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Talisman Unlimited Jewelry

16 Feb

Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Founded by Lisa Ruskin and Michael Pitkow, Talisman Unlimited began at a dining room table in the Spring of 1988. Fifteen years and 42 collections later, their designs are available at some of the finest boutiques and jewelry stores in America and elsewhere, and their expertise, tenacity, resources, and good fortune has put them in the company of top jewelry designers worldwide. Their unique designs, including many one of a kind pieces, start the trends that draw attention from fine retailers and fashion editors.

gemstone ring
14k Gold Rose Quartz Mesa HammeRing
Also available in 18k yellow gold, 14k and 18k white gold, and 18k red gold.

Timeless designs, unique colorations, white and cognac diamonds, exotic South Sea and Tahitian Pearls – the goal always is to inspire the joy that true beauty conjures. Each new collection includes wonderful bead and gems and rare pearls, inspired by travel, the tribal and nomadic patterns of nature, and the majesty and splendor of starry desert skies and ocean oases. Our creative journey endures as a never-ending exploration of the essence of ageless design.

gold and diamond earrings
14k Gold Pear Diamond Disc Earrings
Also available in 18k yellow gold, and 14k and 18k white gold, and 18k red gold.

Lisa graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Television and worked for NBC. She participated in the creation of and was National Sales Director for Freeway, one of the first boutique jeans companies. She helped start Barney's sportswear company, Basco. She wore ten hats for designer Gary Worth. She was National Sales Manager for the hugely successful design firm Force One for David Dart.

gold charm bracelet
14k Gold Holy Coin Anchor Chain Gypsy Bracelet
Also available in 18k yellow gold, and 14k and 18k white gold, and 18k red gold.

After earning a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School and an M.F.A. from Brandeis University, Michael Pitkow co-founded a theater company in Boston. He was Creative Director of Music Promotions, an advertising agency, and has worked as a writer and designer, and started Aleph Records and Stone Age Communications.

After their marriage, Lisa bought some antique silver charms and beads at a fashion market in New York and designed a pin for herself. Retail buyers admired it and asked where they could buy them, and how soon. For Hanukkah that year, shortly after the birth of their son, Michael gave Lisa a box filled with beads and more silver charms, and Lisa began designing. The first year, Talisman Unlimited sold more than 600 original, one of a kind pieces.

Jewelry Bargains at

15 Feb

Diamond Fashion Rings

We believe that jewelry is an investment so we pride ourselves on delivering you a quality piece of jewelry, with a retail value twice what you will pay at Jewelry Vortex. We have built a reputation for our product range and customer service. When choosing to purchase your jewelry from our online store, feel confident that the images on our site will give you a clear understanding of what you are buying. Our diamond fashion rings are made for anyone and are suitable for any occasion, event, or attire.

Jewelry Bargains at
14K 2Tone Round Micro-Pave setting Diamond Ring (0.66Ct)

pave diamond ring
14KW Round Micro-Pave Diamond Ring (0.78Ct)

micro pave ring
14KW Princess, Round Micro-Pave Setting Diamond Ring (0.50Ct)

rose gold ring
14K Rose Gold Butterfly Diamond Ring (0.80Ct)

white gold ring
Greek Key Design Round Diamond 14K White Gold Ring (1.10Ct)

black diamond ring
14K White Gold White & Black Diamond Band (1.60Ct)

yellow gold diamond ring
14K Yellow Gold Pave Set Round Diamond Band (1.70Ct)

heart shaped ring
18KW Illusion, Baguette Set, Micro-Cut Round Diamond Fancy Ring (0.83Ct)

two tone gold ring
14K 2Tone Round Micro-Pave setting Diamond Ring (0.38Ct)

white gold diamond ring
14KW Princess, Round Micro-Pave Setting Diamond Ring (0.50Ct)

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Elizabeth Locke Jewelry

13 Feb

Handcrafted Intaglio Jewelry

Elizabeth Locke tirelessly travels the world in pursuit of the uncommon elements that make up her designs: coins from classical Greece and Rome or from forgotten empires; richly colored Venetian glass intaglios – carved figures or designs – made from 17th-century molds; antique carnelian and sardonyx seals; luminous South Sea pearls; cabochon stones in vibrant hues; minutely intricate 19th-century micro-mosaics from Italy; and 18th-century gambling counters carved in mother-of-pearl. Each piece is individually designed by Elizabeth Locke and completely handmade in 19k gold. Such beautiful workmanship!

