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Sarit Wolfus Jewelry

30 Jun

Israeli artist Sarit Wolfus divides her time between two arts: music and jewelry design. In recent years, Sarit has fallen in love with, and became addicted to jewelry design, and it is now her main occupation. Her collection of unique handmade jewelry is designed and created exclusively by Sarit Wolfus using many of her signature techniques and materials. The act of creating is the source of much happiness and gives her joy 24/7.

handcrafted sterling silver ring
Smoky Quartz Handmade Dangle Ring
Handcrafted ethnic dangle ring design. Sterling Silver ring longitudinally engraved with spiral forms. Silver chains inlaid with Carnelian and Smoky Quartz attached to a hoop at the upside part of the ring. The third chain is ornamented with 14k Gold spiral form. Special dangle ring design that rattles with every movement.

Sarit's original handmade jewelry collection includes unique necklaces, rings, and earrings that combine gemstones and precious metals in enticing designs that are guaranteed by the jewelry designer to remain exclusive. Many are single creations that will never be reproduced.

handmade designer ring
Silver & Gold Spiral Ring
Intriguing Sterling Silver round ring design. Fine engravings decorate the ring longitudinally. At the upside part the ring is decorated with 14k Gold spiral and two other sterling silver spiral from each side.
$116 is an online jewelry store featuring the exquisitely unique handmade jewelry designs of the Israeli jewelry designer Sarit Wolfus. Unique handcrafted jewelry by Sarit is sought after by those who cherish the expression of beauty that only original design can impart. Each original jewelry design is crafted carefully by hand from gold, silver, and gemstones to complement the wearer's style, from simple and elegant to bold and daring.

handcrafted silver pendant
Sterling Silver & Onyx Fan Necklace
Handheld fan shaped pendant, handmade from Sterling Silver and set with an Onyx gemstone in its center. The chain is also Sterling Silver with Onyx gemstones.

Sarit's main occupation was music for more than twenty years. She started out in the Israeli Army Band, went on to study music at Tel Aviv University Music Academy, and then spent many enjoyable years playing the trumpet in most of the professional orchestras and chamber ensembles in Israel, as well as in theater productions.

Artist Statement

I am an Israeli artist sharing my time between two arts. On one hand, I am a musician- trumpet player in the Israeli Chamber Orchestra (ICO). On the other hand, a jewelry designer, member of the Israeli Jewelry Manufacturer Association (IJMA).

The original handmade jewelry I designed for this collection infuses my artistic vision with a very special personal touch. For me, this collection represents the work I am most proud of as an artist. The woman who wears one of these original creations will know that it is special, and it will reflect her unique beauty.

I find music and jewelry making to be complementary arts, and they provide a great way to make it through my crazy and tense daily life in Israel. My jewelry designs are all handmade in one-of-a-kind or limited editions from silver, gold, and gemstones.

Jewelry Bargains at Jewelry Television

29 Jun

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gold and gemstone ring
10k Prasiolite & Lavender Quartz Bypass Ring
10k yellow gold 1.90ct cushion shape checkerboard cut Prasiolite.
1.90ct cushion shape checkerboard cut lavender Quartz bypass ring.
This ring measures 11/16 inch knuckle to knuckle.

silver and gemstone ring
Sterling Silver & 18k Over Sterling Silver Prasiolite Ring
Sterling silver and 18k yellow gold over sterling silver.
6.44ct approximately 12x10mm cushion Prasiolite.
This ring measures 9/16 inch from knuckle to knuckle.

Tahitian pearl ring
14k Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Ring
14kt yellow gold and .18ctw round diamond.
9-10mm round natural cultured Tahitian Pearl.
This ring measures 5/16 inch from knuckle to knuckle.

silver filigree ring
Blue Topaz & Sterling Silver Filigree Ring
8.70ct cushion Blue Topaz approximately 12.5mm.
This ring measures 1/2 inch from knuckle to knuckle.

tanzanite pendant
10k White Gold & Tanzanite Pendant
10k white gold.
3.18ctw round Tanzanite cluster.
The drop measures 1 3/8 inches, the bail is 3mm.

gold and gemstone pendant
14k Blue Zircon & Diamond Accent Slide
14k yellow gold.
1.80ct oval blue Zircon.
.01ct round diamond accent.
The slide has a drop of 7/8 inch and a width of 1/2 inch and a 1.5mm bail.

