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Sheila Fajl Jewelry

30 Apr

Brazilian-born Sheila Fajl brings her extensive fashion industry experience to her original line of jewelry. Prior to becoming a trained and licensed lawyer in Brazil, Sheila was a well known television anchorwoman. Six-foot-tall Sheila Fajl began her career in fashion as a model, and went on to success in virtually every aspect of the business: design, sales and marketing, management, and manufacturing.

designer jewelry
Gold Circles and Crystal Ring
Gold plated round ring with stone.
Clear Quartz.

Then she and her Uruguayan husband, Jorge, emigrated to California. Using her innate fashion skills and her Brazilian contacts, Sheila launched Sheila Fajl jewelry. Almost immediately the line received the attention it deserved – gracing the pages of such magazines as InStyle, People, and Lucky.

jewelry techniques
Brushed Gold Pentagon Ring in Lemon
Gold plated split-shank band.
Lemon Quartz.

Although her line is extremely fashion-forward, staying in vogue is not Sheila's ultimate goal. "I want my jewelry to not only make a woman look special. I want her to feel special. Every time someone wearing one of my pieces receives a compliment and gets that warm glow inside, I know I've done my job."

Sheila is a tireless entrepreneur and an artist with a clear vision and an irresistible spirit. Her style is contemporary, fitting perfectly with the Latest Fashion Trends. Graceful settings cradle gigantic stones, enhancing their beauty without distraction. Her non-stone pieces feature clean lines that are just as romantic.

jewelry trends
Brazilian Gold Disc Bib Necklace
Gold-Tone Bib Necklace
18k Gold Plate

About the Company
SF Jewelry, LLC, is a California-based company incorporating extensive design and management experience into the pursuit of one goal: to realize Sheila Fajl's vision of an irresistible, fun, and contemporary line of fashion jewelry. At SF Jewelry, we are committed to always being ahead of the latest trends, to following the strictest manufacturing guidelines, and to complying with the highest quality standards. Our products are manufactured and assembled in Brazil and the U.S.

Asch Grossbardt Jewelry

29 Apr

Fine Gold Inlay Jewelry
For over two centuries, the Asch and Grossbardt families have been a meaningful presence in the fine jewelry industry. Today, the Asch Grossbardt company is world renowned as the premier manufacturer of fine gold inlay jewelry. Based on the ancient jewelry-making tradition of mosaics, which was developed and perfected by Florentine craftsmen during the Renaissance, this exquisitely-executed jewelry resembles the stained glass windows of a glorious European cathedral.

handcrafted bracelet
Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Inlay Bracelet
18k Yellow gold and sterling silver rubber cord bracelet with mixed mother of pearl inlay.

Examining the creations of Asch Grossbardt is very much like admiring a celebrated private art collection. Each piece is a remarkably precise execution of an artistic vision. Tiny pieces of spectacular gemstones – Mother-of-Pearl, black onyx, Lapis, Sugilite, Coral, Turquoise, Malachite, and Australian Opal – are transformed into seamless, beautiful patterns, in the nearly forgotten art of inlay.

Unlike enamel, which is applied on top of the metal, inlay jewelry involves hand-cutting and hand-setting small pieces of semi-precious stones to create an intricate, predetermined mosaic pattern. Highly skilled artisans follow the designer's illustrations with painstaking precision. Each piece of Asch Grossbardt inlay jewelry is a study in superb craftsmanship.

jewelry techniques
Inlay Necklace and Earrings

Once every stone is set, the piece is lapped on a wheel until it is so smooth that if you close your eyes and run your finger over the surface, it is impossible to tell where one stone ends and another begins. Although they are works of art, these pieces are also extremely durable and are guaranteed to withstand ordinary everyday wear.

Striking color combinations are a signature design element of the collection. These unique combinations include the sophistication of jet black Onyx paired with white Mother-of-Pearl, the majestic look of marine blue Lapis side-by-side with purple Sugilite, and the bright exotic hues of Coral, Turquoise, Malachite, and Australian Opal.

art jewelry
Mother of Pearl Inlay Ring
Sterling Silver and 18k Gold

Often referred to as collectors' jewelry, each Asch Grossbardt piece is not only a distinctive adornment, but also a wonderful representation of a lost art, featuring breath-taking color and meticulous craftsmanship. These unique qualities have placed Asch Grossbardt on the short list of the most-coveted collections by true connoisseurs of fine jewelry. Like any other art form, the fine inlay jewelry created by Asch Grossbardt has meaning far beyond its intrinsic value.