Venetian glass bracelet
Venetian Glass Link Bracelet
Venetian glass intaglios with sapphire toggle

yellow gold rings
19k Gold & Gemstone Rings
Gold, Aquamarine, Moonstone and Diamond, Peach Moonstone and Cognac Diamond, Green Tourmaline, Morganite, Peridot and Pink Sapphire, Spinel, and Diamond

gemstone pendant
Venetian Glass Intaglios & Labradorite Brooch/Pendant

Elizabeth Locke's father has always maintained that his daughter was born with jet fuel rather than Virginia blood in her veins. How else can one explain a childhood spent in the Shenandoah Valley, a degree in Modern Italian Literature begun at Duke and completed at the University of Florence, an avant-garde furnishing accessories business in Italy, a stint in Manhattan, the return to a farm in Virginia, six years as a contributing editor of Town & Country magazine covering everything from greyhound coursing in England to carnival in Venice, a degree in gemology, and, since 1988, a business that requires constant global forays to search out the components used in her jewelry designs?

Bez Ambar Jewelry

12 Feb

Fine Jewelry Designer

Bez Ambar started his career as an artist from an early age. He moved to London and studied painting and sculpture. He applies his classical artistic training to all his designs, using gold as his canvas and diamonds as his palette. In 1979, Bez conceived of a square-shaped diamond with faceting to rival the round brilliant cut. He used his artistic intuition, directing diamond cutters through a long process of trial and error. The result: the modern Princess cut diamond.

pink sapphire ring
Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring
This magnificent cushion cut ring has a 7.03-carat cushion cut brilliant pink sapphire set in a custom platinum Bez Ambar diamond mounting. The diamond ring features four hundred and one pave round diamonds with 1.66 total carat weight around the cushion cut with two rows of diamonds in knife-edge style, on the six bridge supports, and going three-quarters down the top side of the three split-shanks.

Bez soon came to the United States to market his new creation. He founded Ambar Diamonds in 1980, but found an unreceptive market for his new cut. Designers didn't know how to use the new stone in their jewelry, and retailers didn't know how to market it. So Bez applied his artistic talents to the problem, and started designing his own line of jewelry. Under the trademark name Quadrillion, he created one of the most innovative and influential jewelry lines of the twenty-first century.

diamond and gemstone ring
Radiant Cut Diamond Ring with Pink Sapphire Pave
Diamond ring with 1.82 carat cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant diamond set in a custom platinum Bez Ambar mounting in the Equinox style, having sixty pave-set round diamonds (0.47 total carat weight) in a knife edge style on three sides of the V-shaped head support and going halfway down the shank. The radiant diamond is surrounded by one row of twenty-eight pave-set pink sapphires set in a knife edge style.

As the square-shaped diamond grew in popularity, Bez realized that the greatest advantage of a square-shape over a round-shape is that squares can sit flush, one against the other, creating an illusion of unbroken brilliance. He set out to find a new method of setting square diamonds seamlessly side by side. After much trial and error, he created the first piece of prong-less, border-less diamond jewelry, and coined the term invisible setting.

pave diamond ring
Cushion Cut Diamond Ring with Pave Diamonds
Diamond ring with 1.10 carat cushion modified brilliant diamond set in a custom 18-karat white gold Bez Ambar mounting. The mounting has sixty-two pave-set round diamonds (0.39 total carat weight) in a knife edge style around the cushion and going halfway down the shank.

With the success of invisible setting for square diamonds, Bez turned his attention to round diamonds. Seeking to create a facade of pure diamond brilliance unobstructed by prongs or metal channels, he adapted his technique. He named this new form of invisible setting for round diamonds Boundless.

While freeing the diamond from the confines of medieval metal working and allowing the stone's brilliance to sparkle unobstructed from edge to edge, he kept his eye on high fashion. In 1999, sensing a new trend about to break, Bez launched his Pave collection. Featuring hundreds, sometimes thousands of tiny diamonds set in a single piece. In order to accomplish this while maintaining a clean look, he pioneered the technique of Micro-pave: setting stones with the use of a microscope.

Meanwhile, Bez also began using colored diamonds – pink, yellow, and most often black to create more modern and stylistic jewelry. He combined different colors of gold from white to yellow to black with the colored stones to create one of a kind jewelry masterpieces.

The large colored center stones led Bez to another realization about the play between many tiny facets of Pave and the more intense colors of larger square diamonds. He created the Windows collection to take advantage of the play between sparkling pave and the more striking brilliance of larger square stones.

After decades of pondering the world's most valuable stones, Bez realized that the most unique quality of a diamond is how it breaks the light. This realization lead to a drastic departure from traditional diamond cutting.