gold link bracelet
10k Textured & Polish Twisted Oval Link Bracelet
10k yellow gold textured and polish twisted ovals.
5/16 inch wide with a spring ring clasp.
This bracelet was Made in Italy.

gold bracelet
14k Polished Herringbone Bracelet
14k yellow gold 6mm polished herringbone bracelet.
The bracelet measures 3/16 inch in width.
Lobster claw clasp.
Made in Italy.

gold and gemstone bracelet
Garnet & 18k Yellow Gold Over sterling silver bracelet
18k yellow gold over sterling silver.
3.52ctw marquise and round garnet bracelet.
This bracelet measures 5/8 inch wide with a hidden box clasp.

gold and silver designer earrings
14k Gold & Sterling Silver Twisted Hoop Earrings
14k yellow gold and sterling silver twisted hoop earrings.
These earrings have a drop of 1 and 1/4 inches and saddlebacks.

silver and topaz bracelet
Silver Sky Blue Topaz & White Topaz Bracelet
Sterling silver.
Hidden box clasp closure.
Sky blue topaz approx 8x8mm.
24.90ctw trillion sky blue Topaz.
.48ctw round white Topaz bracelet.
This bracelet measures 5/16 inch in width.

silver and amethyst cuff bracelet
Amethyst & Sterling Silver Flower Design Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver & 1.25ctw round Amethyst flower design cuff bracelet.
This bracelet has a width of 13/16 inch.

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Susan Barth Jewelry

27 Jun

Susan Barth's fascination with three dimensional art and ornament was always there as a child, but her formal exploration began after being accepted into New York City's High School of Art and Design, where she studied sculpture for two years. Later on, she decided to take an intensive six-month course in jewelry making, where she first learned about lost wax casting.

designer rings
'Earth Elements with Peridot' Ring Set
Silver, Gold & gemstone rings
Textural ring set in 18k yellow gold and oxidized silver.
Bezel set 4x6mm cabochon cushion shaped Peridot.
Sold as set; available in half sizes.

Lost Wax Casting
A casting technique in which a carved wax model is placed in a container that is then filled with investment plaster. After the plaster hardens, the container is fired to melt or evaporate (lose) the wax. The result is a plaster mold suitable for casting metal or molten plastic.

gold and pearl earrings
'Sea Grass' Earrings
18k Gold post earrings.
Black 9mm x 10mm freshwater pearls.

Considering Susan's background in sculpture, lost wax casting turned out to be her ideal medium. She then apprenticed for five years at a jewelry firm in New York City, after which she worked for Barry Kieselstein-Cord, a well known New York jewelry designer, for six years. working on the creation of his collections.

gold and silver rings
'Earth Elements' Ring Set
An earthy interplay of color and texture.
Bezel-set 5-pt. diamond in largest ring.
18k white and yellow Gold
Sold as set.

After that, Susan switched back to freelancing once again, which allowed her the time and flexibility to begin the development of her own work. A few years later, she launched her collection at the ACC Baltimore Craft Show, and was awarded the 1998 Award of Excellence for Jewelry by the American Craft Council.

Barth is adept at combining contrasting metals and textures. A piece is never complete until she's found the perfect combination and composition.

"In art and in nature, it is always the simplest of forms that inspire me," Susan says, "be it the subtlety of an architectural detail, or the perfect symmetry and beauty found in the arrangement of petals before a flower blooms. It's in this simplicity that sparks a deep emotional response in me."

Susan's work has been described as subtle, understated, and elegant – which was always her intention. "My pieces are designed to be just one element in the visual story a person tells about themselves, as they present their individuality and uniqueness."