Zoppini Firenze Jewelry

28 Apr

Spring/Summer 2008 Jewelry Collections
Brothers Mauro and Manuel Zoppini are the owners of Zoppini Firenze, makers of fine Italian jewelry. The same attention to detail that has led to the domination of the modular charm bracelet market is given to every piece of Zoppini jewelry. You can choose one of the dramatic and bold contemporary stainless steel designs available in necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and rings of the Dare to Love collection that is accented with sky blue Spinel stones.

designer jewelry
Dare to Love Stainless Steel and Spinel Stone Pendant
This eye-catching and appealing drop pendant by Zoppini is made in polished stainless steel and holds a gorgeous blue faceted Spinel stone at the center that catches and reflects light with every move.

Using the highest grade of stainless steel as the foundation for its jewelry, Zoppini has removed the barrier that has prevented many from wearing jewelry, because of allergic reactions to certain metals, such as nickel. In addition, Zoppini Firenze continues the artisan tradition of Italian jewelry craft, surpassing the highest manufacturing standards in Europe and the world.

If you're in the mood for something whimsical, the design of the Coffee Collection elevates the beloved coffee bean to a work of art. Whichever design you choose, you will feel infused with the passion for beauty that Italian jewelry artisans have shared with the entire world.

jewelry techniques
Coffee Multi Bracelet
An Italian design multi stranded bracelet of stainless steel with coffee bean shaped links, coated in a copper & brown finish.

The Zoppini brothers have a long history of imagination and inspiration. Their work is traditional and dynamic and at the same time, every single item manufactured by them is the fruit of the work of their skilled artisans and of an art that they have learnt from master goldsmiths which has been developed into a modern production process.

You may opt for the ethereal Feelings collection, spherical designs that are complemented with 18 karat gold, leather, and cubic zirconia stones.

jewelry trends
Zo Feelings Pendant
A fabulous 5 cm round pendant of stainless steel featuring a gold plated bar across the center wave, all hanging from a black leather cord.

You will see Zoppini jewelry adorning the models of top fashion magazines, and worn by those who love the beauty and quality of finely crafted jewelry all over the world. Wherever you happen to be in the world – Brazil, Europe, Dubai, Canada, Asia, or Italy – you will find a Zoppini jewelry store.

Jewelry Bargains at

27 Apr

Designer jewelry bargains at this week. Some great values here.

designer bracelet
Tasha Faceted Bangle Bracelet
Small facets give angled dimension to a shiny, handmade resin bangle.
Silver, Copper, or Gold.

designer earrings
Argento Vivo Small Hammered Open Teardrop Earrings
Open teardrops are hammered and polished for a smooth, textured look.
Sterling Silver.

jewelry techniques
Diamond Cut Tube Bangle Bracelet
Diamond-cut texture adds brilliance to a classic bangle bracelet.
12k gold- or rhodium-plated brass.
8" circumference.

designer necklace
Kenneth Jay Lane Long Wrapped Bead & Wood Necklace
Round wrapped beads punctuate asymmetrical wooden ones on a chunky necklace.
33" long.

jewelry trends
Tasha Patent Leather Bangle
Brightly colored patent leather wraps a wide bangle bracelet.
White, Orange, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, or Pink.

designer ring
Ariella Collection Rectangle Tile Cat's Eye Ring
A glimmering tile pattern is created with blue cat's-eye stones bordered by elegant cubic zirconia on a rhodium-plated ring. Brass/cubic zirconia/cat's-eye/rhodium.

jewelry trends
Lori Bonn Cushion & Oval Drop Earrings
Intricately detailed sterling silver filigree surrounds a shell mosaic and faceted rosewood quartz on handcrafted earrings.
Shell/rosewood quartz/sterling silver.

jewelry techniques
Lois Hill Small Cigar Band Ring
Signature cutouts detail a handmade Sterling Silver ring.

jewelry spring 2008
Judith Jack Two Tone Rose Hoop Earrings
Intricate floral patterns of silver and gold cover carefully crafted hoops.
Sterling silver/marcasite.

designer jewelry
Crystal Collection Oversize Teardrop Crystal Ring
An oversized teardrop-shaped crystal is surrounded by smaller ones on a beautifully crafted ring.
Swarovski crystals
23k gold- or rhodium-plated brass.

