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David B. Anderson Jewelry

31 Jul

Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer
David B. Anderson is a native New Mexican. His first experience as an artist was at a very early age, while tinkering in his father's workshop on the family ranch. He loved to take things apart to understand how they worked. This interest in intricacy led David to immerse himself in historic and spiritual jewelry styles, with an emphasis on the Renaissance.

designer bracelet
Sterling & Gold 9 Link Leaf Bracelet
The 7 inner links of this bracelet are made with Sterling Silver vines with 18k Gold leaves. The leaves are 18k yellow gold with Sterling Silver veins. The two clasp ends are Sterling Silver.

David Anderson's time studying in India, Egypt, and Mexico, and his fascination with historic costume design and sword fighting, shows itself in his involvement with dazzling and detailed metalwork.

designer gemstone earrings
maple leaf Earring with Garnet
These earrings are die cut and hydraulically formed. They have a 5 mm Triangular Garnet Cabochon.
Sterling Silver, 5mm Triangular Garnet Cabochon.

David utilizes an assortment of fabrication techniques in his designs, including hydraulic die forming, engraving, repoussé, granulation, lapidary, and CAD CAM design. David's style continues to evolve and his focus centers on innovation combined with technical excellence.

gold and pearl earrings
Fairy Bell Earrings
18k Gold and Pearl Earrings in a floral motif.

Artist Statement
I was born and raised in Taos, New Mexico. Being an art community, Taos opened me up to a vast assortment of artistic expression. As a child I wasn't very artistically expressive. I did however find a world of fascinating tools and gadgets floating around in my fathers' workshop. I spent many hours there discovering how things worked by taking apart everything that was broken from watches to locks, doorknobs and even a gas engine. I was an inventor in the making.

I went to college but didn't know what I wanted to major in. My second year, I took a jewelry class where I met Ralph Lewis, the head of the Jewelry department. For the next 4 years, he took me under his wing and sparked my fire for metalworking. In 1986, I received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico.

Now, more than 20 years later, I still realize there is so much to discover in this field of jewelry making, that it would take me 20 lifetimes to investigate. I love making beautiful pieces of jewelry with clean refined lines, thick bezels, rich full textures and the glorious colors of beautiful gems.

Designing and making jewelry for clients is one of my most rewarding experiences. I love the process of sitting down with them and finding out what they want, discovering who they are, and building a piece to celebrate that moment in their lives. The whole process is fantastic; from the beginning concept to the moment they see the final splash of glitter and gold.

In my own special way I strive to bring a bit of beauty and elegance into the lives of the people that see and wear my art. In this world that seems to be so harsh, I feel compelled to lighten it up as much as possible and give them a little break, reminding them that they are the reflection of beauty that they see in my art.

Jerry Scavezze Jewelry Designer

30 Jul

Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer
Jerry Scavezze has long enjoyed black and white photography for its focus on light and space. He has taken this appreciation from the two-dimensional world of photography to his three-dimensional jewelry designs. Over the last 20 years, he has worked in all facets of jewelry fabrication, including casting, forging, stone setting, repousse, reticulation and raising.

gold earrings
Gold & Diamond Post Earrings

His latest work is created using a jewelry making technique called Anticlastic Raising – a technique used to deform sheets of 14 Karat or 18 Karat gold by compressing the center and stretching the edges of the piece. This work is done with polished hammers of varying shapes and sizes. To this finished form, we then sprinkle on Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Fancy Sapphires, and other gem stones. Each piece is individually handmade.

gold cuff bracelet
Gold Anticlastic Raising Bracelet
Bangle with gemstone

Anticlastic Raising
Anticlastic raising is a process by which metal is deformed by using polished hammers and plastic mallets of various sizes and shapes. Anticlastic refers to the direction in which the metal is deformed. On a flat sheet of metal, he draw two axes (plural of axis) 90 degrees from each other. If you then bend one of them up and the other down, you would have an anticlastic shape. If both of the axes were bent in the same direction you would have a Synclastic shape. A synclastic shape looks like a bowl, an anticlastic shape looks like a saddle.

gold designer earrings
14k Gold Hoop Earrings

Anticlastic forming is done using steel hammers on plastic stakes or plastic mallets on steel stakes. Metal doesn't want to bend this way, so it must be gently persuaded with the hammers. No molds or castings are used. For example, the metal is not hammered into the shape of an earring, but formed freehand over the stakes. Nothing is soldered or added to the earring, even the earwires are formed out of the same sheet of gold or silver.

