Twist Ring
• Sterling silver.
• Solid 18-karat yellow gold.
• Post backs.
• Handcrafted in Bali.

About John Hardy
John Alexander Hardy was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. In 1975 after finishing art school, he stopped in Bali on a round-the-world trip, fell in love with the island, and stayed. Hardy studied silversmithing techniques with Balinese craftsmen, some of them descendants of artisans who made jewelry for the royal courts of Bali. Many of the craftsmen employed by John Hardy today are part of that heritage.

jewelry trends 2008
KC Designs Square Filigree Ring
• 14-karat yellow gold.
• Round-cut diamonds; 0.34 total carat weight.
• 5/8"H x 3/4"W.

About KC Designs
Lenny Krol and Joe Carullo have established KC Designs as a pre eminent purveyor of elegance and sophistication – a shining example of the best New York City has to offer. Built on a 43- year friendship, KC Designs proudly claims a reputation of excellence, originality, and affordability in the jewelry industry.

In the twenty years since the company's inception, KC Designs has garnered the acclaim of celebrities and fashion authorities alike. Their designs have adorned such noteworthy celebrities as Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Gloria Estefan, Anna Kournikova, Andie MacDowell, Maria Sharapova, and alyssa Milano.

I am well aware that some of the jewelry I am showing you these days is very expensive. If you can afford to buy it, that's great. If you can't, that's OK, too. Take the information and the images and find something similar that you can afford. It's all about the styles and the designs, and there's really nothing new under the sun. If you see something new you love, just wait a while, and there will probably be something similar that is affordable.

Allé Spring Jewelry Collection

28 Mar

For spring and summer 2008, shine is everywhere in terms of fashion accessories. From the purses we carry to the clothes we choose to the shoes we wear, the newest trend is all about shine from head to toe. Jewelry is one accessory that will never go out of style and can last a lifetime with the proper care.

This unique design has lots of character, and it just so happens that blue and yellow are two of the hottest colors for spring and summer:

jewelry designer pendant
14k Blue and Yellow Sapphire Floating Pendant
Yellow sapphires float in an oval of delicate Diamonds surround by Blue Sapphires that float within an oval Diamonds. Yellow and Blue Sapphires 2.00 Carat Total Weight.
16-inch 14k White Gold rope pendant chain included.

The complementary color for yellow is purple, and what better way to add some pizzazz to your new ensemble than these gorgeous earrings:

designer jewelry 2008
14k Amethyst and Diamond Earrings
Classic styling in 14K white gold, Amethyst, and Diamonds.
Cushion-cut Amethyst weighs 18.50 Carat Total Weight.
Post earrings measure 7/8 inch by 3/4 inch in width.

Bracelets for Spring
The key to combining jewelry with the richly patterned frocks and tops for Spring 2008 lies in analyzing the neckline and the sleeve length. Spring 2008 garments are shown having at most 3/4 length sleeves – making bracelets a more visible jewelry accessory. This sleeve profile makes precious metal bracelets the perfect backdrop for heavily-patterned fabrics.

jewelry bracelet
18k Hammered Box Link Bracelet
Yellow Gold box links intersected by high-polished bars.
8 inches long, 1/2 inches wide, 22 grams.

Company Statement

Allé Fine Jewelry was founded in 1996 by former Home Shopping Network and Mercantile Stores Company executives who brought 25 years of retailing and jewelry merchandising expertise to the Internet. Allé Fine Jewelry was the first large dedicated jewelry store on AOL, CompuServe, and MSN and pioneered the "manufacturer direct" business in the jewelry category. We are also an merchant partner.

Leveraging our years of relationships with some of the largest and finest jewelry manufacturers in the world, the Company management was able to form strong alliances with these manufacturers that allowed for direct shipment to our customers with blazingly fast order fulfillment of the highest quality fine jewelry available.

These alliances mean that we have access to the full inventories of these large manufacturers which in turn means that we can offer you an enormous selection of fine jewelry that is constantly being updated with the latest styles. This manufacturer direct structure also means that you will realize tremendous savings since our company has little of the overhead experienced by traditional jewelry retailers.

You can view the entire spring collection at Allé Fine Jewelry

Dichroic Glass Pendants

27 Mar

Great Necklace Idea
The best thing about these little beauties is that you don't have to be a jewelry designer to make a gorgeous necklace for yourself. You just buy the pendant, run a cord or chain through the holes that run through the top of the pendant, and voila! You have a necklace that will be the envy of your friends and coworkers. These pendants are very affordable, and the colors are breathtaking.

