Charm Bracelets

15 Feb

Charm Bracelets change in looks over time, but they never go out of style. There are thousands of charms to choose from, with many themes. Some high fashion names such as Louis Vuitton and Juicy Couture have begun issuing their own collectible charms.

Traditional Charm Bracelet:

jewelry bracelet
Time For Shopping Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet and Watch
Moschino stainless steel bracelet watch with Italian heart and handbag charms.
This polished bracelet adorns the wrist with fun and sophistication.
Made in Italy.

Modular Italian Charm Bracelet:
In 2001, a new fashion was launched for Italian charm bracelets, in which the charms are snapped onto the body of the bracelet rather than dangled from it. Italian charms are flat, modular links that hook together to form a charm bracelet, key chain, or other accessories.

Modular bracelets and charms are beautiful and versatile. The modular design means that the charms are interchangeable. An individual Italian charm can be switched out for a new look or to better suit the mood or changing interests of the wearer.

A starter Italian charm bracelet consists of eighteen blank links. In order to create a personalized bracelet, the blank links are replaced with Italian charms that are flat, modular links that hook together. While traditional charms dangle, Italian charms feature individual pieces soldered flat onto the surface of the link.

You begin by choosing your starter bracelet in the metal and style you prefer, like these:

charm bracelets
Zoppini Starter Bracelets
The charm bracelets stretch to fit over your hand for ease in taking them on and off. It can fit either loose or snug, depending upon your preference. Our starter bracelet has 14 links & is available in your choice of Shiny, Matte, or Diamond design.

Zoppini Charms
These charms are made in florence italy. Zoppini offers more than 1,500 designs to provide customers with the greatest range of imagination and creativity. You can choose from a large selection of charms: animals, bugs, hobbies, family and friends, signs of the zodiac, spirituality, patriotic symbols, letters of the alphabet, and more. You design your own bracelet by choosing the charms like these:

jewelry charms
Four-leaf Clover Charm

You can wear the story of your life on your wrist. Each time you hit a new milestone, simply add a meaningful charm. Add charms that commemorate the important events in your life, symbols that reflect your deepest heartfelt beliefs, or the cherished people who have helped you along the way.

designer bracelet
Wedding Bells Charm

So cute!

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7 Responses to “Charm Bracelets”

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    Very pretty pieces. Nice feature. :)

  2. Jewelry Store February 24, 2009 at 4:39 am #

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  5. Silver Jewellery August 8, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    I love charms. They are so versatile. Buy big ones and use them as pendants as well as hanging them on a chunky bracelet.

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