Because of this technique the metal becomes very work hardened, which makes it very strong and very springy. This enables Jerry to use a fairly thin gauge metal sheet, which makes his jewelry exceptionally lightweight. Many courses or passes are required to deform the metal into the desired shape.

After each course, the metal must be annealed (softened by heating), to restore its workability. If too many courses are done without annealing, the metal becomes brittle. Once the desired shape is reached, the metal must then be planished all over to remove any hammer marks or irregularities. The piece must then be polished and/or sandblasted to create the finished piece. Each pair of earrings will be mirror images of the same size and shape.

Artist Statement

Anticlastic raising is very sculptural and 3-dimensional in nature. A lot of jewelry looks good from the front, but from the side or back is really not very interesting. The pieces I make are meant to be viewed from all directions as they do not have an obvious front or back.

I have always been fascinated by movement in jewelry and have experimented with parts that rotate, slide, spin, or otherwise move. I am excited about my current work because of the fluid movement it conveys, yet it is very simple and clean looking. The reflection of light off of the curved surfaces contributes to the feeling of motion as does the physical movement of the piece on the human body.

Our earrings, which are really abstract sculptures, are accented with diamonds and pearls to become treasured pieces to be handed down for generations. Our work is literally done with hammers the old fashioned way, and then meticulously polished. Ancient techniques are used to make contemporary art jewelry. Designs are worked and reworked until they are just right, because an earring can't just be gorgeous, it has to fit right and be comfortable.

Lucinda Moran Jewelry

29 Jul

Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer
Lucinda Moran, has been creating jewelry with precious metals and gemstones for over 20 years. Fascinated by objects of adornment, Moran looks within herself and her community for inspiration and a deeper meaning behind her work. Over the past several years Lucinda has worked with the artist community at Passion Works Studio – a collaborative arts community in Athens, Ohio.

silver and gold designer pendant
Silver & Gold Layered Medallion with Garnet
This medallion necklace features layered silver and gold bimetal accented with a single garnet.

Lucinda Moran's jewelry is made of sterling silver, with 18k gold bimetal and 14k gold accents. Cabochon stones used include Amethyst, Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Opal, Apatite, iolite, Moonstone, and Sapphire. All chains, ear posts, and ear nuts are sterling silver, and pin backs are nickel and steel. 18k gold bimetal is a sheet of gold that has been fusion-welded to one side of a sterling silver sheet.

designer earrings
Layered Pearl Flower Earrings
These earrings are constructed of layered silver and gold bimetal framing a single freshwater pearl.

Housed in a vocational workshop for adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities, Passion Works Studio supports collaboration between artists, with and without disabilities. The creative process at Passion Works includes sessions with resident and visiting professional artists to create outstanding and beautiful works of art.

From that exchange of ideas and talents came a unique line of jewelry inspired by the drawings and paintings of many Passion Works artists. Lucinda is best known for her Protect this Woman Bracelet. Made of sterling silver, and 18k and 14k gold, the bracelets are decorated with four bezel-set gemstones. The inside of bracelet is stamped with the phrase Protect This Woman.

handcrafted gemstone bracelet
Protect this Woman Bracelet
Lucinda Moran's signature bracelet is made of sterling silver with 18k and 14k gold accents. Each features four gemstones, a large Topaz accented with Garnet, Peridot, and Amethyst. Each bracelet been individually stamped with the phrase Protect this Woman on the inside.

Artist Statement

I have been designing jewelry with precious metals and stones for over 20 years. I am fascinated by objects of adornment that have personal meaning and an emotional tie to our lives. To do that I use shapes, symbols and colors. I also like to stamp words on the inside or back of pieces for only the wearer to know of. My hope is to make very wearable, well loved jewelry.

All of the jewelry that you see is hand fabricated with the addition of some cast components. I use a rolling mill and stamps on the metal surfaces to create the desired texture. Letters for words are stamped one at a time. Because each piece is handcrafted there can be slight variations.