Some beautiful examples:

handmade beads
Gold and Copper Rectangle Pendant
Each pendant varies slightly in color and size.
Measurements: 11 x 21 mm.
Hole runs through top edge of rectangle.
Made in USA.

jewelry designer necklace
Silver Triangle Pendant
These stunning pendants are individually made and each pendant varies slightly in color.
Hole runs through wide edge of triangle and measures approx 2mm diameter.
Made in USA.

jewelry techniques pendant
Pink Rectangle Pendant
Individually handmade.
Each varies slightly.
Hole measures approx 2mm diameter.
Made in USA.

About Dichroic Glass
The brilliant optical properties of dichroic glass are the result of multiple micro-thin layers of metal oxides. NASA developed dichroic glass for use in face shields in space suits. Layers of different metals – gold, silver, titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium, silicon – are applied to the surface of the glass. The glass is then kiln-fired at extreme temperatures in a vacuum.

The resulting plate of dichroic glass can then be fused with other glass in multiple firings. Certain wavelengths of light will either pass through or be reflected, causing an array of color to be visible. Due to variations in the firing process, individual results can never be exactly reproduced. Each piece of fused dichroic glass is unique, and no two pieces can ever be the same.

Australian Opals

26 Mar

Buried deep in the heart of the australian outback lies an elusive gem that entices men and women to give up the city and head for the outback, affectionately known to Australians as the bush. Now, life in the bush has great appeal. The air is fresh, the sky is blue by day, and like a diamond-studded blanket at night.

At times though, you have to endure the dust, the flies, the heat, the cold and the rough outback roads. If you are infected by the Opal bug, you are willing to endure all these hardships, because if you happen on one of these amazing stones, you will be rewarded with one of the rarest of God's creations.

It's as though some talented artist dipped his brush into the palette of the spectrum, splashed it across a meaningless rock, and transformed it into a masterpiece. The varieties and patterns in Opal are endless, and the combinations of colors are in the millions.

jewelry techniques
Australian Opal and Diamond Starfish Pendant
Inlaid Australian Opal dotted with Diamonds for the perfect sparkle.
14k yellow gold, 1 inch in length and 1 inch in width.
18-inch 14k yellow gold chain.

Opal has been mined worldwide, but Australian Opal accounts for 96% of all commercial Opal and is the main source of precious Opal. Australian Opal is mined in many locations throughout New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. It can form in vertical or horizontal seams in the sandstone as well as in fossilized formations. Because of the unique conditions under which Australian Opal is formed, it is nearly impossible to find two Opals exactly the same.

designer jewelry opal ring
18k Australian Crystal Opal Ring
18k Yellow and White Gold.
Stone Size: 7×5 mm.

Crystal Opal has a degree of transparency which allows the colors below the surface to be visible. Some believe the crystal varieties to be the most beautiful. Crystal Opals can be either light or black crystal. By definition, Crystal Opal is any Opal clear enough to read through against a light surface but colors spring to life when viewed on a dark surface.

jewelry designer bracelet
Sterling Silver Australian Opal Doublet Bracelet
Doublets are Opals that have been glued together to imitate the appearance of Black Opal. When a slice of Opal is glued to a black backing, it causes the color to become much darker and more vibrant. Thus, doublets contain only a small amount of actual Opal, and therefore, are much less valuable – but still beautiful.

Make no mistake about it, these can be some very pricey gems, but the colors are stunning!

Opal Mine by Brusacci

Classic Pendants for Spring

25 Mar

New Spring Jewelry
The classic pendant is an ultra simple look that works well with spring's more detailed, flamboyant clothing. A pendant should complement, but not clash with, the strong colors and patterns of spring and summer fashions. Traditional gemstones and simple settings work best for this style, though design and color should not be overlooked. Simple and elegant best describe what I consider a classic pendant.

Heart-Shaped Pendants
Jewelry takes on a more traditional look for spring 2008 with the reappearance of the classic heart motif worn as a simple pendant. Although this look is always strong around Valentine's Day, its popularity will continue throughout the spring and summer.

This is a stylized version:

jewelry techniques
White Gold and Mother Of Pearl Pendant
An incomplete heart-shaped piece of Orange Mother of Pearl hangs sideways from a 14k White Gold bail. Diamond-studded White Gold completes the shape of the heart and adds extra shine.

