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When It’s Over… Who Keeps the Ring?

28 Feb

When It's Over... Who Keeps the Ring?

When an engagement ends after twelve days, who should keep the ring? You'd think the answer would be pretty cut-and-dry in that short amount of time: the girl should return the ring and everyone goes on their merry way.

Not so in the case of Roger Adler and Rena Hope Friedman. She insisted on keeping the 4-carat diamond engagement ring valued at $58,000. On the day after she received the ring from Roger, she reportedly had it appraised and convinced the appraiser to put her down as the ring's owner, making it easier for her to resell it.

Roger broke off the engagement when, after asking that he buy a new BMW and first class tickets to Australia for their honeymoon, she refused to allow his elderly parents to attend the wedding.

Roger, for his part, is now suing her, claiming she has a history of persuading men to marry her, and then breaking off the engagement and keeping the ring. Now there's a line of work I never thought to pursue.

To read the story in full go to the Herald Sun.

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Silver Makes a Comeback

25 Feb

Silver Makes a Comeback

Is it just me or is silver jewelry making a comeback? Maybe it's the economy, but I'm seeing more of it these days and I'm liking what I'm seeing.

To be honest, I haven't worn silver since high school. Mostly, this is because I don't like polishing it. When I got married, visions of silver polish kept dancing in my head and in the end I didn't even register for silver place settings. I guess I'm more of a pragmatist than a romantic!

So it's a major turnaround for me that lately I've dug out all my nice silver things and put polishing cloth to necklace and rings alike.

Lately, I'm seeing some really lovely and delicate designs in the stores – the kind of things you used to only find in white gold. In the hunt for bargains, these pieces are looking quite appealing.

This gorgeous Rose Charm Necklace from Pianegonda would look great with just about everything. And for the price of a bi-annual silver cleaning, it could a great gift for a thrifty pragmatist!

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The Best Gift for a Girl Who Loves Gems

23 Feb

The Best Gift for a Girl Who Loves Gems

The greatest gift I ever received wasn't a diamond, it wasn't money, it wasn't a car – it was the plainest gift imaginable: a lowly jewelry cleaner.

The Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner LC20H came to me as an engagement present and I treasure it. It keeps all my gems sparkling clean.

Yes – my husband purchased a lovely diamond for me when we were engaged, but the compliments I get on the stone aren't just because it's stunning, they're because it is never seen dirty.

I'm a Seventh Generation kind of girl – I like a toxin-free house, but for my gems I'll make an exception. The cleaner works with a mixture of Mr. Clean, ammonia and water. It reeks for a full day every time I change the liquid.

Smell or no, it really works. A gentle shake of the ultrasonic and my ring looks as good as new.

Though none of my diamonds are are as gigantic as one pictured above, at least they'll always sparkle just as much!

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A Timeless Watch

22 Feb

A Timeless Watch

There's something about a gold pocket watch – timeless (no pun intended) with a whiff of nostalgia. Perhaps that's why a lost pocket watch always makes for such a sad story.

This lost watch story has a happy ending. A teenaged grocery store employee, Piero Ramos, spotted a gold watch in the trash behind the store. He traced the owner of the watch from the inscription on the back, and returned it to its rightful owner, Bill Iwanicki.

The pocket watch, it turned out, belonged to Bill's grandfather. It was given to him by Henry Ford when he retired from Ford Motor Company. The watch had been stolen from their home 51 years earlier.

Henry Ford had good taste; a gold pocketwatch is a great gift. You can find beautiful antique versions at my favorite used watch store here. Inscribe them with your loved one's name. As long as his name isn't John Smith, it will be easily identified as his for decades to come!

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This Ring’s For You

21 Feb

This Ring's For You

Dear Kimmie, Since Spring is around the corner, I'm not focusing on mass spring cleaning around the house! I want to focus on taking myself to another level and putting myself out there. Although I know that it is important to network, I have always done so with others – but there are times I have to be there on my own, what can I do to put my best foot forward as I never know what to expect?

I love being out and about and more often than not, I have to go to places alone (maybe I meet up with people later or I find that I don't know anyone else there). I find that it's important to dress where I feel that I am presenting myself the way I want people to see me. This means that I am known for my accessories so a large ring is a must. I love this Dome Ring which is available at Vivre. It's perfect for the Spring and catches everyone's eye! One, it makes me comfortable but two, it causes people to find their way to ask about what I'm wearing. Having a conversation starter can be a lot easier than asking the same old questions such as what do you do and why you're here. Asking someone where they got their ring or other accessories lends itself to other questions and you insure that you will be remembered. Think about a favorite handbag and one that looks different than what most people carry and allow that to be your signature. You'll find it easier for you and you'll worry less about those awful ice breakers at events!