Faraone Mennella Jewelry

28 Jul

Roberto Faraone Mennella grew up in Italy on his family estate, surrounded by beauty and fine art, which soon he learned to appreciate from his grandmother Stella, who encouraged and inspired Roberto to pursue a career in design. After attending the Univesita' Federico Secondo in Napoli, Roberto moved to NYC to pursue his true passion at Parsons School of Design, where he earned a degree in Design Marketing in 1999. In 2000, he worked for LVMH's Christian Dior accessories before starting his jewelry venture.

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designer necklace
Faraone Mennella Bi-Color Quartz Necklace
Stunning bi-colored quartz from Faraone Mennella. The exquisite coloration is punctuated with tiny golden beads. Toggle closure. Approx. length: 16".

Roberto's partner, Amedeo Scognamiglio, is not new to the jewelry business. His family has been creating handmade cameos since 1857, in Torre del Greco – at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. By the age of sixteen, he had mastered the art of hand-carving cameos, becoming the lead designer for his family's namesake company, M+M Scognamiglio.

designer gold bracelet
Faraone Mennella Gold Twisted-Eight Bracelet
Bold, twisted loops of 18k gold.

After graduating from the University of Napoli in 1995, Amedeo Scognamiglio moved to NYC where he launched his first signature Cameo Collection. Today, he is a recognized authority in handmade Cameos and a passionate carver, who likes to spend his free time at the bench creating new pieces, exclusively available at his chic NYC boutique AMEDEO.

designer earrings
Faraone Mennella Diamond and Blue Topaz Earrings
These elegant Faraone Mennella earrings feature cool blue topaz warmed by luxe 18k yellow gold sparkling with diamond accents. Total diamond weight: .14 carat. Approx. dimensions: 3/4"L with 1" drop.

In Spring 2001, Amedeo and Roberto – longtime friends – decided to merge their experiences and education to design a Jewelry Collection that would best reflect their background, generation, and artistic vision. It took very little time to realize, during a coffee break in a Starbuck's Coffee, in NYC's 8th Avenue, that the Collection they both had in mind was already born.

Today, FARAONE MENNELLA by R.F.M.A.S. is one of the most celebrated fine jewelry collections, extolled by the fashion press and distributed in the most glamorous boutiques and specialty stores around the world. Roberto and Amedeo have created iconic pieces for movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Perfect Stranger, and Sex and the City, and TV Shows such as Will & Grace and Lipstick Jungle. And they collaborated with American fashion icon Carolina Herrera on an exclusive collection of couture jewels only sold in Carolina Herrera boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Fans and devotees of the Italian designers' creations include some of the most elegant and powerful women in the world, such as Oprah Winfrey, Paula Zahn, Carolina Herrera, Nina Griscom, Olivia Chantecaille, Raquel Welch, and Pamela Fiori. But their gratitude goes also to all the beautiful and chic ladies who collect their pieces season after season, and have made FARAONE MENNELLA an international success.

Jewelry Bargains at

27 Jul

Our selection of discount silver jewelry is also known as Corazón – the Spanish word for heart. Corazón embodies the true heart of Relios jewelry, representing rare beauties from all of the distinctive Relios collections. You never know what great discount silver jewelry you might come across. These are top-quality designer styles – many of them one-of-a-kind items – that are no longer in production, and certainly won't be available forever. Some are even limited-edition pieces that were never offered in any Relios collection due to a short supply of natural gemstones available for reproduction.

leather cuff bracelet
Sterling Mother of Pearl Pink Leather Cuff
A favorite engraved saddle is recreated in carved white mother-of-pearl framed inside a sterling twisted rope. The Western scroll motif continues on the pink genuine leather cuff with sterling accents. Cuff bracelet measures 5 ½ inches inside circumference X 1 inch W.

designer earrings
Pink Mother of Pearl Flower Earrings
Summer wouldn't be complete without flowers, bugs, and butterflies. These cute pink mother of pearl flower earrings are the perfect accessory to go with your spring wardrobe. Flowers dangle from sterling ear wires and measure 1 1/2 inches L x 1/2 inch W.

