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The Double Tour

7 Apr

The Double Tour

Rediscovering Hermes is a bit like picking up a favorite book. It hasn't changed, but you have. Still, you reconnect in all the right places.

Okay, the analogy is a little over-done, but there's truth in it.

My rediscovery of Hermes started with their watch line. I met a particularly stylish woman who had a telltale double tour leather watchband curled around her slender wrist.

It looked like a Hermes Cape Cod PM Watch. I swear it had a brown strap.

The next day, I saw the woman again, and noticed that she was wearing the same double tour strap, but this time it was black. Good God – could she have more than one?

I expect to see her again later this week, and I confess that I hope she'll have the orange one. If I can't have three, well at least she can.

If you're going to have more than one watch, why not have Hermes? We already know these watches will be with us for a very long while, and I, for one, will appreciate them for years to come.

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Tierdrop Earrings

5 Apr

Tierdrop Earrings

I'll never forget shopping for my engagement ring (who could?) I went with one of my best friends, and we found the ring right away. But the store was full of beautiful things, so we kept on looking, even after the main goal was accomplished.

My friend gravitated to a grape-like arrangement of cognac diamonds in different colors. They were the most beautiful chandelier earrings I have ever seen, and with a price tag of $7500, you better believe that the store managers knew it.

My friend declined – she thought the price was outrageous, and she was right. Still, I love a graceful drop earring, especially a loosely formed, grape-like style. So fun for a party, and also great for day wear, to liven up a pair of jeans.

JCrew makes a Tierdrop Earring from glass beads that is absolutely gorgeous. The color is unfortunately "hthr petrol" (could they mean Heather Petrol?). Still, naming the color of the glass beads after gasoline won't stop me from acquiring these. At $55.00, they're a steal!

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Sculpted Jewelry Tree for Women Jewelry

1 Apr

Sculpted Jewelry Tree for Women Jewelry
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I've got a couple of fairly large jewelry boxes. I bought large ones not because I have tons of jewelry, but because I hate wading through the jumble of chains, earrings, pendants, bracelets, et cetera that my jewelry box almost always eventually turn into. I figured that if I have to fish out bobs and pieces through the chaos that's in the box, then let it be a big box so I at least have space to move things around.

But not with my important pieces. Anyone who appreciates jewelry should invest in a good stand to showcase her favorite pieces. There are plenty of jewelry trees out in the market, but make sure that when you get one, it's heavy and sturdy enough and won't topple over when you hang your chains, hoops and precious gems on it. It would be nice to get something that would great on the top of your dresser, with or without an assortment of women jewelry on it. And lastly, there need to be a catchment of sorts where you can place items that can't be hung, like stud earrings, brooches and luxury pendants.

Kendra Smooth has more nifty tips on organizing jewelry.