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Palladium Wedding Bands

19 May

Palladium is a platinum group metal, which also includes platinum, ruthenium, osmium, iridium, and rhodium. These metals are found together in nature and have similar qualities. They are white in color, extremely durable, and unaffected by elements in the air that make other metals tarnish. Palladium was first used for jewelry when platinum was declared a strategic metal and reserved for military use in 1939.

Women's Palladium Wedding Bands:
precious metal jewelry
Artcarved Women's Palladium "Sussex" Wedding Band
Celebrate that special moment with a wedding band that's stylish yet subtle. A brushed-finished center offers a textured look that appeals to the eye. Glossy ridged edges give it a modern twist.

wedding band trends
Goldman Women's Palladium Milgrain Wedding Band
An intricately-patterned center is the highlight of this palladium wedding band. It is bordered by milgrain details and capped off by glossy edges. It shows a modern twist on the classic band. Milgrain is the raised beaded edge on the ring that is done with a special engraver's tool.

spring 2008 wedding rings
Artcarved Women's Palladium "Parrish" Wedding Band
This wedding band features a hammered finish around the center of the band. Glossy edges border the center with fancy milgrain detailing in between.

High Purity Alloys
Palladium alloys used for making jewelry products are typically 95% pure palladium and 5% of other platinum group metals such as iridium and ruthenium. The palladium alloys are white, hypo-allergenic, lightweight, durable, and easy to finish and polish. These alloys have a specific gravity close to that of 14k white gold, and are close to half the weight by volume of platinum making them an excellent choice for jewelry.

The natural white color of palladium is permanent and unlike white gold does not require rhodium plating. Rhodium plating wears away over time making white gold jewelry more yellow in appearance and requires the owner to have the setting re-plated to renew the white color. This is not necessary with palladium.

950 Palladium is more durable than white gold. Wear testing has shown a 15% longer wear ratio. This is similar to how platinum wears versus gold. Over time, palladium will show the signs of everyday wear, but the surface is easily restored to the original luster by cleaning and polishing.

Palladium versus Platinum
In virtually all jewelry circles, platinum is still considered to be the king of metals. Platinum wedding bands are 60% to 70% heavier than gold or palladium wedding bands. They are extremely durable and will last much longer than comparable gold wedding bands. Also, high world-wide demand for platinum has driven prices much higher recently, making platinum wedding bands a great investment. Even the name Platinum denotes the highest standard available. If your budget allows, platinum is still the most highly prized and expensive of all metals.

Palladium, however, offers many of the same desirable characteristics of platinum, at a much lower price. It is as white as platinum and whiter than white gold. Palladium wedding bands provide wearers with the same durability and premium white beauty that platinum wearers have learned to treasure. The best part is that palladium wedding bands cost a little more white gold, but much less than platinum wedding bands.

Fashion Jewelry at Palm Beach Jewelry

18 May

Hot Jewelry Trends: Spring 2008 Collection
Since 1958, Palm Beach Jewelry has sold jewelry and fragrance merchandise to over 20 million satisfied customers. Their exclusive online showcase brings you all the latest jewelry fashions before they appear in stores, at incredible savings you can't find anywhere else. You can instantly choose from thousands of elegant new looks and traditional favorites.

fashion watch
Glitter Cuff Watch
Show-stopping silver-colored glitter cuff watch is a fashion standout with its dazzling look and fabulous lime green-colored face. Quartz movement. 7 1/4" length. Silvertone metal.

From their world headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, they have grown to become the largest jewelry catalog company in the world. And after more than 40 years, they're still family owned and operated, and customer satisfaction is just as important today as it was when we first began.

designer earrings
14k Mother-of-Pearl Earrings
Add a touch of shimmer with luminous Mother-of-Pearl pierced earrings centered with pink cultured Freshwater pearl accents. Pure feminine opulence designed in 14k gold.