A Fab Collab

21 Feb

A Fab Collab

I love fab pieces as someone who focuses on accessories, necklaces always make me pause! Late last year, I had the chance to meet the designer/owner of Fenton and Fallon who creates mixed media pieces that combine ultra femme with a fabulous edge to it! Being able to go through the shop that is near one of my favorite restaurants in the Lower East Side was definitely a way to step into the mindset of a designer who understands the importance of a progressive style that still pays homage to styles that have been popular in the past. Chunky pieces with glitz and glamor are a staple within this designer's mind.

Fast forward to today when one of my favorite designers has a fabulous collaboration with J Crew! I love the pseduo nautical feel that is very present in J Crew's look while also bringing in those elements that are structural components to the concept of Fenton Fallon! This is perfect to take with you to brunch, the Hamptons and so much more. I love the metal chain as well as the bow which combines the sweet and the edge. If you're looking for a must see piece, this is definitely one that you should check out!

Echoes of Japan

19 Feb

Echoes of Japan

When I was in high school, I lived in Japan for six months. I was in a small town and didn't have a lot of English speaking friends. There was a lot of quiet – time to appreciate the beautiful mountains and rice paddies, the architecture, and the fine arts in the village: beautiful papers and fabrics. I brought home a kimono and it hung on my wall for many years. I'll never forget the richness of the color before the sun eventually faded it.

So recently I was delighted to catch this article in the Weekender about Squishy Sushi's recycled jewelry. With lots of gorgeous Japanese prints, the pieces take me back to my time in Japan, and to all the beautiful things made there.

Made of recycled materials, Squishy Sushi's concept is to use reclaimed images as art. I love this idea, but rarely have I seen it so effectively put into practice.

The recycled scrabble tile cufflinks are terrific, but the vintage domino pendants take the cake.

Everything can be found on their website, and the pieces can be purchased through The prices are reasonable. It's like traveling to another country – without the expense!

Photo above is from SquishySushi.

Wearing Earrings and Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

19 Feb

For a long long time, there were no ear accessories designed for those who need to wear hearing aids. It was as if wearing a Miracle ear and fashion earrings were mutually exclusive. Well, in fact, until recent developments in hearing aid designs, wearing earrings and hearing aids at the same time made it too heavy for an earlobe to bear, the discomfort was just not worth it. Besides, who would want to accessorize the ear and draw attention to it, when you also have a conspicuous medical device on it?

But nowadays, there are hearing aids that no longer loop around the earlobe, but are placed inside the ear. The modern ones are also so tiny and light, comfort is no longer an issue. I have also come across patents to hearing aids that are disguised as earrings, and designs that are even suitable for men! Isn't it trendy?

Chopard vs A $220,000 Ring

19 Feb

Multi-millionaire Anne Hendricks Bass is suing the Shangri La Hotel in Singapore, where she allegedly lost a ring worth $220, 000 while she was staying at the hotel last year.

According to court documents, she said she placed the ring on a table in the bedroom of her two-room suite at about 6.30pm that day, shortly before getting a massage.

She said two hotel employees were with her for about an hour in the room, while another entered at about 9.15pm to deliver a meal she ordered.

Ms Bass claimed she realised the ring was missing only at 10pm, when she was about to check out.

Now she's filing for damages, saying that either the hotel was negligent or its employees might have stolen the Paris-made gold ring, which had a 6.41 carat diamond.

A ring worth $220,000! Geez, these are the kind of jewelry that's totally beyond my imagination. Even in my dreams, the most expensive I've ever wished for was perhaps a Tiffany or Chopard eternity ring. Talk about different social strata!

Accessorize Using Sears Coupon Codes

18 Feb

We women love to dress up and accessorize. Not only do we want the right outfit for every occasion but we also want to have the right accessories (read: jewelries) to go with the outfit. However, we are also always on the look out for the best deals available. We want to look for ways we can save while being fashionable at the same time. Accessories don't come cheap after all.

One way to save for jewelries and other accessories is to use the likes of sears coupon codes. Sterling silver, gem stones, and diamonds are just a few items that will go well with any outfit combination.You can always resort to the web for discount deals and bargains on your favorite accessories.

So how do you manage to save up on jewelries and accessories without totally ditching fashion and quality? We'd like to hear how you find the best deals in town and where to look for it.