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Paloma Picasso Jewelry

30 Sep

Paloma Picasso, the daughter of Pablo Picasso was born in 1949 in Vallauris on the French Riviera. Fruit of the union between the master of modern art, Pablo Picasso, and Françoise Gilot, artist and writer, Paloma Picasso is represented in many of her father's works, such as Paloma with an Orange and Paloma in Blue.

gold designer ring
18k Gold Zellige Large Medallion Ring

Surrounded by artists from a very young age, Paloma Picasso began her career as a designer. In the 1980s, she launched her own brand, Paloma Picasso, and created many perfumes and designer fashion accessories.

gold heart pendant
18k Gold Double Loving Heart Pendant

As a teenager developing her own taste and style, Paloma Picasso was reluctant to pursue artistic goals. "In the beginning, I tried not to think that I would have to do anything artistic, " she related in Hispanic. "From the time I was fourteen, I stopped drawing completely. I thought, 'I don't want to become a painter like my father, ' but I didn't know what else I wanted to become."

silver designer earrings
Sterling Silver Crown of Hearts Hoop Earrings

Picasso's urge to create soon surpassed her hesitation, and she began to study jewelry design and fabrication while still in her teens. In 1980, John Loring, senior vice-president of Tiffany & Company, asked Picasso to create jewelry for the company.

The success of the jewelry Picasso produced for Tiffany & Company encouraged her to design and market items ranging from fashion accessories to china. These items, including eyewear, cosmetics, and leather goods, may be identified by their bold shapes and brilliant colors, and are sold and appreciated throughout the world.

Truly in love with the Lake Geneva region, Paloma Picasso inaugurated the Lausanne-based Paloma Picasso Foundation, which aims to promote the works of her parents and particularly of her mother, Françoise Gilot, whose artistic endeavors are little known in Europe.

Mawi Designer Jewelry

29 Sep

Like precious heirlooms, Mawi's unique jewelry has an eclectic vintage feel. Launched in 2003 by London-based designer Mawi Keivom (Margaret Thangmawi Keivom), the line is known for her coveted necklaces and bracelets with clustered charms. Born in Manipur, Northeast India, her name Thangmawi means great fame in the Tibeto-Burman culture from which she originates.

gold crystal bracelet
Mawi Crystal Embellished Bangle
Gold box link bangle with giant colored crystal embellishment. Mawi bangle simply slips on over your wrist. Bangle circumference measures approximately 7 inches / 18cms.

To name a few, celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Denise Van Outen, Shakira, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, June Sarpong, Dani Behr, and Samantha Mumba are loyal fans. Mawi's designs have graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harpers, Marie Claire, Numero, as well as cutting edge publications like Tank, W Magazine, I.D, Dazed etc.

designer bead necklace
Mawi Sunray Garland Necklace
Radiating with contemporary style, this collection has a warmth and eccentricity all its own. Reminiscent of intricate Tahitian shell leis, this thick necklace glows with the iridescence of faceted beads. Elongated, faceted yellow acrylic and glass beads are interspersed throughout this amazingly unique garland. A bold accessory with endless appeal. 23 1/3" drop.

Having honed her design skills at Isaac Mizrahi in New York, Bill Amberg and Vita Couture in London, Mawi's individual style won her the New Generation Award for three consecutive seasons. Her irresistible collections are a delightful mix of one-of-a-kind pieces that are inspired by a childhood of living all over the world.

gold necklace
Mawi Box Chain Necklace

Gold-plated brass double strand box necklace with metallic weave detailing. Mawi necklace has a contrasting panel in the middle and a clasp to fasten. Length of necklace when laid flat is approximately 56cm / 22 inches.

The response to her Autumn/Winter 2003 London Fashion Week debut immediately earned her over 100 stockists worldwide. Mawi's collections are now sold in the finest boutiques and department stores all over the world.

Her much copied designs combine tusks, pearls, and clusters of vintage charms on bracelets and pendants that have become fashion classics. The line encapsulates Mawi's never-ending affection for history and the exploration of far-flung cultures.