gemstone ankle bracelet
Sterling & Turquoise Anklet
Sterling silver and turquoise anklet consists of round turquoise beads, round plain sterling silver beads, and oxidized sterling silver twist tube beads. Anklet closes with a lobster claw. Made in New Mexico, ½" plus 1" extender.

gold and silver ring
Mixed Metal Sterling and 18k Peach Moonstone Ring
A harmonious pairing of textured sterling silver and 18k yellow gold imbues this ring with elegance. A peach moonstone shimmers at the center framed with the classic Southwest twist rope, a symbol of enduring bonds of friendship.

leather and silver cuff bracelet
Black Leather Cuff Bracelet with Sterling Tips
Inspired by the beautiful patterns hand tooled in western boots and saddles and the vivid flowers that have always been a traditional part of Spanish fiestas, a western floral design adorns this deep black genuine leather bracelet cuff. Finished with sterling silver end pieces. Measures 5 1/2" inside circumference L x 1" W.

silver and turquoise pendant
Tree of Life Turquoise Mosaic Inlay Silver Pin/Pendant
The Tree of Life is an important symbol in nearly every culture. With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, it dwells in three worlds – a link between heaven, earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below. This sterling silver tree of life is accented with the beautiful natural color of turquoise mosaic inlay. Wear as a pin or display on your favorite chain. Measures 1 1/8 inch L x 1" W.

silver and gemstone bracelet
Mixed Metal Mosaic Inlay Pueblo Pattern Cuff Bracelet
Like ancient pottery shards, pieces of our past come together to create a whole. Natural lapis, gold mother of pearl, light purple sugilite, orange spiny oyster shell, and clear green and blue turquoise are meticulously cut and hand inlaid in a textured sterling silver frame with 14k gold accents and pave texture for a gorgeous finish. Shank of cuff bracelet features cut out designs down both sides. Cuff bracelet measures 5 1/2 inches inside circumference x 1 1/4 inches W.

gemstone pendant
Sterling Channel Inlay Dragonfly Necklace
Shimmering at your neck is a dragonfly, a messenger of springtime and symbol of renewal. Pink mother-of-pearl wings flutter against a green turquoise and amethyst body, all set in a sterling silver frame. Dragonfly pendant is suspended from an 18" sterling chain with lobster claw closure.

gold and gemstone ring
Floral White Carved Mother of Pearl and 14k Gold Ring
Prepare for romance with a spirit of adventure with this bold right hand elongated ring, carved from white mother of pearl and set in a 14k gold twisted rope frame representing strength. Scrolls gracefully curve along the tapered shank. Ring measures 1inch L x ¾inches W.

silver and resin pendant
Terracotta Resin Maiden and Sterling Silver Pin/Pendant
Native American Andrew Rodriguez designed and carved this sterling silver pin/pendant with maiden terracotta resin. Pendant has nickel pin stem. Measures 2 ½ inches L x 1 inch W.

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Lisa Ceccorulli Jewelry

25 Jul

Handcrafted Designer Jewelry
Lisa Ceccorulli started making jewelry in a Connecticut high school craft class, and won her first award in the arts in 1975. After studying jewelry repair and working in the jewelry trade business, she moved to Florida where the outdoor greenery inspired her "3-5-7 Japanese Garden Collection." Lisa's work can currently be seen in galleries and stores across the country.

handcrafted bracelet
Garden Temple Silver & Gold Cuff
Hand-fabricated cuff of sterling silver with 22K gold accents.
Texture created by hammering, sandblasting and roll printing.

The Concept
This 3-5-7 numeric grouping is a concept derived from ancient Japanese Gardens, where the steppingstones and some of the plants were arranged in groups of three, five, and seven. Some Buddhist temples today still have gardens arranged according to this principle. These numbers have many spiritual meanings, including balance and harmony, and are believed to be positive omens.

silver and gold pendant
Ancient Temple Silver & Gold Pendant
Hand-fabricated pendant of oxidized sterling silver with 22k gold accents.
Pendant: 0.75" diameter
Cable: 16"L

The markings on Lisa Ceccorulli's earthy, yet contemporary, jewelry designs appear in groups of three, five, and seven. The shapes in her pieces resemble the stepping stones used to make walkways through the gardens. To imitate the texture of those stones, Ceccorulli hammers the metal against a rock, and then sandblasts it.

silver and gold bracelet
Sanctuary Silver & Gold Cuff
A textured cuff of oxidized sterling silver emblazoned with 22K gold accents.
Pattern created by hammering, sandblasting and roll printing.
Circumference: 6.5"
Width: 1"

Lisa's jewelry has an Asian simplicity. With this collection, she tries to express the feeling of contentment and completeness that a Japanese garden can provide. The fused appliqués of 22k gold reflect Lisa's interpretation of the elements in an ancient Japanese landscape.

