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Nomination Italian Jewelry

19 Aug

New Collections Spring Summer 2008
The idea for a fashion accessory capable of expressing one's personality, values, passions, politics, secrets, and sensibilities originated with Paolo Gensini in the small town of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, Italy. Gensini named his new creation Nomination from the Latin term meaning to give someone an appropriate name. In a few years, the company became a family affair and a worldwide success.

gold bracelet
Stainless Steel & Pink-Tone Gold Flowers Bracelet
Stainless steel and pink-tone Gold bracelet with cubic zirconia. The Flower Collection is a feminine collection based on the romantic and delicate nature of flowers, with a complete line of bracelets, earrings, rings and pendant necklaces. The flowers are highlighted with accents of multicolored cubic zirconia on your choice of stainless steel or 22k Rose Gold plated flower shapes.

Made in Italy since 1987, Nomination has since evolved into a global style statement sported by an international array of celebrities, rock stars, rap stars, sports personalities, and trendsetters, including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey.

gold and cubic zirconia earrings
Liberty Gold & Stainless Steel Earrings
Stainless steel earrings with solid 18k gold and green cubic zirconia. The Liberty Collection the newest addition to the Nomination line – a collection of butterfly designs etched on solid 18k Gold circular plates. Behind each gold plate is a vibrant colorful Cubic Zirconia that makes the design come alive.

Made in Italy, Nomination produces fashionable pieces for men and women made of highest quality stainless steel and 18k gold, combined with precious and semiprecious gemstones, and skillfully placed cubic zirconia and diamonds. Today, Nomination continues to offer innovative lines that reflect a passion for life.

gemstone ring
Aqua 4 Elements Blue Topaz Ring
Ancient Greek philosophers considered water, fire, air, and earth to be the building blocks of the universe and intimately connected to people's moods and personalities. Today Nomination has re-interpreted these elements to express and celebrate our connection to the natural world, to ourselves, and to each other. The 4 Elements Collection – Aqua, Fuoco, Aria, and Terra – will be released subsequently, beginning with Aqua.

Through its years of success and expansion, Nomination has stayed true to its Italian roots and family values. Now the world's largest manufacturer of Italian charm bracelets, Nomination also offers additional lines of unique stainless steel jewelry that promote communication and self-expression. The popularity of these exclusive collections – each of which features bracelets, necklaces, rings, and accessories – has helped make the company a worldwide leader in the steel and gold jewelry market.

Nomination Italian Charm Bracelets
Intrigued by the customizable aspect of traditional charm bracelets, Paolo Gensini devised a modular or 'composable' bracelet comprised of a series of links. Connected by a spring-loaded mechanism, each segment could be filled (and replaced), one by one, with a different decorative design. Fashioned out of high quality stainless steel, the pieces were guaranteed never to tarnish or fade.

As Nomination's Composable bracelets increased in popularity, so did their communicative powers. What started as a series of exquisitely-detailed links that conveyed everything from initials and astrological signs to sports, special interests and life passages quickly grew to encompass more enigmatic symbols.

Bracelet links featuring more esoteric images – scissors, a padlock, a spider web – became imbued with the wearer's own meaning, building on Nomination's language of icon-based communications, and the wearer's personal mystique.

Pasquale Bruni Italian Jewelry

18 Aug

Pasquale Bruni has to his credit many collections that are unmistakably unique and magical. Recognized as one of the modern day masters of his craft, Bruni has created a collection that is unmistakably unique. His aesthetic choices come from his passion for jewelry, which he imbues with all the power of body and soul, molding gold and precious stones into outstanding pieces with an unmistakable design sensibility.

fine jewelry collection
Pasquale Bruni Avant Garde Collection
The Avant Garde Collection features rings, pendants, and earrings with Lemon Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Blue Topaz, polished to a gleaming clarity and set above a heart set with diamonds which is surrounded by the Pasquale Bruni logo. The jewelry is available in pink, white, or yellow gold.