Lucite jewelry
Set of 3 Lucite Cuff Bracelets
Bright and glossy set of three multi-colored hinged cuff bracelets adds a world of color to whatever you wear. 27 mm widths. 7 1/2" lengths. Lucite and silvertone metal.

gemstone earrings
Multi-Gem Silver Hoop Earrings
The prettiest hoop pierced earrings shimmer with a rainbow of Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Citrine, and Garnet. Must-have fashion to finish any look, features 4.40 carats T.W. of gemstones set in favorite sterling silver.

sterling silver ring
Pink Cubic Zirconia Oval Ring
How fabulous is this pink DiamonUltraâ„¢ Cubic Zirconia ring all aglow with gorgeous color and brightened by a fiery accompaniment of white Cubic Zirconia accents. An amazing 73.86 carats T.W. of pure glamour for you to love in sterling silver.

designer pendant
14k Mother-of-Pearl Pendant
Elegant pink Mother-of-Pearl pendant blooms with tiny Mother-of-Pearl flowers creating a spectacular accessory to freshen new season wardrobes. In 14k gold.

gemstone bracelet
Multicolor Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
Our mega-watt 110.50-carats T.W. DiamonUltraâ„¢ Cubic Zirconia tennis bracelet is a knock-out of a dazzler dipped in glorious colors, and circling your wrist with fashion excitement. 71/4" length. Two-tone. 14k Gold-Plated.

designer pendant
Cubic Zirconia Flower Pendant
Three delicate Cubic Zirconia flowers blossom with 1.89 carats t. w. of multicolor elegance on a thoroughly feminine pendant designed with its own 18" chain. Sterling silver.

designer bracelet
Pink Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet
Brand new pink Cubic Zirconia tennis bracelet revs-up your style with unique oval-links and 30 carats t. w. of posh color. 7 1/4" length, a must addition for your collection in favorite sterling silver.

designer earrings
Multicolor Earring Set
Color-slicked set of three pairs of multicolor hoop pierced earrings is ready to go anywhere with everything in your everyday wardrobe. 32 mm diameters. Lucite and silvertone metal.

Have a nice week!

Laura Love Rose Jewelry

16 May

Laura Love Rose is emerging as a world class jewelry designer whose collections exhibit a sophistication and a worldliness seldom seen in new designers. Her jewelry is reminiscent of the classic elegant pieces created by renowned international houses. I'm a nature-lover from way back, and I've really been enjoying the current trend of nature-inspired jewelry.

jewelry techniques
Sycamore Leaf Pendant
From the exclusive American Leaves Collection, a beautifully crafted 18k gold Sycamore Leaf, distinguished by both its detail and delicacy. Approximately 1.5 inches in length.

These designs not only perfectly-shaped leaves, but the seed pods and twigs from the trees, as well. I found very little information about this jewelry designer, and you know how well I like to provide a little history about the artist and the jewelry. So I guess I'll have to let her jewelry speak for her.

designer jewelry
Beech Leaf Pendant
A beautifully crafted 18k gold Beech Leaf, distinguished by both its detail and delicacy. Approximately 1.5 inches in length.

jewelry trends 2008
Silver American Leaves Bracelet with Six Charms
This lovely sterling silver charm bracelet designed by Laura Love Rose creates a flash of sound and light at the wrist. The 7 1/2" sterling link bracelet holds six 1.5 inch charms representing six different leaves of North American trees and their seeds.

spring 2008 jewelry
Sterling Silver Cupid's Arrow Necklace
As seen in the New Yorker. Cupid's Arrow symbolically pierces the heart and creates a secure and unique clasp. To remove the necklace pass the arrow back through the oval. Polished and textured surface make this beautiful necklace a perfect gift. Available in Sterling or 18k gold with matching 18 inch chain. A perfect gift for someone you love.

Kenwood Porcelain Jewelry

15 May

Jewelry Technique: Nerikomi
Kenwood Porcelain is a collection of ceramic jewelry handmade from colored clays. The various patterns seen in the multicolored disks are created by layering and manipulating slices of colored porcelain to form a block or loaf of patterned clay, a technique called Nerikomi.

jewelry techniques
Double Disk Earrings in Blue
Sky blue patterns on smooth matte porcelain. 2" drop on sterling silver earwires.

Through a masterful manipulation of the clay, delicate, organic, and often complex patterns are created in the block of clay, which is then sliced to shape the disks. After firing, the disks are tumbled in water to create a smooth matte finish that are then used to create jewelry that is very affordable.

The disks are strung on tough waxed linen cord to make a necklace, or are fitted with sterling silver earwires, surgical steel posts, or base metal clip backs to make earrings.

handcrafted jewelry
Porcelain Squares Necklace in Blue
Shades of blue on smooth matte porcelain. Each disk is 3/4" and strung on blue waxed linen cord. 30" length fits easily over head.