Victorian, military, royal, and punk influences symbolize a strong sense of British heritage alongside tribal and global themes that all combine to create a unique, eclectic feel – like opening your grandmothers' box of keepsakes and creating a jumble of accessories imbued with family history.

Lockets, bits of lace, pearls, cameos, junk shop charms, and global findings combine in a new way – creating a look that is vintage-inspired, yet decisively modern. Each item in the versatile collection makes a strong modern statement with a tongue-in-cheek playfulness and cutting edge chic.

Jewelry Bargains at Tiffany & Company

28 Sep is one of the largest jewelry stores online. It was established in 1998 as an import and export company offering brand name products at affordable prices. Their mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible. They take great pride in their company, their commitment to customer service, and in the products they sell. Their online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse their product catalog.

designer heart bracelet
Elsa Peretti Continuous Open Heart Bracelet
Sterling Silver Continuous Open Heart bracelet is a beautiful, timeless piece that is an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.

sterling silver heart ring
Paloma Picasso Double Loving Heart Ring

silver earrings
Coin Edge Hoop Earrings

designer Tiffany pendant
Tiffany Knots Pendant

sterling silver necklace
1837 Collection Lock Necklace

designer sterling silver ring
Dragonfly Ring

sterling silver cuff bracelet
1837 Collection Wide Cuff Bracelet

designer earrings
Tiffany Leaf Earrings

sterling silver pendant
Nature Collection Daisy Pendant

silver bangle bracelet
Wide Mesh Bangle

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Robin Rotenier Fine Jewelry

26 Sep

Robin Rotenier is an innovative Paris-born jewelry designer whose passion for fine craftsmanship and original design fuels his men's cuff link and jewelry collections. A third-generation designer, Rotenier founded his namesake line in 1993. It is Rotenier's passion for design and attention to detail that truly set his work apart. "I am a storyteller, and I love to express myself in the jewelry I create."

gold gemstone ring
18K Gold & Green Amethyst Monique Ring
18 Karat Gold Monique Ring set with Green Amethyst

His chic collections, produced in sterling silver and 18k gold, show off Rotenier's talent. Objects and architectural details are often the core of a new design. He personally carves every model, and then each piece is finished by hand, distinguishing it from machine-made items.

designer gold pendant
18k Gold & Gemstone Stephanie Necklace
18 Karat Gold Stephanie pendant with multicolor semiprecious stones on a chain.

Robin studied jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In 2006, FIT awarded him the Mortimer C. Ritter Award, one of the highest honors given out by the Alumni Association. Robin Rotenier was the first jewelry designer to receive this prestigious award.

gemstone earrings
18k Gold & Blue Topaz Earrings
18 Karat Gold Wire Earrings with blue topaz briolettes.

Robin's collections are available at Bergdorf Goodman, select men's Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue stores, as well as fine stores nationwide such as Mitchells (Westport, CT), Richards (Greenwich, CT), Marsh's (Huntington, NY), Larrimor's (Pittsburgh, PA), and Chepita (Aspen, CO).

Mikimoto Fine Jewelry

25 Sep

In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in producing the world's first cultured pearl. Since that day, MIKIMOTO continues to make history, creating its own distinctive style. The company has developed the highest standards of quality and consistency by devoting more than a century to understanding the sea and researching the oyster. Only the top 5% of the pearl harvest meets their strict quality standards. MIKIMOTO pearls are referred to as hanadama, or flower pearls, which denotes the highest quality pearls.

gold and pearl earrings
Olive Earrings in Yellow Gold
3.75 to 4.5mm Akoya Cultured Pearls set in 18K Yellow Gold.

"I would like to adorn the necks of all the women of the world with pearls," Kokichi Mikimoto said shortly after he succeeded in culturing a perfectly round pearl. The elegant beauty of Kokichi's pearls was eventually recognized by women throughout the world, and his wish was fulfilled, as the name Mikimoto became well-known around the globe. With his instinctive sense of beauty, Kokichi devoted his life to the pearls that he loved.

pearl and diamond pendant
Moderna 8 Black South Sea Pendant
Designed and produced in Italy using the highest quality Mikimoto cultured pearls, Moderna 8 is the perfect unity of modern and classic jewelry design. 9mm Black South Sea Cultured Pearl and 0.18ct. of PavÄ— Diamonds, set in 18k White Gold.

