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6 Mar

Online coupons, discounts and more on brands including Dell, Sears, Nickelodeon and can be found online at and many other sites around the Internet.

Of course, everyone knows the Internet has become a wonderful place to shop in general with sites ranging from Amazon to eBay and an almost limitless variety of products available.

But the Internet can often be a place to search for incredible savings as well so if you are planning a purchase be sure to have a look at some of the incredible deals available online as well.

A variety of sites carry coupons and discounts on many different consumer items and some allow you to track them by offer, store and category getting updates via e-mail with no registration required.

Shopping for bargains online is easy to do by simply searching for the item you need. Or better yet search for bargains, coupons and discounts specifically and discover the wide range of savings available.

Save time and money by finding deals on many different brands without leaving your home. Just log on and find a variety of consumer goods from stores like Macy's, Target and other well-known brands.

Many sites include money-saving coupons and offers on such items as:

  • Computers
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Gifts
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • And More

Remember to check out online opportunities when it comes to saving money on just about any item.

Red Queen for a Day

4 Mar

Red Queen for a Day

For me Swarovski is the ultimate in fun bling. Some of their jewelry is truly beautiful, but other times it's just a pale imitation of the real thing. Where they really excel is when their pieces are downright whimsical.

They have a little something for every mood. So I wasn't entirely surprised when they came out with an Alice in Wonderland line. They already had a deal with Disney, but their cleverness goes beyond what you might expect.

Beyond the Pinocchio and Seven Dwarfs crystal figurines, they have lovely jewelry designs that are inspired by the films, rather than simply aping them.

For example, a lovely Sparrow Pendant is inspired by the pendant Alice wears in Alice in Wonderland. At $115 it won't break the bank and it's just plain classy.

Or the Tea Party White Rabbit Pendant, which is as clever as it is cute. A limited edition only available online, it's just plain fun.

And for those days when you're really ticked at your boss, but have to keep your mouth shut, the Red Queen Cards earrings might brighten your outfit and lighten your mood. You can always imagine yourself saying, "Off with his head!"

Photo above is from

A Little History

2 Mar

A Little History

When I'm heading to events as the Editor in Chief of Kitten Lounge and I have the opportunity to ask a designer why they wear what they do, I tend to hear the historic response. People love wearing something that has a meaning or a soul in many respects. This is generally found when you wear heirlooms or go to an antique shop. Suffice it to say, that pieces found or obtained in these areas have a story and a heft. There is a way that you look at them and you're able to gravitate to them. So I'm glad to see that these elements are finding their way into pieces that are brand new. JCrew is in the midst of various collaborations with artists such as Fenton and Fallon which is known for their love of antique, edgy and femme qualities. This Crystal Rock Bracelet is not within this collaboration but is available on J Crew and is the perfect piece to wear with a number of outfits regardless of where you're going.

Fashionable Choices for Childrens Clothing

1 Mar

Moms, are you having trouble keeping up with modern fashions when it comes to childrens clothing.

Well, you don't need to be a fashionista to know what's fashionable and up to date need not mean dressing children inappropriately for work, school or play.

You have more choices and more opinions to be guided by than ever before…and probably more variety.

Educate yourself to make the right choices but let your own tastes and values lead you as well.

The choices you make not only say a great deal about you but will teach your children the importance of making good decisions right down to the clothing they wear.

When it comes time for them to choose their own fashion it may not mirror your own choices but rest assured their decisions will be informed by the thoughtful selections you make for them in their young lives.

For tips on how to choose appropriate clothing for a tween girl, Angela Garcia of eHow suggests:

  • Avoid passing fads. You'll save money in the long run.
  • Watch for printed T's. Make sure the message they communicate is appropriate.
  • Limit the selection. Don't give your children the option of making unacceptable choices.

Above all, Garcia recommends refusing to budge on your personal standards and using them as your compass.