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Cuff Link Jewelry For Men

29 Oct

A new collection from Sorella Jewelry Studio is providing a more personalized touch unlike any other jewelry collection before. The new collection with have personalized cuff links for men to add an elegant and polish touch to their outfit.

If you are looking for a the perfect jewelry for men, you should consider cuff links as an option. Cuff links have been worn by men and are becoming more popular. In both professional and personal situations, men have been wearing cuff links. All the cuff links which will be made available are in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and 10k white gold. You can find out more about the collection in a recent article including photos of the new collection.

Get Great Accessories Without Breaking the Bank

28 Oct

If you love accessorizing each new outfit with beautiful and stylish jewelry but your budget won't allow it, consider making new pieces. It's easier than you think and is a great creative outlet. Designing and assembling new accessories allows you to wear things you love without breaking the bank. So before you go out and get a few payday loans to subsidize your passion, try your hand at making your own beautiful pieces.

Getting Started

Take a trip to your local craft store and you will be surprised at that quality and diversity of the products available to you. Next, check out internet sources. Now that you know what is available, collect pictures of pieces you would like to try your hand at. Examine catalogs and make a list of the pieces you love. Many craft stores, libraries, and community centers offer beading and jewelry making classes. Have an art museum nearby? Museums often offer classes in fine metal crafting, cloisonné, and ceramics.

Assemble Your Tools and Materials

The old saying, "A craftsman is no better than his tools" is true for jewelry making as well as any other craft. Having the correct pliers, tweezers, and bead sorting tools will make the assembly process easier, guaranteeing a beautifully rendered piece you can be proud of. For your first piece, you may want make a piece from an instruction booklet. These books are an excellent way to learn, guiding you through each step and offering tips that will greatly simplify the process.

Be Patient as You Acquire New Skills

Don't expect perfection in the beginning. Be careful to choose projects that are within your skill set. Nothing is more discouraging than trying a project that is just beyond your ability. Start small and build up to more complex projects. Soon your friends will begin asking you to make them jewelry like yours.

Gucci Jewelry Limited Edition Collection

28 Oct

Gucci, a world known and leading fashion designer label is set to make a partnership with The Recording Academy, who is known for the Grammy Awards. Although this is an unusual partnership between two very different companies, the two companies will be launching a very limited and special edition of Grammy Watch and jewelry. The collection will be created by Frida Giannini, who is the current Creative Director at Gucci.

The inspiration for the collection will come from the decades of the Grammy Awards through fashion and music. The collection which has not been classified when it will be sold to the public, will be giving all proceeds to the Grammy Museum and music preservation programs run by the Recording Academy.

Jewelry makes pretty clothing look WOW

25 Oct

One of the most common situations women often find ourselves in is trying to find the right jewelry to match an outfit we want to wear.

While we usually find something that will work, there are times that we just can't find the look we want. We want to wear the jewelery but just don't have the right clothes. The good news is, that means we can go out and buy some pretty clothing.

When you have favorite jewelry you naturally want to wear it often. But if you only have a couple of outfits to wear it with, it can be frustrating. A piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look spectacular so its not always necessary to spend lots of money when buying clothes to match.

Use your earrings, necklace, brooch, or bracelet to dress your clothes up, or down. Experiment with your wardrobe and see how many looks you can create.

New TomTom Jewelry Collection

19 Oct

The new TomTom collection of jewlery, puts a unique and very cool spin on the idea of space and outer world experiences. If you are a fan of supernatural, comics and futuristic designs, you might love the collection from this Los Angeles based jewelry brand. 'Tron: Legacy', which is the titled of the new collection will be released just in time for the mad rush of Christmas shopping this year on 17th December.

This collection, which was in collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, will rock your world. The collection has a full range of wearable necklaces, rings and bracelets. TomTom has also done a very slick and cool uni sexed style cuffs that are also becoming more popular.