Victoria Lansford Jewelry

26 Jun

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith
A master of Bronze Age gold and silversmithing techniques, Victoria Lansford creates one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art and art objects that recall the mystery and splendor of the ancient world, yet bring forth her own provocative vision. She has pushed the boundaries of design and execution in many old world techniques, including Eastern Repoussé, Russian Filigree, Chain making, and Granulation in over 19 years of comprehensive exploration of metal as art.

jewelry techniques bracelet
'Stardust on My Sleeve' Russian Filigree Hinged Cuff Bracelet
22k Gold, Fine & Sterling Silver, Koroit Opals, Russian Filigree
2-3/4" long x 2" wide x 1/2" high

Russian Filigree Technique
Technically, filigree means anything cast, handcrafted, or otherwise that has delicate swirls. The kind of filigree Victoria Lansford does is known as Russian filigree, or open back filigree. She builds the frame from 18k gold or sterling silver wire, and makes the tiny "filler" wires from fine silver for flexibility and contrast. She shapes and cuts each individual wire to tension fit it within the frame so that she can turn the piece over with the wires still in place and solder from the back. This method preserves the integrity of the patterned edge.

Victoria Lansford's award winning work has been featured in Metalsmith magazine's 2007 Exhibition in Print, Jewelry Artist magazine, Art Jewelry magazine, and on Home and Garden Television's That's Clever. Recent shows include Exploring Boundaries: Evolutionary Metal at Rochester Institute of Technology, and Framing The Art of Jewelry at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon.

handcrafted bracelet
'Inspiraled' Eastern Repoussé Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver, 7" around x 1-1/2" wide x 5/8" high

High-Relief Eastern Repoussé Technique
The word repoussé is French, meaning to push out. Victoria uses thin gauge sheet silver or gold, hitting alternately from the front and back to create the high relief you see. No molds are used, only hand tools.
She first hammers the design on the front of the sheet with a line tool, over a steel bench block. Next she hammers the metal from the back with oval-ended tools. She continues hammering on the front, then the back, until she has achieved the height she wants.

A long time educator in the arts, Victoria is committed to sustaining ancient techniques through workshops and various publications. She served as head of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing department at Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta from 1997 to 2004, and has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

sterling silver chain necklace
'Entwine' Filigree & Double Roman Chain Necklace
22k Gold, Sterling-Platinum, Fine Silver, Chrysocolla Drusy
Pendant portion: 3" long
16" chain

Two Way Double Roman Chain Technique
The first chains Victoria Lansford learned to make were Roman (sometimes called loop in loop or foxtail) chains. These chains were made by the Egyptians and the Greeks, but for some unknown reason, the Romans got credit. In this ancient method, each individual link is fused and formed from fine silver or 22k gold, and then woven together. A bracelet of the most basic pattern may have as few as 25 links, a complex necklace as many as 900.

Artist Statement

The external artifacts with which we adorn ourselves emphasize the presence and radiance within us. There is a timeless quality, just in the very act of making jewelry, the act of holding it, appreciating it, and wearing it. This exchange between the adorner, the adorning, and the adornment, is a rich tremendous ritual that spans the multicultural tapestry of humanity to frame what is beautiful within us, to adorn ourselves with relative finite works of art that represent and remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

Much of the iconography in my work symbolizes the play of masculine and feminine forces in the universe. I'm fascinated by religious architecture, both eastern and western. The spire and the minaret are obviously phallic, yet when created in the negative as in a Gothic arch or a Moroccan keyhole, they are feminine and a metaphor for the transformational. I see these shapes as essentially tantric, simultaneously embodying space and form, and use them frequently in my work.

My passion for metalsmithing began with my fascination with New Kingdom Egyptian metalwork. As a child, staring at photographs of such works, I imagined the artists of those pieces putting their very souls into their creations as they worked and felt connected to them through the tangible artifacts they left behind.

I am aware of an intuitive relationship with fire and metal, as the flame becomes an extension of my hands. I love working on a small scale because it's art you can take with you. You can take your favorite painting to lunch, but, depending on the size of the canvas, the experience could get a little awkward, maybe even messy.

Art you wear can go anywhere. I take it all, and I wear it all. Evening wear or overalls, it doesn't matter. I'm constantly opening the lockets or spinning the rings with flipping bezels. They are my talismans, the prayer wheels of my ideas and experiences. My work isn't only about how the pieces look when worn. How my pieces make the person wearing them feel is essential.

Christy Klug Jewelry

25 Jun

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith
Inspired by the stained glass artists in Germany, Christy Klug has created a line of large-scale sculptural metal jewelry. After studying stained glass design at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Christy created huge, wall-sized stained glass pieces, but having kids changed all that.

handcrafted jewelry
Christy Klug navel Choker
18k Gold and oxidized Sterling Silver choker.
Dotted with five flush-set diamonds that range from 1.3mm to 2.0mm.