To highlight a diamond's ability to bend and refract light, Bez designed a cut with fewer, larger facets. Bigger facets result in more fire. The blaze cut has only 13 main facets, while most cuts have over 50 facets. This means the Blaze cut produces bursts of vivid colors fire many times larger than any other diamond cut.

Doris Panos Jewelry

11 Feb

Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Inspired by her European heritage, designer Doris Panos has interpreted the best elements of Art Deco, Baroque, Byzantine, and modern jewelry to create a precious metals collection that endures. Her pieces embrace both European flair and American wearability. Ingenuity bathed in gold is the signature of Doris Panos, who is inspired to create jewelry incarnating the individual spirit of each woman.

gold and diamond rings
Cleopatra Stack Ring
18-karat yellow gold with openwork detailing. Round-cut diamonds of alternating size; G color, VVS1 clarity; 0.95 total carat weight. Each sold separately. Made in the USA.

Desiring to make her mark, Doris began immersing herself in every facet of jewelry making, from the study of gems to diamond dealing to working directly with clients, all experiences that allow her to fluidly move from artist to merchant of dreams.

white gold bangle
Small Vanity Bangle
18-karat white gold with marquise detail. Round-cut diamonds; 0.60 total carat weight. Each sold separately.

Tracing back many generations Doris Panos's family was involved in the art of jewelry making. All of her uncles were jewelers, and it was inevitable for her to follow in the family tradition. Nearly two decades of experience in the jewelry business have earned her recognition by her peers. Her creations have been chosen by celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell, Mrs. Denzel Washington.

pink and white gold earrings
Destiny Two-Tone Earrings
18-karat white gold and 14-karat pink gold; grooved edges. Round-cut diamonds; 1.95 total carat weight. Post backs.

After graduating from college with a degree in business and marketing, Doris Panos began by apprenticing at the bench and learning the intricate engineering techniques that are involved in the jewelry manufacturing process. From the beginning, she had a talent and understanding of how things work. She moved on to learning about diamonds and colored stones and their multi faceted aspects – establishing contacts and increasing her knowledge of diamonds and precious and semiprecious stones.

Working in various establishments and enriching her experience in the industry, finally led Doris to New York's Saks Fifth Avenue in the mid eighties. Doris was finally able to apply her knowledge and charismatic personality to her sales approach. Moving on to prestigious retail establishments she was given the opportunity to create her own collections.

In 1993, Doris Panos Designs was established. To date, she has created exquisite jewelry for many Hollywood celebrities. Her designs have been worn by television and film screen stars, and they have graced the covers of some of the hottest magazines in the country.

Tacori for Epiphany Jewelry on QVC

10 Feb

Simulated Platinum and Diamond Jewelry

Tacori, the legendary fine jewelry designer known for its exquisite platinum designer settings and sparkling diamonds, now offers exquisitely dazzling designs for the cost-conscious consumer from their collection especially created for home-shopping network QVC, Tacori for Epiphany. This collection of fashion-forward sterling silver designs are featured at prices ranging from approximately $50.00 to $250.00 – the elegance of Tacori at a price trendsetters can afford.

hematite bangle
Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique Hematite Hinged Bangle
Bezel-set, cushion-shaped hematite makes a captivating contrast against the cool gleam of this hinged bangle in Platinum Clad Sterling Silver. Prong-set Diamonique simulated diamonds, placed vertically on each side of the hematite, lend radiant sparkle to the design.

The authentic designer look and feel of Tacori for Epiphany is created by using Diamonique, QVC's brand of simulated gemstones, and Platinum Clad, its line of sterling silver dipped in platinum. Despite the less-costly materials, consumers will find the Tacori touch – a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, seen in delicate engraved patterns, custom claps, and specially created stones – in each piece in the collection, which includes rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

silver hoop earrings
Tacori Epiphany Diamonique Lace Design Hoop Earrings
Lace yourself. Inspired by a favorite fabric, these alluring Tacori hoops glimmer with round, bead-set Diamonique simulated diamonds in an open lace design on the front half and the inside back half. Brightly polished platinum plated over sterling silver.

Fashionable designs from the Tacori for Epiphany collection have already been worn by tastemakers such as Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera), Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girls), and Emmy-winner Debra Messing. Tacori for Epiphany pieces have also been featured in the international advertising campaign for Max Mara fashion, and have graced the cover of Women's Health magazine, as worn by country music sensation Taylor Swift.

canary diamond ring
Tacori Epiphany Diamonique Canary Framed Ring
A Bloom-cut Diamonique simulated canary diamond is prong set within a border of round, bead-set Diamonique simulated clear diamonds in this stunning ring. An engraved vine design and milgrain accents give it the signature Tacori Touch. Brightly polished platinum plated over sterling silver.