After the mid-1800s, just before the Meiji Period, Japan became deeply involved with foreign trade and its natural pearls, already regarded as precious, became more treasured than ever before. At the same time, the pearl oysters around Mikimoto's hometown of Ise-Shima were being over-harvested to a crisis point. He threw himself into the task of seeding oysters and creating pearls, and for decades, he spent every waking hour on research and experiments.

white gold and pearl pendant
'Everything is Possible with Hope' Pendant
Inspired by the pink ribbon, the symbol for breast cancer awareness, this pendant features a 7mm, A+ quality, Akoya cultured pearl and 0.12ct. of pink sapphires and 0.03ct. of diamonds, set in 18k White Gold. It can be worn as 18-inch or 16-inch long. Mikimoto donates 20% of all proceeds from this special collection to the Young Survival Coalition.

Regardless of the many complications imposed by nature, Kokichi pledged to culture his own pearls, and he had the stubborn confidence to turn mighty nature into his ally. Pearls had always been a chance product of nature, and factors such as red tides and low water temperatures led to repeated failures.

The day he had been waiting for finally came on July 11, 1893. In the company of his wife Ume, he raised one of the bamboo oyster baskets out of the water, opened one of the oysters, and inside the shell, he discovered a shining pearl. This was the first time in history that a human being had ever created a pearl.

Dazzling Designs Jewelry

24 Sep

For as many years back as she can remember, Jewelry Designer and Artisan Donia has felt a passion for all types of art. Growing up in rural America gave Donia an abundance of time to pursue her creative endeavors. Her family was blessed with several talented artisans, including her mother, grandmother, and three sisters. As the years passed, Donia pursued her love of art and to no one's surprise, combined her passion and expertise to create Dazzling Designs.

jade and coral necklace
Fossil Defined Necklace
Jade Donut Pendant with Various Carvings 2-1/2"
Round Fossil Coral Bead necklace 5/8" (16mm)
Sterling Silver Designer Toggle & Bar Closure
Length: 18.5"

As a custom jewelry maker, Donia creates designs that women enjoy anywhere, anytime. Whether you're going to the supermarket or attending the Governor's Ball – Donia believes that her handmade custom jewelry (or wearable art as she likes to call it) is meant to be cherished through the years.

sterling silver and opal bracelet
Quiet Aurora Bracelet
Southwestern Opal – 3/16"L x 5/8"W (5x16mm)
Set in Sterling Silver Links – 7/16"W (11mm)
Hinged For Flexibility
S/S Toggle Closure
Length: 7.25"

Donia says that most of her creative juices begin when she is relaxed. Many times when she is sleeping, she will awake with a new design in mind. Yes, Donia's creativity even extends to dreams about handcrafted custom jewelry. She envisions jewelry designs in autumn leaves, cloudy skies, falling water, mountain valleys, and other simple scenes that reflect the beauty of nature.

jade beads and pendant necklace
Sultry Intrigue Necklace
Mixed Color and Size Multi-Faceted Jade Bead Necklace
Carved Jade Dragon (both sides) Pendant -2.75"
Sterling Silver Adjustable Hook-Chain Closure
Length: 31.5" – 32.5"

Donia's custom jewelry designs became so popular with family and friends that she found herself making unique pieces for customers across the nation. Now, 25 years later, she's still practicing the art of handcrafted jewelry, and feels that by so doing she's bringing a bit more joy into the world.

These designs have great colors for autumn and winter, are made with wonderfully ethnic and organic materials, and are very affordable.

Artist Statement

I was unable to find combinations of stones and colors that really got me excited, so I started creating my own jewelry. I chose semiprecious stones and sterling silver as my materials, because of the natural quality they radiate as art in the form of jewelry.