Jewelry design afforded her the opportunity to work on a smaller scale, and creating wearable art personalized the artistic process for her in a way that stained glass had not. She found that she could achieve the dramatic aesthetic effect of the lead lines by hand cutting them into the metal, leaving negative space where the glass would have been.

sterling silver pendant
Christy Klug Sterling Silver Box Set Pendant
Pendant has contrasting oxidized Sterling Silver interior.
Comes on a sleek cable.

In 1997, Christy Klug moved to her current location of Austin, Texas, where she took a class and fell in love with metalsmithing. Her line of large-scale, sculptural metal jewelry is cut by hand using a jeweler's saw. Christy strives to create jewelry that has a sense of balance, simplicity, and elegance. Each piece is crafted by hand, so her touch becomes part of the work.

gold ring
Christy Klug Blake Ring
Oxidized sterling silver ring with 22k Gold overlay.

Artist Statement

In metal, I have found a medium that I can sculpt, mark, and mold into beautifully organic and dramatic forms. I draw inspiration my background in drawing, etching, glasswork, and painting to create wearable art that is both sensual and theatrical.

I was drawn to the stained glass artists in post-World War II Germany, who revolutionized the medium by elevating the structural function of the lead lines into an artistic element. I'm inspired by the shapes and lines I find in the art of Jean Arp, Gerhard Richter, Egon Schiele, Johannes Schreiter, Frank Gehry, and Ludwig Schaffrath.

Growing up in Germany, England, Canada, and the United States exposed me to a rich variety of cultures, art, and architecture. As the perpetual new kid in class, I let go of trying to fit in and instead developed my own style. My jewelry reflects that same spirit of individuality.

Sarah Mann Jewelry

24 Jun

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith
Sarah Mann is fascinated by the creative and technical challenges of transforming sterling silver into objects of adornment. She is proud to carry on a family tradition in the crafts, and pleased that this enables her to exercise her talent no matter where she lives. She creates clean straightforward designs that often incorporate kinetics.

designer ring
'Astral' Sterling Silver Ring
A dreamy band of brushed sterling silver punctuated with otherworldly designs.

Sarah was introduced to metalsmithing at the University of Wisconsin in her hometown of Milwaukee. She furthered her interest under the expert guidance of Heikki Seppa at Washington University in St. Louis, and the craftspeople at Fuji Studio in Florence.

oxidized silver ring
Collapsible Ring
Brushed sterling silver ring with unique design. Movement and flexibility makes for a comfortable fit. Narrow ring has one bar instead of two.

Sarah then lived in New Orleans, where she worked amid its thriving community of metalsmiths and honed her skills in preparation for a transition to New York City. The dynamic nature of the city inspired the strong form and kinetic design of her pieces.

handcrafted cuff links
Jester Cuff Links
Sterling silver cuff links with a patina enhanced surface texture.

Sarah Mann has recently returned to her roots in the Midwest and continues her silversmithing there, creating bold yet elegant jewelry with unique surface treatments. The jewelry that she designs and handcrafts skillfully merges geometric and organic elements to create a style that is recognizably her own.

Mann realizes fully the broad potential of sterling silver. She crafts her jewelry with torch and tools – saws, files, pliers, nippers, drills, hammers, dapping blocks, and a rolling mill – then gives it with a range of hues through delicately controlled oxidation. The combined effect of patina on texture is a signature characteristic of all Sarah Mann jewelry.

Sarah introduces a new jewelry collection – earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets, and rings – about every ten months. She carefully crafts each piece, and presents it as one of a limited edition. "Raw sterling silver cries out to me, begs me to convert it into bold jewelry with subtle finishes. Of course, I must obey."