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Bracelets in Precious Metals

25 Apr

Jewelry Trend: Precious Metal Bracelets

Precious metal jewelry is a favorite adornment as well as a treasured possession. Since the time men unearthed the secret to metal craft, precious metal jewelry has been made and worn by men and women of all ages. Irrespective of time and space, the craze for gold, silver, and recently platinum jewelry has been on the rise. Although the patterns and the processes keep changing, the appeal of precious metal jewelry is everlasting.

Eight metals are considered precious: gold, silver, and the six members of the platinum family – platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, and osmium.

Precious metals have been a part of human civilization for thousands of years. Often believed to have mystical powers, precious metals have long been appreciated for their value and their beauty. Over time, precious metals came to symbolize wealth, power, and strength.

Precious metal bracelets are the perfect accessory to the backdrop for richly-patterned fabrics, like those we see in fashions for spring and summer 2008.

Throughout history, gold has been the foundation of many monetary systems and remains important to our economy today. Gold is also a popular metal of jewelry designers because of its versatility. It can be molded, shaped and carved into intricate jewelry designs. Its warm color is very appealing, and it doesn't rust, tarnish or corrode. The major source of the world's gold is South Africa.

designer jewelry
14k Yellow Gold Basketweave Bracelet
A rich & splendid 14k yellow gold bracelet in basketweave with a high-polish finish is a gorgeous gift for the love of your life. An accessory she would love to show off.

Pure gold is so soft that it is rarely used in jewelry, but rather is mixed with another metal – usually copper or silver – to make a stronger gold alloy, or mixture of metals. The amount of pure gold in an alloy is expressed in karats (versus the carat weight used for measuring diamonds and other gems). The higher the percentage of pure gold, the higher the karat. Pure gold is 24K, while 10K gold – the minimum that may legally be called karat gold in the United States – is 10 parts gold to 14 parts other metal. The standard is 14K in the United States, 18K in Europe, and 22K in India, Japan and some other Asian countries.

"Solid gold" refers to an item that contains some gold (at least 10K) and is not hollow. "Gold-filled" is a process by which a layer of gold (at least 10K) is mechanically bonded to a base metal. "Gold-plated" means that an item has a plating (or coating) of gold alloy of at least 10K, though usually less gold than in gold-filled items.

As the karat weight drops, the metal becomes more durable but less yellow. Sometimes gold that is a lower karat weight will be plated in high-karat gold to enhance the color. This is perfectly acceptable as long as you pay a fair price. Keep in mind that gold plating will wear off with time, and the jewelry may need to be re-plated.

The surface of gold jewelry is treated in many ways to enhance the design. Styles like satin, brushed or matte that create soft, lustrous looks to a hammered finish that produces a bright, irregular surface texture offer consumers a variety of looks.

White gold has the same properties as yellow gold, but it has been alloyed with different metals, like nickel, zinc, or platinum to give it a white color.
White gold should not be confused with platinum, which is much rarer than gold and hence more valuable.

jewelry techniques
14k White Gold Bracelet
This 14k Toggle Art Collection bracelet in white gold is finished with a lobster lock.

The same karat weight system is used for both white gold and yellow gold. While 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold contain the same proportion of gold, only the remaining 25 percent of the alloy is different. Sometimes white gold is plated with an even whiter metal, such as rhodium (a very rare member of the platinum family), to enhance its appearance.

White gold was developed to give a different look to jewelry. The white color is an excellent setting for very white diamonds, and when used side by side with yellow gold, it creates a striking effect. Jewelry using both white and yellow gold is called "two-tone."

The most precious metal used in jewelry is platinum. Heavier and more durable than gold, platinum is very expensive, and is alloyed with other precious metals for added strength. Platinum jewelry is usually produced from an alloy of 90 percent platinum and 10 percent iridium, two of the precious metals in the platinum family.

jewelry trends 2008
Platinum Mesh Cuff Bracelet
This stunning cuff bracelet is made up of brightly polished platinum with 5.5 mm in width and 7 1/4 inch in length.

Because of its purity, platinum is excellent for people who are allergic to other metals. Platinum will never tarnish or wear out, and its light color makes it popular for jewelry. Like white gold, platinum settings make white diamonds appear very bright, but platinum is whiter in color and heavier than white gold.