Handmade custom jewelry is very personal, but needs to be fun and wearable, too. The custom jewelry you choose makes a statement about you, and should make you feel good every time you wear it. So many women have custom jewelry that they don't wear because it's too high-end, specialized, or valuable to be worn in everyday situations."

I make handcrafted custom jewelry that is versatile and can be worn in more than one way, such as a single strand necklace that can also be worn as a double strand, or the same necklace worn with or without a pendant drop.

If you own a piece of jewelry created by me and it's showing a little wear (I call that Character), then I have succeeded.

Devon Fine Jewelry

23 Sep

Ever since our modest beginnings in 1983, Devon Fine Jewelry has progressed from one tiny room in designer Nancy's apartment to a beautiful and gracious showroom you see today in Wyckoff, New Jersey. The journey has been a fascinating one – early on, Nancy was impressed by the genuine pleasure she saw on the faces of clients when they discovered a piece they loved.

gold and gemstone pendant
Rocky Butte Oregon Jasper Pendant
This 14k yellow gold Devon Original contains Rocky Butte Oregon jasper cabochon and a haunting Jasper face, Imperial Topaz, Hessonite Garnet, and Diamond. A pleasing combination of colors.

This business has grown from a small artistic idea back then to a growing company that today produces inventive jewelry from the most beautiful gemstones on earth. Their forte is custom handcrafted jewelry using the client's gemstones. Or you can choose one of their hundreds of unique colored gems, and share the fun of creating a Devon Original.

white gold gemstone necklace
Fordite Pendant Necklace
This Devon Original incorporates our unique Fordite in rectangle and oval shapes with 3 round red Maralambo Garnets enhancing the beauty. Fordite is fossilized car paint recovered from the old River Rouge Ford Plant outside Detroit that was torn down in the 1960s. How clever!

So how did the journey begin? For Nancy, an unusual gemstone sparked a whimsical idea for a unique necklace. She wanted to make a piece that defied the labels of casual or dressy – a piece that could be worn anytime and anywhere, a piece that would elicit compliments from everyone. The design took shape, was carefully handcrafted, and the Tanzanite and Diamond Icicles Pendant went on to win her first jewelry design award.

white gold Prehnite necklace
White Gold & Prehnite Pendant
This subtly shaded Devon Original pendant is set in 14k white gold and contains a 3 ct. Prehnite cabochon surrounded by diamonds, an unusual pear shape 5.80ct Yellow Aquamarine, 3 round Peridot, and a pair of tapered baguette diamonds. The enhancer bale extends the wearability to beads, chains, or omega necklaces.

I just love these gemstones!

Company Statement

Devon offers a full range of services – jewelry and watch repair, restringing, and engraving. But our special talent is in creating custom jewelry for you with your own diamonds and gemstones. We absolutely love this type of work! We can reset your engagement diamond into a new and updated look that will earn you many compliments.

As you approach a big anniversary maybe you would you like to redo your engagement ring and wedding band into one spectacular piece? We can show you how! Or let us create a new piece using your own small diamonds and colored gemstones.

Tina Tang Designer Jewelry

22 Sep

Tina Tang left Wall Street where she was employed as an equities trader at Goldman Sachs to follow her dream. In 2000, Tina Tang Jewelry was launched via the worldwide web. In 2002, the Tina Tang Studio opened in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village (49 Greenwich Ave). In 2005, Gold Label by Tina Tang, the studio for her gold jewelry collection opened across the street (48 Greenwich Ave).

Silver designer pendant
Sterling Silver Sakura Necklace
Necklace is 16 inches long. The pendant is 1 inch tall, and 1 inch wide. Pendant has a satin finish on front and is shiny on the back.

Tina Tang's jewelry has been featured in numerous fashion editorials in magazines like InStyle and Lucky, and Jessica Biel, Tyra Banks, and Rebecca Romijn are just a few of Tina's many fans.

designer silver and gold earrings
Double Leaf Tassel Earrings
Ingredients: Sterling Silver, 10k Gold, and lots of love.
1.75 inches in length.

