Body Jewelry Goes High End

19 Aug

Body Jewelry Goes High End

I'm not a big fan of body jewelry. It's all I could do to get my ears double pierced let alone even thinking about getting any other holes drilled into me. But, because I'm interested in all kinds of jewelry, I thought this trend in fine jewelry for the body jewelry group was interesting.

I'm used to seeing things like skulls and rock and roll themed jewelry for those with the holes. But, a company called The Chain Gang, has moved beyond the R&R stigma and turned their designs into fine jewelry pieces with the use of precious metals and gemstones.

Pictured is a piece with Swarovski Cubic Zircons and made with your choice of 14kt yellow or white gold. If you prefer the real thing rather than CZ, they can do that too.

These earlets also come in gold with a choice of CZ or real gemstones.


None of this makes me eager for more holes, but it nice to see that not all body jewelry is what you expect it to be.

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No Responses to “Body Jewelry Goes High End”

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  2. Lesley September 7, 2009 at 11:09 am #

    While gold belly rings are unique pieces of jewelry and very stylish, this is one case where gold is not an appropiate metal. Body jewelry is often made from steel, titanium and other hard metals since the jewelry is inserted inside the body. Gold (especially 24K) is soft. Even minute nicks in the metal can harbor bacteria. If someone prefers the look of gold, gold titanium or pvd coated belly rings are a much safer choice. For an expample look at http://www.wickedbodyjewelry for examples of PVD coated steel that resembles gold but is far safer. PVD coated materials are used in surgical procedures, so they have been proven safe for interbnal wear. I do agree with you that body jewelry has moved up in status with a more elegant look.

  3. Missle December 17, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    as sonn as i look the ear pierced i think the story that in india has a custom that girl will pierce ear under 5 years old ,if boys want to pierce which represent to like woman.
    girl want to wear silver sterling earring.

  4. Ron the Jeweler June 11, 2009 at 6:55 am #

    I have been designing high end body jewelry since 1995. I love creating body jewelry in gold and platinum set with an array of semi precious and precious stones. I find that the high end clients are seeking precious metal set with diamonds and other precious stones but the jewelry style must be unique. One of my favorite designs is a navel piece which displays a 5 heart drop set with 3.5 CTS of VVS1, F color diamonds, which can be viewed at High end body jewelry requires the designer to create body jewelry which is a reflection of the essence of the individual’s style and personality. In addition the utility (this is the method used to attach the jewelry to the piercing) selected by the designer must be based on the individuals anatomy and which style of utility will best display the jewelry style designed. Another aspect of the creative process is to have the ability to custom fit the jewelry to the piercing. Stock sized jewelry shaft lengths do not fit all piercings, but the custom fitting process insures the jewelry will fit the piercing perfectly. There is high end body jewelry offered in gold and platinum but custom designed jewelry takes high end body jewelry to a new level.

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