Used extensively in jewelry throughout the first half of the 20th century, platinum was banned for use in non-military applications during World War II. However, it has enjoyed an enormous resurgence in popularity in recent years. Mined in Africa, Russia and the United States (Montana), platinum is not sold according to karat weight. Platinum jewelry that is stamped with a quality mark also shows the percentage of platinum used in the alloy.

The standard for sterling silver has remained unchanged since 1300, when Edward I of England established an early trade practice for silversmiths, decreeing that sterling must consist of 92.5 percent pure silver alloyed with 7.5 percent copper. The term sterling refers to the composition of the metal.

sterling silver bracelet
Sterling Silver Crinkled Coin Bracelet
A lovely bracelet made of twisted shiny sterling silver crinkled coins for those ultra cool occasions.
Highly polished.
Lobster-claw clasp.

Silver is much more plentiful than gold, but silver tends to tarnish, making it less popular in some forms of jewelry. Like gold, silver is too soft for use in its pure state and must be combined with other metals for durability. Jewelry made of silver parts and gold parts must carry dual designations, such as Sterling and 10k.

Jules Smith Jewelry

24 Apr

Gina Nigrelli Jewelry Designer

Gina's jewelry is feminine and functional with each piece rooted to her life in the Virgin Islands. The azure waters and Caribbean culture offer a compelling setting for unburdened creativity, while her frequent travels to New York City keep her on the beat and pulse of the industry. Her goal is to create pieces that express her adoration for the natural beauty that surrounds her while representing her personal style and her love for everything fashionable.

I love these! They look like satin.

designer jewelry
Solera Bangle Bracelets
Shimmer and shine in these new bangles. In sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil, or 14k rose gold vermeil. Sold individually.

Inspired by the sugar sand, cobalt blue skies, and lush landscaping of their home in the Virgin Islands, Jules Smith Designs creates luxe resort jewelry. The collections tell the story of a fashion forward soul bridging the gap between metropolitan trends and the laid-back organic vibe of the Caribbean.

jewelry trends 2008
Skin's In Ring
Effortlessly sexy, understated glamour in a style essential. In sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold.

Drawing from a myriad of life experiences, Gina Nigrelli's appreciation for adventure and natural beauty began while studying abroad in Harare, Zimbabwe. She began her fashion career at Diesel in Las Vegas where she was a manager and merchandiser. It was the exposure to the strong brand identity and cutting edge fashion philosophy of Diesel that motivated her to take the next step in her career.

jewelry designer
Whale Wishes Pendant
Pendant measures approximately 2×2 inches on 18" cable chain. In sterling silver or 18k yellow gold.

Always willing to take a leap of faith, Gina moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in fashion design. While in school, Gina held the post of Director of Marketing and Events for a national online shopping destination. In 2006, Gina and her husband relocated to the Virgin Islands. It was in this exotic environment that Gina was finally able to pursue her lifelong dream of designing her own collection. Jules Smith was established later that year.

Rachel Leigh Jewelry Designer

23 Apr

At the request of fashion editors, buyers, publicists, and fashionistas who were searching for a fashion jewelry line that was both fashion forward, chic, and unique – former Yves Saint Laurent publicist Rachel Bravman launched Rachel Leigh Jewelry in the Fall of 2004.

Spring and Summer 2008 Jewelry Collection
Designed for the girl with confidence, who's always in command, doesn't take herself too seriously and is the life of the party. The Rachel Leigh girl knows who she is and uses her wardrobe and jewelry to play off of her personality.

Heart Statement Reversible Necklace:

jewelry designerdesigner jewelry
Chain necklace with snakeskin heart cutout on one side, and a two-tone medallion pendant on the other. Medallion features etching detail. Lobster-claw clasp. 32"

Rachel Leigh is known for its bold, feminine pieces that are classical with a decadent touch – a favorite of young Hollywood and the editors of Lucky, InStyle, WWD, and Harper's Bazaar. Unparalleled in style and class, Rachel Leigh jewelry is the ultimate in statement-making, trend-setting jewelry.

jewelry techniques
Audrey Python Knot Bangle in Purple
The Audrey Python Knot Bangle is a fabulous vintage-meets-modern design that has a unique sliding tab closure under the gold bow knot. The gold bangle is trimmed with real snakeskin. The contrast of textures and colors makes this sophisticated bangle stand out.

