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Fyer Designs and Your Jewelry Business

17 Feb

I don't know about you, but my mailbox- both real and electronic- have been inundated with ads for jewelry the last few weeks prior to Valentines' Day. I must say that some flyer designs are so creative, my interest has been piqued many times, even though I had no intention of getting more blings. That's the mark of an effective marketing campaign!

Many of you read this blog for the eye-candy, but I also know that some of you are in the business, handcrafting and selling accessories, or offering jewelry making courses. You guys should take a leaf from the big blokes in the business in terms of marketing campaigns. There are many flyer templates available out there, and with a little bit of tinkering with your computer mouse and keyboard, and lots of creativity, you'll be amazed at the quality of advertising materials you can come up right from your own home! You don't need to spend much, but with a little bit of effort, you can launch your business out of obscurity!

A Present for Myself

16 Feb

A Present for Myself

Blue Nile posted lower-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings last week. No one was happy about this, especially their shareholders, who saw a drop in value.

Apparently, their sales only rose 20 percent. Wow. Bummer.

I like Blue Nile – but their prices are anything but cheap. Perhaps I should invest in their stock instead of in their jewelry.

They did manage to get a few things right for Valentines Day. For example, this beautiful pair of aquamarine studs. At 7mm (about one and a quarter carats), they're nicely sized and only $300.

The site allows people to review – a must for me in today's online purchasing environment. I confess that checking reviews all over the site, more or less at random, revealed that most reviews are positive. If you're a suspicious person like me, you might wonder if the company is skewing the results.

Only one way to find out: to order the earrings myself!

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Petmeds and Bling For Your Pets

15 Feb

Speaking of bling for your pets, the very first thing that comes to my mind is the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. If you haven't seen it , it is a 2008 comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures featuring a Beverly Hills Chihuahua named Chloe (voice of Drew Barrymore) who was dognapped in Mexico.

Enough about the movie, all I wanted to say was, if you haven't seen dressed up and bling-ed pets then better see this one. The movie shows that pets can be glamorous creatures as well. Besides, pets really do need more than Petmeds. They need blings, dresses and other accessories as well. Most of the time pets can dress up like their owners too.

Long ago, I never thought that pets can be another 'accessory' to your get up all together. Just look at the pets belonging to the stars. Now they have blings for pets, even. (Whoever said the jewelries are for humans only?!) So… what bling is your pet wearing?

Above Ground Pool or Beach: be fashionable!

15 Feb

Above Ground Pool or Beach: be fashionable!
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It's summer time in my part of the globe and whether you are swimming in an above ground pool or the beach, make sure you have the appropriate swimwear and added pizzaz.

For the beach, I'd say jewelries made out of seashells, beads and other semi-precious stones are most appropriate. Think along the lines of stuff that won't tarnish in sea water and too much exposure in the sun. Anything in gold does not disappoint either. But then don't wear too much jewelries when going swimming as you don't want to totally lose your valuables. Besides, you don't go to the beach to just display your fashionable self. You are there for the sun, the tan, and the water, right? Well…unless you want to do it like the celebrities.

But then you can still be fashionable on the beach without putting on too much accessories.

That Little Blue Box

14 Feb

That Little Blue Box

Tiffany and Valentine's Day go hand-in hand.

Let's face it – even for the skeptics among us, there's magic associated with that little blue box.

I've only received two Tiffany & Co. gifts in my life, and I'll always remember them. The excitement associated with the box was so great that even though the contents didn't quite work out (the keychain wouldn't stay screwed shut and a silver necklace was traded in for an upgrade), I still remember the gift-givers with gratitude.

I know everyone complains that Tiffany is overpriced, but their designs are classic and that's what you pay for. What I've always really appreciated is their silver jewelry. After all, how many stores with a branch on Rodeo Drive offer really nice pendants and earrings under $100?

And best of all, if you don't love it, you can trade it in, which is how I ended up with these indispensable twist knot earrings. Now there's a gift to remember.

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Wrist Jewelry

12 Feb

Wrist Jewelry

My computer will be pried from my cold, dead hands. I'm on it all day, and have palpitations when I'm separated from the Internet for too long. I carry a smartphone just so I can always be "in touch."

Like most computer addicts, I never wear bracelets. Still, I keep noticing that at dinner, or at parties, my friends have these lovely ornaments on their wrists. They must, I think to myself, have a life!

Recently, I noticed my friend's mom wearing a set of gorgeous gold bangles. My best friend's mother is from Israel and every time she visits Tel Aviv she brings back the most amazing jewelry. She says she's had the bangles forever, and that's probably true. Still, they look new and fresh and really tasteful.