One highlight of the collection is a new stone cut – the Bloom Cut is an original diamond cut with facets resembling the blooming petals of a flower. The cut was created especially for QVC as part of the Tacori for Epiphany collection.

Color Story Jewelry

9 Feb

Gold and gemstone jewelry

Robert Leser began his career in the early 70s as the third generation of a family business now celebrating its 100th year in the industry. Dealing in rough and polished diamonds with his father and grandfather, Robert's career evolved over the past 35 years from internationally known diamond dealer to a name recognized in the U.S. for innovative jewelry design. Garnering numerous awards in the 80s and 90s, Robert's latest endeavor, Color Story, won a Spectrum award for gemstone jewelry design in its very first season.

gemstone earrings
14k White Gold Jewelmesh Earrings
From the Jewelmesh Collection.
Hinged earring – 1 inch in diameter.

The Jewelmesh Collection
Jewelmesh is a product that is unique in the jewelry market. Made in large sheets or on spools, Color Story literally cuts them up with scissors like fabric to fit the sizes needed for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. No other jewelry item feels as supple, silky, and soft as Jewelmesh.

14k White Gold Rhapsody Ring
From the Rhapsody Collection.
Blue topaz and peridot stones set in 14k white gold.

The Rhapsody Collection
Rhapsody is all about bright and juicy cushion cut stones with over 40 color combinations to choose from. There are no diamonds in Rhapsody and all the styles – three stone rings with matching earrings, pendants, and bracelets – have the common element of scroll filigree in the under gallery.

gold and gemstone necklace
14k Yellow Gold 2Side Necklace
From the 2Side Collection.
16" Multigemstone necklace in 14k yellow gold.

The 2Side Collection
2Side features gemstones faceted the same on both sides, so there really isn't a top or a bottom. All shapes of gemstones in multiple or solid colors, with and without diamonds, but they will always have a rope design in the metal that connects them.

Designer Statement

When I began combining two or more colored gemstones together in 1997, says Robert Leser, "I saw the results were cool, warm, and hot looks. Every time I offered a new design in several color combinations, each looked so different that I had a hard time deciding which my favorite was.

I began to give these combinations names, such as Tropicana for Blue Topaz and Peridot or Midnight Sun for Garnet and Citrine. These names told a story, and so I named the brand Color Story. How my career transformed from where I began in this industry to where I am now so many years later is even a mystery to me sometimes, but I do know that working with colored gemstones is the biggest passion of my career.

Jewelry Bargains at

8 Feb

Gold & Gemstone Jewelry

In the Spring of 1999, Dr. Patrick Byrne recognized the potential of liquidating excess inventory through the Internet. While there will always be traditional shoppers walking through retail doors, a significant number of consumers also desire good quality merchandise, but abhor the mall experience. That is where comes in. The Salt Lake City-based company brought the outlet mall to the consumer via the Internet, providing the same brand-name products found in traditional retail stores at deep discounts.

white gold ring
14k Diamond Blue Topaz Ring
A princess-cut blue topaz, bezel-set in 14-karat white gold, centers this contemporary ring. Two diamonds flank the blue topaz, and two cut-outs in the band further accent the center stone.

gemstone pendant
14k Yellow Gold Multigemstone Necklace
Necklace features a stunning cascade of dazzling multigemstone ovals crafted in 14-karat yellow gold.

white gold earrings
14k Gold 1/2ct Diamond Rose de France Earrings
The hypnotic allure of Rose de France gemstones is beautifully showcased here in gorgeous drop earrings made of 14-karat white gold.

marcasite bracelet
Sterling Silver Marcasite Filigree Bracelet
This magnificent marcasite filigree bracelet is crafted of sterling silver and offers a nostalgic vintage style for your jewelry.

green amethyst ring
14k White Gold 1/5-ct Diamond Green Amethyst Ring
Add a touch of glamour to your style with this extraordinary diamond and amethyst ring. Featuring an exceptional pastel green amethyst resting in an exquisite setting accented with twinkling diamonds, this splendid ring is crafted in glittering 14-karat white gold.

gemstone pendant
10k White Gold Amethyst Star Pendant Necklace
This delightful flower pendant features rich purple amethyst petals and a single fiery diamond center.

gold earrings
14k Tri-tone Gold Fancy Orbit Hoop Earrings
Flirty and fashionable earrings feature an eye-catching fancy hoop orbit design, crafted of lustrous 14-karat yellow, white, and pink gold.

gemstone bracelet
Sterling Silver Paua Shell and Crystal Bracelet
A luscious strand of blue-green Paua shell beads accented by faceted Swarovski crystals with sterling silver spacers.

white gold ring
10k White Gold Diamond Filigree Ring
Elegant ring crafted of 10-karat white gold features exquisite filigree detailing dotted with twinkling diamonds.

gold hoop earrings
10k Yellow Gold Satin Finish Twisted Hoop Earrings
Stylish earrings are ideal for a sporty or dressy look, fashioned of 10-karat yellow gold with a satin finish.