Established in 1997, the house of Pasquale Bruni is one of the premier Italian jewelry firms that boast a unique artisan tradition. Starting from Valenza, the international center for fine jewelry, the company distributes its collections throughout Italy and the world. His pieces are a perfect mix of modern fashion, elegance, and luxury.

pave diamond jewelry
Pasquale Bruni Sapphire & Diamond Pavé Set
Sapphire & Diamond Pavé Rings and Pendants

In 2001, Pasquale Bruni's daughter, Eugenia Bruni, joined the company as its Creative Director and through continuous creative interchange between father and daughter, many successful collections have been conceived, such as Amore, Ghirlanda, and Segreti, by now all internationally recognized.

diamond cuff bracelet
Pasquale Bruni Diamond Cuff

The Pasquale Bruni brand, which is set apart by its continuous innovation in forms and materials, is positioned at the high end of the exclusive jewelry market and has been known to dictate new design directions while balancing a unique creative style that follows the pace of fashion. The company's international success is a testament to the creative instinct of its master craftsman, who has the ability to anticipate future trends and to adapt to the needs of its highly selective clientele worldwide.

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designer gemstone ring
14k Yellow Gold & Peridot Ring
14k Yellow Gold, Trillion-cut yellow-green Peridot, and Diamond accents

green sapphire bracelet
10k Yellow Gold & Green Sapphire Bracelet
10k Yellow Gold, Oval-cut Green Sapphire, and Diamond accents

designer gemstone pendant
14k Yellow Gold & Blue Topaz Pendant
14k Yellow Gold, heart-shaped Blue Topaz, and 18" chain

amethyst and pearl earrings
14k Yellow Gold & Amethyst Earrings
14k Gold, Purple Amethyst, and Freshwater Pearl

silver gemstone ring
Sterling Silver, Peridot & Tanzanite Ring
Sterling silver, yellow-green Peridot, and blue-violet Tanzanite

silver agate bracelet
Sterling Silver, Mother-of-Pearl & Agate Bracelet
Silver Bracelet with abalone Shells, Agate, and Mother-of-Pearl

gold and tanzanite pendant
White Gold & Tanzanite Pendant
10k White Gold, Tanzanite gemstone, 18" chain

multicolor agate bracelet
10k Yellow Gold & Jade Bracelet
Multicolor Jade gemstones and Gold

silver and gemstone ring
Sterling Silver & Citrine Ring
Sterling silver and Octagon-cut Citrine

agate gemstone designer earrings
Sterling Silver & Agate Earrings
Purple Agate cabochons and Sterling silver

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Lauren K Fine Jewelry

15 Aug

To say that Lauren kessler inherited the family jewels is an understatement. She is the fourth generation to run the prestigious N. Zaidens Company, a leader in the fine jewelry arena for over 90 years. During her college years, Lauren began working alongside her grandfather learning not only the mechanics, but also the artistry of fine jewelry. She continued her interest in the company during law school, and soon after graduation realized that the family business was not only in her blood, but also in her heart.

designer gold pendant
Lauren K 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Butterfly Pendant
Ladies Satin Circle Pendant with Pave Diamond Trim on Cable Chain

Lauren began working under her grandfather full time, and after his retirement, took over as President. After only two short years, she indelibly carved her niche in the family tree by launching the Lauren K Collection. Her inspiration for the line was not from a particular stone or setting, but instead, the women she wanted to reach with her designs – women who want feminine, beautiful jewelry that they can buy for themselves and wear everyday like their favorite perfume.

gold and diamond pendant
Lauren K 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond 'Daphne' Pendant
Ladies Open Pave Marquise Shaped pendant on Cable Chain
Diamond .30cttw

The entire Lauren K collection is made in 18k Gold. From antique cushion-cut rings and diamond pendants to chandelier earrings and hammered gold, this extensive line offers a substantial mix of fashionable designs with timeless appeal. The bohemian chic designs feature a rainbow of color with Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Yellow Beryl, and Peridot, and other striking gems.

gold and gemstone ring
18k Yellow Gold Faceted Green Amethyst Ring
Lauren K Ladies Oval Faceted Green Amethyst Satin Ring with Pave Diamond Accent

Lauren's latest collection consists of long layered necklaces, rings in brushed yellow gold with gemstones in earthy hues, stacking bangles, and rose-cut sapphire rings – a profusion of tempting creations, ranging from stylish daywear to exquisite statement pieces.

Unlike other lines, the Lauren K collection is not made for a jewelry box; it is designed to complement a woman's lifestyle. The collection premiered in 1997 and was immediately well received. Lauren is committed to evolving the line while keeping in mind the ever-changing lives of the women who bring her designs to life.