Symbolic Pendants
You'll also see a variety of pendants worn on simple cords and chains, with motifs that reflect the style of the person wearing them, especially favorite gemstones and symbols that have a special meaning, like this pendant:

jewelry designer
Sapphire and Diamond Infinity Pendant in 18k White Gold
Signifying love everlasting, this pendant features two hearts joined in an infinite loop. A line of alternating round diamonds and deep blue sapphires adds fire and color to the design. The pendant is suspended from a delicate 18k white gold cable chain.

gemstone pendants
Blue gemstones are very popular this season. So what could be more perfect than the soft shimmer of White Gold with diamonds and a humongo pale blue gemstone, like this one:

designer jewelry
18k White Gold and Aquamarine Pendant
19-carat Aquamarine gemstone set in an 18k White Gold with .10 ct of sparkling Diamonds

Beaded Watches

24 Mar

Are you tired of those pinchy metal link watches or the drab leather bands? Then beaded watches just might be what you need. It's the best way I know to make a fashion statement, and still have the time of day readily available. There are many styles and colors to choose from online, so I'll show you a few.

designer watch
Harvest Lampwork Bead Watch
The lampwork beads in this bracelet are fabulous! Burnt orange and light brown with perfect scroll detail and a smooth, rich surface that is softly etched. The watch face is square silvertone Geneva water-resistant and the toggle closure matches the theme of this elegant piece.

beads watch
Millefiori Bead Watch
Millefiori beads, very colorful when the light hits them.
Capri Blue Swarovski Austrian Crystals.
Sterling Silver heart clasp.

jewelry watch
Pearl and Crystal Watch
Beautiful freshwater Pearls with Amethyst Crystals and a royal purple watch face by Geneva. Watch band is slightly stretchy for comfort and clasps with a magnetic fold over clasp by Swarovski.

About Watches
The most common type of watch is the wristwatch, worn on the wrist and fastened with a watchband made of leather, nylon, or metal links called a bracelet. Before the inexpensive miniaturization that became possible in the 20th century, most watches were pocket watches.

In the 21st century, technological advances in metallurgy, composite materials development, and physical vapor deposition greatly influence watch design and manufacturing. Solid stainless steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, carbon fiber, high-tech ceramic, and ion plating processes dominate a considerable market share of today's modern watch-making industry. Sapphire crystals are often incorporated to complement and enhance the durability of a quality watch.

Most inexpensive and medium-priced watches used mainly for timekeeping are electronic watches with quartz movements. Expensive collectible watches, valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal than for simple timekeeping, often have purely mechanical movements and are powered by springs, even though mechanical movements are less accurate than more affordable quartz movements.

All of these watches are very affordable, so you can buy several and change them whenever you like.

Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

21 Mar

Contemporary Art Jewelry
I can't say enough about Nancy Bernardine's gorgeous and unique designs. The gemstones I love best are the natural stones with rough edges, irregular shapes, and earthy colors – and she handles them so well. She takes these diamonds in the rough and creates a setting around the stone, not the other way around.

jewelry techniques
Multi-Gemstone Bracelet
Larimar, Lapis, Sugilite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Lapis, Azurite/Malachite, Sugilite, Quantum Quattro, Lapis, Boulder Opal
This one of a kind bracelet was designed around a collection of hand-cut stones in shades of blue, green, and aqua. It is a heavy bracelet with two layers of metal, the bottom layer is highly polished sterling with an embossed layer on top.

Each piece of Nancy's jewelry is handcrafted with precious metals of Sterling Silver and/or 14k, 18k, 22k Gold and set with unique freeform cabochons. Gemstones she uses include: Boulder Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite, Drusy, Chrysocolla, Agate, Spectrolite, Turquoise, Onyx, or other exotic and common stones.

jewelry designer pendant
Handcrafted Coral Fossil Pendant
Coral Fossil Stone, White Topaz
Hand Textured Sterling Silver

I don't know where she finds such colorful gemstones, but they're some of the most unique I've seen. And she creates each piece from beginning to end. Have a look at her website (links below or click on one of the pics), the images alone are worth your time.

jewelry designer
Gold and Gemstone Pendant
14k, 18k and 22k Yellow and White Gold
Chinese Writing Stone, Onyx Blade, White Sapphires

Artist Statement

As a jewelry artist, my passion is design, and my outlet to satisfy this consuming interest (obsession is what some of my friend's call it) is to saw, cut, hammer, form, sand, grind, solder, forge and polish precious metals and gemstones into miniature works of wearable art.

From early childhood, I was visually inspired by color and form. My first love during pre and elementary school was drawing intricate colorful patterns for fabric. I used the drawings to design and cut out dresses for my paper dolls. Guess that says something about my age since paper dolls haven't been around for quite a while.

Anyway, after elementary school, I graduated from paper doll dresses to designing and making my own clothes.
Gardening, painting and drawing, handcrafts, sculpture, photography, gourmet cooking and interior decorating are some of my interests. These and similar activities satisfied my creative drive during high school, college, and marriage. Later, I worked in computer graphics and as a software developer.