Thomas Hoadley, owner/artist at Kenwood Porcelain, was first introduced to the Nerikomi technique by a Japanese master potter while in graduate school. Much experimentation followed, and in 1980 he started selling pottery made from colored porcelain using the Nerikomi technique.

designer jewelry
Single Disk Earrings in Black
Black with mauve on 3/4" smooth matte porcelain. Sterling silver earwires.

In 1985, Thomas introduced Kenwood Porcelain, a line of porcelain jewelry made with the same materials and techniques. He continues to produce both types of work, and his pottery can be found in several museum collections. Tom's sources of inspiration for the colors and patterns are quite varied, the natural world being primary. Patterns seen in shells, rocks, flowers, butterfly wings, seed pods and even clouds have all influenced his designs.

Artist Statement

My initial attraction to the Nerikomi technique came from its organic union of pattern and structure. Rather than the former being applied to the latter, as in most decorative pottery traditions, the two are one and the same. The natural world abounds with this sort of union and as a result, offers endless inspiration for pattern making.

The other aspect that was particularly attractive to me was the translation of the physical properties of clay into a visual format. By this, I mean that the very plasticity of the clay is made visible in the way that an imposed pattern is altered. Straight parallel lines are created by stacking up slices of variously colored clays, but during the manipulation of the resulting soft block of clay, the lines become undulating or are perhaps made to taper down to a hair's breadth.

Porcelain shows off this quality to its greatest extent but the principle is the same with any clay. I think of my patterns as being a collaboration between my imposed structure and the clay's wise alteration of that structure.

Dana David Jewelry Collection

14 May

Dana Melnick's Dana David Collection redefines modern luxury with jewelry for the way we live. Inspired by graphics and architecture, Dana's bold sculptural designs combine classic elegance and attention to detail. Each piece expresses the individuality and self-confidence of the woman who wears it; every design is a fashionable statement of luxury and edgy femininity.

designer jewelry
Single Cono Stack Ring
Single stone stacking rings with a cone shaped design. Each finished with a 0.05ct bezel set diamond. Available in 18k yellow, white, or rose gold or as a set of all three.

The artist's background in graphic design clearly influences her jewelry, and is especially evident in the Graffiti Collection, which includes graphic icons and scribble designs in gold and diamonds. Though these designs would look at home in the pages of a design publication, the fact that they are jewelry gives them an entirely new dimension that is fresh, modern, and luxurious.

jewelry designer pendant
Harmony Open Pendant
Circle 18k yellow or white gold pendant sprinkled with .09tcw burnished diamonds on a leather cord. Lobster clasp, stamped on back.

Meticulously crafted using the finest materials, the pure shapes and satin finishes are designed to enhance the natural beauty and elegance of the metal and the gemstones. To make her clean sculptural designs, Melnick creates models and casts the components for each piece, and then assembles and finishes the jewelry by hand. She signs each piece with her trademark logo star.

jewelry trends
Star Doodle Pendant
14k gold pendant on an adjustable 16" – 18" chain with a lobster claw clasp. Part of the artist's Scribble collection.

Always passionate about fine jewelry, Dana Melnick began making her own pieces because she was unable to find jewelry that she could relate to on a personal level – substantial pieces that reflected her passion for great design, yet were fashionable and hip enough for every day wear. The overwhelming number of compliments and inquiries she received led her husband to suggest she may want to think about making her jewelry available to other women – and a jewelry designer .

Cuff Daddy Jewelry

13 May

Cuff Daddy is an online cufflink store based in metro Washington D.C. Cuff Daddy specializes in unique, high quality cufflinks not found elsewhere in the United States. They source the best discount cufflinks for men, and also carry a large selection of ladies cufflinks at affordable prices, with or without semi-precious stones.

Their cufflinks are adorable, but it's their large selection of unusual pendants that I found interesting:

jewelry techniques
Interlocking Love Stainless Steel Pendant
Black and Silver stainless steel is interlocked to form a rectangular shape with laser-engraved gender signs on each. Give one half of the pendant to your significant other so they can always keep you in their heart. Black color on half of pendant is coated by PVD, aka physical vapor disposition, which is the innovative process of providing a hard black coating onto metal. Once the process is complete, the black coating is extremely durable.

