Business Network of Jewelers

12 Jul

Business Network of Jewelers

Social networks are popping up all over the place these days. So, far I've joined a few, but honestly, I have yet to really immerse myself in any of them because, (a) I don't have the time, and (b) I honestly just don't get them. If I have one more weird old man wanting to be "my friend," I'm going to scream!

So, this new fashion related network I recently heard about claims that they are not a social network but rather a Business network. We'll see. It does sound interesting and could hold some career hope for those in the jewelry business. I kind of like the idea of a network of jewelry designers and jewelry lovers working together. Well, you decide. Is it a social network or something else?

Here are some details from their press release:

The Fashion Industry Network ( is a business networking community designed for the fashion industry. The network allows individuals the opportunity to develop personal profiles to highlight their professional experience in the fashion industry. After profiles are created, members may freely join groups that pertain to their area of expertise. For example, if the member is a "pattern maker" they will join the Pattern Making Group. As pattern making can be considered a function of design, a pattern maker would also be welcome in the Design Group if they were so inclined. In addition, they may wish to enter into discussions with people in the Clothing Manufacturing Group.

Members are permitted to join groups in which they have direct personal expertise or simply a very strong interest in the groups topic of discussion. The idea is for both industry veterans and new members of the industry to converse and share ideas. It is a wonderful place for members of the industry to learn from one another. One member may lend assistance regarding the proper method for fusing a lapel. Another member may have experience with printing t-shirts by using cut panels. As the membership grows, more shared knowledge will be available to all.

The network is an excellent structure for open communication. Viewers may post comments or questions in the general forums, or they can post topical messages in a specific group. Members may also have discussions with one another on their personal profile pages. In addition, if the member wishes to ask another member a question in private, they can send an e-mail message.

The network has several predefined "groups" and new groups can be added based on suggestions from the sites members. The only requirement of the network, is that the discussions stay on topic. Any topic relevant to fashion, textiles, or related fields are welcome. For an example of a "related field", the site allows jewelry designers, hair stylists, makeup artists etc. In fact, the site allows groups to develop regarding warehousing, custom brokerage, import & export etc. Certainly, the fashion industry would not function with out warehousing and distribution. Therefore, if you work in a clothing warehouse you are certainly welcome to post your views. Essentially, any business function that is directly relevant to the fashion industry or textile industry is welcome at the Fashion Industry Network.

The primary goal of the network is to bring together members of the fashion industry in a friendly setting so that they that they can have open dialog regarding business matters. This site is not a "social" network. The site is a "business" network. Although you will find a friendly and sociable community, the primary function is to meet business contacts and discuss relevant business topics.

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  2. Miachelle July 12, 2007 at 7:20 am #

    They infuse some rather tongue-in-cheek answers in their registration process. I’m curious to see what direction this goes-and how serious their efforts are/will be.

  3. Pauly December 23, 2009 at 2:52 pm #

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  5. Tammy July 13, 2007 at 7:34 am #

    Did you register? I’m just shy of anything that seems like a social network. Would like to hear how your experience is as a member. It does sound like it’s got some possibilities

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