Elisa Bongfeldt Jewelry

14 Aug

Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer
Elisa Bongfeldt's art is made of Sterling Silver and 22k Bimetal as well as freshwater pearls. Over the past few years, she has used sterling silver tubing as inspiration, fabricating hollow forms. Bongfeldt strives for an elegant, modern look through simple shapes and repetition of form. The use of pearls is meant to evoke ball bearings, while also referencing their inherent natural beauty.

gold and silver pendant
Elisa Bongfeldt Oval Choker Bimetal Necklace
A 22k bimetal pendant hangs from a double strand of oxidized sterling silver rings with a hook clasp. Chain is available in 17"L, 20"L, or 22"L.

Bimetal refers to an object that is composed of two separate metals that have been joined together, often sterling silver and gold. Instead of being a mixture of two or more metals, like alloys, bimetal consists of layers of different metals. Trimetal and tetrametal refer to objects composed of three and four separate metals respectively.

Elisa was born in Berkeley, California, and grew up in both Cape Cod and the San Francisco Bay Area. She attended universities in Washington State as well as Italy, studying both art history and studio art, before obtaining my B.F.A. degree in metal arts at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.

sterling silver ring
Elisa Bongfeldt Large Lace Ring
Oxidized sterling silver elements come together to form this conically shaped ring, creating the appearance of lace in metal. Dimensions: 1.25"diameter.

Elisa Bongfeldt's work is fabricated from sterling silver and 22k gold bimetal: a double-sided sheet metal, two layers of different metals that have been rolled and fused together.

silver and pearl ring
Elisa Bongfeldt Sterling Silver & Pearl Ring
Sterling silver ring with freshwater pearls.

Elisa Bongfeldt's influences range from machine parts to architecture and industrial design. The clean lines of machine parts, light fixtures, and ball bearings all come into play. She strives for an industrial look that remains wearable, modern, and elegant.

Elisa currently lives in Emeryville, California, and maintains a studio in Berkeley.

Ben Dyer Goldsmith & Jewelry Designer

13 Aug

Ben Dyer has been making art since childhood, and he began creating jewelry in 1975. His work is exhibited in galleries and art shows nationwide. Direct metal jewelry techniques such as cold forging, hand-forming, texturing, and gold soldering are the processes he uses to construct the jewelry. The designs are labor-intensive, and the finished work is detailed and meticulous.

gold and gemstone pendant
Ben Dyer Leafy Tree Branch Pin/Pendant
18k Royal Gold leaf, 14k Rose Gold leaf, and a 14k Palladium/White Gold branch with a small Yellow Gold leaf. Small Diamonds flush-set, a marquise Peridot, teardrop Imperial Topaz, and a tear-shaped Aquamarine, all set in handmade bezels of 18k and 22k Yellow Gold. Has a loop for a chain or small choker. 2" x 2 1/4"

For Ben Dyer, a successful design suggests motion, reveals unique aspects from different angles, and expresses elegance and grace in asymmetry. In his work, flowing lines and elongated forms contrast with coarser, textured, or hard-edged shapes. Use of gemstones and colors of gold provide accent and color contrast. A further concern is the discipline of creating the maximum design expression within the economic constraints of working with gold. Ben uses this limitation as one might use the structure of the Haiku or the sonata.

nature-inspired bracelet
Ben Dyer Echer Leaves Cuff Bracelet
Absolutely gorgeous!

Ben Dyer designs and creates exquisite jewelry in karat gold. He works as a designer, a studio artist, and an artisan. Ben is a member of several craft guilds and gives workshops in goldsmithing. His work is exhibited across the country and has been featured in many publications.

gold designer earrings
Ben Dyer E-213 Swirl Earring in Palladium/Gold Alloy
14k Spiral earring in Palladium/White Gold. This is a sculptural, 3-dimensional design when worn. Dangles at 1 1/2". The ear wire springs open and closed to form a secure catch for these beautiful, elegant earrings. The Palladium/Gold alloy we use has no nickel and is hypo-allergenic for most women with metal allergies.