Have a great week!

Erica Courtney Jewelry

6 Feb

Gold and Gemstone Jewelry

Erica Courtney's passion for creating one-of-a kind jewelry has established her as one of today's most successful high-end jewelry designers. Signature Erica Courtney jewelry encompasses countless pave diamonds, eye-catching vintage colored stones, rare Tahitian pearls, and long layered bead necklaces, all in 18k gold and platinum custom settings with exceptional attention to detail. Every single gem and pearl is handpicked by Erica herself. By working only with pieces she loves, pieces that attract and inspire her, Erica's intense love affair with jewelry is embodied in each and every dazzling piece in her collection.

gold and gemstone ring
Erica Courtney 18k Pink Tourmaline Ring
From the Pink Collection. 18k yellow gold and Pink Tourmaline accented with sparkling diamonds.

Fueled by her innate entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary artistic talent, Erica Courtney has built one of the most recognized and successful fine jewelry brands in the industry. Although she has always felt a natural attraction to beauty and luxury, Erica never quite envisioned herself as a designer. She began designing in 1984 by embellishing sunglasses and watches with Swarovski crystals and creating casual costume jewelry.

diamond earrings
Erica Courtney 18k Gold & Diamond Earrings
From the Huggie Collection. 18k Yellow Gold and One-Row Diamond Pave Earrings.

In 1989, Erica moved to Los Angeles, where her inspiration changed and her collection focused on delicate sterling silver jewelry with engraved love notes. Over time, the Erica Courtney collection evolved into fine jewelry, inspired by the undeniable glitz and glamour of Hollywood. A constant throughout her style evolution, Erica designs from her heart and sticks to her vision for designing timeless jewelry and strives to "create jewelry that is treasured and remembered."

citrine pendant
Erica Courtney 18k Gold and Citrine Pendant
From the Duchess Collection. 18k Yellow Gold and Citrine Pendant accented with Diamond & White Sapphire.

Always a favorite of celebrities, stylists, and editors, Erica Courtney jewelry shines and sparkles, from the red carpet to the pages of premier fashion magazines. Devoted celebrity fans and clientele include Madonna, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Taylor, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp. The collection has appeared in numerous films and television series, including such films as Mystic River and Erin Brockovich, and television's Desperate Housewives, Friends, and Will & Grace. Erica Courtney jewelry has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, People, Marie Claire, and The New York Times.

John Hardy Jewelry 2009

5 Feb

Balinese Fine Jewelry

John Hardy traveled to Bali from his native Canada in 1975, and fell in love with the exotic locale. He learned ancient jewelry-making skills from traditional Balinese silversmiths and incorporated these techniques into designs featuring complex patterns and shapes representing a philosophical harmony inspired by the culture's stories, myths, and legends. John Hardy jewelry is handmade and involves the craftsmanship of over 600 skilled Balinese artisans.

diamond cuff bracelet
John Hardy 'Langit' Pavé Diamond & Sterling Silver Cuff
Clusters of glittering pavé-set diamonds are interspersed with patterned sterling silver bands, creating a circular pattern throughout a bright cuff.

Today, John Hardy Jewelry is found in the best stores in America, like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The company's showroom and offices in New York are on the top floor of the landmark Starrett-Lehigh Building in Chelsea, overlooking the Hudson River. In July 2007, Hardy sold his stake in the firm, but remains the company's visionary.

pave diamond ring
John Hardy Square Naga Silver Pavé Diamond Ring
Diamonds adorn a handcrafted ring with an intricately textured, sterling silver setting.

Balinese kings once maintained villages of metalsmiths to make everything from ceremonial offering bowls and dance ornaments to jewelry. Most of the artisans Hardy works with are descendants of those royal metalsmiths, whose extraordinary skill and genetic memory of ancient traditions are lavished upon each item, imparting a strength, texture, and integrity that machines simply cannot emulate.

diamond hoop earrings
John Hardy Naga Silver Pavé Diamond Hoop Earrings
Handcrafted, diamond-studded earrings are accented with textured sterling silver.

John Hardy's meticulously crafted jewelry embodies the essence of sustainable luxury. Inspired by ancient Balinese tradition and an environmental consciousness, the internationally renowned brand creates modern heirlooms with a focus on organic style and casual elegance.