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Seen that? – Lara Flynn Boyle Twinkles in NBC’s “ Las Vegas” TV Show

31 Oct

Lara Flynn Boyle Twinkles in NBC’s “ Las Vegas” TV Show at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Lara Flynn Boyle Twinkles in NBC’s “ Las Vegas”   TV Show

A new season for NBC's hit TV show, Las Vegas, means new bobbles for its stars, including Lara Flynn Boyle and Cheryl Ladd. According to an in industry press release, both gals will be " twinkling" it up in jewelry from Jane Taylor's Twinkle-Twinkle collection in the season premier September 19th. I took a look through Jane Taylor's website, and I have to say, I think Lara and Cheryl should [...] Read More

Brides Say “ Yes” to Platinum at The Jewelry Weblog

Jessica Simpson, Melissa Etheridge, and Gwen Stefani are just a few brides who have said " yes" when it comes to platinum wedding rings. Per a recent press release, platinum is still super-hot when it comes to wedding jewelry: " This year's trends in bridal jewelry are definitely bold and colorful, as colored gemstones continue to gain popularity. Think platinum rings with large white or fancy-colored diamonds." Read more: Bridal [...] Read More

Secrets about “ Natural” Gemstones at The Jewelry Weblog

It's no secret in the jewelry-biz that gemstones are commonly altered. They are heated, dyed, chemical-ized – you name it and it's been done to most gemstones used in fine jewelry today. The term " natural" is loosely used in the industry, and most jewelers will tell you if asked about how a gemstone has been treated. If they claim it's not been treated, then this should send up a [...] Read More

Lara Croft Raids the Charts at XboxSpace

Lara Croft, one of the most famous and recognised video game characters in the history of video games' latest adventuring saga Tomb Raider: Legend has become the fastest selling Tomb Raider game and the fastest selling game of 2006.Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, is pleased to announce that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend has reached No.1 in the UK. The game has [...] Read More

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary at PCGamers Blog

lara croft is back for one more attempt at redemption. I have always enjoyed the first Tomb Raider but as most of you know, the series started going downhill from there. Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics can do a "Final Fantasy" and resurrect the franchise. Thankfully, Crystal Dynamics seems to be on track with Lara's new outing, wafting its customary design magic all over the place a second time around. At least, [...] Read More

Seen that? – Jewelry Artist Breaks into Art Museum

21 Oct

Jewelry Artist Breaks into Art Museum at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Jewelry Artist Breaks into Art Museum

Jewelry designers are too often given the bum's rush when it comes to being considered " true" artists. This is always something that has irked me. Why just because a piece of artwork might be functional and fashionable should it be considered second class to something that is hung on a wall to stare at or set on a table only to collect dust? Ciara Marasigan is one jewelry artist [...] Read More

Mom Creates a Fairy Tale Jewelry Success Story at The Jewelry Weblog

Here's another jewelry success story for you. This time it's about a busy mother who decided to concentrate on what she knew best: making children happy. Per a company press release: " It was motherhood itself that inspired Joanie Perales to start Fairy Tale Jewels, a children's jewelry line designed with sterling silver beads and components and sparkling Swarovski crystals. "The only infant and children's jewelry I could ever find was [...] Read More

Jewelry Artist in St. Pete at The Jewelry Weblog

They call him crazy like a fox, and when you look at some of his diamond and gold encrusted creations, you have to agree. Sidney Mobell is more than just a jeweler, he's an artist and visionary, and some of his unique jewelry creations are on exhibit at the Florida International Museum until September. From the St. Pete Times: If you go: "Jeweled Objects of Desire" is at the Florida International [...] Read More

Artist Creates P2P Only Movie at P2P File Sharing

Anders Weberg created a 73 minute experimental video made for and only available on P2P networks. The movie was shared by Weberg until one person downloaded it on Sepetember 15th. Then Weberg deleted the file and evreything used to create it. Sadly, with just one copy downloaded it is extremely unlikely that the file is available or downloadable. Weberg said: "Filter is fully based on the emotions that I experienced in the [...] Read More

Looks Like Food, But Is It Really EDIBLE? Hot New Sculptor and Artist at Cool Picking

This looks like the real deal doesn't it? Well guess what, it's NOT! It's really a piece of sculpture and if you tried to eat one of the Oreos you MIGHT break a tooth. Called Nabisco Oreo's Cookies by Robin Antar from her collection entitled Things we eat, but can't. It's really a hand carved bag of Oreo Cookies. The bag carved out of marble and hand painted. The Cookies [...] Read More

Seen that? – Beyonce Gets Big Bling

11 Oct

Beyonce Gets Big Bling at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Beyonce Gets Big Bling