Carbon Fiber Jewelry
Carbon fiber is the next big thing in the jewelry industry. Super-light – lighter than titanium – with rings weighing only a gram or two, and bracelets at only six grams, carbon fiber is a slick alternative to heavy metals. It offers something that gold, silver, or platinum simply cannot offer – it's strong, it's rugged, and you don't have to worry about where you store it.

designer jewelry
Polished Stainless Steel Pendant with Carbon Fiber Cross
Made of stainless steel so it never needs polishing.

Carbon fiber is renowned for its use in Formula One Racing, space exploration, and aeronautical applications where high strength and light weight are critical – and it makes some very unique jewelry.

stainless steel pendant
Round Pink Glass Pendant with Stainless Steel
Gorgeous pendant made from poured glass into a stainless steel cage.
Made with stainless steel so it is both durable and easily cleaned with water.

Company Info
Our design team creates gold cufflinks that will make your sleeves look simply dazzling. Our inventory of sterling silver cufflinks will transform your entire wardrobe into a posh ensemble. If you want to get creative with your French cuff shirt, check out our cat-eye cufflinks, novelty links, and fiber optic designs.

We are the only seller of our Italian-inspired designs. In addition to cufflinks, you can also find men's ties (that can actually match your new set of links), multifunctional pens, and leather money clips on our site.

Cufflinks come in these materials:
• Silk
• Gold
• Silver
• Wood
• Crystal
• Enamel
• Catseye
• Fiber Optic
• Carbon Fiber
• Stainless Steel

Baroni Designs Jewelry

12 May

Sarah Baroni has been creating her collection of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry in Arcata, California, since 1991. She is inspired by the natural beauty of her home town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, as well as the North Coast of California where she now lives. It is the organic artistry that resonates in the jewelry Sarah designs – striking pieces that are refined, unique, and timeless. Her designs are classic and elegant, and know no season. They gracefully accentuate the individuality of the wearer.

designer jewelry
Sterling Silver Lavender Resin Rectangle Ring

The Baroni Collection offers an inviting variety of sterling silver jewelry for women, men, and children that is sold in popular catalogs like Red Envelope and in chain stores such as eddie bauer. They also create specialty corporate items for companies such as Coca-Cola and Mercedes.

resin jewelry
Sterling Silver & Ocean Resin Pendant
Freeform Open Circle on Snake Chain Necklace

How was Baroni Designs born?
Sarah Baroni and Cathy Witkos were living in San Francisco. They both had backgrounds in jewelry, and were both always looking for nice sterling silver pieces at reasonable prices. Ultimately they began to make their own jewelry, and that slowly evolved into Baroni Designs. The designs reflect an appreciation for understated but beautiful jewelry. It has moved rapidly into new areas (such as yoga jewelry), and maintains a diverse customer base. The company is now in its 16th year of business.

jewelry trends
Matte & Polished Sterling Silver Double Disc Earring

Artist Statement

As we begin our 17th year for Baroni Designs, our hearts are filled with gratitude for so many things. We enjoy a safe, harmonious (most of the time) workplace with an amazing group of people who truly care about what they do, and a loyal, fun and very diverse group of customers that help make our jobs worthwhile and enjoyable.

After many years of building the business, we have reached a point where we are able to give back to the community. Each year we design and sell a breast cancer collection. The 2007 collection exceeded sales from the previous year by over 200%. We were thrilled to donate a portion of those proceeds to the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project, a wonderful cause on behalf of all of our staff and customers.

In addition to the breast cancer collection, which we will again update in fall of 2008. Throughout the year, we will be choosing charities that benefit women, children, and the environment. A portion of all sales will benefit these charities. As the charities are chosen our web page will be updated.

And now we invite you to peruse the all new 2008 Baroni catalog. We are thrilled to offer a full array of looks this season. It is our favorite season yet, with new looks and lower prices on many of the styles. Again, whether you have long been acquainted with Baroni Designs or are new to us, we welcome you, and thank you.
Sarah Baroni & Cathy Witkos

Jewelry Bargains at Zavier

11 May

Zavier Boutique is an online specialty store offering fashion-conscious customers exclusive high-quality products at truly affordable prices. Zavier, originally a fine jewelry brand known for its creative, innovative designs, and world-class craftsmanship, now extends its passion for beauty and design into handbags, shoes and other accessories. Zavier's talented designers not only have a discriminating eye for style, but also for the finest workmanship. I love the way they set their gemstones.