Rachel Leigh jewelry is inspired by the combination and manipulation of materials, textures and colors. The majority of the pieces in each collection are made of snakeskin, wood, hammered metals, rough cut semi-precious stones, hand-dyed silk ribbons, carved ivory beads, metallic leathers, vintage chains and charms, Lucite, gold wire, lace and bone.

It's made in New York City from custom-designed molds and castings exclusively for Rachel Leigh. All pieces are quadruple plated in 12k gold or silver to ensure the highest quality.

Caribbean Hook Bracelets

22 Apr

The Caribbean Hook Bracelet first became popular on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands to celebrate love and good fortune. Recently, the islands of the Caribbean have adopted the Hook Bracelet as their signature piece. The traditional horseshoe design was introduced to the Caribbean over forty years ago, and since then, new island bracelet designs have become very popular, including the Fish hook, Knot, Lizard, and Dolphin and many others. Caribbean Hook Bracelets are now worn by people all over the world.

designer bracelets
Original Caribbean Hook Bracelets
Whether you call it a Love Bracelet, or an Island Bangle, there is only one Original Hook Bracelet with a patented integral locking clasp. Sterling Silver with 14k Gold wrap.

Handcrafted gold and sterling silver hook bracelets are made in the Caribbean and have a unique style all their own. Folklore has built up around the bracelet's simple horseshoe design. If you wear the open end of the hook pointed up toward your heart, it means your love is taken, and that good fortune will come your way. If you wear the hook away from your heart, it signifies that you are available, and that you're sharing your good fortune.

jewelry techniques
Sand Dollar Hook Bracelets
Children have been known to say that sand dollars are the money of mermaids washed-up from the deep. This stunning sterling silver bracelet with 14k gold wrap and sand dollar will remind you of the times spent trolling the sandy shores searching for the shells of these delicate sea creatures.

Sometimes the men of a Caribbean village have to leave to fish or deliver goods to other islands in order to make a living for their families, often for weeks at a time. When the men set out to sea, their wives wear their bracelets with the open end of the hook pointed away from their heart and down their out stretched arms, sending love and faith as they wave goodbye to their husbands. When the men return and their ship is spotted in the harbor, their wives turned the hook up toward their heart, symbolizing the safe return of their men from the dangers of the Caribbean.

jewelry techniques
Palm Tree Hook Bracelet
In many historical cultures, palms were symbols of victory, peace, and fertility. Today, palms remain a popular symbol for the tropics. You will remember your vacation to the islands every time you look at this stunning sterling silver palm tree bracelet with 14k gold wrap.

Jes MaHarry Jewelry Designer

21 Apr

California artist Jes MaHarry is influenced and inspired by her surroundings – her ranch near Ojai, her animals, and the ever-changing beauty of nature. Her jewelry is intensely personal, always inspiring, and often surprising in its unusual juxtaposition of refined and rugged elements. For Jes, what began as a quiet observation of nature, has evolved into a passionate love, not only of nature, but of life itself.

jewelry designer
Frog Pond Ring
With the mysterious green beauty and shiny depths of a natural forest pool, a dimensional Prehnite cabochon is framed by a leaf-etched bezel on a textural silver band.

Named after its discoverer Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, Prehnite is an attractive collection mineral that is used for jewelry and occasionally used for ornamental stone purposes. Its color is usually a very beautiful green that appears in a shade that could be considered unique to Prehnite. Found in association with volcanic rocks, it usually forms in aggregates and has a rather thick crust with a rough or crystalline texture. The rough texture makes it difficult for faceting but it can be cut in a cabochon to reveal its unusual color.

jewelry techniques
Mighty Oak Necklace
Jes MaHarry adorns an assortment of handmade sterling links with charms and philosophy. The center charm is etched with a mighty oak on one side, and the words grow strong on the other. The words enjoy life, dream, and love + joy are inscribed upon individual links. Made in USA with a lobster clasp. Approx. 21-1/2"L.

Jes MaHarry's Sun Horse Ranch is in the Ojai valley, a couple of miles outside town. Room to roam for the herd of animals the artist has been collecting – horses, dogs, cats. The aged parrot. The pair of wild burros, just rescued from starvation in the Nevada desert. Jes and her partner, metalsmith Patrick Henderson, have only been on this land for a short time. They've already built a house filled with light, a hay barn, and an expanded Sun Horse workshop – not to mention corrals, paths and the beginnings of a semi-desert garden.

designer jewelry
Pearl of Truth Earrings
Endless rings of 14k rose gold represent the wholeness of life.
Each hovers beneath a cultured white pearl, Jes's symbol for truth.
Handcrafted in USA with 14k gold lever backs.