Artist Statement

I became attracted to Oriental simplicity and the psychological response to it. Three-Five-Seven is an idea from ancient Japanese Gardens. The stones and plants are arranged in groups of three, five, and seven. To imitate the stone texture, I hammer the metal against a rock, then sandblast it. The fused appliqués of 22k Gold are my interpretations of the elements in the landscape. Through these collections, I try to express feelings of contentment and completeness similar to a Japanese garden.

Jane Adam Jewelry

24 Jul

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith
British jewelry artist Jane Adam has been exploring the medium of anodized aluminum for more than twenty years. With a Masters in Metalwork and Jewelry from London's Royal College of Art, Jane Adam's success as an artist, teacher, and lecturer has garnered her worldwide recognition.

anodized aluminum necklace
Neckpiece with Four Leaves
Anodized, dyed, and crazed aluminum with stainless steel wire and freshwater pearls or semiprecious stones on nylon-coated steel neck cable.

Jane Adam works with anodized aluminum because it is light, durable, and inexpensive, but primarily because of the freedom it allows her in making colors and textures. She is considered a pioneer in the use of aluminum as a jewelry artist's material. Jane has been making jewelry with dyed anodized aluminum since 1980, using her own original techniques of coloring, texturing, forming, and assembling.

aluminum cuff bracelets
Anodized Aluminum Folded Bangles
Anodized aluminum sheet that has been block-printed with inks, immersion-dyed, and sealed. The strips are then milled to stretch them and to create the cracks and the subtle crazed surfaces, and finally, they are formed into the shape of cuff bracelets.

Like an alchemist, Jane Adam transforms this common, non-precious metal into an extraordinary, shimmering new material. During the anodization process, the aluminum grows a thin, hard, yet porous surface layer of aluminum oxide that can be permanently colored with dyes, much like textiles or paper.

fine silver bracelets
Oval Bangles in Textured Fine Silver
Jane is now applying some of the same principles of texturing, distorting, and structuring to her new jewelry in fine silver, silver, 18k gold bimetal, 18k and 22k gold, semiprecious gemstones, and undyed cultured freshwater pearls. She delights in the differences these pieces have from her aluminum work.

Jewelry Making Techniques
To make her jewelry, Jane cuts pieces aluminum sheet that has been dyed and sealed, and compresses them in the rolling mill, often introducing textures and marks. This causes the anodic film to craze and break, revealing the silvery metal beneath to give a shimmery, Iridescent effect. At the same time, interesting forms can be created by the stretching and deformation of the metal. This approach gives the work an organic quality, which relates to the way natural forms change as they grow.

Anodized aluminum cannot be soldered, so the conventional jeweler's repertoire of assembling a piece cannot be used. Jane enjoys the way this forces her to find creative solutions to the fabrication of her jewelry. Wires and findings – whether riveted, held in tension, or stitched through the aluminum – often become a visible and integral part of the design.

The Anodization Process
Aluminum is anodized by suspending a piece of clean metal in a solution of sulphuric acid in water, and passing an electric current through it. This causes the surface of the metal to combine with oxygen in the solution to create a thin surface layer of aluminum oxide – the anodic film. At the same time, this layer is dissolved by the acid to give microscopic vertical pores. It is these pores that absorb the dyes that color the metal. The anodic film is colorless, hard and inert, and is chemically bonded to the metal from which it has grown. It cannot flake or peel off, and is resistant to scratching and abrasion.