Jewelry Beginnings
After years of searching for the perfect "job" to satisfy my lifelong obsession with design, I stumbled into a gem and jewelry show that a friend suggested I visit. Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry was born just two months later with the beads and silk thread I purchased at that show. After two years of stringing beads and doing art shows, I wanted to expand my skills so I took some metalsmith classes.

Then I "discovered" rocks! Blue rocks, green rocks, brown rocks, red rocks – all colors of rocks! I learned that it was fairly easy to cut rocks with a saw, then grind, and polish them into shiny gems. This is a very messy and dirty task, but it is so rewarding to take a piece of rough stone and turn it into a beautiful gem for a piece of jewelry. Some of my early pieces were actually made with rocks that I found in my garden or alongside the road.

Current Work
Now, I work with gold, silver, and unique precious and semi precious gemstones to create one of a kind jewelry. Although I did take a few classes in metalwork, I am a self-taught jeweler and lapidary. I began learning my craft the same night I visited that gem show in 1991. Jewelry takes so many forms that I will never learn all the techniques. But, that is what keeps it so exciting!

Working with you to design an original piece of jewelry that fits your unique personal style is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work and an added bonus to doing what I love.

Jewelry Design Style
My design style is a mix of contemporary, classic, and eclectic. It incorporates clean lines, soft curves, and geometric shapes. Most of my jewelry includes one or more precious or semi-precious gemstones, which is why color is often the important first step in a design. Finding the right color combination for the gems can make or break the design. I make dramatic and bold jewelry, but even if the piece is to be small scale with subdued colors, it still needs to "speak" to me.

I enjoy the design phase best, so my handmade pieces are all one of a kind or limited editions, and you will never find anyone else wearing the same piece. All of my work is made by hand in my private studio using time honored fabrication methods; nothing is ever cast, manufactured or created by anyone else.

Custom Designs
Nancy specializes in commissioned jewelry design. If you can't find exactly what you want on her jewelry pages, she will create something just for you. Her customers often pick a stone from the cabochon page as the starting point for an original design.

The custom jewelry design page describes the process of a commissioned design, and the jewelry design section has samples of rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

Tahitian Black Pearls

20 Mar

Exotic Pearls
Tahitian Black Pearls are some of the rarest, most valuable pearls available and have the distinction of being the world's only naturally Black Pearl. They range in size from 9mm to 16mm making them some of the largest pearls available. They are rarer than other types of pearls, since only a small number of oysters survive to produce a fine Tahitian pearl.

beads pearls
Tahitian Pearl Starfish Pendant
Pearl pendant enhanced with .18 carats of diamonds, a true Tahitian saltwater pearl. Excellent luster, blemish free, deep peacock overtone, set in 14k white gold with 20 diamonds.

Black Pearls are harvested in the azure blue lagoons French Polynesia from the Pinctada Margaratifera oyster, one of the largest pearl-producing oysters in the world. One hundred times more rare than white pearls, Black Pearls are considered to be one of the rarest gems on Earth.

jewelry pearl bracelet
Tahitian Pearl Dark Multicolor Bracelet
Perfectly round pearls strung on twin silk, natural colors with various dark overtones, 14k gold clasp.

Although they are called Black Pearls, the colors range from iridescent emerald green, sea green, pale silver blue, melon, peach-copper, pink, cranberry, Bordeaux, indigo and aubergine, to dark green and deep midnight black. Shimmering, iridescent, exotic and rare, Black Pearls are the ultimate gift.

man's jewelry ring
Tahitian Black Pearl Bamboo Man's Ring
Available in three finishes:
• Natural sterling silver
• Rhodium-plated
• Argentium sterling
The setting anchors the 10 mm black Tahitian pearl so it rotates and appears to float on the surface. The ring's base has subtle bamboo design elements while its shape – wide at the top, tapered in the back – insures maximum ergonomic comfort.

Since each Tahitian Black Pearl is unique and doesn't resemble any other, it takes hundreds of Tahitian Pearls to find the matching ones required to make a single strand. So if you're looking for unique pearl jewelry with exceptional value, Tahitian Pearl jewelry might be just what you're looking for.

Catherine the Great of Russia owned a strand of 30 Tahitian black pearls, the largest weighing as much as .14 ounces. In Europe, pearls became a hot item reserved only for royalty through laws that forbade any citizen to own or wear pearl jewelry!

Maui Divers Jewelry

19 Mar

Maui Divers of Hawaii was founded in 1958 in Lahaina, Maui, once a bustling whaler's port. The company began by escorting adventurous visitors on underwater excursions to view the island's exotic ocean environment.