Sydney Lynch Jewelry

23 Jun

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith
Sydney Lynch is an accomplished metalsmith and designer whose jewelry includes both one-of-a-kind creations and multiples, each piece made by hand in her studio. Most of the collection is executed in bimetal, 22k or 18k gold and sterling silver fabricated into one piece, that allows the artist to contrast yellow gold surfaces with oxidized sterling silver surfaces to create the dramatic designs for which Lynch is known.

designer jewelry
Primavera Pin
Sterling Silver, 22k Gold, Tourmaline
2.5 inches diameter

Sydney Lynch Jewelry combines sculptural contemporary design with the highest quality craftsmanship to create a unique collection of wearable art. From her studio in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sydney Lynch creates both her Designer Line and one-of-a-kind pieces that include a variety of gemstones. A nationally recognized designer for 25 years, Sydney's work has been exhibited at leading juried shows and is sold at fine craft galleries and jewelry stores across the country.

silver and gold bracelet
Black & Gold Inca Bracelet
Oxidized Sterling Silver
18k and 22k Gold
Two 10pt. Diamonds.
6 7/8 inch length shown

Colorful cabochon gems including Peridot, Aquamarine, Iolite, Tourmaline, Moonstone, and pearls are a signature in her work. The gemstones are set in 22k gold bezels. No parts are plated, so the gold surfaces won't wear through. Her jewelry is hand-fabricated, but some of the silver components are cast using the lost wax process.

handcrafted jewelry pendant
Forest Pendant with Citrine
Oxidized Sterling Silver
18k and 22k Gold
On sterling cable.

Sydney's jewelry combines bold, simple sculptural shapes in a sensual blend that results in an organic geometry. Many of the patterned textures are created by roller-printing the metal with photo-etched stainless steel templates. Other textures are created by grinding or hammering the metal against cement.

Her personal interests are reflected in her work: the natural forms of rocks and seashells that she has collected since childhood, the intriguing shapes she finds in weathered urban areas. She's also interested in tribal and ancient jewelry, and that too is reflected in her work. She explores different ways of changing the appearance of metal through roller printing, and hammering the metal against textured surfaces.

The combination of gems and earthier stones with 22k gold and silver provides the context for an interplay of color, shape, and texture. Wearability is always an important factor for Lynch. She wants her jewelry to be comfortable and graceful, as well as strong and sculptural. Her jewelry reflects classical and primitive traditions while remaining distinctly contemporary.


When I was young I loved rummaging through my grandmother's bureau drawers, enchanted by her treasure trove of costume jewelry, which she kept in a jumble of tiny boxes, each with its own story. Growing up in rural Connecticut, my passions were creating and curating my collections of objects found and acquired, and, as my mother used to say, "working with my hands." I progressed from hand-loomed pot holders to making bowls out of natural clay from a local streambed, to oil painting.

While working on the Navajo Reservation midway through college, I fell in love with the wide-open landscape and moved West permanently. Soon I met my first silversmiths who made me want to get my hands on some silver and start making jewelry.

I finished my BFA at the University of Colorado, and after ten years of making jewelry in Boulder, I settled in Nebraska, first on a farm and then in Lincoln. I now work with three assistants and my husband, Craig Roper, who manages the business end of the studio.

Recently I have been working on a series of designs inspired by the subtle, repetitive forms of the flora and wild grasses of the prairie. In miniaturizing a vast open landscape by creating these pieces, I am able to focus on the details of my surroundings which might otherwise be easily overlooked.

Working with the materials is the most exciting part of the process for me. Simply put, I like making things. In my one-of-a kind pieces, I exercise my love of color by incorporating a wide range of colored stones in endless combinations. My other body of work focuses on oxidized sterling combined with 18k and 22k gold. It's important that my work be both sculptural and wearable. Many of my designs are abstract, leaving the wearer open to create a personal, intuitive relationship with the piece.

Jewelry Bargains at Shop NBC

22 Jun

Shop NBC is a multi-media retailer that sells jewelry and other products through their home shopping television network, the Internet, and direct mail. They are one of the nation's leading home shopping channels. Shop NBC broadcasts live, every day of the year, into approximately 60 million households. In addition, offers the opportunity to purchase everything shown on their television network, plus a host of additional items available exclusively online.