After the metal is anodized, neutralized and rinsed, it will absorb certain dyestuffs. These can then be sealed into the surface, usually by immersing the metal in boiling water or in steam. This sealing is the result of a chemical reaction that swells the surface layer, closing up the pores, and fixing the colors permanently into the anodic film, making it impermeable to further dyeing, and to dirt, moisture, and atmospheric corrosion.

Much of Jane's research has focused on ways of coloring anodized metal. She uses dyes and inks produced for the industrial coloration of aluminum, but she is more interested in working in small batches, and in ways of creating rich textural effects, which allow the colors to blend on the metal surface.

Over many years, she has developed a vast array of techniques such as immersion dyeing, block printing, stamping, painting, daubing, monotype and transfer printing. She is constantly surprised and delighted by the variety of effects aluminum can offer – a variety equal to that of paper or fabric.

Artist Statement

In the garden, I find myself thinking about how man manipulates nature. Are hybridized flowers natural or not? I realize that I have always tried to make natural objects – shells or plants – but of course this is impossible for me to do. So, rather than exercising total control over the outcome, I work with the metal to create forms such as curves or cracks. Anodized aluminum offers unique opportunities for surface color and texture, and I enjoy its structural limitations, finding myself forced to find original solutions to forming and assembling the work.

I am interested too in the mathematical order of organic forms. I begin with balanced geometrical proportions – though these will be stretched and distorted – and use sequences to create structures. The resulting jewelry comes alive when it then finds a wearer, forming a sensual relationship with her and becoming part of the expression of herself.

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
Cleveland Craft Center
Hiko Mizuno College, Tokyo
Aberdeen Art Gallery
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, England
Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design, New York
Crafts Council, London, England
Royal Liverpool Museum, Liverpool, England
Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Helsinki, Finland
Royal Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

'Surfaces', Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, USA, 2008
'Collect' Cockpit Arts, 2008
SOFA Chicago USA (with Patina Gallery), 2007
'From Minimal to Bling', Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, USA, 2007
'Annual Jewelry Show', Freehand, LA, USA, 2007
'Origin', Somerset House, London, 2006
Patina Gallery (Solo Exhibition), Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, 2006
'LOOT! 2006', Museum of Arts and Design, New York NY, 2006
'Contemporary British Jewelry', Gallery Bielak, Krakow and Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland, 2005
'Celebrating 30 Years', Crafts Council Shop at V&A, London, 2005
'100 Brooches', Group Exhibition, Velvet da Vinci, 2005, traveling through 2006

Samuel B. Gemstone Jewelry

23 Jul

The Samuel B. Jewelry Collection
Recognized as one of today's most diverse designing manufacturers, Samuel Behnam, creator of the Samuel B. Collection, has more than 25 years of experience in jewelry design. He focuses his Italian heritage for craftsmanship and beauty into every piece, and is known for using a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones in his creations.

gemstone cuff bracelet
Sterling Silver & 18k Multigemstone maltese Cross Bracelet
Show off your fine fashion sense with this intricately designed cuff bracelet. A look that speaks of haute couture fashion, this cuff bracelet will wrap your wrist in luxury. Created from polished sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, it measures 7-1/2"L x 1-3/8"W. Dancing along this cuff are a sparkling array of gems: 5.36ct of Pink Rhodolite, 2.10ct of Amethyst, 1.06ct of Blue Topaz, 1.00ct of white Diamond, 0.85ct of Citrine, and 0.50ct of Peridot. The gemstones are held in place with pave, bezel, and prong settings. Part of the Samuel B. Collection.

Dissatisfied with jewelry designs from overseas manufacturers, Samuel Behnam was eventually inspired to start his own line. Comprised of handmade sterling silver jewelry with 18k gold accents, the Samuel B. Collection showcases high-grade semi-precious gemstones for a high-end look at a reasonable price. Classic looks and designer-inspired styles combine to create jewelry for every woman.

topaz gemstone earrings
Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Blue Topaz Earrings
Created from polished sterling silver with 18k gold, each earring measures 1/2"L x 1/2"W and is secured by a butterfly backing, and showcases two faceted oval-cut 7.20ct 9 x 11mm Blue Topaz in bezel settings. Also available in Amethyst, Garnet, or Citrine. Part of the Samuel B. Collection.