A fishing expedition led Maui Divers to the discovery of one of the ocean's finest treasures, Hawaiian black coral, considered to be the most lustrous coral in the world. A year later, utilizing controlled harvesting to ensure the future of the resource, the company began designing, manufacturing, and selling Hawaiian black coral jewelry.

jewelry gemstones pendant
14k Gold Hawaiian Black Coral Pendant
A 14k yellow-gold set with a Black Coral raised S-shaped stone, 18x5mm, and three faceted round Diamonds totaling 0.15 carats, total weight, in the Paradise design.

On the Maui Divers website, I also found this adorable jewelry, the Plumeria Collection:

jewelry designer pendant
14k Gold and Diamond Plumeria Pendant
A 14k yellow-gold charm or pendant in the triple extra large Plumeria design with a satin and polished finish set with one faceted round Diamond totaling approximately 0.30 carats. Approximate size: 1 1/8"

jewelry techniques necklace
Slipper Pendant with Plumeria Accents
A 14K yellow and white-gold large slipper pendant with faceted round diamonds totaling 0.10 carats total weight. Gold Plumeria design. Approximately L: 1" W: 3/8"

designer jewelry ring
Chocolate Pearl Plumeria Ring
A 14k rose-gold ring set with one round "Chocolate" Tahitian Pearl ring, 8-9mm and bronze in color, in an extra-large 18mm Plumeria setting.

Company Statement

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, Maui Divers Jewelry is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Hawaii. Founded in 1959, we're credited with the discovery of Hawaiian Black Coral as well as the rare Hawaiian Gold Coral.

We're renowned for our unique, high-quality handcrafted designs not only in precious coral jewelry, but also gold Hawaiian jewelry, and exquisite styles featuring diamonds and other popular gemstones, including pearl jewelry, which showcases each unique variety of pearls found in the Pacific. Our extensive collection of pearl jewelry can also be found in our exclusive Island Pearls stores, as well as at

The majority of our jewelry is handcrafted from design sketch, to casting and final pearl and stone setting in our world-famous Jewelry Design Center in Honolulu….and all of our jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship to ensure lasting memories of paradise.

Bulgari Italian Jewelry

18 Mar

Italy's Greatest Jeweler
Bulgari Jewelry (Bvlgari) had humble origins. Its founder, Soutirios, came from a tiny Greek village near the Albanian border. The son of a family of silversmiths, Soutirios was more ambitious than his predecessors. When he began his business, this area was still ruled by the Ottomans, and the area was marred by fighting and marauding bandits.

jewelry designer bracelet
Bulgari Signature 18k White Gold and Diamond Bracelet
18kt white gold concentric circle shield-design bangle bracelet, set with pavé diamonds and engraved with double Bvlgari logo. Size small. Alternate model number BR852458. Bvlgari Cerchi Diamond 18kt White Gold Small Bracelet

When the Russians and the Turks went to war in the Balkans and the silver trade collapsed, Soutirios decided to leave. He opened a shop in Naples, but became disillusioned after it was robbed. This time Soutirios decided to head for Rome. He worked extremely long hours designing and making his silver jewelry. Later he became successful enough to open a store in Rome in 1905 with his two sons, Constantino and Giorgio. This is still their flagship store. He called it The Old Curiosity Shop after Dickens' famous novel.

jewelry collection
Rose Gold Cabochon Ring
18kt rose gold ring with the satin-finish of the external surface contrasting with the polished lateral cuts. Bulgari (Bvlgari) logo is engraved on the internal part of the shank.

Bulgari's jewelry soon became famous and movie stars, such as Mary Pickford, Princess Grace, and Audrey Hepburn wore his jewelry. Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a Bulgari ring during the filming of Cleopatra. Burton is said to have remarked: "I introduced her to beer, and she introduced me to Bulgari."

More recently, Keira Knightly, the star of Pride and Prejudice, wore a spectacular, vintage Bulgari necklace to the Oscars with a Vera Wang dress.

vintage jewelry
Keira Knightly Wearing Bulgari
78th Annual Academy Awards

In the 1970's the jewelers opened many international stores in such cities as New York, Paris, and Geneva. The company is noted for many innovations in jewelry, which include combining unusual materials, using materials not usually associated with jewelry, such as steel and white porcelain, creating stunning jewelry for everyday wear, and using Italian architectural themes.

Today the firm is run by Paolo and Nicola Bulgari, descendents of Soutirios. The company is still famous for its stunning jewelry and watches. It also has many other lines, including scarves, bags, eyewear, and even luxury hotels where any piece of Bulgari jewelry can be ordered from room service!

Bejeweled by Bulgari