designer jewelry
18k Gold Plated & Created Amethyst Ring
• Fancy checker board-cut created amethyst
• 18k Rose gold plated sterling silver

designer bracelet
Smoky Quartz & Mother of Pearl Bracelet
• Faceted smoky quartz gems and black mother of pearl stars with silver beads and floral end caps.
• 7" long, Sterling Silver.
• Toggle clasp.

jewelry trends rings
Sterling Silver & Honey Amber Ring
• Oval and round shaped honey ambers
• Rotatable petals with spiral design

designer necklace
Labradorite & black onyx Necklace
• Star Labradorite and faceted black onyx with silver beads
• 18" long, Sterling Silver
• Toggle clasp

rings spring 2008
14k Gold & Blue Topaz Ring
• From the Zavier Lugano Collection
• Square step-cut blue topaz
• Square blue topaz with filigree shank design

necklace trends
Green Jasper & Black Onyx Necklace
• Oval green jasper and faceted black onyx with silver beads
• 18" long, Sterling Silver
• Toggle clasp

jewelry techniques
14k Rose Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring
• Round brilliant-cut diamonds and rubies
• Concave square design

spring 2008 necklace
Smoky Quartz & Peridot Flora Pendant
• Navette brilliant-cut smoky quartz
• Floral design, Sterling Silver
• Fits up to 3 mm chain

spring rings
White Pearl & White Gold Ring
• Expert-selected white cultured freshwater pearl, 7mm
• 32 square step-cut diamonds, 18k White Gold

jewelry designer rings
Sky Blue Arizonian Turquoise Ring
• Sterling Silver
• Openwork shank
• Arizonian Turquoise Oval cabochon

Have a great week!

Somers Randolph Jewelry

9 May

Somers Randolph is not a jewelry designer, he's a sculptor. Known for his larger pieces, Somers has also spent 30 years carving in miniature. When his wife Hillary discovered a virtual treasure trove of these tiny soapstone sculptures, she was inspired. They have transformed the miniature sculptures into silver and gold, creating the SOMERS collection. Somers says that he is one of those few lucky people in this world who are blessed to spend their working lives doing exactly what they want to do.

designer jewelry
Nancy Pendant
Friction clasp.
From Somers Classic series.
Measures 1-3/4" high x 3/4" wide.
Double strand 18" Tobacco colored leather cord.

Each piece of Somers Jewelry begins its life as a soapstone sculpture, hand-carved by Somers Randolph. To keep the integrity of the original soapstone, each piece is cast using the technique of lost-wax casting and a five-step finishing process.

jewelry techniques
Susan Pendant
Sterling silver hook and eye clasp.
From the Somers Geometric series.
Measures 1-1/2" high x 1-1/2" wide.
16" five strand Ruby colored leather cord.

jewelry designer
Reeve Pendant
From the Somers Classic series.
18" black silk cord with friction clasp.
Measures 1" high x 1" wide x 3/4" deep.

Artist Statement

I learned to whittle from my great uncle Alfred Adams, a Superior Court judge in nashville, Tennessee. He spent many hours whittling cedar sticks, trying to create the perfect curl of wood with each stroke. The price of a consult with that wise man when I was six or eight years old was to possess a pocketknife that would shave his arm.

My affinity for sculpture was discovered later, emerging as a logical escape from the standard pressures of a New England prep school's academic demands. Cabot Lyford was the first sculptor I ever met. His style of teaching involved a lot of doing. We were welding, casting bronze, and carving wood and stone in just two semesters of school. After a year of artistic exploration, which included attendance at the Corcoran School of Art and an apprenticeship in a marble yard in Pietrasanta, Italy, I attended Princeton.

Princeton is stubbornly academic, recognizing the study of, but not the creation of art as a worthwhile pursuit. I majored in Art History and mounted a sculpture show as a senior thesis in order to graduate. I am grateful to that institution for exposure to and friendship with some wonderful artists that chose to visit as professors from New York City.

From New Jersey, the logical move was to the West Coast, and I spent the next dozen or so years in Santa Barbara, California. In 1979, I visited a bronze pour at the local community college and was greeted by the instructor, an energetic fellow who introduced himself as Paul Lindhard, and asked me my name.

I told him and, without pause, he asked, "Somers, what do you do?" I said that I was going to be a sculptor. This fellow grabbed my shirt with intense enthusiasm and said, "Somers, you either are a sculptor, or you're not." Without hesitation, I replied to Paul, "Well then, I am a sculptor."