Today, Samuel Behnam's collections focus on quality in materials and craftsmanship, innovation in design, and competitive pricing. Samuel's life passions are reflected in his designs, which he strives to create as wearable art. His greatest professional joy is providing the people who purchase his jewelry a high-end look at a great value.

silver and gemstone link bracelet
Sterling Silver & 18k Gold 8" Green or Smoky Quartz Link Bracelet
This 8" Green or Smoky Quartz Link Bracelet will wrap your wrist in polished sterling silver with 18k yellow gold accents. It measures 8"L with a graduated width of 3/16" to 1/2" and is secured by a toggle clasp. Choose between a look that glows with three faceted cushion cut 10 x 14mm smoky or green quartz in bezel settings. The total quartz weight in either choice is approximately 36.00ct. Part of the Samuel B. Collection.

Samuel Behnam's signature collection includes several different lines, including Tanzanite & More, White Hot, Uppercut, and Design Studio with Samuel B.

Moss Mills Designer Jewelry

22 Jul

The Moss Mills Jewelry line began in 2003 with a mixture of animal, floral, and bird themes that are cast in silver, gold, and rose gold jewelry, and was quickly embraced by the Press and Young Hollywood. Moss Mills' celebrity following includes naomi watts, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Ashton Krutcher, and Drew Barrymore.

designer necklace
Estella Necklace
The Estella necklace is made with shiny gold vermeil and has a large butterfly pendant.

Designer Moss Mills comes from a fourth generation retail background dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. He grew up traveling the west, living in old ghost towns and camping among herds of deer. It is from these humble beginnings that he developed a love for animals, nature, and the vintage aesthetic that he brings to his jewelry designs.

gold pendant
Miki Necklace in Gold
The Miki necklace is made with shiny gold vermeil and sports a cuddly deer in the grass pendant.

The vintage-inspired collection of necklaces, rings, and cuffs features whimsical, fun, and beautifully made fawns, birds, and swans, but the work isn't all about animals. There are orchids and roses, too.

gold ring
Lucky Gold Ring

About Hae – Creative Director
Hae grew up a Korean girl under the big blue skies of Texas, where she once saw a tumbleweed the size of a Volkswagen. She developed a real sense of what was important to her from a nurturing relationship with her grandmother. She has a very grounded soul and a creative spirit, and this is what she brings to the line.

Catherine Chandler Jewelry

21 Jul

Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer
Portland Oregon artist Catherine Chandler makes the loveliest organic jewelry from copper, sterling silver, titanium and semi precious stones. She studied many different types of artistry before she found her true medium – metal. Catherine is inspired by plant life, and has created a series of rings that pay homage to a variety of endangered plants in a place where she studied her craft, Australia. Each piece's vivid color represents the plant it is named after.

copper earrings
Copper Leaf Earrings
Inspired by Autumn, these copper leaf earrings have been heat-treated in order to produce their vibrant color. Due to the handmade process of heat coloring these earrings, there may be some variation in colors.
Sterling hooks.

silver earrings
Flower Earrings
The design and form of these earrings was a happy accident. They look lovely on, and can be an elegant accent, or worn casually. Sterling silver, handmade.

anodized jewelry technique
Mongumber Bell Ring
Part of a series of Titanium rings, anodized to match the colors of various endangered Australian plants. The plant this ring's color is associated with is the Mongumber Bell shrub, which has bell-like flowers that are green or pink. Each ring is accompanied by an information card and photograph of the associated endangered plant. Cuttings taken which have successfully been propagated at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

Artist Statement

I am a jeweler and metalsmith living in Portland, Oregon. I have loved art since I was a child, and have dabbled in everything from drawing, painting, sewing, and photography. It was not until college that I realized that working with METAL is what completes me. I grew up in Portland and Hood River, Oregon.

I originally began my degree with a major in Photography, but quickly changed my mind (and major) after my first metals class. After high school, I traveled to Australia, where I lived for four years, and studied at the South Australian School of Art in Adelaide.

After returning to the Northwest, I completed my degree at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, and graduated in May 2006 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Specialization in Jewelry and Metalsmithing).

My work has a minimalist, organic quality to it, and yet my influences stem from a variety of sources, such as unusual plant life, endangered species, the death of a family member, memories, and personal experiences.