Tina's designs are in constant demand because she uses the highest quality materials, and her secret ingredient is LOVE Рthe love of her craft and the love of versatility. Tina's designs can be easily worn during the day or for a more formal soir̩e.

rose gold earrings
14k Rose Gold Earth Earrings
14k Rose Gold, .20ct Diamonds total.
Each earth disc is 1" in diameter.

With the recent concerns surrounding the environment, Tina has taken steps to make her company green by providing customers eco-friendly packaging. In addition, she works with American Forests, a nonprofit conservation organization, to restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. A tree is planted for every purchase at Tina Tang.

A portion of the proceeds from this year's nature-inspired collection will be donated to American Forests to plant trees throughout the nation. So far over 15,000 trees have been planted through the partnership.

Jewelry Bargains at

21 Sep

The products offered by reflect the vast collections in their museums and the National Zoo. All products, including jewelry, furniture, fine gifts, textiles and toys, are reproductions or adaptations of the Smithsonian Institution's artifacts, archives, collections and exhibitions. All of the profit from your purchase directly supports the Smithsonian. With your help, they are able to mount new exhibitions and allow them to travel to communities across the country, launch public programs, and innovative educational outreach initiatives.

designer turquoise jewelry set
Carved Turquoise Jewelry
Three intricately carved turquoise ovals, interspersed with antique silver Bali beads, center the three-strand turquoise heishi necklace. The matching heishi loop earrings are metal accented. Necklace, 16"l. with toggle clasp; Pierced Earrings, 2 1/4"l.
$15.00 – $115.00

Golden Weave Necklace
Intricately braided in triple lengths of gold-plated copper wire, this American-made necklace reprises ancient Hellenic designs. Lobster claw clasp. 16 1/4"l. with 1 3/4"l. extender chain.

handcrafted gemstone jewelry
Emerald Isle Jewelry
Handcrafted by a North Carolina jewelry designer, this shimmering collection is strung with 6-20mm frosted, faceted and floral glass beads the color of sun-dappled seas. Metal heart toggle clasps. Necklace, 18 1/2"l. with 1 1/8"l. pendant; Bracelet, 6 1/2"l.; Pierced Earrings, 2"l.
$30.00 – $70.00

handmade turquoise jewelry
Turquoise Couplet Jewelry
Chilean lapidary artisans, employing generations-old techniques, handcraft hinged links of gold-plated sterling silver inlaid with hand cut couplets of turquoise. A chevron pendant centers the necklace. The couplets of the bracelet are serpentine. Necklace, 17"l.; Bracelet, 6 3/4"l.; Pierced Earrings, 3/4"l.
$45.00 – $245.00

handcrafted gold and gemstone jewelry
Bianca Murano Glass Jewelry
Renaissance richesse interpreted in 6mm mouth-blown Murano glass jewels of turquoise and pearl. The handcrafted double strands are sumptuously interspersed with bas-relief gold-plated barrel beads. Brass tongue and groove clasps. Necklace, 17 1/2"l.; Bracelet, 7 1/4"l.; Clip Earrings, 1"dia.
$55.00 – $98.00

silver and pearl jewelry
Silver & Pearl Native American Jewelry
Ten strands of liquid-silver beads are intertwined with a string of freshwater pearls. Hook-and-eye clasp. The coordinating earrings feature mabé pearls in sterling silver settings. All handmade by Native American artists in New Mexico. Necklace, 24"l.; Pierced or Clip Earrings, 1 1/8"l.
$110.00 – $135.00

gold and gemstone necklace and earrings
Elegant Jade Triplet Jewelry
This triplet necklace and matching earrings pair jade beads with large lacy 22k gold vermeil beads. Necklace 18 1/2"l. Pierced Drop Earrings 1 1/2"l.
$38.00 – $145.00