Jes wanted to make jewelry before she knew how to. She comes from a family of artists in New York State. Her earliest pieces used found objects: earrings made with feathers, creek stones and rusty bottle caps, and old washers pounded into rings. She taught herself the fine art of silversmithing, then worked drudge jobs after college to finance her jewelry-making equipment, purchasing one piece at a time. Now her palette includes authentic African trade beads, Gaspeite, Tibetan Turquoise, Oxblood Coral, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.

Artist Statement

Family tradition gave me the freedom to experiment, to take risks and create the life and art I wanted. People say my pieces make them feel good; some people wear my jewelry as a personal amulet. If the pieces bring good luck, I think maybe it comes from my absolute love of doing it. Of designing every piece. Maybe the good luck comes from what goes into the work – passion, hope, and some feeling for risk, for adventure, for overcoming any challenge.

I design my jewelry with the hope that it will bring a bit of beauty to our world, and a measure of solace and peace to you. I try to represent the wonder of the natural and spiritual worlds through my work. I hope it resonates in a deeper place within you. Be free and love life.

Our Mission
We believe that through compassion, there is beauty. Through love, there is art. We believe that we are only free through being kind. That there is grace in generosity. We believe that there is dignity in all living things.

Designer Jewelry Bargains

20 Apr

This week, I've been at Smart to bring you some great buys in Fine Designer Jewelry. Get 'em while they're hot! Click on the pic to go to the page for that item.

designer jewelry
Scott Kay 1.34 ct. Amethyst & Diamond Bracelet
Old meets new in this beautiful sterling silver original design from Scott Kay. The 1.34 ct. amethyst and diamond station carries old-fashioned charm, while the oxidized scrollwork is quite fresh and modern.

designer watch
Gucci 103 Horsebit Floral Champagne Dial Watch
Swiss quartz movement.
Stainless steel case and back.
Roman numeral hour markers.
Polished integrated teardrop case.
Champagne flower patterned dial.

designer necklace
Juicy Couture Sweet Couture O' Mine Necklace
A crystal-seeded strawberry dangles deliciously along a chain. A Juicy crown logo nearby adds a little more sugar.

jewelry trends
Rivka Friedman 18k Plate Multi Gemstone Necklace
This chunky gemstone necklace is the ideal accessory for spring's earthy, tribal, and neutral fashion trends. It features large stones of jasper and Labradorite, and a frothy beaded tassel.

designer jewelry
Argento Vivo 3-Strand Bead & Tassel Necklace
The perfect accessory, this triple-strand sterling silver necklace from Argento Vivo offers both shine and texture. Each strand offers a different shaped bead, and the back has a dramatic tassel clasp.

jewelry trends 2008
Samuel B Silver Wide Woven Bali Cuff Bracelet
An exotic Balinese style cuff bracelet with grace and elegance. Slide on this unique piece and showcase its exotic flair all day and night – its flexible design provides class with comfort.

designer earrings
Di Modolo 18K Diamond & Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings
The gorgeous, ultra-modern designs of Italian jewelry maker Di Modolo can now be yours at our fabulous less-than-retail price. These glamorous, 18-karat white gold earrings feature dazzling diamonds & blue topaz in a contemporary deco setting.

spring 2008 jewelry
Hellmuth 18K White Gold 3.80 ct. Blue Topaz Ring
Contemporary yet timeless, Gert Hellmuth blends Bavarian beauty with stunning simplicity in each of his alluring designs. World-renowned for style & elegance, Hellmuth jewelry represents everything which is simply good.

designer ring
Samuel B Silver & 14K 3.65 ct. Green Amethyst Ring
This sterling silver ring is fashion-forward perfection. A shimmering, cushion-cut green amethyst is surrounded by 14-karat yellow gold accents to create chic contrast and style.

jewelry trends 2008
Argento Vivo Sterling Silver Heart Locket Pendant
The Victorians were fond of lockets, storing mementos of loved ones-a lock of hair, a picture-inside. Now, with this engraved sterling silver heirloom locket from Argento Vivo, you can revive the tradition. It's the perfect time.

Have a great week!