Artist Statement

I wrestle with living in tune with both history and the needs and dreams of the future. I was driven to a career that allows for creative personal expression and provides a livelihood. Attracted to a craft that has a varied, complex, and ancient technology, I am intrigued by the concept of body ornamentation with its spiritual and mystical associations.

My artwork is a celebration of nature, but on a deeper level reflects my grieving over loss of the natural environment, the destruction of many life-forms and damage to the earth. Consequently, in the studio we are highly sensitive to the environmental impact of jewelry production. We generally use hand tools and most materials are recycled; chemical and electrical use is kept at a minimum.

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Jewelry

12 Aug

Named after the Italian designers who founded the company, Dolce & Gabbana offers men's and women's collections of knitwear, leather goods, scarves, ties, shoes, underwear, beachwear, fragrances, eyewear, footwear, and jewelry. The firm has boutiques around the world, including a handful of company-owned locations. Dolce & Gabbana has brought many of its production licenses in-house and has expanded with a children's line.

gold bangle bracelets
D&G Dolce & Gabbana 'Triplet Collection' Bangles
Whether worn together or separately, three individually styled bangles make dazzling accessories.
• Inner circumference: 8".
• Approx. width: 1 1/2" combined.
• Stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel.

D&G is a world of its own within the universe of Dolce & Gabbana: a world where fashion means irony and fantasy, where music plays a key role to re-define style, and where even the most traditional items, like the pinstripe suit or the black stretch dress, look fresh and attractively young.

gold designer bangles
D&G Dolce & Gabbana 'Flutter Collection' Bangles
Four individual shining bangles are held together as one by a single charm engraved with the D&G logo.
• Total width: 2 3/4".
• Inner circumference: 8".
• Gold-plated stainless steel.
• Approx. charm diameter: 1".

Loved by people of all ages and countries, always trendy and young, D&G Dolce & Gabbana has established itself as one of the hottest and best-selling collections all over the world. The inspiration behind the collection pays great attention to cuts and proportions, and to a balance between quality, style, and price.

stainless steel pendant
D&G Dolce & Gabbana 'Clue Collection' Open Pendant Necklace
Resin pendant with engraved logo plate dangles from a golden chain.
• Lobster closure.
• Chain length: 21 1/2".
• Pendant diameter: 2".
• Resin/ion-plated gold/stainless steel.

Domenico Dolce was born on September 13, 1958 and grew up in a small Sicilian village, studied fashion design and worked for his family's small clothing factory. Stefano Gabbana was born on November 14, 1962 in Venice, Italy, grew up in Milan and studied graphic design.

Danielle Miller Jewelry

11 Aug

Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer
Danielle Miller grew up in a steel mill town in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania. Growing up surrounded by beautiful rolling hills juxtaposed by bridges, railroads, and industry greatly affected her design sensibility. When she was five years old, she announced to her parents that she was going to be an artist, and as a high school student discovered her passion for metals when she made a large-scale welded-steel sculpture.

oxidized silver pendants
Danielle Miller Flexible Marquis Pendant
A flexible multi-marquise drop in oxidized Sterling Silver with 18k Gold Bail and free spinning 4mm cultured Freshwater Pearls. Lobster claw clasp on an omega chain.
Oxidized Silver with Gold Link (left) $390
Oxidized Silver (right) $240

Using Sterling Silver and 18k Gold with traditional jewelry making techniques, Danielle strives to create elegant and comfortable jewelry with a playful twist. Pearls or gemstone settings may spin like a propeller, slide freely across wires like an abacus, or rock to and fro like a see-saw.

gemstone earrings and pendant
Danielle Miller Geometric Bubble Set
Inspired by the effervescence of champagne, this pendant and earring set is a rich and playful combination of Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, colorful stones, and freely spinning Pearls. Pendant holds one 4-5mm cultured Freshwater Pearl, 4mm square Peridot and 3mm round faceted Blue Topaz. Omega chain with lobster clasp. Earrings contain one 3.5mm cultured Freshwater Pearl and 3mm faceted Blue Topaz with sterling silver posts.
Set: $435

At eighteen, Danielle Miller moved to Philadelphia to attend Moore College of Art and Design, intending to concentrate her studies on sculpture, but became entranced by jewelry making. She transferred to Tyler School of Art at Temple University for their renowned Jewelry/Metals Department, where she received a bachelor's degree in fine art.

silver and gemstone rings
Danielle Miller Mod Rocker Ring
Kinetic Sterling Silver ring. Stone slides freely back and forth along rocker cradle.
Available in (left to right) Blue Topaz, Garnet, or Peridot.