I taught at that college with Paul for the next several years, until I could support myself with sales of my own sculpture. I lived in warehouses and home-built studios with corrugated fiberglass roofs. The microwave oven on top of the refrigerator was the kitchen, and stone dust coated everything.

By 1990 it was time for a move, and so I loaded 14 tons of tools, stone, and possessions and headed to Nashville, Tennessee, for an encounter with my heritage. I threw in all my savings on a burned out warehouse in downtown Nashville, renovated it, and opened Blue Sky Court, the first coffeehouse in Nashville. While I was carving upstairs, we had live music six nights a week and a new art show every two weeks for over two years.

In 1996, I quit carving and began a romance with an anvil and scrap metal that lasted through my move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1997. That morphed into silversmithing in 1998, and persists to some extent today. I returned to carving stone in 1999, and am now doing some large marble pieces, and some soapstone whittling to keep my lovely wife in jewelry designs.

Yes, there's a wife, Hillary. She's the business-minded of the two of us. She figured out how to market my thousand or so soapstone whittles as silver and gold jewelry. She also was kind enough to create a daughter, Comfort Avery Randolph, who at 3 years old has already participated in her first art show on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

While I carve, I have lots of time to ponder. I think about everything from religion, to what will be the same in a hundred years, to how to answer my 3-year-old's query, "Daddy, where is the speed limit?"

And I reflect, very often, on how fortunate I am to have been gifted with the ability to create objects that other people want.

Judith Neugebauer Jewelry Designer

8 May

Judith Neugebauer has worked as a jeweler since 1974. Prior to that, she was trained in classical ballet, having studied extensively with the American Ballet Theater in New York City. She performed professionally in the Ballet Corp at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and with the New Jersey Ballet company, as well as in musical theater productions throughout the country for ten years.

jewelry techniques
Daffodil Necklace
Necklace with lines drawn in 23k gold leaf on forged and hollow formed leaves of sterling silver. Accented with a pearl. 16"L fine silver cable. (Click on the pic.)

Judith's jewelry is made of die-formed, brushed sterling silver with an overlay of 23k gold leaf applied in sweeping, calligraphic strokes. Many pieces are enhanced with beautiful freshwater pearls and Australian boulder opals set in 22k gold. Recently, she has made extensive use of oxidized and sandblasted sterling silver to create a rich charcoal-black patina that contrasts even more dramatically with 23k gold lines.

designer jewelry
Winterberry Pendant
Pendant with calligraphic lines drawn in 23k gold leaf on two pillows of domed and hollow-formed oxidized sterling silver. Accented with a Tahitian freshwater pearl.

Judith's work is widely exhibited and collected, having been featured in Fine Craft Galleries, Museum Stores, and Juried Exhibitions throughout the US since 1985. Of special note was her selection to participate in the 1999 Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, DC. She was selected as a Juror for the prestigious American Crafts Council shows in 1996, and has served as Juror for a number of other regional fine craft shows.

jewelry designer
Orbit Earrings
Earrings hand-fabricated from sterling silver with 23k gold leaf and pearl accents. 14k gold post backs.

Judith was educated at Farleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey, and studied jewelry making with Austin Goodwin at Kean College in Union, New Jersey. She also studied both jewelry and ceramics at the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts in Summit, New Jersey. She lives and works with her husband, Tom Neugebauer, a nationally known ceramic artist and sculptor.

The many years Judith spent as a dancer have given her an appreciation of form, line, and movement. These influences have inspired her as an artist, and have been translated into her work as a jeweler. Her explorations with clay in the early eighties introduced her to an Oriental aesthetic, that can be seen in the calligraphic use of gold-leaf and colored metal inlay in her jewelry designs.

Artist Statement

A previous career in classical ballet and theater instilled within me a deep awareness and appreciation for movement, line, and balance. These are the classical qualities I have always tried to incorporate into my jewelry designs…and in my life.

My work is individually fabricated using sterling silver with an overlay of 23k gold leaf. Many pieces also incorporate freshwater pearls and Australian boulder opals set in 22k gold. Die-formed hollow elements create visual depth, yet the overall concern with lightness and movement remain central to my approach. A recent development has been the use of oxidized, sandblasted sterling silver with 23k gold leaf to create an even more dramatic surface.