I found the set pictured above after an extensive search. Apparently they're not so hot in the U.S., which is weird, since nothing looks more svelte with a slim-fitting black cocktail dress than gold bangles.

Well, unless diamonds are involved, and that's a whole other level!

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Keep it Natural

10 Feb

Keep it Natural

When it comes to my accessories, I'm a stickler. I'm so passionate about them when it comes to having that weighty feel and being something that you can wear with a number of outfits and that it's a classic that finds its way into your look year after year. Although I believe in this, I also feel that pieces should have a bit of flash as they are not meant to be stuck in time. As an Accessories Stylist and the Editor in Chief of Kitten Lounge, this is essential whether I am working on my Editorial Calendar, on a client, project or doing an appearance. I love being introduced to new designers and then bringing it to my readers whether it's online, here in NYC or wherever I am at the moment. Holiday of last year, a new designer emerged that I became excited about instantly – Cynthia Rybakoff.

I was drawn to her use of natural stones and that they were done in a way that had a personality all their own while being something that you could wear with other pieces and for years to come! Her Agate Necklaces – Dear Heart Pendants have vibrant colors and although I have yet to go to her studio, I'm excited to see her creations in person as I'm sure that pictures don't do them justice. I love that her pieces have that chunky vibe while also being very feminine and approachable. You can see her pieces here and <"" target="new">here!

Polishing John Hardy Jewelry Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

9 Feb

© John Hardy

When the worth of your jewelry pieces runs in the thousands of dollars, you'd want to take care of them properly. The care or your jewelry pieces will depend on what metals and gemstones they are made of. One easy way to clean and polish your valuables it by using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

How does an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner does its job? It's pretty much the same as brushing off dirt, but instead of a brush, vibration from ultrasonic waves knocks off dirt and stains off your jewelry.

The vibrating motion of the ultrasonic waves creates microscopic bubbles in the water or cleaning solution in a process called cavitation; millions of tiny bubbles knock into one another and into the items resting in the cleaning tank. The cavitation process gently knocks dirt off the jewelry. The motion is very effective at penetrating the tiny crevices in jewelry that traditional cleaning cloths and topical cleaners cannot easily reach.

Because this method uses cleaning solutions that usually consist of non-ionic surfactants, detergents or ammonia, this cleaning method may not be suitable for all types of jewelry. For example, your John Hardy silver pieces can be restored to their original gleam using an ultrasonic cleaners, but your opals, pearls, emeralds and other soft stones are better off with more gentle polishing methods.

Date With a Rolex

9 Feb

Date With a Rolex

Sometimes you're just in the mood to indulge in a classic. The Rolex Day-Date is just that indulgence.

Okay, I confess, like a crush from afar, I've always wanted one.

I'm carried away by Rolex's snazzy video on their website advertising the watch. It's very smooth: modern and classic at the same time. The Day Date can be had in white gold, yellow gold, Everose gold or platinum. It comes in two sizes: 36 mm and 41 mm. carries the platinum version I covet (with the blue dial) for a mere $42,975.

That stops me cold.

There is a number at which I simply cannot imagine justifying a purchase. $42,975 would be that number.

Fortunately, Rolex makes the equally coveted Oyster Perpetual, one model of which can be had here for a mere $3,142. With a lovely pale pink face, it isn't quite as nice as the pale blue, but I have faith that if I wait around for a year or two, my blue face might come out in steel.

And then? Whatever my mood, I'll indulge, and my crush will finally become the love affair it was always meant to be.

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Just the Basics

7 Feb

Just the Basics

Sometimes you just need basics. Big hoops, delicate necklaces, a little touch of gold to wear with a summer dress.

Zoë Chicco has the ticket. Take, for example, the circle necklace which has been popularized to the point of derision. Just about everyone has a chain with a circle on it – many of said circles are diamond encrusted. If you're unlucky like me, someone gave this object to you. Mine has two circles that refuse to lay flat and are constantly flipping over revealing the non-diamond side. Frustrating.

Zoë Chicco also has circles but hers are really cute. She's not really a gem dealer, so her circles are plain. Some are built into the chain, which is a look I really like. She has a lot of nice gold necklaces that add a certain something to an outfit.

She has a collection I particularly like called "tears" which features some lovely tear-shaped earrings. And did I mention that she has a solid collection of gold hoops?

Not everything she has is inexpensive. In fact, her collection isn't what I'd call cheap, but her designs are tasteful and, well… basic.

The photo above is from Zoë Chicco.