Rap star and beyonce-boyfriend, Jay-Z, told the beautiful, young singer in a not so subtle way " Happy Birthday" this week when he reportedly spent more than a cool mill on a diamond and ruby ring. To top it off, he completed the birthday gift for his 24 year old fiancée with a matching watch. Hey, what's another couple hundred thousand more? A girl's got to look good, right? Image [...] Read More

Bling at the American Music Awards at The Jewelry Weblog

Loads of bling and sparklies were present at the American Music Awards on November 21st. Pictured is the gorgeous beyonce wearing a pair of long platinum and diamond drop earrings and a platinum and diamond cocktail ring from Lorraine Schwartz. Carmen Electra and Tori Spelling also showed up in platinum jewelry. Carmen opted for diamond hoop earrings, as well as a platinum and diamond bracelet and a platinum, diamond and sapphire cocktail [...] Read More

Beyonce and Jewelry Hope at The Jewelry Weblog

beyonce is one gorgeous woman, and what a perfect beauty to show off platinum jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. Loads of celebrities where glitzing it up at New York City's "L'Oreal Legends Gala" on November 8th. Just a few of the stars who came out for the evening include Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez. One bling attraction of the night was L'Oreal's Color of Hope bracelet, part of a [...] Read More

Beyonce Bounces Right Back at The Celebrities Weblog

beyonce knowles took a header down a 12 step staircase during a recent concert and bounced right back up and continued her performance. Tell me this girl isn't tough and dedicated. Videos of the fall are hard to come by and although the quality of the one above isn't that great it was the only one I could locate. Here's the story about Beyonce's fall and her remarks about it. [...] Read More

Beyonce Is Showstopper In Ethiopia at The Celebrities Weblog Proving that's she's a world class entertainer Beyonce played to a hysterical audience in Ethiopia a few days ago. Beyonce performed in Addis Ababa during the "Millenium Celebration", a tribute to the rich culture and history of this ancient civilization. The Millennium Celebration is an epoch event and will continue through the end of September, 2008. What makes Beyonce's successful performance in Ethiopia so special is the fact that Western entertainers are largely [...] Read More

Seen that? – Jewelry Designs and The Chronicles of Narnia

2 Oct

Jewelry Designs and The Chronicles of Narnia at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Jewelry Designs and The Chronicles of Narnia

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the up coming movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I remember reading this book when I was a child and just being enchanted with it. Jewelry lovers will be doubly interested in seeing this movie because of the cool jewelry collection designed around its theme by Bob Siemon – A total of 15 [...] Read More

Emily Armenta Inspiring Jewelry Designs at The Jewelry Weblog

Emily Armenta finds inspiration from Spanish poetry to create her high-end find jewelry designs. Diamonds, gold, and other gemstones make up the collection she calls Duende. No big surprise, her work is constantly featured by hard copy fashion press such as Elle, W Jewelry, Marie Claire, and Accessories magazine. Her celebrities list includes lisa kudrow (which honestly have seen much of her these days, have we?), Carmen Electra, and Marisa [...] Read More

EK Designs – Jewelry for Us All at The Jewelry Weblog

What struck me about EK Designs jewelry is that it is very wearable. Many pieces I could see wearing to just about any where, from the office to the grocery store, but they still make a fashion statement. As I read the bio on this jewelry designer, I couldn't help but feel it might be inspiring to other want-to-be famous and successful jewelry designers out there: What started out in 1992 [...] Read More

The Chronicles of Narnia #1 at P2P File Sharing

What's hot? The Chronicles of Narnia is most downloaded movie over P2P. Research firm Big Champagne monitors what songs and films are most popular among file sharers. The top flicks this week: > The Chronicles of Narnia > King Kong > Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire > Mr & Mrs Smith > Fantastic Four > The 40 Year Old Virgin > War Of The Worlds > Four Brothers > batman Begins > Fun [...] Read More

Teens Choose Their Favorite Celebrities, Movies & TV Shows at The Celebrities Weblog

The kids have spoken and here are the winners of the "10th annual Teen Choice Awards": Movie Action Adventure: "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" Movie Drama: "Step Up 2: The Streets" Movie Chick Flick: "27 Dresses" Movie Romantic Comedy: "What Happens in Vegas" Choice Movie Comedy: "Juno" Movie Horror/Thriller: "I Am Legend" Summer Movie Action Adventure: "Hancock" Summer Movie Comedy: "Get Smart" Movie Actor Drama: Channing Tatum, "Stop-Loss" Choice Movie Actress Drama: Keira Knightley, "Atonement" Movie Actress Action Adventure: Rachel [...] Read More