After college, Danielle perfected her skills by working under a master goldsmith. During that time, she worked on her own designs at night and on weekends, and began selling her jewelry at craft shows. In 1998, she was finally able to devote herself full-time to her own business.

Artist Statement
Clean, simple geometric forms are the building blocks of my designs, which are inspired by architecture, machines, toys, and nature. By combining these seemingly different influences, I am exploring the concept of jewelry as a playful object.

My present work consists of jewelry with kinetic elements designed to attract and engage the attention of the wearer. These articulated parts rely on the action of the wearer for motion. This action can be a simple turn of the body or a deliberate manipulation of the movable parts.

This kinetic aspect of my work creates an intimate and unique relationship between the jewelry and the wearer. My jewelry, by definition, is not only an object of personal adornment but also an object of personal interaction and recreation.

I now make my home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina with my husband Ben Gilliam and our cats, Olivia and Fredo. Ben, also a metal artist, teaches at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities.

New Range from Corazon Latino for Summer 2008

11 Aug

Corazon Latino, the jewellery company famed for its high quality, wearable jewellery has bucked the trend for cutting back in the light of the current recession, and launched a fabulous new range for Summer 2008.


The new range includes some exciting new silver bracelets and stunning silver necklaces which combine with dainty earrings to create real sparkle.


For the first time, they have also added Amber to their range, with 4 incredible silver pendants combining natural Baltic amber set within handmade silver cages. Available in 3 beautiful colours (Honey, Milky and Forest), every pendant is unique.



Corazon Latino sells their beautiful silver jewellery exclusively online. With over 80 designs in total ranging from $50 to $500, and worldwide delivery within 7 working days, they offer something for everyone.

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10 Aug offers a carefully selected and edited collection of jewelry, handbags, clothing, and accessories that are worth your time and attention. We're only interested in the unique, the special, noteworthy. Whether we're talking about cheap-chic or memorable occasion, we've got it covered. We've done the weeding-out of the ho-hum and the ordinary. You'll only find things that offer something more, something distinctive.

gold cuff bracelet
AV Max Cuff in Black and Gold
Wide cuff bracelet set with a faceted Black Onyx stone that's right on trend.

gold and gemstone necklace
AV Max Oval Necklace with Malachite
We love the heirloom-like charm of this necklace. Chain measures 17" in length. Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" in diameter.

gold bangle bracelet
Rachel Reinhardt Antique Gold Bangle
Rachel Reinhardt's bangles add just the right finish to all our summer easy-chic looks. Layer a bunch together, add hoops and you're ready to conquer the day!

gold hoop earrings
Kenneth Jay Lane Gold and Crystal Hoops
The interior of these dramatic hoops are lined with luminous crystals for subtle sparkle. Approximately 2" in diameter.

gold and gemstone pendant
Kenneth Jay Lane Acorn Necklace in Amber
This nutty little knickknack is on our radar for fall! Adding an ounce of autumn to your look, the acorn necklace is an iconic piece of Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry. Chain measures 34" in length. Pendant measures 2" x 1 1/4"

gold bamboo earrings
AV Max Bamboo Hoops in Gold
Hoops measure 2" in diameter and 1/4" in width.

gold bangle bracelet
AV Max Large Bangle in Navy
Get more bangle for your buck! So many stackable bangles at pretty prices- we just can't help ourselves! From preppy to punk, AV Max has a bangle for every occasion. Bangle measures 2 3/4" in diameter and 3/4" in width.

gold gemstone earrings
AV Max Smoky Quartz and Gold Earrings
These whimsical charm dangles have that perfect toss-it-on style we love. Largest circle measures 1 1/4" in diameter.

gold chain cuff bracelet
AV Max Chain Cuff in Purple
Update your well-rehearsed look with a street glam cuff from AV Max. 2 1/2" in diameter and approximately 2" in width.

gold charm earrings
AV Max Sea Charms Dangle Earrings
AV Max's whimsical charm dangles have that perfect toss-it-on style we love. Earring measures 1" in length.

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