Arista Fine Jewelry Collection

29 Aug

Arista designs are inspired by the art, architecture, and mythology of the ancient world. Each adornment is individually crafted on the beautiful island of Bali from sterling silver and 18k gold by some of the finest silversmiths and artisans in the world. Opportunities to be adorned with Arista vary from old world masquerades to an upscale, modern dinner party.

silver and citrine ring
Arista Rectangle Citrine Ring
Lady's sterling silver and eighteen-karat yellow gold engraved ring mounted with a faceted natural lemon citrine.

Arista fuses these two periods of time into one magnificent jewelry line. Every piece in the line is highly detailed and carefully accented with a dark oxidization. This art emulates the practice of old world because jewelry in that time period did not have tarnish resistant coatings. Therefore the high points of any jewelry kept its shine by the owner constantly wearing it.

silver and blue topaz ring
Arista Round Sky Blue Topaz Engraved Ring
Lady's Arista sterling silver and eighteen-karat yellow gold engraved ring mounted with a faceted natural sky blue topaz.

The craftsmen who create Arista's fine jewelry are as attuned with nature as their ancestors. So, perhaps, it is fitting that Arista derives its name from the brightest star in the constellation Virgo – as clear and visible in the unpolluted night sky over the peaceful, idyllic island of Bali as it was centuries ago.

silver and gold ring
Arista Large Rectangle Engraved Ring
Lady's Arista sterling silver and eighteen-karat yellow gold large rectangle engraved ring.

Some jewelry that is crafted in the style of centuries past is too curvy and swirly and over the top for my taste. Clean contemporary designs are definitely my favorites. But if you throw a large gorgeous gemstone in the mix and keep the curlicues to a minimum, I find it quite attractive. I fell in love with some of their rings – the gemstones are breathtaking, and the prices are affordable.

And if you like all the patterns and flourishes, you'll find lots to like in the Arista Jewelry Collection. You can see the fine Old World craftsmanship in these pieces. Click on the link to see more of this fabulous jewelry.

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