pearl necklace and bracelet
Gemstone & Pearl Triple-Strand Jewelry
Regally ordered by dazzling faceted gemstone stations, each studded with citrine, amethyst and a 4x6mm teardrop garnet. 6-6.5mm freshwater potato pearls. Lobster claw clasps. Our ensemble is inspired by pearl jewelry in our Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals, National Museum of Natural History. Necklace, 16"l. with 1 1/2"l. extender chain; Bracelet, 6 1/2"l. with 1 1/4"l. extender chain.
$70.00 – $125.00

handcrafted gemstone jewelry
Memphis Carnelian Jewelry
Pillowed barrels of polished carnelian, a gemstone cherished by ancient Egyptian royalty for its power in the afterlife, and brushed goldtone beads form this regal hand-knotted ensemble. Fashionable vermeil clasps. Necklace, 18"l.; Bracelet, 8"l.
$55.00 – $85.00

turquoise necklace and earrings
Monaco Turquoise & Amber Jewelry
Jet set elegance as sophisticated with jeans as eveningwear. Stunning polished ovals of turquoise are warmed by graduated beads of translucent amber. The unique necklace clasp is an amber barrel screw. Necklace, 17 1/2"l.; Stretch Bracelet, 7"; Pierced Earrings, 1 3/4"l.
$45.99 – $259.99

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Torrini Italian Jewelry

19 Sep

Fall 2008 Jewelry Collection
Far from being the jewelry of trends, the eclectic high fashion designs of Torrini Jewelry have survived for twenty-five generations. Their designs are well known for being unique, exceptional, handcrafted pieces of elegance and beauty. Among the highly guarded secrets: a hand polished finish with an undeniable sheen that is part of the Torrini legacy.

designer green amethyst ring
'Stefy' Green Amethyst & 18k Rose Gold Ring
Grab some attention at your next cocktail party with this right hand stunner by Torrini. An exquisitely cut green amethyst is nestled into an oval setting of rose gold with hand-chiseled detailing. Made in Italy.

Today's Torrini Dynasty members and goldsmiths still utilize a finishing technique developed by Jacopus Torrino in the fourteenth century. This technique was inspired by the writings of Benevenuto Cellini – a goldsmith and sculptor of some renown – to create a dipping solution that enhances the natural colors of the metal. This process, referred to as Oro Nativo, has become the quintessential element in countless beautiful pieces that appear to have been salvaged from centuries past.

sterling silver pendant
Sterling Silver Pendant with Lace Cord
The simple beauty of this sterling silver pendant hangs on a black lace cord and radiates a divine essence that will be a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. Made in Italy.

Located in Florence, Italy, on Via Ponte a Iozzi, Torrini jewelry has expanded to include affordable pieces that are less rustic and more fun, to entice new buyers to their market. From clever pieces that lend themselves to evening or daytime wear, to pieces exclusively designed for upscale clients, the jewelry created by Torrini craftsmen continues to find a niche in the world of jewelry.

gold and diamond earrings
'Vela' Diamond Channel 18k Yellow Gold Earrings
With their stunning handcrafted details, Torrini's "Vela" earrings are the epitome of luxury with 26 channel-set diamonds highlighting slightly curved 18k gold triangles that playfully mimic miniature sails.

Company History
The Torrini Dynasty has its roots back in the fourteenth century, when Jacopus Torrini of Scarperia, Italy began crafting fine suits of armor for the knights of the land. He registered his unique trademark in 1369 in Florence with the Guild of Iron Wrights, Armorers, and Nailmakers. For his mark, he cleverly combined a spur, symbolizing the armor, and a half clover, symbolizing the good luck he wished his business to have. Today, the half clover still characterizes the mark of the House of Torrini.

All of Italy was experiencing growth at this time of the golden age, and Jacopus Torrini's business flourished. Torrini decided to expand his craft into fine jewelry making, as well as the creation of precious objects for his clientele. He specialized in using gold.

Franco Torrini and his son Fabrizio now hold the reins of the family business, and guide the Torrini House of Jewels into the future. Rings, pendants, and chains that are reminiscent of medieval times, as well as modern pieces of finely crafted gold set with jewels of the finest quality, the collections have an esteemed place in the world of jewelry.