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designer earrings
14k White / Yellow Gold with Green or Pink Amethyst Dangle Earrings

designer ring
18k Rose or Yellow Gold Royal Ring

designer pendant
Sterling Silver & Jasper, Agate, Black Shell, Tiger Eye & Onyx Pendant

gemstone earrings
Sterling Silver Amethyst, Peridot & Iolite Earrings

silver gemstone cuff bracelet
Sterling Silver 7.5" Drusy, Iolite, Topaz & Moonstone Cuff Bracelet

gold rings
14k Gold "Live, Laugh & Love" Collection Artform Three Ring Set

gemstone necklace
14k White or Yellow Gold 36" Multi-gemstone necklace

gold pendant
14k Gold 18" "Flowing Gold Lava" Collection Artform Pendant

gold chain necklace
14k White, Rose or Yellow Gold 18" Dazzling Triple Rolo Necklace

textured gold earrings
14k Royal Gates Collection Artform Hoop Earrings

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Nuovegioie Jewelry

20 Jun

Fashion Jewelry with an Italian Flair
Nuovegioie (or Nuove Gioie) is an Italian fashion company that managed in a little over 15 years of activity to set new standards in silver craftsmanship, changing the aesthetic perception of silver by focusing on the flair of innovative work. The unique style of the Nuovegioie jewelry collection is inspired by the latest fashion trends, sometimes anticipating them, sometimes Interpreting them with a personal and versatile design.

gemstone ring
Lavender Multi-gemstone Sterling Silver Fashion Ring
Exquisitely cut baubles of lavender sparkle in a twisting branch-like design, expertly paired with a beautiful wide sterling silver band by Nuovegioie. It provides the perfect bling for drinks out with the girls or dinner with your man. Made in Italy.

The lines of this exclusive silver jewelry are feminine, delicate and bold, seductive and unique. The pleasure of a piece that is totally out of the ordinary but perfectly in tune. Nuovegioie jewelry provides an element of pleasure and distinction to wear in any situation. Experience and originality, but especially passion and dedication, are the elements making Nuovegioie one of the most interesting collections in the world of silver jewelry.

designer ring
Black Square Stone Sterling Silver Fashion Ring
A flash of polished and knotted silver encircling a bold jet black center stone makes this right hand ring the center of attention at your next cocktail party. Made in Italy.

Nuovegioie was brought to life by the will and determination of two young entrepreneurs from Camisano Vicentino in the eighties, and is now a very important company in the silver jewelry industry. Lifestyle Nuovegioie comes from a balanced mix of trends, fashion, flexibility and flair, together with innovative design.

sterling silver ring
Pink Flower Sterling Silver Fashion Ring
A delicate flower with a pink round natural stone at the center is presented on a sleek and elegant sterling silver setting with a 5 mm band for a sweet and refined detail. Made in Italy.

Collections range from light and informal jewels, to wear with jeans, to important pieces for important situations. The excellent quality to price ratio is the winning factor with Nuovegioie. Its jewels are accessible dreams, not to remain abstract fantasies but to become true as splendid and versatile creations.

JBalducci Jewelry

18 Jun

Jenifer Balducci has a bachelor's degree in fine art from UCLA and a certificate in jewelry design from Gemological Institute of America. She also studied jewelry fabrication at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco while completing her master's degree in 3D computer arts.

designer earrings
maple leaf Earrings
Brass maple leaves dangle from 14k gold fill French ear wires.
Also available in sterling plated on sterling ear wires.

Before starting JBalducci Jewelry in early 2003, Jenifer designed high-end jewelry for two large manufacturers in Los Angeles, as well as custom pieces while working in a fine jewelry retail store in Santa Monica, California. JBalducci
jewelry provides an outlet for Jenifer's passion for gems, metals, and jewelry, and her need for unhindered creativity.

hair jewelry
Vintage Reborn Pink Celluloid Cluster Bobby Pin
A vintage carved pink celluloid flower cluster with pink rhinestones.

Jenifer uses only fine materials and often incorporates unique vintage and antique pieces. All pieces are handmade in her Bay Area studio, and many are one of a kind. Her creative flexibility has enabled her to design a wide range of styles, ensuring that anyone will find an accessory that they can identify with and fall in love with.

pearl necklace
Vintage Blue Flower Clasp Pearl Necklace
Two strands of white pearls are secured with a vintage blue enamel floral clasp accented with sky blue rhinestones. Measures 16 inches. One of a kind.

Jenifer Balducci is based in San Francisco, California, and her jewelry is available online and at fine boutiques worldwide. Jenifer also makes unique bridal jewelry. Custom pieces designed around your specifications are encouraged and available, as well as bridal party design.