Bridget Troup Designs

31 Oct

Bridget Troup Designs

The jewelry design world is a tough nut to crack. There are tons of talented jewelry artists out there, so when I see someone new on the horizon, I totally understand how much guts it takes to put yourself out there. Actually, that's pretty much the case with any kind of artwork, but jewelry, especially, these days is so competitive.

That is what struck me about the story of Bridget Troup. She knew the pitfalls, but jumped right in….at it looks like the water feels great. She's gotten some great press, like this article from her local paper, The Decatur Daily: "I've always painted and done art, and when Fleming was born I wanted to do something creative that would also help earn money," she said. "When I learned that other people liked my jewelry as much as I did I tossed around the thought of starting my own business. Finally, after agonizing over the idea, I just did it."

Several months ago she launched Bridget Troup Designs and has been elbow-deep in semi-precious stones, gold-filled wire and faceted crystals since.

Her mission is to craft necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can be worn as easily with jeans as they can be with a formal gown. She describes them as "timeless but unique."

Here are a few pieces from her site:
78 " facetted carnelian and smokey topaz circle necklace
another long stone necklace

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