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Seen that? – King Tut – Jewelry Fashion Icon?

23 May

King Tut – Jewelry Fashion Icon? The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - King Tut - Jewelry Fashion Icon?

Who would have thought a young king would have so much appeal and power so many thousands of years after his death? According to MSNBC, " the king remains a fashion icon, inspiring a new jewelry collection by Tamarac [Florida] designer Ruth Hirtz that is the official jewelry line of the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit." Along with a 135-item exhibit that is touring the United [...] Read More

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 03/05/07 The Jewelry Weblog

Welcome to the jewelry and fashion blogosphere to start off the second week of March 2007. Can you believe how fast the year is flying by already? Lucky for you, there are all kinds of great bloggers out there keeping track of the current trend in fashion. Such as Fashion Tribes, who discusses the Top Ten most interesting trends that emerged from the recent Fall 2007 Milan fashion shows. Check out [...] Read More

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 07/29/07 The Jewelry Weblog

With August almost here, many of us in the jewelry and fashion blogopshere are getting our fall wardrobe in order. Time to go shopping! Fashiontribes picks the top 10 fall fashion must-haves, such as this "statement" necklace made of Gold, silver, brass and stainless steel thick-braided chain. New dress code rules at the White House piques Papierblog's interest. Second City Style is gearing up for our favorite fashion season. First [...] Read More

The Lion King in London’s theatres Wandalust

You're in London. You know that you need London theatre tickets. After all, a show on London's West End is like Broadway in New York. People don't go to London and not see a show…

But which show? That's actually a pretty easy question to answer at the moment. Lion King tickets are the hottest thing going at the moment and the show (produced by Disney Theatrical based on [...] Read More

Trend Setting Initiatives – King County, Seattle IfEnergy

Realizing that global warming may not just be a scientific proposition but an occurring fact, King County in Washington State has started taking steps to both curb emissions and reuse resources through a combination of innovative programs: Currently implemented programs include: – fueling 374 buses with 5% biodiesel – operating a 235 vehicle fleet of hybrid buses – operating a fuel cell using captured gases from a wastewater treatment plant – creating a Resource Conservation [...] Read More

Gauge Earrings

14 May

So you are walking through the mall, thinking about picking out a new set of diamond earrings, until you see a young rebellious looking kid donning these things in his ears that stretch the whole quite a few inches. Despite the manners your momma gave you, you gape- jaw slack, eyes wide, and brows together at this crazy sight. What is in his ears? And how did he do it?

Gauge Earrings

Gauges. Gauges are tribal inspired earrings that are actually objects used to stretch a pierced hole in the earlobe to enormous widths. Only recently has it been a hit in America's youth, but the practice has been in effect for hundreds of years in Africa and other tribal regions.

Ears are pierced with a small needle about the size of the stud of a normal earring. However, once the opening heals, large gauged earrings will be forced in the hole in order to stretch the skin. Sizes range from 18g to 3 inches (and more in some cases).

There are risks when it comes to gauging the ears. A lot of times, the skin can tear. The only solution to skin tearing is surgery, and even after the surgery a gory scar remains.

They Call It Ugly Jewelry…

8 May

But I beg to differ.

Recently I came across Ugly Jewelry. I find the pieces to give off a vintage vibe, and they are definitely unique… but why, WHY? Why call your company Ugly Jewelry? It perplexes me, but I find that the collection is so different and sentimental.

They Call It Ugly Jewelry...
© ugly Jewelry 2010

I found some pearl earrings on made by Ugly Jewelry. They are asymmetrical dangle earrings with several different colored pearls. They are extremely classy and look like something you'd find in grandma's jewelry box (in a good way). You can grab these earrings from Etsy for $67, which isn't bad considering that they are real pearls and silver weighing down those lovely lobes.

So, I am still puzzled with the whole ugly jewelry concept… all of the featured pieces are insanely unique and vintage inspired, but I would be shot sooner than say it's ugly. I don't know! Take a look for yourself. Save my sanity.

True Blood: Edgy Jewelry

7 May

By request, I decided to take a peek at the True Blood series inspired jewelry. True Blood is a series on HBO that was created by the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Keeping up with the latest Vampire Trend (Twilight, The Vampire Diaries…. ya know) HBO is banking on the vampmania. It was only a matter of time before a True Blood jewelry line was created.

I am so not disappointed either. Unlike the Twilight jewelry, TB's offers a kind of edgy beauty. The main concept of the line is the infinity symbol, which looks like the number 8 flipped sideways. The collection is mainly silver, red, and black, and comes in a variety of different styles.

True Blood: Edgy Jewelry
© True Blood Jewelry 2010

I fell in love with this Red Leather Wrap Bracelet with Silver Fang Clasp. It is so interesting and unique; it's not something you see somebody on the street adorning. Even though it is inspired by True Blood, it can even be appreciated by people who aren't fans of the show.

The bracelet wraps around the wrist several times, and uses fang-like clasps which hook into the infinity symbol to secure the piece. It can be worn with that perfect little black dress, or that vintage tee you love so much.

The entire TB Jewelry Collection can be found here. There are beautiful pieces are reasonable prices (although still a little too pricey for myself, being a struggling college student with an undecided major, haha).

© True Blood Jewelry 2010